Thursday, 27 March 2008

Nuke or be Nuked

What I am going to write about maybe controversial but I feel like writing it anyway, controversy or not. I have read a lot being said about the matter of Anwar seeking lawmakers from the other side to hop over to BR and initiate a takeover of the country thus ending 50 years of Alliance / BN rule.

What do I think of it? For this particular instance, I am all for it, in fact, it should be speeded up. Why this stand? I'll answer that with another question: Why not?

We have seen how, in the past BN had resorted to questionable tactics to reverse whatever big gains the opposition made. Boundaries were conveniently cut and carved to manipulate voting patterns. When they were hit with a brick as in 69, they had to resort to forming a coalition. So what's wrong with a coalition? One glaring thing: UMNO, MCA and MIC are still in the driver's seat with Gerakan and PAS tasked with the unenviable duty of warming the back seats. PAS, tired of being a mere passenger quit the coalition in 77.

This time around they are hit even harder, much like a huge chunk of earth-bound stray sattelite. It is bleeding very badly so much so that after almost 20 days they are still groggy. Would they then resort to the same old tactic? It would definitely be an option but remember UMNO being the party with the most number of seats would still have their feet on the gas paddle and their sullied hands on the steering wheel. They would of course concede a few ministries or bloat the cabinet again to accommodate the latest additions to the family.

They would of course go back to their old ways and at the same time corrupt the new additions. Dissent would of course be frowned upon. This gives them the time to energise themselves and soon with manipulations of the boundaries and with the help of the SPR they would be ready to go it alone once again. Lets rule out a coalition then.

I have read how some said that BR is ready to take over come 4 or 5 more years and if we could wait for so long what's 4 or 5 years?. How naive can we be. Hasn't history taught us anything? They are in battle mode and to fight them we have to be in battle mode too. As in any war, fighting a battle requires an effective strategy. We may have the edge when it comes to soldiers but they have the big guns.

Their arsenal includes money, the MSM, the police force, the judiciary and the AG. These could be likened to having nuclear warheads. They really do not need that many soldiers any more as can be seen in the last GE. Do not be misled by the loud chorus that we hear in the net. Amongst those in the chorus are people who still want them to helm the engine room but with another driver, that's all. These very singers would ditch us once the drivers of their choice has fastened their seatbelts.

If left to their own device, they would get the SPR to work overtime in manipulating the roll. The planting of hantus would be more efficiently done. They would of course need to re-carve the boundaries. They can't do this without two thirds majority but needing only 8 more, this could be easily done.

Remember prior to the elections, many opposition leaders were hauled up for participating in demos? Not many were charged. If I am not wrong, I could be wrong, there are still cases of opposition leaders not fully dispensed with. All they need is to make use of their buddies in the courts to find about 8 of these leaders guilty and fine them RM2000 or more and there go these opposition MPs. Remember Kulim Bandar Baru? There could suddenly be more Kulim Bandar Barus and of course the courts would side with them.

There could also be crossovers by MPs from the opposition themselves. Money, like it or not, can do this. With a rejuvenated number of MPs on their side, you can bet your last dollar and borrow from Ah Longs to bet more, that they would carve the boundaries until they are unrecognisable. Heck I wouldn't be surprise if a few districts in Lahad Datu be part of Bukit Bintang and what can you do about it? Go to the courts? Do you truly believe you could get justice from the present batch of clowns we have there in our courts? Do you think Zaid is going to make a difference. He made one recommendation and has already got the hiding of his life. His behind still sores.

By the time they are ready to call for an election, you can borrow millions more from Ah Long and bet confidently that they are are going to come out triumphant, irrespective of who the driver is.

My two cents on this matter is to go on with it and do it fast. There is infighting now amongst them and this should be exploited to the fullest. Remember we are still in battle mode and we are only one battle away from winning the war. Lose this chance and kiss our chances goodbye because they are going to nuke us. Some would say that this would make us no better than them. I say no. They do what they did to be in power to plunder. We do what we are going to do to stop the plunderers and the plundering. Oh, yes, one more thing. I know this is debatable.


Anonymous said...

Salam Che gu,
Mana ada any party yg
really really clean, macam kain
putih. Only how bad the damage
done, ppl can sell their souls
for money, core issue sini power
and money, opposition or the ruling
party, same aje i think. entahlah
then again i could be wrong.


Zawi said...

This is a serious one. Somehow I am agreeing to almost everything you post here. UMNO is not relevant anymore in present day politics. Furthermore there are no more leaders among them who can even be called a leader who is clean enough to lead without having something that can be used to pin them down later on.
Crossovers are OK with me provided they come over with the realization that the BR is a better alternative. If they are to be bought over, who is going to stop them from being sold to the highest bidder? Remember they have billions of ringgit in their war armoury stolen through such mega projects as PKFZ and the not so smart tunnels.
Take over if he can but never ever consider working in cohort with that boy KJ, he is a libility to anybody. Even his FIL realized it now.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I would like to borrow from Raja Petra. If there is a truly clean political party than Rose Chan died a virgin la.

Ini nasib kita la sebab kita ni manusia.

Kata Tak Nak said...

KJ is a no, no. Let them crossover but don't buy them over. If they see their ship is sinking then they will cross over. At all times keep an eye on them and also on our own people.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yes, they’ve got all the machinery at their disposal to bomb the enemy, even if it means switching to cheating-mode These power-crazy fuckers are obviously in their utmost vulnerability and in a mess. The time is now to strike while they’re on their knees. Kick them hard before they could even start of getting back to the drawing board.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Some of the hardest words from you. I am amazed and pleasantly surprised. Thank you.

hantutelur said...

As an UMNO member for 40 years (to include the original UMNO) I admit being defeated. But to me, whichever party is the government is acceptable, provided there is proper management. If it is fated that 2008 is the end of BN reign, and the new goverment can serve the people better, I thank God for that. We the members of UMNO and BN are not all corrupted. I for one is law abiding and God fearing person but I can't accept PAS's ideology nor PKR's ideology and leadership. UMNO, if it serves it's original purpose, is still relevant. The party has been marred by bad leadership that's all. I don't mind waiting for new crops of leaders to rise even if takes another term or two. We always want a clean government just like all of you here. To have DSAI as our PM is something that I mintak simpang... but if it becomes a reality I will learn to accept. If you people can endure Pak Lah, I will endure DSAI.

hantutelur said...

sorry, not 40 years la, 30. I'm not that old.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If DSAI takes over and fuck up, I will be as unkind to him as I am unkind to PL. All I want is a good government who cares more for the people than for themselves. As I see it, none in the present leadership could give us that even Razaleigh but he is more acceptable than Najib but definitely no Mukhriz. Much as you dislike DSAI, I despise Mahathir and since Mukhriz is his father's son I see Mahathir's hands in his his actions. They do speak the same tongue. You have your reasons to dislike DSAI and PAS and I can't say you are wrong. One thing we have in common is that we want our car to be driven efficiently. Only our choice of drivers may differ.

Anonymous said...

agree with your two cents. hmm... soon, the one cents also tak pakai dah.

susah nak cari rotan nowadays. but if we know how to use these akaq, they can still benefit us inshaAllah. just one to start the domino reaction.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Spot on, make the best use of the akaq. Brilliant accia. Now who will hit the first domino?

Anonymous said...

Sultan? daulat tuanku!!

monsterball said...

hantutelur..Don't be too smart.
In every party....there are good and bad members....and I believe you maybe one of the few good ones in UMNO.
But your conclusion towards keDAILan and PAS...are bias and uncalled for.
Like so many fanatics in talk cock about those opposition parties.
You are insulting the intelligences of majority voters...against UMNO..and BN.
Now we have true democracies....and Anwar is the force behind all these....making so many millions Malaysians have chances to be call Malaysians.....not by race and religion ...dirty politics....spear headed into tremendous speed by divide and rule.
At kerp's blog...the same old pro Mahathir idiots are talking cock and bull too. Maybe you should go over there and tell those idiots....not to be so easily bought...with few Judas....betraying Jesus.
All who keep hero worshiping Mahathir...are betraying the Malaysians for their self benefits. keep talking cock and bull too.....almost in every subject you comment.
I can laugh over everything you talk that are for fun and not involving Malaysians....but on the matter of our country's futures...don't start off saying how honest you are and start saying how good UMNO is....and bring down oppositions. That's downright idiotic and low without these will never know the real truths...which I will not explain to you...waste of time.
So agree to disagree....but not insult keDAILan or PAS. Why not include DAP too??

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Somehow, I beg to differ on the last sentence: this is not debatable, only a matter of opinion...and time.

Though the accursed ameno and their cahoots may have all the weaponry in terms of AG, Money, Judiciary and so on, we must never forget 2 things: 1. The Rakyat; 2) Allah always listens to the voice of the oppressed; He is Most Kind and Most Just.

When one sidestep history and all the lessons to be learned from it, one is stepping into one's own grave. We have only to reflect on US, France, England, Iran, and even the Philippines Yellow Revolution to draw strength upon, and how they overcome the odds.

Irrespective of who comes into power - so long as democracy is practiced - then the separation of powers must be exercised to the fullest extent. There can be no more excuse after this as even during Khalifah Umar's term, even then the separation of powers was practiced.

monsterball said...

Now back to kata tak nak message.
Fully agree.

Anonymous said...

You guys did you read the The Sun interview with Anwar today? I think it is great. If you didn't get The Sun today, then read here online.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I wonder if there is a change of leadership in UMNO, would the new guys still want Idris or they would send a rombongan to meminang Ahmad Said. RM1 billion is a lot of money la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Leave hantutelor alone. I think he was very civil. I was hoping that you would agree with me on this post.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I personally would like to see a smooth transition of power and not by going to the streets. I fear for your foot, because knowing you you would be carrying a camera while throwing stones.

These people we are talking about do not know about Khalifah Umar. Those who knew unfortunately chose to forget ever knowing it.

Good said...

Anwar's most striking interview with The Sun.

hantutelur said...

Thousand apologies, cikgu.

Monty, who insulted PAS or PKR? I didn't. You mean by not agreeing with someone I'm insulting him? Then you have already insulted me, time and time again.

Anonymous said...

chegu, before anybody meminang AS, BPR should go and merisik! mana tau after that ada rezki by election!


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