Monday, 31 March 2008

Things people would do to cari makan

Rosol: Ahmad, how you? I brought you some keropok la. This is the best keropok in the world la Ahmad.

AS: Oh, Rosol, you brought keropok ka? How nice of you, you know I like keropok. Thanks, thanks, have a seat. I was just about to call you, so you saved me the trouble.

Rosol: Ah, don't mention it la. I was driving alone in a rented car in Penang when it crossed my mind that you like keropok. I also don't know why because Penang and keropok don't jive but somehow I remembered how you once said that you can't live without keropok.

AS: In Penang, you remembered about me and keropok? Wah, you are precious la.

Rosol: So I thought why not get you the best keropok in the world? Since you don't get good keropok in Penang I decided to drive back to Terengganu to buy the best keropok in the world. Afterwards I have to drive back to return the car.

AS: You know Rosol, you make me want to cry la. Look, what you have done? I am crying already. This is the second time this week. Thank you so much la Rosol.

Rosol: Common man, what is this thank you thank you all. Friends don't say sorry or thank you to each other.

AS: Ah, I saw that movie, Shah Rukh Khan, what, what, Om Shanti Om, right?

Rosol: Wah, you also see Hindi movie ka?

AS: Sure la, what you think you alone like ka?

Rosol: Come to think of it ha Ahmad, I am glad I have a friend like you, not like that Deris.

AS: What? You not ngam with Deris ka? But the other day you all were screaming for my neck and wanted him as the MB?

Rosol: What to do la Ahmad, we all had to act only in front of him. If the party had not agreed to Tuanku's choice also, we would be secretly supporting you. They said we want to move a motion of no confidence, you think we will do it ka? The others may be la Ahmad but not me, I told them off in our secret meeting. I told them whoever trpes to get Ahmad down will have to answer to me. I will sink or swim with him.

AS: Wah you said that to them ka? And then what happened?

Rosol:They took the matter to Deris.

AS: They told Deris? Fulamak, then, then what happened?

Rosol: Deris drove to my house that very night la. I didn't even let him enter my house. I said, "Deris, if you want me to join you to sabotage Ahmad, please go la, I won't do it; even if he were to be taken under ISA, I would go with him".

AS: You told him that? I can imagine the look on his face la. Hey, drink la the coffee before it gets cold.

Rosol: Thanks, waaaah, this coffee is so good la.

AS: You know Rosol, I thought being a Menteri Besar is easy but it is not la. A Lot of work la. I think I want to get a deputy MB la.

Rosol: Yes, being an MB is tough. I know, and you should get a deputy MB, you know someone who would do anything for you even go with you under ISA, someone who knows you, knows what you like to eat and what you don't, I mean someone who understands you la. That fellow got no Datuk also never mind, that one not important.

AS: Yes la, I think you are right la. Hish! I am already late for a meeting la. If you could forgive me Rosol.

Rosol: Er, er just now you said you were just about to call me, what was it for.

AS: Ah yes, thanks for reminding me, I haven't even started work and I am forgetting things already. I was about to say don't bother calling me for an exco post because I am not going to give it to you but after this conversation that we had and these keropoks, I am sure I don't want you as an exco and thanks anyway for the Sandiwara. Close the door on your way out.


Zawi said...

Bingo.People like that Rosol will do anything to be in favour. I guess if you were AS you would keep him out of the Exco list.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

so, this isnt the sequal is it cikgu? suddenly we have a potential successor to an apple-polishing post currently holds by Mamat at federal level. he's from tganu...his prestaseng is ekseleng...hehehheehehehe,,,,

Kata Tak Nak said...

They don't have skin, they have hide, real thick ones.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Not yet a sequel, the sequel must have intrigues and most important of all sex so must find a way to bring that 130 pound a short genius.

hantutelur said...

The guy got no style. Only kerpok? A yatch or a bungalow on Pulau Duyong would make a better buah tangang.

tokasid said...

Rosol: What?? Natang betul mung ni Mad bulldozer.Wat letih aku wok kete ke Losong belikang mung kepok anak dare..mung nok halau aku ..memang natang mung ni...

AS:Aik? Mung maroh ke aku ? mung kate aku natang pulok? Jadi mung bui kat aku kepok ni dok ikhlah le ?

Rosol:Takdi aku ikhlah tapi le ni dok lagi...kalu mung makang aku dok halal dunie kherat. Sungguh...aku dok pelawok ning...buak letih aku wok kete dari Ajil takdi ke Losong.

AS: Aik? Takdi mung kate mung dari Penang? Ni kate dari Ajil pulok! memang mung natang jugok Sol.

Rosol: Penang wat ke bende? Bukang nye Guang Eng nok jumpe aku. Wang Zizoh pung bukang nak jupe aku...Takdi aku pelawok mung je...aku ingak mung boleh bui aku jadi Exco....Mung jage Mad. Aku nnati nok cadangkang ngundi dok percaye ke mung...biar mung jatuh macang nangke busuk berulat...Baru padang muke mung mase tu..jage mung...Aku nok kelik doh...Salang mekleikung!

AS: Elok le mung gi jauh2...elok jugok kalu mung beto gi Penang...boleh mung llopak terjung jembatang Penang tu....biar mapoh.

goh ai-da said...

Dear friends,
My father known as monsterball,passed away peacefully
at 12.01 today.
His body will be at Buddhist Vihara for whole night chanting and to be cremated at 11am.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

oh my god! Is this true?
I love that guy.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They all mana ada style. Dok sibuk nak pulun duit saja.

Kata Tak Nak said...

AS: Mung jage Sol, nanti aku bawok gi jempe Doc Tokasid khatang mu sekali lagi, natang.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Goh ai da and anonymous,
Today 1st April and Monty conveniently dies. His daighter pulak knows who to tell. Monty try again next year la. I am not going to fall for this,

hantutelur said...

goh ai-da said...

Dear friends,
My father known as monsterball,passed away peacefully

goh ai-da. That's very cruel

tokasid said...

Earthquake news:

Monsterball who died today was reincarnated as Khairy Jamaludin. Congratulation to the late monsterball.

monsterball said...

The King of Hell and his supreme council met....hearing the loud cries...and noted they made a mistake to recall me back.
They were looking for a monster with two balls...not "monsterball".
And they found out...I don't have a daughter name "ai-da" too!!
"Foul Play" was the verdict.
So here I am....back to suffer on Earth.
Has anyone been "To hell and back"?
Actually real burning....torturing...people poking you with spears and see you bleed with pains....etc etc such thing.
It's partying...drink and be merry.
I don't want to come back...but King Of suffering days ...far from over.
What to do? The consolations is to meet few good friends here.
kerp.....totally ignore me. He must be feeling MU supporter less against Arsenal one less critic....he will get in the future. Fat chance!!
Did not bathe in Hell for one whole day.....very smelly.
Need a long hot bath and to catch up with sleep.


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