Sunday, 16 March 2008

My Ambition

Mother: Daud! Have you finished your homework yet?

Son: No, mom, a little bit more.

Mother: I see you staring at the ceiling for the last 10 minutes, do you have a problem?

Father: Why son, do you have a problem? Let me help you.

Son: I have finished all the questions except this one.

Father: Why is it hard? Let me see, "When you grow up, what do you want to be"? Hmm interesting question. You used to tell me you wanted to be a teacher, so just write that down.

Son: Things have changed dad. Whatever I am going to be, it must make me rich and powerful so that people will respect me and maybe even girls will like me.

Father: That sounds interesting. So you think being a teacher would not give you that?

Son: I don't think so. My teachers don't drive big fancy cars and not many wear branded clothes. I have heard some of them quarrelling with the canteen man about food sold being expensive. They are cheapskates.

Father: What about being an engineer then? You should get a lot of money.

Son: No, I don't think so. One of my teachers has a husband who is an engineer and he only drives a Honda Accord.

Father: Honda Accord? That's a good car son.

Son: Yeah, it's nice but it's Japanese dad. I want something continental and grand.

Father: Like what?

Son: Like a Mercedes or a BMW or Ferrari or Porshe or even all of them.

Father: Wo, hold your horses there son. Don't you think you should be more realistic? How are you going to afford all of that?

Son: My classmate's father is rich. He lives in a bungalow with a swimming pool and his father has all the cars I mentioned and a few more.

Father: Wow! His father must be rich. Has his father also got an extra wife?

Mother: I heard that. Why any ambitions? Anyway, you should not be talking like that to the boy, it gives him ideas.

Son: No, it's okay mom, we talk about this everyday in school. Yes, his father has two extra wives and also a mistress.

Father: Well I'll be damn. Lucky bugger that fellow is.

Mother: I heard that too. I think you should just leave him to his own devices.

Father: No, just kidding honey. Well what does your classmate's father do?

Son: He is a contractor. They say he builds roads and buildings but my friend says, his father is usually in the office or playing golf or in his other wives' house. He doesn't seem to work much. Some Chinese people would do the work for him. That's what I want to be.

Father: Playing golf?

Son: No, I want to not work and yet have so much money. I want to be a contractor.

Father: In that case, engineering could help you be one?

Son: Yes, I know, but I have to study hard for that. You know I have always been poor at maths and science.

Father: Then how do you plan to be one.

Son: My friend said that his father is a school dropout, he went into politics and voila he's rich.

Father: Do you really think it is that easy?

Son: It is dad. Just be close to some powerful politicians, especially the YBs. Follow them everywhere and do what they ask you to do. You don't have to spend any money dad; everything is paid for by that politician.

Father: What are the things you have to do for the politicians? Carry his bag?

Son: Sometimes, but most of the time you have to tell people that he is good and his rivals are bad. You have to spread lies about his rivals so that people will hate them.

Father: Are you willing to do that?

Son: I'd be rich. That's more important dad. Hmm Dad!

Father: Yes, son?

Son: Why don't you join the politicians so that we could be rich?

Mother: And have another wife? I think I like your father the way he is.

Son: Aw mom, what's wrong with that? I have other friends whose fathers have more than one wife and they are not even politicians. Some of them are even Uztazs.

Mother: Now, you just write 'Teacher' as your answer. Get all your books for tomorrow and run along to bed now. Don't forget to wash your feet before you sleep.

Son: Like this we are never going to be rich and the girls at school are never going to even look at me.

Mother: You just do what I say and no more 'buts'. And where do you think you are going Mr. Khan?

Father: If I am not mistaken, I have a meeting with the YB tonight.


monsterball said...

If I knew life is this way for 50 years...I will master Bahasa...forget Senior Cambridge....go to golf as a caddy boy.
Who knows...that will give me more chances....having the"know I know"....and not what I be filthy rich...become messenger boy..prepared to go to jail.
Imagine my 10% commission can make me multi millionaire. Then imagine how rich that person is with the 90%....planning and scheming all the con jobs....behaving so innocent.....with no laws can ever catch this crook.
Are we no bloody fools....kata tak nak?
Having said i not all about you and I are doing the right thing.
Ypu can eat roti bangli....I can eat tosai with ambal problem.
You can sleep like a log...seriously teaching...gaji assured......I cannot sleep well...still trying to learn my gaji through profits. Looses. less..that's all. Got well and smoke few cigars with coffee. Do I want to regret not being a caddy boy in golf club? siree.
Judgement Day for some crooks have arrived.
Take away the moustache..suits and tie...these idiots will reveal.the are really brains...just talk Hussein and Nazri...two of the most irritating bastards in UMNO today.
Hussein is a real disgrace to his famous and righteous family.
Taxi drive Nazri thinks he is gangster chief.....becoming so powerful.
Where is his big mouth now? Why no talk talk talk cock nowadays??
I guess..if Pak Lah is really sincere..he should leave tis braggart out from the cabinet. He is one.who contributed to the downfall of UMNO.....including Hussein.
Have he got the assemble right team...from his own choosing?
Lets see.

monsterball said...

I mean.....'To know who I should know..and not what I should know" get rich and successful.
WHERE IS kerp?????

Kata Tak Nak said...

Maybe Kerp is planning his future with Pinky. Kasi chance la orang muda.

I don't want to be a balls carrier. Malu only. Unscrupulous people will do anything la. Most of our YBs in BN were balls carriers at one time.

monsterball said...

Tiger Woods was 7 points behind Vijay Singh in second round...lying at 20th position.
At 3rd round....he was playing very well...Singh and others got chicken Tiger is at top of the table.
MU was saved by Ronaldo...winning over low rank Derby...last few minutes.getting full 3 points.
I am happy. I wonder if kerp shares my joy.....hahahahha
I am happy..bookies are happy..betters are as usual.......happy and will try luck again..........hahahahahaha
Chong Wei feel so proud to beat a nobody in go into the final of Canada...or ???
When it matters ..All England...our players all crumbled and .English football chicken feet playing Euro Cup.
But not this season.
Out of 8.into the semi finals.4 are English results...ever.
Another good days for bookies...but usually during knock out systems...bookies cannot buy few MU or Arsenal..but Leverpool and Chelsea are for the highest bidders.
kerp...Do you agree??

Anonymous said...

salam chegu,
memang ada soul bila chegu tuleh. how do i know? macam part Mother kata, "Dont forget to wash your feet..." tu! heehee...

monsterball said...

Will appreciate..if kerp is quiet....planning future with Pinky.
Chance mari chance to kerp.
Let 2008 be kerp's happiest year of his life...and on going.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Kena tunjuk jugak kita ni orang Melayu macam mana pun mesti basuh kaki sebelum tidoq. Bukan apa, tahot mimpi ngeri nanti macam Mahathir kembali jadi PM. Eeeee ngeri tu.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I hope 2008 would be a good year for Kerp except Arsenal la. Maybe he will get married and take about 1 month off blogging to enjoy married life?

Life is like that!!!! said...

hmmmm Malaysian politics...seriously its a get rich scheme la esp if one joins UMNO..don't have to use a lot of brains, no need to study..just remember networking within the right party confirms you a future. Just remember jadi kawan baik dengan people like KJ gurantees you a good future for another 5 to 10 years thats if you pandai jaga kawan-kawan hehehe

monsterball said...

hahahahaha.....You get him happy and excited....yet making him sad!!
You know he loves Arsenal....but I agree with you.
All the goods news for his private life...except on football..he cannot teach grandfathers how to suck eggs...hahahahahaha
kerp...WHERE ARE YOU???
Cannot...all of a much time to PINKY...forgetting your normal..usual...manly fun.
Maybe...his manhood found another avenue..that both old fut like not know???....hahahahaha.
We have lived it all...seen it all...try it all..kerp.
So try..see.. moderations...not like a wild cat.....hahahahahahaha
Be a class male kitty..hahahahaha
Do with style and tenderness and finesse.
Last but not not...I not watch
x" movies.
Have a nice Sunday..kerp!!

monsterball said...

Message to PINKY!!
From: monasterball
Check kerp's video collections.
Take away all 'X' movies!
Check his magazines and books.
All dirty pictures and story books...take them away too.
Keep those..until he reaches age 62...not 60...62.
Then give him thelisence to do anything./adfter that..and return all those you have taken away.
By that time...his engine not so good....and you have 6 beautiful children....maybe is a grandma too.
Who cares what kerp will be doing...but.. kata tak nak and me...will be watching over kerp....somewhere else...invisible to see....
Try funny with you..we will give him daily stomach aches...hahahahahahaha
Have a nice Sunday with kerp!!

Kata Tak Nak said...

It is strictly for those without intergrity and with thick skin.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Let him enjoy himself la. Maybe a lot sad and worried because Chelsea also chasing very close behind.

monsterball said...

I mean..give him the license to do anything..after age 62.
Ask him ...want second wife...go ahead.
He will be looking after grand children...or reading books....missing kata tak nak and me. that time.

monsterball said...

Like I said....kata tak nak..on English football...for one who does not respect MU..he is nuts!!..hahahahaha
I did not see the Arsenal game...played at wee hours in the morning...went to see Tiger Woods.
But they were 0-0 at half time.
Even they win...they are one point ahead MU...with MU one game in hand ..yet to play.
And bookies are lining up entertain betters....with "lam par chai"..Lampard...the hero.
Go find out what is hokkien..."lam par chai".......mean.
Lampard will get millions of betters looses millions....before the season ends.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Lam par means balls right? Chai means son?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

I followed a friend who brought along his 8year young son to a golf range once. When my friend began his swinging practice, the son was so taken by what he saw and decided he too wanted to swing. Thus he took a club and went several bays away.

I continued watching the son from a distance and when I saw what he was about to do, I had no choice but to shout a warning to his father who in turn, shouted to the son to stop!

Instead of trying to swing the club - which he couldn't due to the club being taller than he was - he lifted it up as though he was about to behead someone, just like a samurai would! Good thing his father managed to stop him.

Watching that, I thought to myself "nah, golf is too violent for me." :)

monsterball said...

But what does it mean? basically means Lampard cannot be trusted.
Be it outing...or feeling blue over MU fine performance.
He has to come out now.
Where the heck is he??

Kerp (Ph.D) said... there a party going on here or what? almost missed the shindig here lah.

weekend means wallop for me. staying away from the pc screen as much as possible. but you're spot on cikgu. was with pinky since friday. nothing else matter. the thing is, normally is i go blog-hopping i'd tend to spend hours so the best to do is stay logged off.

football-wise, been the worst few weeks since the beginning of the season for gooners world-wide. but thats football, you cant be on top forever. sadly, our form dips drastically.

hilarious entry as always, cikgu. this one had its last bit as a killer...

mr goh,

agreed, but not completely. none of the big 4 can be bought.

thanks for the wish anyway. football aside, been a good weekend i didnt bother to post anything...

ok, gotta go. i have another 3-4 hours of weekend to savour...hehehe..

sorry cikgu, missed quite a few posts. will come back in once routine comes a knocking again. aiyahh...

tokasid said...

Son: Ma, I think I don't have to study hard now. I have made up my mind.

Mother: Are you nuts? Pa, just talk some sense into our son's head la bang!

Father: Now Daud!You still must study hard before you become a contractor.

Son: But dad, I heard teachers talking at the canteen yesterday. They said there is one rich YB in selangor. He is so rich that he can built a mansion with 16 rooms in the kampong. And teacher said he was only a railway gate keeperPass standard 6 only Pa.

Father: Now Daud, that case is exceptional okay.He is just lucky thats all.

Son: But teacher also said yesterday he read in the papers the melaka state EXCO also not clever la Pa.

Mother: What do you mean?

Son: Teacher said he is from Melaka. So hge knew some of the new EXCOs Ma. He said there was this lady who is a new YB and now she becomes an EXCO.

Mother: She must be good then.Maybe she graduated from a university. So you must study well daud.

Son: No Ma...teacher said that lady EXCo is a Mak Andam before she become YB.

Mother: What? A Mak Andam? Pak hang oii...I sometimes do help out our Mak Andam during weddings. that meansI too can become an EXCO.

Father: Alaa mak hang...why you bother to be an EXCO this house you already the Prime minister laa....

Son: And teacher said, there is one EXCO in Melaka who was a peon last time.Now he is EXCO for Pendidikan and Pengajian Tinggi you see Pa, if he only have PMR but he can control lecturers and Proffesor...sure clever la Pa.

Mother: Okay go wash your feet and go to bed. Pak hang ! Are you sure you have a meeting? Or you want to go and she our village Mak Andam and tell her about the EXCO thing?

hantutelur said...

I still believe Daud has to study hard and excel in education in order to get enrolled at Yale, Harvard or Oxford. Nothing beats being a SIL of a Prime Minister.

monsterball said...

blog owner speechless...aredi forgetful
what else older man...shiok to here kerp..nearly got heart attack.....after seeing "Mar Attack" again.
KTN sarong must have nearly fallen off laughing.
Me...nearly smoke cigar...from wrong end....
kerp...doing pom pom pom...stopped and plese 2 old men....went back to pom pom pom.
After erection.i meen....election...all hell goes loose...yet ghost months is still far away?

monsterball said...

When kerp appeared.....kata tak nak...was waiting and waiting for monsterball reactions and comment.
Then....all of a a thunder storm have struck.....he was busy busy ..ignoring his blog....ran a kitten......hahhahahaha
I did not know what to say or I knew kata tak nak...will defintely wait for my comments.
Usually...when kerp response...he will immediately comment...especially missing that kerp for sometime. I did my best..commented with my usual synile trademark...left it...and saw Tiger Woods played the most dramatic golf...I have ever sink in a 20ft the last win out-right.
He was won 4 tournaments out of 4 outings!!
Now I see how this blog is getting on.... calm and peaceful la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, you are right, Golf is just too violent let let us leave it to the politicians and the war mongers.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hey Chelsea is just around the corner la, very close or too close for comfort.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Kerp, is just doing just fine it's just that he needs quality time with Pinky. How I miss those courting time.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I had the chance to talk serious politics to some politikus and their people yesterday. I got a clearer picture and after giving it much thought there is merit to what they said and proved my suspicion right.
Yes, indeed the SIL is a devil no doubt about it but a certain somebody with the help of certain bloggers made sure that he is to blame for every ill, even the ones that he has no part in. They are careful to blame ONLY the PM and his SIL and no one else.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mom:Bapanya, masuk la politik. Teringin juge kita nak jadi Datin, berumah besar berkerete besar
Dad: Oi maknye, engko sorang besar cukup la.
Mom: Ish, mengape la bapak aku dulu bukan Perdana Menteri? Kalau dia PM kan senang hidup aku?
Dad: Ye le, engko pulak kawin dengan hantu la.

Mat Salo said...

Mampuih! He-he-he...

Mr.Khan pi jumpa YB, si Matsalo tumpang sekaki bole chegu?

Dunno which is more enticing, kawin artis ke, simpan mistress ke, pakai kete mewah, songlap uang rakyat ke or all of the above?

Chegu jangan mudah lupa chegu, Mat Taib pun chegu jugak dulu... :)

monsterball said...

Want to talk politics serious??.ok.
Trace back..from the very first day...who started to say Khairy is the PM...and ..not Pak Lah??
Yes....the powerful write-up ..cannot be written...without being paid.
Then few pro Mahathir bloggers...took advantage and kept promoting the stuck to reader's minds.
Opposition parties....found the idea..great .to bury UMNO.
And Khairy...was not much of a that time. He was focused to confront Mahathir...behave like an NGO....actually not knowing what he wants to be....but he did quite Mahathir hopping mad...but then TDM have a very clear Agenda....made the disadvantage to become an advantage to his belittling Pak Lah...and hope to go to jail...or be sacked from UMNO....which he knows .will never PM was after his children..for corruptions.
Time went by....these few bloggers...will continueously promoting ... the evils of Khairy and Pak Lah...hoping all will forget TDM...or at least blame few...for the downfall of UMNO....which everyone knows...basically...voters voted against against Mahathir...and his many misdeeds to the country..
This is how I see the .you can see...months went by....Khairy became more quiet.than ever before. Who were more UMNO assemblies??...Khairy ..Hussein..Nazri?
Pak Lah said.....he felt sorry for Khairy...and I do believe he was sincere in that statement.
Pak Lah can be anything...but he does have a good heart. He is simply a weak..PM..who talk....but never do...thus...making him...just a harmless idiot...but Malaysians are also suffering because of his weak leadership.
That's how I see it.
Bottom line...everything and divert attentions against Mahathir...and few political bloggers are for sale to the highest paymaster.

monsterball said...

As much as some political bloggers are extremely smart and can talk you notice...they are not wanted by political parties...but can be them only?
You think parties are bloody fools?
They know how to read characters.very well too.
That's have Jeff Ooi...Elizabeth Wong...the two most successful bloggers....grabbed by political parties. Sheih is actually working for do marketing and advertising is Amin Iskandar.
Few are more powerful than Jeff and Liz....why are they not wanted??
Not the word.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Saya tak akan lupa jangan risau sebab I am happy being an ordinary citizen. Tak suka pening kepala. Tulis blog cukup. Tak dapat gaji pun takapa. Lagi pun tak boleh jadi contractor, tak pandai maths.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I agree whole-heartedly. The pro M group planted the seeds of hatred in the people for KJ. KJ like a bloody fool doesn't see it coming. They enlisted some bloggers and everybody joined in the chorus.KJ is no angel but he is not the root cause. The root cause is the M Legacy.

hantutelur said...

Very enlightening, Chegu. Never thought some people are working from under the shadows. But why did they (pro M) do that? I mean by plotting the downfall of FIL/SIL they are letting "real enemy" in?

monsterball said...

Glad I prove I am not senile.

monsterball said...

I like hantutelur one way...and sorry for him ... being rude to old folks.
But never mind....he ask some questions....I will answer on behalf of kata tak nak. Teaching young guys is part of growing old.
Simple friend....kata tak nak have said it.....
To divert attentions away from the M legacy....meaning Mahathir's 22 years dictatorial and corrupted rule....the real reason for UMNO's downfall....spread it..and blame it??

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are in politics, you should know this things happen. Plotting and scheming exist in all political parties. This is a free country, whoever play their cards right win. If you do not agree with me I can't force you and am not forcing you. I am not a prophet, I may be wrong.

hantutelur said...

I'm not denying, Chegu. But if they really did it, it's exactly like "marahkan nyamuk"!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Their mistake was that their strategy worked too well and they underestimated the opposition.


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