Friday, 7 March 2008

From The Heart

Tomorrow we are going to vote. I do not know what this entry is going to lead to. I am just going to allow my heart lead my fingers to pound on the keys of my keyboard. Then I'll give it a title. I never liked to plan my writing so I will never ever be a famous writer and that suits me find. So here's my heart speaking. Oh yes, please close an eye on the grammatical errors, I am just not in the mood to do any editing.

I am just an ordinary Malaysian, a teacher for 32 years, waiting for retirement in 2012, with a wife and 3 grown up children. My eldest daughter is married and has registered to vote. My second and third are also already working. My wife by the way is a housewife. After working for about 32 years, 12 of which as a graduate teacher, I am still finding it hard to make ends meet. I can't say that it's a day-to-day existence but it is close.

I was once a staunch supporter of UMNO and did hold important posts at branch level in UMNO. I chose to ignore what UMNO did which my conscience told me was wrong because the main stream media persuaded me to believe that what they did was necessary. Then that fateful September day when Anwar was unceremoniously sacked from his ministerial posts in government jolted me. I was stunned and dazed. No, I did not know Anwar on a personal basis. I did not know Mahathir on a personal basis either.

The next day, was the beginning of my utter disgust at the government and party that I embraced so dearly. The MSM went to town denouncing someone who, days ago, was PM designate. They hit him standing up and when he fell they hit him lying down. They did everything that could be done to a person short of pulling a trigger in his head. They did not care for his family. They fabricated stories shamelessly. They were lost in frenzy, they were eating him alive and as if that was not enough, they were after his bones.

I was shocked, disgusted and nauseated. I never knew my race, the so-called orang Melayu, could do something so shameful. I doubt even the most hardcore of Jew would do that to his own kind. They did not stop to even take a breather. They pounded and pounded and with every strike I began to hate and hate them more and more.

Mahathir, someone, whom I believed could do no wrong, revealed the devil in him. Did he stop the maiming of one man? No, he encouraged everyone one to have a go at the man. If that is not enough, he added blows of his own and seemed to enjoy every stinking moment of it. I swore, if this was what UMNO was all about, then I will not have anything to do with it anymore, in fact, I will fight it. What did the rest in UMNO do? Like cowards who were taking care of their own backsides, the rest, once friends and buddies, joined in to rain blow after blow. Why? Because Mahathir played his trump card. He knows they are all dirty, he was holding them by their balls, every single one of them. Like it or not they must sing to his tune for they had seen what he had done to his deputy. They could see how ruthless this so-called statesman could be. They could see the wrath of the Koyakutty.

Then they brought the circus to town. The way they made use of the police, judiciary and every government machinery to do one man in is the clearest sign of bully I have ever seen in my life. The demeanour of the cartoon judges and the sycophantic blood hungry press was disgusting.

The findings of the kangaroo courts were expected. In the meantime, UMNO found itself, deserted of leaders at the grassroots level. Many left in disgust. I don't think it was because it was Anwar. It was because he was a fellow human being, a fellow Malay. This exodus created a vacuum which worried the UMNO leadership headed by the evil Mahathir. They had to fill this vacuum, thus the UMNOPUTRAS were born. They were young, greedy and dumb. They were given everything that UMNO could give just to show the world that UMNO could fill the vacuum. They were given handouts unprecedented in Malaysia's and UMNO's history.

This UMNOPUTRAS, greedily gobbled up the whole country. They became like a pack of dirty stinking hungry hyenas protecting their steal. They would not allow others to even have a fallen scrap of loose meat. They began to go for more lucrative hunting grounds. Deers and gazelles are no longer enough for these UMNOhyenas. Now they want the buffaloes and elephants. They would pounce mercilessly and like the piranhas, debone the catch in matter of minutes.

The law of the jungle doesn't only apply to us the hunted but also to them the insatiable hunters. As in every animal fiefdom, the alpha male would eventually be driven away. This time the age old fight to the death did not materialise. The UMNOPUTRAS, the cowards that they are, ganged up and drove the senile old dictator away and in his place put up a lame droopy eyed replacement. The robbing frenzy continues unabated as they found new hunting grounds with the bounty that the oil crisis brings.

The new alpha male is helpless as the greedy marauding pack continues to go on a rampage. He needs them to remain in the throne. After all, someone close to him is leading this greedy pack and bringing home juicy parts for him to devour. He chooses to allow this to continue so long as his throne is safe. The dear family member would see to it that the throne is secure, at least until he is ready to be the next alpha male.

Fellow readers and bloggers. We are now faced with the option of continuing to allow these greedy hyenas to dictate our life the way they want to or change with an untested set. Do we still want to allow ourselves to be miserable? If we do, then let status quo remain. Let the UMNOPUTRAS reign. Let's settle for hoofs and toes and tongues while they stuff themselves with choice piece-cuts, ribs, fillets and chops. When one day you are hungry and sick of eating fingers and nails, don't go complaining. Hit yourself in the head first.

Please remember, we do actually have a choice. Yes, they are untested so we do not know how they would perform but we do know what to expect from the present pack of thieving scoundrels.



monsterball said...

If you were to be my English teacher...I would have got "A" in Senior Cambridge...instead of credit.
Seriously.....this is a down to earth..brave and wonderful piece for UMNO members to read.
From the first started your blog..I knew...we can click!! dear friend...the good the 12th election..will be judgement day for UMNO and Barisan.
The bad news is..if UMNO win again....Minister of Education..borak ..Hussein will transfer you to Timbuktu....frustrating you to resign......hahahahahahaha
The good news is are fully aware of this...and is counting on a change of government.
And I hope the change will mateialized...especially in Penang..and hope KeADILan and DAP can see a potential great headmaster in the making....and if my prediction comes do owe me a good lunch and a cigar with Penang.
The bad news me ..also good...that if it does not matter....I still hope to meet you personally one day in K.L..and have coffee with delicious dough nuts...and cigars..all on me..and at night...I can also be your tourist guide to hot area China all sorts of stolen or pirated things...and have a nice Chinese halal dinner after that..all on me...with your family....most welcome.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanx a lot. I know what would happen if the win and I am prepared to face the music. Worst comes to worst, I resign.

Thanx for the invitation. I will take you u on it one day.

Happy Voting.

wanshana said...

This morning, a colleague wished me "Good Luck" for tomorrow.

I told him, "I don't need luck. I need wisdom..."

Kata Tak Nak said...

That was a very wise answer.

frankie said...

Chegu, I never let what UMNO says or act as equal to what the character of a Malay is. To me, UMNO is a poor impression of what a Melayu is. When Haris Ibrahim came to Bagan and in his speech, he apologised on behalf on the Malays in this country on Hishamuddin on his keris antics , deep in my heart, I am thinking, no need to apologise Haris, we know the Malays will never do such silly antics, only the UMNOputras misbehaving badly. But we never forget, the time to respond to UMNO is on polling day, we don't have to fight UMNO youth with keris or parang, just a ballot paper will do. I will tell the BN, we are all Malaysian, let's treat our fellow Malaysian as how we want others to treat us.

Let's fight it out fair and square.

Kata Tak Nak said...

yes, but I am all the same ashame of those people, I truly ashame. We give them a fight, good clean gentleman's fight that they would never forget and may the force be with us.

Mat Salo said...

"A poignant persuasive argument straight from the heart of an ex-UMNO man, one that citizens would be wise to pay heed..."


Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks. I just hope we can do it this time. All the way.

jasgill said...

It is 9.25 pm. I will vote oppo tomorrow morn. Will let U know if the candidates made it or not. I share your feelings. The rot has to stop. You have done your best in your blog to highlight the hypocrisy of the "leaders" who are destroying the country. Keep on fighting!!!!

Zawi said...

You didn't mince your words. Lets do our bit to teach the hyenas a lesson.

Asil said...

BN basically is full of porno actors. No shame, no guilt.

Bad for kids.

Can't change them. Can't modify them.

Delete them. Flush them. Blank them.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Jasgil, zawi, asil,
Lets go down tomorrow and create history.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

what surprises me was the fact you were an UMNO man prior to to anwar's downfall back in 98. nothing political about my admiration for the old man and when anwar was sacked back then, i even sympathised with him and started to follow the local political scenario closely. maybe i was brain-washed by people around me who were mostly made up of pro-Tun that made me to do a U-turn, stayed apolitical and continued admiring him till now. i've never supported UMNO, mind you. it was TDM as an individual person.

our current PM however, is a totally different personality all together. he has successfully made a fence-sitter to turn their back against UMNO, even some party members which includes those men who were TDM's men i mentioned earlier.

so anyway i better stop here before anyone here throws up.

happy voting, cikgu!

*oh, and happy birthday to our favorite uncle sam...hehehehe...

zorro said...


dinKOI said...

Ajit, aku rasa lega lepaih aku pi pangkah buku budak-budak tu, aku sampaikan hajat hang. kalau menang hang kena belanja aku kat pak hassan or ea che kah, berapit. PRU-13 nanti hang kena masuk, aku snggup ubah tempat pangkah aku, aku ikut hang... hang nak guna brand apa pon tak apa, aku tetap pangkah hang. kalau hang guna brand dacing pon tak pa, kalu guna lambang Kg. pon bulih, janji hang masuk jadi calon, apa macam? stuju ka.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I have no problems about who you admire and I respect your preference for anyone because this is a democratic country. I appreciate it that knowing my stand you do not see me as an enemy but as a friend.

I believe we are mature enough to not let small matters like this get in the way.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thank you sir. It comes from the heart sir, from deep inside the heart.

jasgill said...

Hi there. A real disaster for BN as the results stand. Samy is gone. Sharizat is out. Opp has retained Kelantan,and won Penang and Kedah.Good work. Partly the bloggers are to be credited for the highlighting the excesses of BN. Zam the anti-blogger info minister is also history. Cheers my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Tahniah untuk Rakyat Malaysia. Untuk yg berjaya 5 tahun lagi kami akan menilai prestasi anda. Hidup Malaysia.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Terkejut aku dengan keputusan semalam.
Takpa la biaq orang politik main politik aku tulih blog cukup la jamal, tak pening kepala sangat.

Kata Tak Nak said...

What a night, I still can't believe the results. I guess we have to thank fellow Malaysians.

Kata Tak Nak said...

To those who are triumphant take note that now is the time to deliver.

monsterball said...

Deep in the heart of the heart of a Penang guy.


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