Friday, 21 March 2008

Why He Lost

Some lost, some lost grounds; lets hear what one has got to say to this.


Reporter: Mr. Samy sir, can you tell us why you lost?

Samy: Waa, you call me sir ah. I like you, you are a good journalist. What was your question again?

Reporter: Why did you lose sir?

Samy: Why I lost ka? Er, er, because that Jeya won la.

Reporter: That I know sir but then why did he win?

Samy: Why he won ka? Er, because I lost la.

Reporter: Yes sir, but the question is why?

Samy: Because he got more votes than me la.

Reporter: And why is that he got more votes than you?

Samy: That one also you want to ask ka? Because I got less votes than him lar? Aiyo why ask this questions all.

Reporter: Alright sir, I'll put it in another way. Has your defeat got anything to do with the people rejecting you?

Samy: I lost because people reject me ka? Hmm let me see. Okay like this. You see these 2 pens. Both are the same okay? Okay now I reject one. There I throw it away, one already rejected, right or not?

Reporter: Okay, you've thrown one away because it is rejected.

Samy: Okay now how many pens do I have?

Reporter: One.

Samy: One right, because the other one is rejected right?

Reporter: Yes,

Samy: You see Jeya there talking to the press as if he is king only. Only one time win talk so big. You see him there right?

Reporter: Yes, I see him.

Samy: You see me here right, right here talking to you now?

Reporter: Yes, I see you very clearly.

Samy: You see me very clearly right, and you see Jeya there right, so how many people you see?

Reporter: Two.

Samy: Just now the pen you see only one because the other one is rejected, now you see two people meaning I am not rejected lar. I am still here, if I am rejected it means I am no more here, you see, you see? Yes, I lost, but because I am still here, it means I am not rejected lar. It means I got less votes than him, that's all.

Reporter: Er, er, Datuk Seri, I mean now that you have lost …..

Samy: Hold on ah, hold on got phone call. Yes, Pak Lah, what come and see you ah? Hold on ah Pak Lah. Young lady, the PM is on the line so maybe next time okay?

Reporter: But Datuk Seri er, ……..

Samy: Dei Gopal, go and get the car la, and pick that pen on your way, that one Parker pen you know.


monsterball said...

Samy: Boss.You call me?
PM: I am not your boss...and yes...I call you as PM of Malaysia.
Samy: Why the tough tone and so unfriendly?
PM: Who wants to be your friend? I hated you all these 5 years...but kept quiet. Now shut up and listen.
Samy: Yes Boss.
Pm: aiyoo yoo..Boss boss boss. No wonder Indians rejected you. You like being their boss..god and king. all three together.
Now listen...I want you to pack..and go away with your family forever. then I will cancel all the passports...few days from all of are no more Malaysian citizens. Go now...or else... in 24 hours....I will put you and your family...all in jail...for long long time.
You want to die in jail and see your family suffers ..or go?
Just say go or not time to have Tamil talk with you.
Samy: Just one please.WHY??
PM: To save my skin

tokasid said...

Samy: Dei! asked me those question just now...why not go and ask kayveas also?Or go and ask Zam?

I went to see Zam already Dato'.

Samy: So?What did he say?

Reporter: I can't make out what he said la Dato'. So difficult with Zam.

Samy: Why? He scold you eh? Zam always scold people one don't worry about that.

reporter: No la Dato'. Not becoz he scolded me . He stammers like gila la Dato'..

Samy: Oh like that ka? You got go see Tengku Adnan ka?

Reporter: Tengku Adnan?Why Dato'?

Samy: You stupid lady laa...He lost also what!

Reporter: No la Dato'.Tengku Adnan won his Putrajaya seat dato'.

Samy: Ya ka? Pundek I thought he lost. Cilaka. No wonder his friends sms me and ejek-ejek me somemore.

Re[porter: really! Which friends Dato'?

Samy: That correct,correct,correct guy la...with that apek nombor ekor...cilaka. If Adnan won how come he not a minister anymore?

Reporter;Dato' he is now the Sec-Gen for UMNO and BN Dato'.That is actually bigger than Tourism Ministry la Dato'.

Samy: What? He now Sec-Gen UMNO and BN? Pundek!! Pak Lah promise me 3 days ago to make me Sec-Gen...maybe thats why he now call me...You wait one minute ah lady...

Samy: Hello...hello...DS! Yes,Samy here...listen DS....about the Sec-Gen post...what??Yes this lady reporter told me T.Adnan now Sec-Gen...yse,yes....but you said I can be DS! Haha...haha...But I changed my name already what.And I filled up the UMNO forms already today!...Haha...haha...My new name ah? My name now Saiful samy bin Abdullah Vellu la DS.

20 Cent said...

Kata Tak Nak, you have truly captured the essence of the man in this post!

Kata Tak Nak said...

20 cent,
Just tried to figure the man out. I thought he would be like that. Glad that you saw it that way too.

Kata Tak Nak said...

From Saiful dia akan jadi Epol la pulak, lepaih lama-lama jadi hey fool.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Wa, you also writing scripts nowadays ha?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Wait, wait DSV! Webtv8 also want to ask questions! Can ar...?

Kata Tak Nak said...

SV: Cannot cannot, you all opposition where can ask question?
webtv8: Where are we now?
SV: Sungai Siput.
webtv8: In what state?
SV: Perak
webtv8: Who gomen here?
SV: Who ah? er, er, hey Jeya you call me ah. Wait, wait I come.

hantutelur said...

Old joke this one.

After hundreds of press conferences Samy seems to lost his voice and unable to talk except occasional grunts and snorts. In the last pc one reporter asks the final question:

"Sir what is your message to the people of Malaysia, especially your supporters?"

Samy picks up a rooster and holds it up high above his head. Everyone is stunned at first. Moments later they jots down something on their notepads.

Then Samy picks up a goat and holds it in the same manner. The people present are more surprised. And they jot down something again.

Samy grins from ear to ear. Then he picks up his briefcase and waves it to the crowd. The crowd cheer and give him a big applause.

One junior reporter who is at lost asks the person next to him, "what is happening here?"

The senior reporter says, "why, you don't understand what he's saying ka?" The young reporter shakes his head in confusion.

Without hesitation the older reporter explains, "Samy said...

Kata Tak Nak said...

It may be old to you but it is new to me and it is a good one. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Salam Che gu,

Sorry i did not reply earlier,
sama juga sini, korupsi, they
report but rules dia mana yg tetap
one day it is like this, next day
can change. Cannot say much lah
orang gomen jugak, now dah tukar
big boss


tokasid said...

Minta laluan che'gu.

Wow ,that is a good one. I've never read or heard it before so it is new to me. I am laughing my hearts out with tears rolling on my cheeks.
Thanks for sharing.

hantutelur said...

Chegu, doc, glad you like it. It is an old joke indeed, but the setting was different. I just recycle it and improvise it a bit to get it in context.

Samy is a comic person, whatever comes out of his mouth are mostly distorted logic and is a good laugh. Like his statement on the eve of the election:

"MIC telah banyak menolong kaum India. Orang India telah datang kepada pemimpinan MIC untuk mendapatkan pertolongan. Kita telah menolong ramai pemuda-pemudi India masuk ke dalam universiti-universiti. Hanya MIC yang boleh membantu kaum India. Saya menyuru orang India untuk menyokong pemimpinan India. Jika MEREKA tidak menyokong MEREKA, siapa yang akan menolong MEREKA?"


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