Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Replacement

Just because Najib did well in Pekan aided by the massive camp and the postal votes that comes with it doesn't mean that he is absolved of all wrongdoings.

A certain retired 'statesman' suggested that that should be the case. Well I beg to differ. Just because the oppositions have managed to wrest 5 states from the government doesn't mean that all is forgotten and we are resetting the meter to 0-0.

If I am not mistaken, and I am definitely not mistaken, one of the issues raised during the campaign, in fact even before the campaign, is the conduct of a certain Najib regarding a certain high-profile case involving some high explosive materials and a certain pretty descendant of a vicious marauding tribe somewhere near China.

I am equally not mistaken that the question of certain purchases of some military hardware that comes with them a get rich quick clause was also hotly debated in the run up to the GE and many were of the agreement that that certain individual is guilty as sin.

I have also read and seen pictures of how that above-mentioned individual misuse his position by using government jets to go campaigning after the dissolution of parliament. Much, much more were written about this certain individual which need not be repeated.

The hatred of one retired 'statesman' for his replacement for not kow towing to his wishes has prompted him to call for his replacement's resignation. I have nothing against that and it's not because the replacement did not kow tow, just that the replacement is plain incompetent. Now this retired 'statesman' who through his own stupidity chose his current replacement who created havoc with the country with his incompetence has the gall to suggest that that personality from Pekan is the best replacement for the present replacement and I hear disturbing soft cheers of hurrays and ayes from certain quarters who claim to be fighting for a clean government.

I have this to say to that retired 'statesman'. Buzz off, you are already out and you have no business dictating terms on who is to lead the country. I would definitely not agree to that personality that he suggested. I find it mind-boggling how some individuals who claim to have the welfare of the country at heart would find this possible scenario mouth-watering?

I read at Zorro's that, he is against it until that individual apologises for certain comments that he made sometime ago. Well, to me that is not good enough. Why do I want to see change in the present government? It's because it is seen to be incompetent and corrupt. Now to replace this present one with another one tainted with shady deals not to mention his moral records?
I am a mad man if I agree with it.

Call me an idealist, but I fight injustice and I fight it all the way. A man with shit on his left hand smells just as bad as a man who has shit on his right hand. No! not Najib.


Zawi said...

We will get bro mat salo to do some investigative reporting on this 'suggested' replacement of the sleepy head. I guess mat salo can do a better job than all the police force put together.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I can't accept Najib because he himself is dirty. Why if Pak Lah is dirty he must go but Najib is dirty he must stay?

Orang nak kata apa pun saya tak kisah. There are many Mahathir proxies amongst us and since Najib is mahathir's choice they choose to close an eye. Jangan tuduh dan perli Jasin for his close an eye statement kalau kita sendir5i bersikap macam tu. They are hypocrites.

Mior Azhar said...

Betul... it is still not right to replace one rotten tomoato with another for the sake of Umno's tenders and all.
Yes, not Najib, not in a million years

Kata Tak Nak said...

mior azahar,
Thanx for agreeing with me and seeing what I am trying to say. I appreciate it.

ewoon said...

My same sentiment with you,Chegu.

He is the worst of the lot and boy, his cronies too, waiting like hyenas.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

there's a joke going around that if najib is to become the PM, then Malaysia will be run by a woman...hehhe...

eh, on a serious note, i cant think of any current crops who are capable to lead the country. do you have anyone in mind ka chief?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Glad to note that others also see the folly of having this man as PM.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I don't think I know enough UMNO MPs to reccomend any but if it comes to between Dollah and Najib, then I'd stick with Dollah. At least he sleeps with his wife only but he has to get rid of that young punk SIL.

monsterball said...

I was getting seriously interested in this message...until you mentioned a two timer blogger...asking for a gentleman's apology.....hahahahahahaha
It's been long time...on my case...trusting one....asking for help....then play me out.
Give you one guess..who that person is.
hi kata tak you know..I am still...the one and only commentator with photos...full address and all my private details of my life...all exposed and published by a so call sickening Simon Wee? Go ..guess who supply some of the informations impossible for that bastard Simon to get..unless he has been to my house...shown all over by a bloody fool......treating one so close....trusting him....while asking for help....two times!!
So your message was good...then it turns me off......when you say that particular blogger seeking justice too.
Do you honestly feel all bloggers are worth being recognized... good and respected?
Jeff Ooi is one great good blogger...that's why he was chosen by DAP.
So many political bloggers advertise themselves for a job ..or a better one..don't you know that?
But not friend. That's why I like to visit your who speaks from the heart...with no selfish ulterior motives.

Asil said...

I hate to see both Pak Lah & Najib as a PM. But you're right, Pak Lah is slightly better than Najib.

We can see 2 groups are fighting within UMNO, PM & KJ against Najib supported by Mahathir.

I've no doubt we, the people, have made the difference but I'm not sure that is the whole story.

I wonder,

Who control 200,000 postal votes? Why sudden press conference by Mahathir asking PM's resignation and gave support to Najib? Sudden cancellation of indelible ink?

I'm praying for the unity of Oppositions. There are too many unknown factors.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are very sharp in your observation and you are very right. Looks like there is going to be a quiet internal coup.
Mahathir wants Najib to help take away any threats of exposing him.

Kata Tak Nak said...

It is clear there are camps in the blogger community. I belong to my camp only. My camp is simple, fight injustice so I fight Dollah but I also know that Mahathir is a bigger devil so I fight him too. I know Mahathir planted some famous people to fight his battles here and since I criticises Mahathir you don't see those people coming to my place much.

Anonymous said...

bagi sama Musa Aman la. Try la pula yg dari east malaysia pula. diorang tu malaysian juga, apa. pahal payah sgt, ah?

Kata Tak Nak said...

You can't be serious.


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