Friday, 14 March 2008

Old Already La.

There is just too much animosity in the world of politics and their players. Will it end the same way? Hopefully not.

Samy: I say man, Keng Yaik, long time no see, I thought you mati. How are you? It’s always nice to see an old friend la.

Keng Yaik: Samy ah? Ayo Samy, luckily I meet you la. I thought I am going to be lonely here la. How are you ha old friend? Wah! you also here ha?

Samy: Yes, la Keng Yaik. When we all got power, everyone wants to kiss our feet. If ask to kiss backside also they would do it la, but now see what happens? Last time ah, I am like god to them la. Why? I can give out contracts, now, want to supply toilet paper to them also they don’t want to give la.

Keng Yaik: Why? Your children don’t want to accept you anymore ka?

Samy: No, they all ok but they all always busy. Grandchildren all big already, all busy. I alone in the house, no friends. Every time I call old friends, they say the are busy. I cannot la stay at home without friends. Even the gardeners and servants are busy, no time to talk to me. So I decided to come to this home la.

Keng Yaik: Hey, Samy, see, see!

Samy: See what?

Keng Yaik: There, there! Isn’t that Mahathir?

Samy: Where? Ah, yes, Mahathir la. Why is he here? I am sure his children didn’t chase him out.

Keng Yaik: They dare ah chase him out. I think he also like us la, don’t want to kacau the children. Wait, wait. Who is that bringing him that cup of coffee?

Samy: Ha, yes la. Ayo I don’t believe this la. Ah Kit la? Yes, that one Ah Kit.

Keng Yaik: Don’t bluff la Samy, cannot be Ah Kit la. They all big enemies where can sit down together one?

Samy: Come we all go and greet them. It’s Ah Kit la I tell you.

Keng Yaik: Tun! Tun! Tun Mahathir! Is that you?

Mahathir: Aaah Keng Yaik, Samy, come come come. Sit down, sit down. Long time no see. Ah Kit, please take two more chairs. I would have done it myself but I sudah tua la Ah Kit, please?

Ah Kit: No problem one Tun, we all sudah tua, must help each other la. No problem, you sit down, don’t get up. I’ll get the chairs.

Samy: Tun, that’s Ah Kit ka? Itu Kit Siang kan? Ayo, I don’t believe what I am seeing la. He can help you get the chairs some more. What happened Tun? You mandrum sama dia ka?

Mahathir: Chih, where got mandrum all. Sudah tua la Samy, forget about the past la. After all, he is okay what.

Keng Yaik: Wah, I feel like I am going to cry la. Seeing so many old friends here and seeing you and Ah Kit getting on together well.

Ah Kit: Samy, Ah Yaik, have a sit. You all want to drink ka? Coffee?

Keng Yaik: Don’t trouble youself, sit down Ah Kit, I’ll go and get the coffee. Samy, your coffee you want 8 spoons of sugar ka?

Samy: Lu gila ka Keng yaik. Lu mau kasi saya mati ka? Look Tun, Ah Kit? 8 spoons. No la Keng Yaik, you put 2 kilos of sugar enough.

Keng Yaik. Ah ya, just want to kacau you la. Anyway, how’s that diabetes of yours?

Samy: Under control la, tapi mesti jaga la. Hey Keng Yaik, wait, wait. Don’t turn, just stand still. Tun you see there, under that tree there, itu Pak Lah kan?

Mahathir: Where? Hey ya la, that is apa nama Dollah la. He’s also here ka?

Ah Kit: Yes, la. After the Barisan Rakyat won, he resigned. Nobody knew where he went.

Mahathir: Hey, Samy, you go and call him here.

Samy: What? You all friend already ka Tun?

Mahathir: Sudah tua apa friend, friend all. Go and call him la.

Samy: Ok ok I go and come.

Ah Kit: Waa Ah Yaik, you don’t look old la. Same like before only.

Keng Yaik: Sure la, I always exercise one. Every morning I do Tai Chi you know. You two don’t exercise ka? Tun you doctor also don’t know it’s important to exercise ka?

Mahathir: What about the coffee Keng Yaik? You forgot already ka?

Keng Yaik: Haiya, sudah lupa la. OK, OK I go now.

Samy: Look who I have here.

Ah Kit: Pak Lah ah, so nice to see you la. Wa, you like David Copperfield ah, suddenly can disappear one.

Dollah: Tun, how are you? Kit Siang, wa you two can sit together ah?

Mahathir: Sit down first la, take Samy’s chair. Boleh kan Samy?

Dollah: Just now I malu want to come here. I saw you all long time already but segan la. Then Samy said you all invited me here, sure I come la. So nice to meet old friends la.

Samy: I’ll tell Keng Yaik to get another cup of coffee. Pak Lah, no sugar ah?

Dollah: You still remember ah Samy.

Mahathir: How come you are here Dollah?

Dollah: I was about to ask you all the same question. Frankly speaking, I am tired already of all this politics. Tak boleh tahan already la. No peace at all la. I told my children I am going away and don’t look for me. If I want to speak to them I’ll call them. Jane also happy here.

Mahathir: You are right la Dollah. I also letih la. No life at all la. Every time must jaga to see if someone wants to stab you in the back. You Ah Kit?

Ah Kit: After that Perak MB affair, they all marah me so terok one. They say my thinking outdated already. Come to think of it ah, time has changed la. Their thinking is different from mine. Difficult for me to adopt to their style so the best thing to do is to back out gracefully la.

Keng Yaik: Ah, your coffee Samy with 2 kilos sugar and yours Pak Lah, no sugar.

Samy: One thing about you ah Keng Yaik, your coffee forever full ah? No matter how much you drink still full one.

Keng Yaik: I know, you want to say I spit a lot, you think I don’t know ka? You ah Samy next time drink coffee put milk la.

Samy: Why?

Keng Yaik: The colour of your lips and the coffee same only, people don’t know which one is the coffee, which one your lips.

Samy: Tengok, tengok, ini cilaka

Ah Kit: From last time until now still quarrel ka? You two are jokers la.

Keng Yaik: Why Tun, what are you thinking of?

Mahathir: I am thinking where is Zam, Rafidah, Kayveas and Tengku Adnan?

Samy: Zam ka? He is here also what. There in that stall there selling news papers. I heard Tengku Adman is a tourist guide. Rafidah and that other idiot I don’t know la.

Keng Yaik: Rafidah is a used car sales-person. I heard she is selling used Naza cars and kayveas is a commissioner of oath in Taiping.


Mr. Right said...


KTN, please buat version Barisan Rakyat pulak. Nik Aziz, Guan Eng, Hadi, Husam, ANwar....etc.

Mesti best... hahahahhaha...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mr. Right,
Nanti cari modal dulu.

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

Dollah; And Tun, Badrudin Jerai is a freelance plumber.He can fixed any leak.

Mahathir: Ya ka? And Dollah what do you do nowadays?

Dollah: I'm a partime bed-seller.Not furniture eh! Just bed.

Ah Kit: You said partime.Why Part time?

Dollah: You all know me lah...if full time how can I sleep. part time okay what! Can sleep. And the best part is I seell bed. So easier to fall asleep.

Samy: Woi Ah Kit! That time you say about Perak MB aa...what happen then?

Ah Kit: Many people scolded me one you know ah! There is one guy, tokasid I think and that che'gu from Penang ah..they say I and Mahathir are antiquities laa..They say we are like dinosaurs from Jurassic park. Haiyaa...cilaka that two person laa..

Keng Yaik: But come to think of it ah....maybe we are antiques laa...Now ah..peoples aspirations are different. And now ah..people don't like to think along racial lines laa...not like our time.

Samy: Dei!Ya laa Keng Yaik. You see la that time in 2008 ah..Indian people also vote for that DAp,PKR and that PAS you know..

Dollah: Ya laa...they don't think about race at that time. Only we keep on reminding them about race.

Ah Kit: Yes...only we the oldtimers talk about racial politics...and the rakyat don't want that. That is why that Anwar party did well...his PKR not along racial line.And don't talk along racial line also...

Samy: Hey guy...look wjo's there??

Keng yaik: Where? The one on wheel chair ka?

Samy: Yes la...

Ah Kit: Hey! That's Karpal laa....

Kata Tak Nak said...

Dollah: Which wheel chair?
Samy: That one la, with the white janggut.
Ah Kit: Aiya another antique coming.

monsterball said...

The truths revealed????
Impossible for Kit Siang to be pally with those three....but nice pleasant scrip to read and enjoy.
Keep it up.

Life is like that!!!! said...

hehehehehehe kesian all of them...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, life is like that. When you get older, the fire in you is more controllable.

muteaudio said...

esp the one on Kayveas N Rafidah

Anonymous said...

I best Malaywood film of the "Meeting at the Old Folks Home" ,

they all deserve Oscars ....

Walter Mathau et al

Anonymous said...

Che gu,

you are bad, tak habis-habis,
kesian pak sami kita.


Anonymous said...

Aduh che gu, dont get offensive
with the 'bad' part. Hehehe


Kata Tak Nak said...

Glad you liked it. Mana tau bila tua depa boleh berbaik, asyik dok bermusuh saja.

Kata Tak Nak said...

walter mathau,
They should get oscars for their real life exploits.

Itu pun dah kurang saya hentam sami.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Kasi can lak kat rakyat - penyokong depa - untuk beraksi dalam sketsa Cikgu :)

Zawi said...

Very interesting as usual. I bet the old folk home they are in are well furbished with all the trappings of the rich people.
Keep em coming.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehehe...good stuff, boss. lets have a dig on the young ones now...kery, sothi, Si Pin etc...

that Keng yaik needs his morning coffee and a stick or 5 of cigarette before he starts his day. One of the dying breed of )former) minister who smokes.

monsterball said...

Wait few months....Samy will blot up with a fat more free expensive make more real expensive.. fee medical pills to make him look more friends....carrying his balls for favours in the government.
Toupee will be one size too small ...for his dick head..grew bigger....exposing age 73....on going...this will be Malaysia's showcase to the world....of UMNO's greatest puppet on the string....greatest hypocrite to his own race...greatest Indian dictator...for 28 years.
Lim Keng Yiak's mouth will get more filthier and filthier...speaking braggart words...from an empty hall of a non existence party. those who hear him speak are reporters and few of his good friends.
All may leave to join DAP or keDAILan....except him.
He will stay as cunning as ever...but no one wants to really hear him talk anymore.
Mahathir is daily is showing ...he is not that most less educated Malays think he is.
The only smart thing about being the most cunning and foxy PM....Malaysia have ever produced....and thats not funny to well educated Malays Mahathir is actually fooling his own race..divide to rule...and created the haves and have not...based on his likes and dislikes. How good can one be as PM ..with that style of ruling....for 22 years?
He is the main real reason..UMNO lost the 12th election...not Pak Lah.
Pak Lah is part of the reason...being a no balls hypocrite...not fulfilling his promises to the people..who voted him in the ...during the 11th election. So the voters redeemed themselves....exposing the real desired would have liked...after TDM left and handed over to him.
All in all...the result is a message to the UMNO's power the back..deciding everything about UMNO. All are racialists...crooks ... sitting at their fat arse...filthy rich...doing nothing...but they are very powerful.
Public does not know this. It is Mahathir who choose Pak Lah....but final say, those 100 or more UMNO kingpins...with their secret telephone calls...can object or agree. They have the final say. That's how UMNO works.
A great gangster team of corrupted men and the Mafia of USA.
Mahathir is shameless....will speak till the day he divert attentions of corruptions by his family...which he closed two eyes.and daringly showing what a great dictator he using country's wealth and our save his sons from billions of losses in their business.
So all dig in drivers...low class teachers...railway line workers....they must be UMNO members...and as long as they have relations/connections...or whatever they can give tio make few powerful UMBNO men happy...even give thier beautiful daughters to be mistress......that's all it takes to get rich ....under Mahathir.
And Mhathir have hi chosen few to work on the billion deals. he love to choose Chinese dare devils more than Malays...for big con jobs.
All educate voters know
So the script is nice to read and enjoy....but the amount of sufferings by people of all walks of life under Mahathir not a joke.
That's why..when ever he speaks..out come respectable organizations or individuals...shutting his mouth up. How low can he being told of by the Bankers Union ..leader....who should know him money is banks businesses. How can they dare to speak up...on such a rich and powerful client?
I guess.....they know...the ill gotten billions.will be exposed one way or another..soon.

monsterball said...

kerp/kata tak nak....Just 4 days after elections..barracks of insults....accusations hurled at the oppositions... by UMNO.
UMNO said not Malaysian way to do street protests..yet they are doing Penang and other places.
Pak Lah has no balls to comment on if he will expose...him having no power at UMNO.
PM announced Perlis MB. Sultan of Perlis announced different name. The fun starts in Perlis. I guess...Sultan of Perlis...was waiting for this day...for a long long time.
Are we going to talk all this shit....till next election?
I guess so.
That's why...I wish to comment less at pro this or that political blogs.
kerp....have turned to be non ...Niamah..mob1900 and kata tak Dr.Shu's Forum.
Saturday/Sunday....are interesting to watch English 3 teams....possible Championship.
What a harvest for bookies....hahahahahaha
Tiger Woods did not show the usual hunger to win on this fourth outing. Two rounds..he is 7 points behind the leader...but if he want to do is the third watch few great is he. Yesterday was boring on golf.
Perhaps.....bookies..bought him third round..reminding me...Russel Crow's movie..."Cinderella Man"
Shredding of government documents ex Selangor UMNO office..clearly shows.....UMNO have things to hide.
We did not put our votes wrongly.
I sincerely believe not anti DAP is pro Chinese only...although they do fight for Chinese rights....being bullshitted by MCA and Gerakan all along.
Now the have some power...lets see they prove to be Malaysians..and not Malaysians Chinese.
Have a nice weekend.....both of you.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, while taking a dump I was thinking how do I make one solely having the supporters as my cast. Maybe soon.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Of course la, the homes they would be in charges more than a manager's salary.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I don't really know the young ones, but I'll see about it. Usually the new ones are not clownish.

Kata Tak Nak said...

This is expected of UMNO. They are irrelevant.

zorro said...

If only the same ambiance existed when they held the reins of power, we would have been a great country. but politics sure corrupts.
How will the newbies cope? We whack at first mistep and every misstep.Because they never learn.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Lets hope the younger batch sees beyond skin colour, anyway its obsolete.


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