Monday, 10 March 2008

Ada Jawatan Kosong?

Samy: Pak Lah boleh sikit tolong sama saya ka?

Pak Lah: Hang mau apa? Aku pun dok khaplah lani.

Samy: Boleh kasi saya jadi Senator ka? Belakang kasi saya jadi menteri balik la.

Pak Lah: Apa? Hang gila ka?

Samy: Oh, sekarang saya sudah jato Pak Lah cakap saya gila ah! Dulu paip sikit rosak Pak Lah punya rumah call sama saya suruh JKR repair.

Kayveas: Hey Pak Lah, thank you for making me senator la. Saya banyak terhutang budi sama you la.

Samy: Apa? You bikin sama dia senator, sama saya you cakap gila ka?

Pak Lah: Indian quota la Samy.

Samy: Apa saya bukan India ka? Apa saya Eskimo ka?

Pak Lah: PPP takdak satu seat pun. Mic ada jugak 3 so I bagi sama PPP la. Please try to understand la.

Samy: Hey Kayveas, apa sunyum sunyum, mau cari pasai ka?

Kayveas: Ah, Pak Lah, lepas jadi senator apa menteri you mau bagi sama saya? Itu lama punya saya tamau la. Kasi baru punya la Pak lah.

Pak Lah: Samy punya dulu punya ministry you mau ka?

Kayveas: Ha, buleh jugak.

Samy: Apa ini Pak Lah? You mau bagi sama dia duduk saya punya office ka? Dia pun kalah terok jugak. Ini tadak adil la Pak Lah.

Kayveas: Dei Samy you mau adil kalu you pi masuk Keadilan la.

Samy: Sapa cakap sama lu? Pak Lah, tolong la Pak Lah. Menteri Sukan pun boleh la Pak Lah, tolong la. Mana saya mau taroh saya punya muka Pak Lah?

Kayveas: Taroh lu punya pungkok punya dalam la. Hey lu sudah tua la, pencen la, apa lagi mau jadi menteri? Satu Malaysia tamau sama lu la.

Samy: Hey, rascal, I am not talking to you la.

Kayveas: Saya jadi itu menteri, saya buleh renovate itu office ka Pak Lah? Sekarang punya tadak kelas la. Orang cakap macam kandang kambing saja, sama dengan dia punya tuan.

Samy: Ayo Pak Lah, tengok la. Kalu Pak Lah tadak saya sudah tendang sama dia. Saya hormat sama Pak Lah punya pasai, saya sabar jugak.

Pak Lah: Macam ni la Samy. Di Putrajaya ada lagi 3 slot kosong. Satu saya dah bagi kat Sharizat untuk juai Laksa Penang, satu saya bagi sama Zam suruh juai paper, so lagi satu saya bagi kat you. You letak satu meja, taroh satu typewriter jadi petition writer dan Pesuruhjaya Sumpah, okay tak?


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mwahahahahahahaha...samy is jobless. now he can practice on the skill he's long abandoned. not architect mind you. draughtmanship.

pi mai pi mai tang tu said...

damn funny! hahahhaa

monsterball said...

Somehow....I will miss bashing up Samy...but that onion face idiot is a real disgrace to Indians...nothing funny about it.
I don't think Pak Lah will ever support him to be active in politics anymore. He is n idiot.....but not that damn he??
Samy ca be worst than c4 to Pak Lah....and right now..only Najib needs to eat his words. I am sure Najib will like Samy M bin M.
Next few weeks...we will see if Pak Lah means what he said...somewhat expressing his regrets that UMNO did not listening to the people........after his swearing in speech. But if he appoints M bin M as a minister....he is asking for real trouble again.
One said UMNO will never change...always arrogant and corrupted. Not so easy now....especially Selangor and Penang under oppositions.
Don't tell me ...he will think of a to proposing multi billion projects to East Malaysia....or Perlis?
hi kata tak nak.....kerp girlfriend....cute la.
How can he now be lonely anymore??
No wonder his ortak so center nowadays.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak....I read Samy will not resign as MIC president.
Can you believe this bloody Indian baboon ..still believing he is such a popular Indian hero.
Lets wit and read what MIC have to say about that.
Credit must be given to MCA Ka-Ting ..saying he does not want to be a minister,....but then is better for him to say that....than being left out by Pak shameful la.
And foxy .cunning Lim Keng Yiak talk big about Gerakan..already dead and buried. He usually wear simple ......but he gave a conference wit coat....look so formal for an informal press conference. He also no face..if his chosen man resigned as appointed President...not elected he said...cannot resign.
Chinese politics are more advance than Indians for sure.

monsterball said...

If Pak Lah mean what he said...Rafidah and Nazri..Hussien should not be in the cabinet.
But I am afraid..he has no guts to to the right thing.
M bin M...most of all..should be out need to appoint irritate Mahathir. Malaysians are no fools. Everyone knows PM is playing internal UMNO politics......more than being a PM for the people. That's part of his downfall too.
He should choose from those MCA fill in as ministers or deputies...and have one elected MIC replace Samy...thus again....have all races in the cabinet....but if he wants a long term sincere to group all parties into United Malaysian Party...UMP....something like that....right now...and get people used to the name....whatever it is..put all races into one party...then next election....they can clobber the oppositions.
If not....they are dead ducks...playing race and religion politics.
But then......UMNO Malays are well known to be arrogant and too proud to accept...the country belongs to all...not just one race.
PM may say it.....but UMNO is a real racialist are majority of their members..more than PAS. That's also why they lost....racialist..yet not fair to his own race.
Now PAS have be non having a Chinese DAP man in Kelantan as minister.
Give the oppositions a real chance....UMNO is history.....I hope sick of that Mahathir...who think so highly of himself...being so ungrateful to Bapak Malaysia.
Mahathir is the worst PM we ever had ...and he ruled for 22 years...just because UMNO enjoys..... divide to rule...race and religion politics...ignoring the people's views and displeasures.
Mahathir is the main main cause of UMNO's downfall...not Pak Lah
Then of monsteball..and all the old folks...all..nearly 70 years old....with tear gas and water cannon treatments....treated like animals...people begin to be sympathetic to peaceful walkers....all news shut off from huge the gatherings were...proving beyond any doubt...UMNO is totally insincere and undemocratic.
kata tak nak..Do you think ..this is all true??
If so.Pak Lah should call me up to advise him la........hahahahahaha

Kata Tak Nak said...

That Samy is a real recalcitrant la. He doesn't want to give up his post. Apa lagi dia mau.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks for coming over. Glad that you like it.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I heard news todau Tsu Koon said that Gerakan is willing not to take up any cabinet post because of the heavy defeat but Ah Yaik disagree.
Samy is afraid Subramaniam will make a comeback that's why he wants to remain president.

monsterball said...

Draftsmanship you say...kerp?
Why ...that son of a gun.....have be bragging he is a qualified architect.I also heard he failed.
Can we sue him?
kata tak nak...Whether Samy or Subramaniam....MIC is dead!
Subramaniam has no balls and is very selfish man.....two bad qualities for politics...worst a leader.
And race parties have no futures.....including UMNO.......if those idiots still want to represent only their race.
Pak Lah can talk till kingdom come...that he works for all races...bullshit. He will work for all races....based on the stuffs they want to force us to accept...that is each race takes care of it's own...under Barisan.
13th election....will be end for racialist parties. MIC and Gerakan are dead.
Now..up to UMNO to change FAST...without their smart talks.!!

Jawatan Kosong said...

samy perlu cari jawatan kosong lagi lol...


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