Thursday, 20 March 2008


You know doomsday is near when you see these leaders wearing these t-shirts.

Samy Velu: Toll Sucks.

Rafidah: APs are for cronies.

Zam: We want balanced news. See, I didn't stammer.

Lim Keng Yaik: BN, I spit on you.

Shahidan: Two Terms Only

Chua Soi Lek: Celibacy Rules

Mahathir: Anwar IS Da Man

KJ: Bloggers are saviours.

Toyo: Ban Botox

Nik Aziz: UMNO Forever

Kit Siang: Say Yes To HUDUD

Rahim Tamby Chik: Leave the kid alone.

Augustine Paul : Relevant

Rashid: No Hantu Please.

Nazri: One Man One Permit

Kayveas: Long Live Samy

Anwar: Mahathir Renaissance Man

Pak Lah: Nik Aziz Fan Club.

Care to add some of your own?


Anonymous said...

How about:

Khairy - I'm your new PM

Najib - I want Khairy to be my PM

Hishamudin - No more School fees-I mean it, seriously!

tokasid said...

Mat Taib: I got speak Ingelish

Ali= down with komisyen

Jamaludin Jarjis- KJ our next cosmoNot

Mahadzir- Give back the documents

Derih J Soh= Masjid buluh

Tg Adnan- correct,correct,correct

BeeKay Ling-It looks like me, it sounds like me...Oh! It's me

Raheem Nur-Mahathir punched Anwars eye

Adnan Yaakob- Peace! Not mencarut please.

monsterball said...

Mat: Why so sad and worried....Pak Lah?
PM: aiyoo....go away...don't bother me.
Mat: Why? What have I done wrong? I always spoke against TDM....defending you.
Khairy: hi Mat...leave my father-in-law alone!
Mat: I will not go...until he tell me .what's won.
PM: you bloody fool!!
You taught me to say all ministers to declare their assets....and now Malaysians are all calling me the greatest hypocrite. They say.your assets and stolen money are with your families and relatives.....and now...Sarawak and Sabah joining keDAILan. I am finished!!
Mat: Oohh....It's that so..goodbye...need to pack and go.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahahhhahahahahha....ok, here goes.

Sheih- Pak Lah's No1 Fan!

Bigdog- Mukhriz Sucks!

Tokasid- Vote BN For Change!

Pak Zawi- Pasir Mas, Pade Doh!

Mat Salo- back For Good!

Monsterball- LKS the Ball carrier!

Shah- TV3, My Favourite Station!

Cikgu Nazir- You'll Never Walk Alone!

kerp- I'm Getting Married!


monsterball said...

Sure you got to get married!!
You mean try try...for free ah?
Sure must marry....after trying la....or else sudara /sudari all come ...butoh also missing!!
Glad you try try and like it.
Good-luck to new more sleeping more listening to music so much...all alone!! cook food!!
I say .I say...I say...maybe room for one more .. for old nice man?
Never say die...up ...up and try.
But cannot up up like before la....flying 7 times a problem.
Now fly one time...need to sleep and eat power gum food.
Me...LKS balls carrier? Are you nuts??
But he is my hero. Anwar too. Both went t jail for nothing.!!

frankie said...

Karpal Singh : I'm all for Islamic State.

Pak Lah : I'm Alert 24/7

Najeeb : I'm one woman man

KJ : I love mermaid.

Chua Soi Lek : My Keris Longer

Mr. Right said...

KTN: What should I write today?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks for the additions, some of them are gems.

Mr. Right,
I don't know what you mean. I am sure you have plenty of ideas, why not write about how why Ronaldo is the best player in the world? hehehehe.

monsterball said...

Mr.Right...Why not write why you choose the nick name."Mr.Right"
Usually right minded people...need not ask the wrong person what to that wrong person...was right to tell does he knows...what type of brainwaves you have....smooth...calm...blank..over-loaded...pure or rusty.
Your perfect...for a perfect man. Are you perfect? If not...why not? If yes...which part is perfect. Start from top to bottom.
There you much for you to write.
By the owner....kata tak nak is Mr. Wrong to some....unable to service Mr. Right. What a shame!

20 Cent said...

UMNO: Screw the NEP!

PKR: ISA Rules!

MIC: Makkal Sakti!

GERAKAN: Lets Take A Stand!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks all for your responses and may I add, some of your additions are real gems.

Mr. Right said...

HAhahhaa.... KTN and monsterball reply surprise me. This what happen when Malay kampung dude like me try to write in English.

Aku bukan tanya KTN apa aku patut tulis hari ini. Aku menyambung posting KTN. Aku maksudkan dunia dah nak kiamat bila KTN pakai baju tertulis

"What Should I Write Today?"

Aku cuba nak cakap yang KTN adalah seorang manusia yang penuh dengan idea. So, kalau dia dah habis idea maksudnya memang dah nak kiamat.

Fuh...! Faham dah kot..

By the way, aku tahu aku tak perfect. That nick just goes well with my blog title Thats the only reason and obviously not enough to be treat as one blog posting. Right?


Kata Tak Nak said...

Mr. Right.
Sorry, Aku pun heran jugak, pasai apa dia tanya nak tulih apa? Anyway I take it as a compliment. Thank you. Kira hang lagi terrer la. As for Monty, tu hang biaq saja lah kat dia.


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