Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Po Chik

Samy: Ayoyo DS, finish la. Ayo kadewale po chik da, po chik. DS, please see this la DS.

PM: Why Samy, why? Everytime you come in sure got problem one. Why don't you at least once, bring good news?

Samy: Where is your DVD player DS?

PM: Over there. What is that? Soi Lek video ka? Clear copy ka?

Samy: This is worse than the Soi Lek video la DS. This is the worst video I have ever seen la DS.

PM: So terrible one ka? Play and see. You kurang ajaq ha Samy?

Samy: Why DS, why suddenly call me kurang ajaq?

PM: Why you say this is the worst? This is a video of people performing the haj.

Samy: Ayoyo DS, where got haj one. Look carefully la DS. Why? Baru bangun tido ka?

PM: Yes, la. People doing the haj la. Where else can you get so many people in one place?

Samy: Here la DS, here. Here in Malaysia.

PM: Why got concert ka? I thought the big concert is scheduled till after we win?

Samy: What concert DS, this is a Barisan Rakyat punya ceramah la. Look at the number of people there. Ayoyo, die la DS, sure die la this time.

PM: WHAT? Barisan Rakyat's ceramah? Penin, penin, where is my chair? Samy get me some water.

Samy: Sit here DS. You want me to switch off ka?

PM: No, no, leave it, I want to see. Maybe this is edited or what.

Samy: Where got edited, ini butol-butol punya la DS. Mati la ini kali DS. Mana mau lari pun tak tau la.

PM: Where is this rally Samy?

Samy: Malu la. Sungai Siput la DS. Chit! where is the remote?

PM: Why, what's wrong?

Samy: I want to rewind a bit. Bloody basketball. That's my cousin la DS and that one in the wheel chair is my uncle la. What's Kayveas doing shouting Makkal Sakti?

PM: This is dangerous la Samy. This is too dangerous.

Samy: What to do now DS? You got any strategy or not?

PM: Wait, wait, wait, isn't that Mahathir there?

Samy: Where?

PM: No, that's not him, sure looks a lot like him. Samy, call SPR. Tell Rashid I want to see him now.

Samy: Okay, DS. Hello, SPR? Rashid please.

PM: Why do you look as if you've seen a ghost?

Samy: Rashid DS, Rashid is in the ICU.

PM: What? ICU? What happened?

Samy: Poisoning DS. He overdosed on indelible ink. They found him sprawling on the floor with 3 empty bottles of indelible ink. I think he saw the video also la.


kbguy said...

the moment this 2 guys and that rashid bukat their mulut..I already feel bore.

monsterball said...

'po chik' in Tamil....I believe is gone case...correct?
like kbguy said...boring to hear these two class.
One commentator send me ..something like this.....
Samy and Pak Lah were in a plane and Pak Lah said...."If I throw down RM100 to each person....few hundred will come and grab and hug me"
Samy said.."If I throw RM200 to each person...thousands will listen to me".
The pilot over heard the conversation ...said...."If I throw both of you down....27 millions will be happy".

Kata Tak Nak said...

You got that right. The moment they opened their mouth especially the PM, one tend to yawn. His disease is truly infectious.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, Po Chik is 'Gone case. I think that is the best remedy for the country, take them up and throw them down. The people would surely be happy.

frankie said...

hi chegu, what is the meaning of kadawale? sound funny, but dunno it's meaning.

frankie said...

hi chegu, what is the meaning of kadawale? sound funny, but dunno it's meaning.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Frankly I do not know. it's just a Tamil term, could be "oh God or something. Usually used when not happy with something? Need some help here, anyone?

monsterball said...

I know what 'walawala" means....wrong hole.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Actually it's wolu wolu. It means f**k la.

monsterball said...

But when that American golfer' that sweet sexy girl at the train..she yelled....'wallawalla"
And that bastard when to play golf..Indian caddy also said wallawalla..
Ask what is wallawalla.....wrong hole!!

Vijay said...

Hah, ha! I was wondering what those twits did with all those bottles of indelible ink they had left over.


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