Sunday, 9 March 2008

Wow! What A Night

What do I say? It was an exhilarating night. I did not pay much attention to RTM or TV3 or even Awani. I was glued to my pc monitor. Malaysiakini which decided to go 'free' for a week and Doc Tokasid and once in a while Shah of Talk Only fed me the news I wanted.

The seats and the states began to tumble. First Kelantan then Penang followed by Kedah. Then the biggie Selangor and followed by the surprise of the night, Perak. I did pay much attention to the comments made by the so-called experts on tv but once in a while I can't help it. One said that Nurul Izzah won because she is young and pretty. Can you believe that clown. They do not want to acknowledge the 'irrelevant' man. They refuse to even mention his name. I think only 1 commenter was brave enough to mention that Anwar was a factor.

From what I read, the oppositions choice of Chief Minister and Menteris Besar shows great maturity. We of course have to wait for the official announcements to be made. I just hope that there won't be bickering amongst them. That is just not the right way to start something good.

Whatever it is, let us first savour our victory and congratulate the winners both the government and the oppositions. I believe the New Media has helped greatly in this historic achievement by the opposition so to all bloggers, congratulations. To the government, the best way to counter the bloggers would be to release your iron-grip on the press. Do not stop news from reaching the people or distort news that reached the people. Loosen your grip and I would gladly write about football, hobbies and maybe even recipes. Frankly speaking, I am not too keen to be talking politics most of the time.

One more thing, do not blame bloggers and do not curtail blogging. Free up the atmosphere of news dissemination and start to be more citizen-friendly. The people have spoken, so respect their voices, for what is a government without the people.

To the New Governments of the 5 states, lead, not rule, your states, wisely so that you would not end up being a one term government.


acciaccatura said...

assalamulaikum chegu,
shukur alhamdulillah,tahniah!

Anonymous said...

Good lesson for the BN leaders who had shown blatant disregard for the people. I hope PAS, PKR and DAP can sit down together in a matured and intelligent way and respect the people's choice for putting them where they are now. Zam and Samy's defeat is however give a lot of ummppphhhh!

Pak Hitam

monsterball said...

Good-morning kata tak nak.
Yes..It is a glorious day...and the tear gas/water treatment I got was worth it. Justice been done!
And you also need not worry to be transfered to Timbuktu.
Hope new government can year mark you....without favoring be a Headmaster in your ripe old wise and experienced age.
Your many messages should be more than enough testimonials ......besides your teaching experiences.
Boy oh boy!!...Blogger Jeff Ooi!!!
He is a humble forthright man.I met him once..and he took time to explain certain things to be ....with patience and sincerities.This man has great are many new young first time winners. That's what management needs...intelligent people.
Seeing Samy and Kyveas knocked out....making Indians irrelevant in Barisan...and not the best news.
I actually was expecting Najib to loose too....but Allah may pity Pak Lah...already no two thirds...very difficult to manage the country.
If Pak Lah is brave and sincere..he should invite two or three be ministers...starting with one Indian.DAP
Keadilan replace MIC.....and important minister of a DAP man.
Dare he do it? And if so..will oppositions accept?
I told myself.....after the election....I will post much lesser on politics.
Waited for 4 years.You and few bloggers fought tooth and nail to bravely talk truths. I as commentator...received the most bullets...banned...sacked by bloggers.
And again...these were worth the results...proved I am right all do you too.. .kata tak nak. friend....we talk the walks....and now...cannot wait to see Tiger Woods 4th appearance soon. Those idiots of ours....especially that two big old double badminton players.....defend and real power in smashes....yet still send to England to shame us. With 4 games points..still lost to Koreans.These two...forgot their name...are lie pondans in the court.
Luckily..we had so much good news from the election.....including ignoring shocking lost by MU to Portsmouth. Kerp must be happy.........hahahahahaha

frankie said...

Chegu, it was a really thrilling nite for everyone. I saw from Bernama News, the CM of Melaka said the voter were 'keliru' and that is the reason for the upsets.

I think Mohd Ali Rustam is the one who is keliru. A lot of the BN leaders are still in the state of denial.

I talked to one MCA incumbent, told him I am sorry to see him lost but it is not because of him not doing the his duty but on issues beyond his control, he replied if the opposition can deliver the benefits for the Chinese, it will be good. I have to correct him that I voted as a Malaysian and not as a Chinese and my wish to see Malaysian as one, and not divided by race. He was stumped.

This is what I called state of denial.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Shukur Alhamdulillah, dengan kuasaNya kita berjaya. Kita bukan nak sombong sebab itu bukan perjuangan kita. Kita mahu, mereka buka mata sedikit dan dengar suara rakyat. Banyak sangatkah yang kita minta?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Hitam,
It is a lesson to both the government and us. To the government the lesson is not to distant themselves from the people. To us the lesson is, if we think and act as Malaysians nothing is impossible

Kata Tak Nak said...

No point in me writing if no one comments. You have been consistent in giving comments. We, all of us did it.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yesterday when I took my daughter to BM to vote, I chatted the DAP fellows outside the gate and strangely some of the BN Malays looked confused. They shouldn't be. The times have changed. Look what we could achieve by going into this as Malaysians?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


so now both of us will have a new breed of government; and suddenly we may have to admit our respective state's 'opposition' are indeed, a bunch of monkeys...hehehehhe...

it was a real shocker, especially getting messages from docTA while i was dining out. came home immediately after a quick meal and read all the news on the net i could get hold of. malaysia kini was down but managed to sneak in via mirror site.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Man U lost, my daughters were screaming at the referee and I did not pay any attention to them. last night was the first time I could still smile and laugh despite Man U's lost. That was how much the victory meant to me.

Dennis said...

Congratulations to the opposition parties who won! I hope they can set a good example by having clean state governments and stamp out corruption and crime better than BN. We Malaysians are fed up with lousy administration and all talk no action. I hope opposition parties can evolve into multi-racial type to get a stronger mandate in the next GE.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thank you very much for coming over and saying your piece. I see we have similar vision. Enough of race based politics. We are Malaysians.

Asil said...


Thank u for making the New Media relevant to us. How about Old Media? We still need those radio, TV & newspaper to sustain and reach out further - wider interactions.

Hopefully the New Media can go to the next level.

It's only a beginning...

Thank you, again

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh, ye la cikgu. wanted to catch some of the games but the election result apparently was waayy more exciting.

another real shocker took place in south yorkshire, where the london rich-kid pricks lost to a championship side, barnsley.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Come be a part of the New Media. Contrary to one man's son in law's believe, we are not monkeys. Nice of you to visit here often.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yeah, Barnley's going great guns, real giant killer.

Mr. Right said...

What a night for me. M.U out from FA Cup, Liverpool score 3 goals, both Nicole and Beng He clinth KL Open and....

our dream general election result came true.


I hope Najib and Mukhriz will kick that fella and his son in law for good this coming UMNO election meeting.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If that materialises, I will fight Najib and Mukhriz because they as dirty even if it means I have to do it alone.

monsterball said...

You will never be alone.
You have monsterball ...standing side by side with you.....meanwhile....leave your ever loyal friend..kerp he is in love...and may bot have too much energy left over for politics.
We will gather all the bees and stink them like crazy...waking up Malaysians again and again...with no fear.
Malaysians have succeeded.....sending powerful signals to UMNO.
Still want to fool around?


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