Thursday, 20 March 2008

Good Afternoon Sir

T. Adan: Good afternoon DS, glad you are finally awake.

DS: Aaah, yes, I really had a good sleep. I needed the sleep you know, what with the campaigning and all.

T. Adnan: Yes, you look real fresh DS. We have a lot of work to do DS.

DS: Why anything wrong with the tourism industry?

T. Adnan: Not when I left it. Everything was in order.

DS: You left the Tourism Ministry? When? How come I don't know about this?

T. Adnan: You left me out of the Cabinet, don't you remember? The Ministry is now with Azalina?

DS: You mean the new Cabinet has been announced? Who did it? Najib? I am sure it must be that scoundrel, trying to usurp power. Wait till I get him, the nerve of that fellow.

T. Adnan: No, DS, you did, 2 days ago.

DS: I did it? 2 days ago? What day is it now?

T. Adnan: It's Thursday, 20 March. It's Maulud today DS and you missed the procession.

DS: 20 March? You mean the elections are over? What happened? Did we take Kelantan with a big majority? We retain Terengganu? You said I announced the new Cabinet, did I make KJ the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance? Pity him you know, he is such a good and clever boy but is misunderstood. Did the sabotage on Mukhriz work? Did he lose his deposit? Oh, there so many questions to ask.

T. Adnan: We retained Terengganu DS. Two thirds majority. We lost only 8 seats there.

DS: And, and ….

T. Adnan: We lost Kelantan, KJ is not in the Cabinet and Mukhriz won with a 2 thousand plus majority.

DS: Wo, wo, slow down, slow down. KJ not in Cabinet? Did he win?

T. Adnan: He won but you dropped him.

DS: Now why did I do that? I promised him those posts and, and why am I talking to you? Where is Radzi?

T. Adnan: Radzi resigned and you chose me to take over?

DS: Resigned? Why?

T. Adnan: You didn't make him minister, remember?

DS: I didn't make him minister? Why did I do that? Wo, wo, wo, wait a minute, wait a minute. This doesn't look good. Give me the details and be gentle with me please.

T. Adnan: We did not get the 2/3, we only won 140 seats. We lost 5 states.

DS: What 5 states? You sure today is not 1 April? Come on, 5 states?

T. Adnan: Yes DS 5 states: Kelantan, Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Perak.

DS: Slow, down, can you get my milk and nestum please, this is just too much.

T. Adnan: Here DS. Shall I go on?

DS: Hm.

T. Adnan: Many big wigs lost including Samy and Sharizat.

DS: Samy lost too? Well at least one good news there.

T. Adnan: Mukhriz has called for your resignation, you dropped Rafidah from the cabinet and she is pissed like mad, you did not pick KJ to avoid an open rebellion, 2 of the deputy ministers you picked has rejected the offer, Shahidan was not accepted by the Sultan of Perlis and Md Isa Sabu is now the MB there, Terengganu is still without an MB because the Agong just can't stand Idris' sparse moustache, Toyo resigned as UMNO chief of Selangor and let me sum all these as you are in big shit.

DS: We still won didn't we? So I am still in power. As long as I am in power I can still do something.

T.Adnan: It looks like you won't be in power for long, Razaleigh has offered himself for the presidency and Anwar it seems has got the required number of defections to form the next government.

DS: KJ, where is KJ? Get him for me please. I need his advice.

T. Adnan: Do you still want his advice, it's he who got you into this shit in the first place.

DS: How dare you, how dare you say such thing about my SIL. You're sacked, get out.

T.Adnan: Thank god, my nightmare is over.

DS: Hello Shahidan, would you like to be Secretary General? What, up mine? Well up yours too. Sayang! sayang!

Jeanne: Yes, abang?

DS: Would you like to be Secretary General.


hantutelur said...

Dumbo has big ears.

monsterball said...

Good Afternoon ...kata tak nak!
Dumbo have big long one too...judging by the nose.!!
You can tell by seeing the nose.
That's why he likes M bin M...biggest of them all.
Mahathir have small one...but big head.
Najib...still like a baby...not fully developed. Very close to being a pondan.
Samy Vellu....forever punished..cannot see and is small...useless.
Malu to tell all la.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Shall we lat-ta-li-lat-tamplung for the Sec-Gen post?

Zawi said...

Great one as usual. Some people dont mind being dropped as a minister as long as they can be appointed to another lesser post.

Kata Tak Nak said...

hantutelur and Monty,
Yes with big ears he hears our conversation but the problem is he doesn't listen.

Kata Tak Nak said...

No, lets flip a coin their style, Head they win, tail we lose.

Kata Tak Nak said...

The idea of losing power and respect is frightening to them. They fear losing power than they do God.

hantutelur said...

Chegu. All I can say is that you got style and originality. I love this blog and always look forward to your next post. You seem to never run out of ideas. Participation by gentlemen here makes this blog even better, especially doc, shah, kerp and others. Though we are different in ideology, I don't find myself a stranger or outcast here. This is a really gentlemen's place. Congratulations and keep it up!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


real nice. Pak dol sure needs some whhack in the head to get things going.

hey, he did look freah 3 days after the GE. i swear everyone in the house noticed it too, apart from myself.

tokasid said...

DS: Mat Hiaq!Mat Hiaq! What about you? You can be our new Sec-Gen can't you?

KT: can I laa DS. I just gave up my Selangor post as you wanted it to Mat Taib what...Waduh!Waduh...

DS: Never mind about the Selangor post la Mat Hiaq. This is biggerthan Selangor. This one is thw negara post la Mat Hiaq.

MT: No need la DS.If we kantoi again in PRU13 what will ppl say about me? You give to Tajul or Mahadzir Kedah la..I'm off to my shop.

DS: Shop?What shop?

KT: Since the day I lost my MBship and have let go off my political post in Selangor I opened up a shop specialising in 2 things la DS.

DS: Oh? I think I know what you are selling Mat Hiaq. Mesti broom and Tempe ,right?

KT: Alaa...DS you don't perli=perli me laa...afterward I maki you in Basa Jowo you tak tahan one!

DS: Okay.okay sorry ah Mat Hiaq. On yur way out please ask Mahadzir to come in.

Mahadzir:Yes DS, why did you summoned me to Putrajaya?

DS: Haa..Mahadzir...Aik? Awat hang tak pakai baju?

Mahadzir: Oh! Last night in came out on TV3 during the Buletin Utama, in Kodiang there was an accident. Someone named Mahadzir Khalid saved 2 of those passengers from drowning and TV interview him. Ppl thought it was me. When TV3 interviewd that Mahadzir wasn't wearing any shirt. So thats why I come here wothout my shirt.Ppl will think I'm the hero who saved two lives yaesterday DS.

DS: like lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama laa...But please la next time put on your shirt laa...can see panau and kurap laa...

Mahadzir: Oii..pak Lah! mana ada kurap laa..that one is Kedah map tattoo laa....Ada ka kata kurap.Anyway what do you want from me DS?

DS: I want to offer you the Sec-Gen for UMNO and BN to you. You want or not?

Mahadzir: That is a very nice offer DS.Thank you. But I cannot accept laa...becoz in Kedah now that PAS gomen is always asking me where are the missing files? I'm having a difficult time now DS.If I take the Sec-Gen post and files started going missing,how?

DS: Aisay man! Susah like this laa...You have anyone that can take the post ka? Maybe Tajul ?

Mahadzir: Tajul cannot also la DS. He is still crying and keeping himself at home. refuse to be seen in public. DS what about Awang Adek and Annuar Musa?

DS: Coih! That 2 cannot laa....If that 2 become Sec-Gen, we sure bungkus before GE13....

Mahadzir: Ya Ka? What about your son-in-law DS?

DS: Actually I wanted him laa...and he also want to be Sec-Gen. But you know la...if I take him,Mukriz will make more noise laa..and don't forget Tun M? Some more Ku Li now want to challenge me...Ayoo...

Mahadzir: DS! Since you saif Ayoo...why not Samy Vellu?

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are always welcome here. In fact all are welcome here and yes, you are right, my griends here are indeed matured gentlemen not to mention tha many charming ladies who frequent this blog.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think he looks fresh because he sudah mandrum.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes lar ah, why not make Samy sec gen just change name to Saiful Samy B Abdul Velu.

cakapaje said...

Heads, they win. Tails, we lose! Yup, that is their style, alright. :)

monsterball said...

"especially doc, shah, kerp and others"......SHOULD BE.. ...
"especially doc. shah , and kerp...and good friend....monsterball"
....that makes me come to your blog.
What to do....old must teach young.
kata tak nak...apply..can't beat them.....join them.
Me..monty...will hentam and hentam....until the blockhead wake up...or go to hell........hahahahahaha

hantutelur said...

Ha ha, oh yes, not forgetting, last but not least, the one and only monsterball.

Paktam.. said...

Cikgu ngan Doc niih..
tak habih idea hampa ni noo..

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Tam,
Sebenaqnya depa yang bagi idea so kami tulih saja. Modai, depa yang bagi.


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