Monday, 10 March 2008

Pak Lah Please Do Not Resign

Pak Lah please do not resign. Yes, I am not in favour of you and BN leading the country but we the opposition did not win enough seats to unseat you and the BN. Whether you take responsibility for the defeat is your domestic matter. What matters most is you led the country into this mess and you owe it to us to not resign and hand over this country to your heir apparent.

Someone has already called for your resignation and even recommended a replacement and Malaysians if you could stop a while in your celebrations and focus you would realise that this is very disturbing. They have to do this now while we are celebrating so that the transition from the devil to the deep blue sea would go unnoticed.

They have already started; their people who worked with us in blogosphere have stepped into another gear. They have joined in the off-key chorus calling for Pak Lah's resignation. By right I would join the chorus myself if not because I see and sense something not right.

If you think, Pak Lah is guilty, which you are right, do you think his recommended successor is not? Between him and Pak Lah who is the lesser of two evils? Pak Lah came in clean and look what has become of him. This successor doesn't actually come in with an unsullied history. In fact his history is as colourful as a rainbow. Do you want him to take over? Who stands to gain with him being there? Who do you think would his heir apparent be then? Since the father handed him this gift wouldn't the successor be indebted enough to groom the son to take over one day? Anyway, the son is already in Parliament today. Isn't this another attempt at creating another dynasty. The successor being the off-spring of a previous PM and his heir apparent the son of another?

Pak Lah, if you love the country enough, please stay and hand it over to us the People's Front in the next election. You could speed it further by getting about 30 something of your MPs and join us and we create another government and bury UMNO and the BN once and for all.

I am not mad; it's just that I care enough for my country to call for something so radical. You have to right to any opinion you have of me in making this call but I tell you all is not well and rosy.


If you must resign then take your baddies along with you but your deputy must go also.


H J Angus said...

I agree with you on him not to resign now.

Asil said...

If Pak Lah is 'forced' or wants to resign, make sure that Lingam and Alantuya's cases are properly conducted first. That way, Najib & Mahathir will be exposed. I'm sure Najib & Mahathir's hands are tied while the cases are still in the air.

Right now, I think Pak Lah & KJ need Anwar more than Anwar need them. How? No! No! No! Not thru coalition.

The best way for everyone and rakyat, is for Pak Lah to put PAS-PKR-DAP reps in his cabinet.

Then, our voice will be heard clearer!

So, let's voice it out...

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is a good idea, put opposition reps in cabinet. To save his skin he should give that a serious thought. Thanks.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, definitely not now.

frankie said...

Between Pak Lah and Najib, Pak Lah is still the better person, even if Pak Lah is less competent than Najib. Why? Because Najib has promised to bath his keris with Chinese blood when he was the Pemuda UMNO chief. I want to ask him, why must he make such a statement, what did we do?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes cikgu, in fact, none of the top UMNO 4-5 are clean. which leads us to the next million ringgit question; who in the G is the best man for the top job? to be honest, none.

I may sound bias here but if, lets say the opposition coalition were to form a government, we easily have many faces to choose from, most notably DSAI, and Husam Musa as his deputy. these are of course for the future.

sorry cikgu, just toying around with the posibilities...hehehe...

predicted next 5 years said...

It is too late already.

Most of you have chosen without thinking deeper.

The results are there to tell the current leadership that the Rakyat do not want him to lead.

A new leader got to lead the ruling government.

Who says history never repeat itself?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Anyone who advocates ethnic cleansing is the enemy of humanity. He is a liablity to the country not an asset. Why is it that if Mahathir is such a 'great statesman' as claimed by many, he choses this fellow? Simple, to stop Anwar from returning and to stop further exposure of his own devious and devilish past.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Sheikh of kickdefella and commenter asil did suggest an open government where the opposition is invited to the cabinet. The idea is matured but I think our politics is not matured enough to dwell into that.

Kata Tak Nak said...

How we fight this present one, we fill fight the next.

predicted next 5 years said...

You think 5 years is short?

Let me give you one example...

Remember 1969?

One good example resulted was the NEP.

Did the NEP last for 5 years only?

Kata Tak Nak said...

It is short if you believe it is short. No struggle is rosy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pak Lah should not resign. Infact, Pak Lah should get Mahafiruan locked up and the keys thrown away far. Mahafiruan is responsible for all the shit taking place in Malaysia now.

Zawi said...

Your line of thinking is worth considering. Just tell Pak Lah to continue to lead the country without the advice of those on fourth floor especially his SIL. The country can do without him.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Lah should have done that a long time ago when he was strong. Poisonous snakes are dangerous.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If there is one important lesson that Pak Lah should learn from this is to ask his SIL to shut up and just serve the Rembau people, dismantle 4th floor and always have the rakyat at heart.

alqsm said...

Dear Cikgu

Well written indeed.
To begin with, there is no strong and clean leadership value among top Umno's leader. For Pak Lah to step down here is not a suitable moment yet no matter how weak his leadership his. But i strongly hope that he can act more wisely and think more smartly especially on choosing his words and his action towards Mahathdir and his SIL. I never believe both of them no matter how many people praise Tun because apart from he is a better leader but he is a 'snake' as you mentioned. Have u watched yesterday
news when he tell that that we People's Alliance should prove that we will reduce oil's price. What the heck he is referred to actually? We didn't hold the parliament we captured certain states which mean we only can stop the oil's to be more increasing. The manifesto is if the Barisan Rakyat can gain the majority in parliament. We didnt hold the constitution yet to change everything but our voice will be more stronger. What Tun said always follow the wave and he really know how to take advantage.

predicted next 5 years said...

If there is one important lesson that Pak Lah should learn from this is to ask his SIL to shut up and just serve the Rembau people, dismantle 4th floor and always have the rakyat at heart.

It is very true!

The RAKYAT has spoken! The RAKYAT do not want him to lead!

Pak Lah should have done that a long time ago when he was strong.

Now, it is time to pass the baton to his deputy who has done well.

Rakyat votes is what that counts.

Is it not the RAKYAT wise enough to choose?

Kata Tak Nak said...

This is a democratic country, of course you have the right to your opinion. No one's going to stop that but others have opinions too. I personally, not speaking on behalf of anyone do not believe his deputy is the right choice. I personally believe his deputy is as dirty or dirtier than him and no one can stop that the same as I am not stopping you from having an opinion of your own.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Tun is the dirtiest politician of all of them. He had a hand in Tunku's forced quitting. He had a hand in pressuring Hussein to resign and now he wants to pressure Pak Lah. Who does he think he is. Hasn't he got better things to do in this old age like going to the mosque and submitting himself to ALLAH?

monsterball said...

I honestly feel...the oppositions voted against UMNO...based on the following percentage reasons:-
1.50% against the protest walks....which largely...contributed by the Indians.Other Malaysians support Indians claims. MIC/Gerakan are dead!!
2.30% huge swing from Malays are due largely.. hating Mahathir. Kedah...his home town is self explanatory. Just look at the result.
3.On the above....election result of 1999 was clear indicator.....and now found.... Pak Lah is no most Malays.. especially last few months and on election speeches..convincing more UMNO members to vote against UMNO.....seeing Malaysian being treated like animals...confirming Pak Lah is very selfish....or idiotic. Both are give him more power...he will do worst things..after election.
Now these 5 years....Oppositions can be forgiven..if oil price are not reduced ....or ISA not UMNO still have a simple majority to run the country.
But..if they do not release the 5 under ISA.....and abolish ISA...if oil is increase more...if few ministers are not put to jail.....if he tries to keep thinking Malaysians love race and religion politics....if he does not settle the Mongolian murder case...if Lingam and Eusoff Chin are not be-barred....UMNO will be thrown out in the 13th election...for sure.
He can say...all he likes.
If they can control newspapers and proven to control the police and some lawyers...all doing things to favour UMNO...he can surely undo all show Justices are fair and square again. If he keeps making favour UMNO only...he will be the cause of the downfall of UMNO in the future.
RigHt now.....we can say.....poor chap...inheriting all the dirt...filth and worms left over by Mahathir...and just look at the old bastard.....still talking cock and bull....throwing all blames to Pak Lah. He is "Mr Clean" now???........but ..out come the current UMNO people... backing Pak Lah...shaming him more and more.
Again.....Malaysians are tired of their wayang kulit...and supporting their own crooks only.
Have UMNO learn something from the election results?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Its difficult for the UMNO people to learn anything. They have been conditioned. Although Pak Lah is bad, Najib is worst. What will happen if Pak Lah resigns now? Do you think he will be implicated in the Altantunya case; do you think we can question the submarine and sukhoi deals? Najib must not be PM.

monsterball said...

Well let UMNO go and solve it. Surely so much were spoken by so many.. about Najib...and if they still want to bulldoze him to be the devil...Mahathir is doing.....they are digging their graves like MIC and Gerakan.....and by that time...Mahathir will sincerely forget what he has done or a vegetable life.
I was about to say..the balance of 20# is for point 3 of my message.

monsterball said...

Now tat oppositions are controlling 5 States...I won't be surprise...few confidential important documents will come out .to put few UMNO elected guys ..out of business....starting from Mahathir son.
Went to office...all my stuffs were smiling and feeling happy......especially the Indians...which we said to each other...the tear gas/water treatments were worth it......ending up..with expensive breakfast to everyone......hahahahaha

Kata Tak Nak said...

Never mind la once in a while give expensive breakfast.
They must expose Mahathir then only people will know if he is a statesman or satan man.

SV said...

Actually we should be grateful to Pak Lah. If he had been more capable, he would have run things better and we would still be having more of the same.

Since he was busy sleeping, he allowed little napoleons to run rife... and that led to the rise of People Power.

Thank you Pak Lah.

Kata Tak Nak said...

In a way you are right. Pak Lah is the father of People's Power. Got to give him credit for that.

Anonymous said...

i agree with your opinions, alqsm's & sv.

i am glad that this is a wake up call for everyone.

whatever reasons or blames arising, we should work for one thing, a better future, a better Malaysia. no one should lose sight of this.

'your silent reader' :o)

Kata Tak Nak said...

Lets take this as a wake up call. We have to always be alert to the workings of certain people who are out to pounce on the opportunity this confusion is affording them.

monsterball said...

SV..It is UMNO's sickening mentalities....playing race and religion politics.....protecting corrupted UMNO and BN members..then...treat Malaysians like animal..while we protested peacefully.
Those are some of the main issue.
He was not sleeping at all.
He tried to out bid Mahathir as a bigger dictator.

ewoon said...

Chegu, i am 100% behind you on this. Badawi can still become the hero to Malaysians if he cleans up the whole government which he inherited.

Should he do that he will have my praise. But will he have the gumption to do it?

Kata Tak Nak said...

In UMNO there are too many warlords and Mahathir is one of them. All of them are dirty and their wrongdoings are interrelated. You get one, investigate and the names of others also comes out. That's what stopping him from doing the right thing.
To do the right thing you must only fear God.

Anonymous said...

KJ has to go. The gall of him thinking he can rise thru his bapa mertua.

PM has to kick KJ out first than i might tune my earpiece to whatever he's saying.

PM has to rectify his mistakes and later leave a better man.

I am all for UMNO (the party) but it's the maggots wriggling inside that sickens me.

Hidup Melayu!

I am deeply worried and agigated. I think we have surrended something valuable to the opposition when we casted out votes. All we wanted was a great leader & a good government, to feel safe & secure, to live in peace & not piece by piece.


Kata Tak Nak said...

I am sorry to say that Hidup Melayu is no longer relevant. Yes, KJ has to go. Pak Lah has to clean up a lot of mess and one of them is UMNO. This is 2008. Race based politics is obsolete. Call me a Melayu sesat or whatever but I don't subscribe to that anymore.


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