Friday, 28 March 2008

Ode To Black Gold Country

This is a story from black gold country
Not sure if it's a tragedy or comedy
But for sure, what's going on is quite funny
Let's call it a comedy in a tragedy.

They say their list is very clean,
All their candidates has passed the wean
They denounce the oppositions with looks so mean
So cock sure that the election they will win

They raided the booths with imported ghosts
Whom they treated with doughs and roasts
We will win big they shout and boast
Sure enough in the end they took the toast

One more term we will rule this land
He the leader and we his men
Come to our state we recommend
See our crystal mosque and golden sand

From KL he came with looks so sour
It seems his tenure, the King devour
No, no, we will rebel this very hour
Our dignity no King will ever lower

It's not difficult to do him in
To the ACA we will create a din
His cases we will dig out of the bin
To show the King he's guilty as sin

But didn't they claim that they are clean
That their people have passed the wean
Why suddenly accuse one of sin
Could it be the weaning is just a spin?

This is unconstitutional KL said
The king must chose what pleases the state
23 people their mind have made
The King must follow so don't be afraid

They scream they shout around the clock
But the Palace stood solid like a rock
Humiliated was KL when King gave a stern talk
With tails between their hind they all walk

But this is not the end of story,
The palace still frown upon a group of three
The Palace they sullied with indignity
Their Datukship confiscated but still they are not free.


Zawi said...

The PM has got the cheek to tell us that he never did anything wrong when he went against the wishes of The Sultan who happens to be the current Agong. He did the same thing to the previous Agong.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ada orang tak tahu betapa untungnya nasib dia. Dah la tu sombong pulak.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

The cheapest thing on earth is talk
but for ameno even that is more than a chalk
so they go around bark more than talk
up the hill they know they know not they can't walk
so they bark a hill they can't walk
and walk a talk that is cock

monsterball said...

Good-morning kata tak nak and all.
king just few straight forward and clear Dollah in writing...hinting corruptions on few deals in Trengganu....which he is also the Sultan.
He cannot answer them...try to save face....went to see the King...but King was not in mood to play politics. What happen???
Dollah said UMNO accepts King's choice.for Mentri Besar.
Best of all....few elected UMNO members in Trennganu cried...for the was the looser who said...he will accept any decision.
Few months from now.....I predict few UMNO ministers will be he guests of his Majesty's free lodgings and food....for a long long time...eating nasik lemak telor.....or roti with roti bangali or nice char keow I get in PENANG.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

another ekseleng piece, cikgu. but just too bad the rakyat masses are yet to be made known the reason exactly why Tuanku rejected encik deris. that's regrettable as some may believe still the former MB did no wrong to deserve such.

hantutelur said...

If YB En Derih had not dung anything wrong, he must had dung nothing at all to protect the rakyak of Ganu from greed of outsiders... to deserve the wrath of the Sultang.

bergen said...

This is gonna be a long drama. Ahmad Said says he's got nothing against the 22 assemblymen - yea, right, I was born yesterday. Rosol is gonna be a hidden knife, if Ahmad Said keeps him on the board. Cerita Melayu yang pandai main karekter macam ni - S.Kadarismann. Memanda menteri yang kononnya sokong raja, tapi kat belakang dia yang dalang.

At least one thing is clear for Ahmad Said: he knows who his enemies are. Konon nak resign, and then flip flop kata sokong 100%. Any fool will tell you this is not a good thing and that it's a dangerous thing if you don't kill off their political career now.

Trengganu is gonna be in mess the next five years. It's an open road for PAS to take advantage of from now.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Not a few la, I think many will be His Majesty's guest for free food and board.

Kata Tak Nak said...

The truth has its way of wriggling its way out of deep holes. It will surface one day.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
They are a bunch of walking talking cockheads.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Greed has a way of blinding people. These greedy people thought that they could hide behind a matchstick and safely steal.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Exactly like one of those Malay movies and S Kadarisman is the apt choice. This time the Sultang is not a meathead. The Sultang is level-headed enough to know what is right and what is wrong.


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