Saturday, 15 March 2008

Stupid Oppositions

Sergeant: Sir, our men are ready. I have stationed 300 men at Penang Road in front of Komtar, 300 men each at the side roads and another 500 men at the road behind. We have 500 rounds of tear gas and the water cannons are ready.

Inspector: 1400 men? Why do you want so many men for?

Sergeant: That was what we use to do sir? In KL we stationed much more than this sir?

Inspector: That's KL, sergeant, this is Penang.

Sergeant" I don't understand sir, Penang, KL, what is the difference?

Inspector: A lot of difference sergeant, a lot of difference.

Sergeant: Then what do I do sir?

Inspector: Send back 1350 men, all the tear gas and the water cannons.

Sergeant: That will leave us with 50 men only sir. The men will pee in their pants sir.

Inspector: Just do what I said sergeant if you don't want to be doing desk duties the rest of your life.

Sergeant: Yes, Sir, thank you sir. Corporal Hisham, come here.

Corporal: Yes, Sir.

Sergeant: Send all the tear gas, the water cannons and 1350 men back to their barracks.

Corporal: What? We all want to fight with what? You want us to tickle the demonstrators to death ka?

Sergeant: Orders from the inspector.

Corporal: In KL they say all demonstrators are dangerous; we should take them as our enemies, now in Penang different. Why?

Sergeant: In KL we are fighting the opposition; here we are up against the government.

Corporal: I thought they said it is UMNO people who are demonstrating. Now you are saying DAP, PKR and PAS. Which one?

Sargeant: When did I say DAP, PKR and PAS are demonstrating? I never said that.

Corporal: You said, here we are up against the government; the government here is DAP, PKR and PAS. UMNO is the opposition.

Sargeant: Yes, la ah. Now UMNO opposition in Penang ah. I did not think of that la.

Corporal: I am sure that is the reason they don't want so many of us here, because the demonstrators are their people, but what if they become violent sir? Our men will die la.

Sargeant: You think they care what happens to us ka? Shhh, the inspector is coming. Go now corporal. Sir, just curiosity sir, what if they attacked our men sir? There are just too few of us sir.

Inspector: Don't worry; for the amount of money they are paid, they wouldn't risk their limbs.

Sargeant: The demonstrators are paid?


Life is like that!!!! said...

hmmm what can I say...UMNO is getting really's like the melayus are getting even more idotic day by offence i mean the UMNO melayus..we have to stoop that low isk isk

frankie said...

We can see the real intention of UMNO, that is to create tension and trouble for the new administration. All that because the state government has decided to procure through open tender. How will open tendering system be an offence to the bumis? The spin of the media is getting bigger and the war drum has started beating. Open tender system and the UMNOputras gone amok? That is one top reason why the rakyat rejected BN in the first place.

tokasid said...

Coporal: But what if the demonstrators become violent?

Inspector: Since when did demonstrators in Malaysia become violent on their own?

Sarjan: Yeh I know that inspector.But what if our guys starts to provoke them? Like we did in KL?

Inspector: Ala Sarjan.....You don't be stupid la...Have you ever heard our guys provoke when Pemuda UMNO did demo ah? Never right? Our orders are clear.If the demonstrators are from PAS,PKR,DAP or NGO which go against the govt, then we provoke lah...

Coporal: But Inspector Shahab! Oohh...sorry,sorry sir.At least we need the water canon here sir. Who knows if some crazy UMNO guys starts something sir!

Inspector: Woii ngok! Thats why you forever will remain a corporal. If UMNO gila person mengamuk also don't worry laa...We have PAS and PKR T-shirt in our landrover. Hindraf T-shirt also we have. If that gila UMNo guy make a scene we take him into the truck and put on the PAS or PKR T-shirt on him lah...then we say PAS or PKR is provoking a peaceful UMNO demonstration lah...

Sarjan: Oh like that I understand la sir.

Corporal: Err...Inspector Sahab! Oh..sorry again. I always watch hindustan movie la sir. Thats why I tersasul. Sir! This UMNO group have permit or not?

Inspector: What permit laa...they didn't apply also what. At least in KL ah...they apply for permit but we Police sure cannot give one. If they want to make concert okay lah...This one like want to make walkathon can we give permit.

Sarjan: So, UMNO no permit we can give ka sir for them to demonstrate?

Inspector: Give laa samdol! Bukit Aman say give, we give la...

Sarjan: So sir, what do we do with this chemical water sir? tear gas no problem can keep one.

Inspector: Alah...go to Sg Siput on your way back to our Ipoh base. You give to one old fellow who just opened a car wash centre. Its under the big pokok cherry near the commissioner of oath office. That car wash owner is Semi value.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, The UMNO Melayus acted like beroks. They just cannot accept reality because they have been living a life of dreams, of handouts. Padan muka

Kata Tak Nak said...

No free handouts mati la UMNOPUTRA. How to sustain their hedonistic lifestyle?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Corporal: Sargen I just suka-suka want to ask you la. Who did you vote for?
Sargent: What vote? They took my ballot papers and voted for me.

Anonymous said...

Salam che gu,

Wah! Pak Tokasid also terrer in
drama. You know The Jakarta Post
today carried readers comments on
the ongoing reform in Malaysia.
When they published that Malaysian
PM calling for elections, gambar
Anwar yg di publish di muka depan.
Ppl here very uptodate dgn yg berlaku di Malaysia, negara sendiri
entah tahu ke tidak!


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

You and Doc should really team up like those Pak lalalah video guys :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

Since you are there, you know better. Are they more liberal with their reporting about their own affairs?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Since you do have experience behind the camera and as copywriter may be one day you bukak satu production house, boleh la we all apply utk jadi scriptwriters.

Zawi said...

You are right. They have to pay everybody to do something for them. In my place the mat rempit were paid to gather at the padang for their candidates to make a speech. Otherwise nobody will come.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They have been so comfortable with buying false support that they have lost touch with reality.
Now they are finding difficulty getting genuine support. Their people would say "Show me the money"

monsterball said...

Without ...kerp's...hehehehe..hahahahaha...very dull.
Maybe took our advises to spend more time with sexy GF??
He needs to report to the two uncles here.
Now..back to the it sergeant...corporal..or even the IGP...the whole police force have the worst the entire history of our Independence...right now. started to get from bad to worst...during Mahathir's 22 years. That's is so sickening to see that old fut keep trying to pass the buck to Pak Lah.
And that no balls PM ...dare not sack him from UMNO.
The crooks are fighting each other...but dare not make any moves to do the right thing. Right infront of Malaysians....such game prove only one thing....UMNO is a real hypocritical party..quite dangerous.if not checked bravely by brave Malaysians.
Now Mahathir Jr. ...trying same stunt ...hoping to get expelled...what happen?
Pak Lah pass the buck to Hussein..saying it's Youth member.
Hussein said Jr.'s remark is personal......not representing the buck is passed back to UMNO Supreme Council.
And you can bet....ll will be forgotten.
They can make a mountain out of a mole hill ... firing oppositions members.......but when come to UMNO's men.....protect at all cost...or all will end in by one.
That's the most logical reason for Pak Lah's no also protect his own family on corruptions.
Will they change?? NEVER!! can we expect the police force to act or do smart things?

20 Cent said...

Oh, goodness gracious, this is hilarious! Most excellent stuff!

Daphne Ling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daphne Ling said...

Hi Chegu,

Sargeant: The demonstrators are paid?


Kata Tak Nak said...

They will try and try, that's for sure. The papers would get dirty and dirty.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks for coming. This must be your first visit to my blog. Glad you liked it.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is their usual modus operandi. I was with them once. Transport and food provided.

monsterball said...

And you got nothing....because you don't know carry balls.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Never mind la, at least my hands not smelly.

alqasam said...


Cikgu..You know how to make me laugh...Pity Umno's supporters..They didnt know how think wisely aren't they...Umno at Penang want to create tension in Penang...Despite Lim Guan Eng abrupt decision of DEB issue, I really trust hima and others BR leaders despite our differences because we shared the same principle. Justice for all..

Look now, who are rasict. It is Umno. Melayu have to learn how to struggle by our ownself, beside DEB is make rich peole become richer and poor people become poorer. We have give them a lot of time already. Now it is people's time!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, you are right, now it is the people's time. If UMNO knows what is good for them then they better change otherwise by the next elextion they will disintergrate.

cakapaje said...


You pray that I do become rich and insyAllah, I will open a production house with you and Doc TA in it. But Doc would have to have a clinic and you a tution center with the Production House in the middle...baru your creative juice start flowing :)

If I become rich lah.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ah, that's easy. Join UMNO and be a contractor and voilĂ , you're rich.


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