Monday 31 December 2007


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To all readers of my humble blog My family and I would like to wish you a very, very Happy New Year. I sincerely hope that 2007 has been a good year to you and may 2008 bring better tidings.

My wish is that 2008 not only be a new year but a new beginning for me, my family, my friends and most of all my country. If I had been overly bold and had offended those I shouldn't have then I seek their forgiveness. Let me be frank, to the minders of the country, I had been consciously bold in criticising them but I am not apologising because you reap what you sow.


Sunday 30 December 2007


As I had blogged a while ago that my PIXMA iP1000 died a natural death so last week I went scouting for a cheap printer but with copy and scan features. Finally I got one that matched my budget, its a Canon PIXMA MP145. I paid RM280.00. Do you think I was had? If it is cheaper elsewhere please tell me.

Anyway, I was trying the scan feature and scanned this photo taken on the 11th November 1979. You see during my time, a bride is not allowed to even smile. Actually, the groom is also not supposed to do so but I am one who don't care much for convention. In fact, I did not even perform the berinai ceremony. It was supposed to be almost compulsory but I put my foot down. No berinai for me. In the end they gave in. Call me stubborn but I don't see any reason why I should do it.

This post is just to show a wedding photo of mine taken 28 years ago. I had a hard time persuading my missus to blog this photo. In the end she gave in.

Shah and Kerp, bila lagi?

Saturday 29 December 2007

What Do I Do?

A few days ago a childhood friend Ravi called. I didn't recognise his voice at first. He is now a policeman in Penang. He called to inform that the gang is to organise a reunion meeting in another friend's house, Ah Hin. Besides the two of them others, Ah Bin, Lawrence, Franco, Pete Black, Vincent and even Ah Lai, another doyok (police) from Sarawak is attending. They requested my presence.

I said I'll try to make it but I was actually salivating at the prospect of meeting so many old friends. If my eldest brother had been alive, he would surely agree to go. My second brother too, had he not recently moved to Johore, would definitely have agreed to attend.

Of course knowing them, there would be plenty of beer to go round. I am a different man now. I have stopped taking alcoholic for 26 years come this 31st, but the joy of meeting old friends is just too inviting. Let them drink all they want and let me be the only sober one around but to pass this reunion, I don't think so.

I was ready this morning to go to BM. My plan was to go to my late brother's house, have lunch there, go for the gathering at 6.00 and excuse myself at 10.00pm so that I would be in time for the Man Utd game at 11.00. As the rest were getting ready, I got a call from Ravi.

The gathering is off. Ah Hin, our host, is not in the right frame of mind. Yesterday, his doctor told him that a part of his lower limb might have to be amputated due to diabetes. It came as a shock to him and he is today making his way to KL to get another opinion. I am sad to hear of such a devastating news. If it is devastating to me, just imagine how he would have felt. I can imagine him feeling that the whole sky has just crumbled and engulfed him, suffocating him with fear. Then I heard another news which I was not ready for. Christie just had his toe amputated, victim of the same dreaded disease.

Suddenly, missing the gathering is no longer the issue. I felt so bad for my friends especially Ah Hin whom I heard is so down. I am just thinking of the right words to say to him. I don't know how he would take it. Do I call, or do I just send a message and see his reaction. If its quite okay I'll follow it with a call, but if he sounds dejected, then maybe another day.

I made the decision to call him and he indeed sound worried but he was not truly down. Ravi gave me the wrong info. It is not diabetes. Apparently there is a blockage leading to his toe and it has been going on for a long time. His toe has been deprived of proper supply and may have to be amputated. Tomorrow he is going to see another specialist and, if need be, has his toe removed.
I hope I do not sound happy but luckily it is only the toe and not the whole foot.

Thursday 27 December 2007

Rare Earth with Peter Rivera - Hey Big Brother Live 1974

I was at Shah Cakapaje's blog when I was taken aback by his latest entry. It was "I Just Want To Celebrate" by Rare Earth. It was just imeem so no videos. Rare Earth was one of my favourites. Besides the song mentioned above two more struck me immediately: 'Get Ready' and Hey Big Brother. So enjoy this.

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Amanat Ali - Hungama

Some may think what's wrong with this old man. I guess it comes with age, you mellow.

This Amanat Ali somehow haunts me with his melodious voice especially when its the classics that he treats.

For a young man to sing the classics is rare but to be good at it, is even rarer.

Now we know where the Malay Ghazal comes from.

No I am not promoting Hindi songs, I just love good sincere singing. I love singing that touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

Monday 24 December 2007


To all my Christian friends and to all Christian bloggers do have a Merry Christmas. To all others enjoy the holidays and if you are hitting the road, PANDU CERMAT JIWA SELAMAT.

Ho, Ho, Ho

Sunday 23 December 2007


Have you been in a situation where you got to the airport a few hours early and found out that all tickets are booked and got your name on number 26 in the waiting list? Well, I experienced it and believe me or not, I managed to get a seat on the flight.

It was the 21st of August 1980 and at about 8.00pm I made my way to the public phone opposite a restaurant next to Sekolah Menengah Tok Janggut in Pasir Puteh Kelantan. The restaurant was about 400 meters from my house. It was a Thursday. A week earlier, I left my wife in Penang. She was very advanced in her pregnancy and since we decided that she should deliver in Penang, I left her there with a heavy heart.

As my 2nd brother realised that it was me on the phone, he congratulated me. He broke the news that I got a girl. No we didn't scan. I don't know if they had scanning then but if the did it must have been expensive and I surely couldn't have afford it. I was shocked. She was actually due in 2 weeks time. I broke down on the phone. I couldn't control the joy and the extreme loneliness. I wanted so very badly to be with them.

I walked home feeling happy, elated and missing my wife so much. I decided to go home the next day. Nothing could stop me. If I were to take a bus, the journey would be about 24 hours so I decided to fly. I don't have much money but nothing was going to stop me from rushing home to see my wife and daughter.

The next morning I was at the airport at about 9.00. As I got to the counter, I was told that all tickets were fully booked. The best they could do was to put me on waiting list. I asked what were my chances. They staff was very frank. He said that my chance was very slim since there were already 25 names before mine.

The flight was scheduled to depart Kota Bahru at 1.00pm and there I was sitting like a bloody fool at about 9.00, on number 26 in the waiting list and hopeful that I would be able to see my newborn girl and also hold my wife's hands in the afternoon.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, I went to the counter and asked about the possibility of getting a jump seat. The staff was friendly and told me politely that if I could produce a telegram proving an emergency, he could try to help me. He also said that 1 is reserved for VIPs only.

I told him my story but he said that he couldn't help me without the telegram. I did not sit but chose to stand near the counter. The staff asked me to sit because there was nothing he or I could do about the situation.

I took my seat but was at the counter about 10 minutes later. I think I must have gone to the counter about 10 times enquiring about whatever that crossed my mind. I guess he could see that I was genuinely desperate. He told me to sit and that he would do what ever he could to help me.

The moment check in time was up, the staff waved at me first. Although I was on number 26, he called me first since after check in time there were a few seats available. I paid the RM49 plus RM2 airport tax and thanked him profusely for helping me out. I was thinking, had I not bother him so much would he had given me the top priority that I got?

The flight took about 45 minutes and I was home before 3.00. When I got home, I headed straight to the maternity ward and was told told that my daughter had jaundice and was under UV in another room. I went to the room and was in tears as I saw her small 6lb oz body under the ultra violet light in a small crib. They had to cover up her eyes. I think it was about 3 days later that my daughter was released. I took a whole week off.

After about a week, I left Penang for Kelantan. My wife and little girl were to follow me there in about a week's time.

The following week I was at the airport waiting for them. The Boeing from Penang arrived but they were not among the passengers. I was shocked. I called my house but there was no answer. I called my SIL's house and no answer also.

Panicked, I went to the counter and enquired if there were any ticket to Penang available. This time there was plenty. I immediately bought one and in T-shirt and slippers, I boarded the same plane and was in Penang in no time.

When I reached home I realised that they couldn't make the trip because there was a flash flood. Two days later, I accompanied them personally to Kota Bahru.

My alarm reminded me this morning that today 23-12-07 is the 3rd anniversary of my daughter's Akad Nikah. That 6lb 6oz jaundiced baby girl is today married 3 years.

Wednesday 19 December 2007

Its Been A Long Time

I was wondering in cyber-space looking for a nice banner for my blog but can't find any that I could use. The ones I wanted to use were complicated for an ass like me so maybe next time, then my gmail alerted me to an incoming mail. Its from Shah of cakapaje and what do you know, I've been tagged. Okay lah, since nothing to do, I'll play along.

Now, for the tag...

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night.
My son. You know what, we went out for dinner. He went to order something and suddenly he sat himself on a stool at the table next to us. We thought, it was his friend's table but it happened to be the wrong table he was at. He got up immediately and blushingly sat at our table. I told him its better to be caught naked.

2. What were you doing at 0800?
Sent my youngest to work. Today is her 3rd day at work. She too works in a bank.

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Wondering in cyber-space.

4. What happened to you in 2006?
Nothing significant. Just an ordinary year. No additional children or wives.

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
'Goal' when Tevez scored that beauty against Liverpool.

6. How many beverages did you have today?
2. 1 teh tarik at Kassim Mustafa over roti canai and mutton kurma for breakfast and 1 nescafe 3 in 1 to down the 3 pills I have to take every morning.

7. What colour is your hairbrush?
My hair grows very sparsely and I had a no 2 crew cut.

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
Gardenia bread, on the way home from breakfast.

9. Where were you last night?
Padang Brown for dinner with family.

10. What colour is your front door?
Beige I guess.

11. Where do you keep your change?
Notes, in my pocket, shillings in a mug.

12. What's the weather like today?

13. What's the best ice-cream flavour?
Strawberry and vanilla

14. What excites you?
As they say in newspaper reports, the rest of the evidence is given in camera. No lar, its when Manchester scores a goal

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
Only when its long enough that I need to use a comb.

16. Are you over the age of 25?
x 2 + 1

17. Do you talk a lot?
If the topic is about sports and politics and music and movies and women and food ... well I guess I do talk a lot.

18. Do you watch the O.C?
What is O.C.?.

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
A classmate in college 30 years ago.

20. Do you make your own words?
There are many more words that I don't know.

21. Are you a jealous person?
No reason to be.

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'.
Ah Hock. The canteen operator (drinks section) in my last school. Damn good fellow.

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'.
First on my mind 'Kerp'

24. Who's the first person on your received call list?
The Penolong Kanan Petang. She called me a moment ago regarding the school timetable. Got to do some shuffling. They sent a male teacher to the morning and replaced him with a female. Nothing wrong with that except that that male teacher teaches PJ and we are very short of male teachers. Looks like yours truly will be a victim here.

25. What does the last text message you received say?
Ba, amik 5.45 sharp. A message from my youngest reminding me to fetch her at the said time.

26. Do you chew on the straw?
I like to gulp my drinks from the glass so no need for straws. Its more satisfying la.

27. Do you have curly hair?
When I had hair, yes they were curly.

28. What's the next place you're going to?
My wife is getting ready, we are going out. I need to buy a printer. My pixman iP1000 (3 years old) died.

29. Who's the rudest person in your life?
A certain Penolong Kanan when my eldest was in form 6. I gave her a piece of my mine and left. Real, shit that lady, no PR at all.

30. What was the last thing you ate?
2 roti canai with mutton kurma.

31. Will you get married in the future?
Why would I want to do that?

32. What was the best movie you've seen in past 2 weeks?
None. The last was OM SHANTI OM with the family about 3 weeks ago.

33. Is there anyone I like right now?
All my blog buddies.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
Really can't remember. It has been ages.

35. Are you currently depressed?
Not actually, desperate maybe what with the timetable not completed yet and they keep changing teachers.

36. Did you cry today?
No, why, is there a law that requires one to cry everyday?

37. Why did you answer and post this?
Like Shah said, for fun. Hey fun is not restricted to sex only you you know!


Kepada yang balik kampung Pandu Cermat Jiwa Selamat dan kepada semua pembaca blog ini sama ada datang sini dengan sengaja atau tak sengaja saya sekeluarga ingin ucapkan:

Sunday 16 December 2007

I Object

Lawyer: Your honour, the defence intends to show the world that the accused is actually a victim of a vicious plot and conspiracy by certain forces in the organisation.

Judge: I object.

Lawyer: But your honour, you are a judge, you can't do that.

Judge: Don't you tell me what I can and cannot do. This is my court and I can do what I please.

Lawyer: But your honour. it is for the prosecution to object not you. And as you can see, he is busy with his mobile phone typing whatever he is typing. My god! I think he is sending messages, your honour, what is this? This total disregard for your lordship.

Judge: Lordship? Where, where.? Er, you mean me? Don't you think I can see that? That is why I am objecting on his behalf.

Lawyer: But how would you know he is going to object?

Judge: Well, let me satisfy your curiosity. Er, mister public prosecutor sir, I hope you don't mind me interrupting you, I know you are busy, but you see, the defence lawyer said that he intends to prove that his client is actually a victim of a vicious plot. So I objected, and he is not happy. I am sure you had intended to object had you not been busy?

PP: Of course I would object. How am I going to win this case if he could prove that. My bosses wouldn't be happy with me you know.

Judge: There, there, I told you what. He is sure to object what. Look I have been working with him for a very long time, I know lar if he is going to object or not.

Lawyer: But your honour, you cannot be doing his job. This is a travesty of justice.

Judge: Look here, don't use big words. Do you think I would be impressed? Go on with your opening statement. (hmm, travesty, must look that up in the dictionary)

Lawyer: Your honour..

Judge: Okay enough, Mr Public prosecutor sir, please call you witness.

PP: I don't have any .

Judge: Very good sir. After considering everything that has been said, especially the defence attorney's rudeness in questioning my integrity, I hereby instruct the defence to defend himself. Please call your witness.

Lawyer: What is this, your honour, the prosecution didn't say a word and you say there is prima facie an..

Judge: How many times have I told you not to use big words? I am warning you. (hmm prima facie)

Lawyer: This is only the preliminaries, of course my witnesses are not present.

Judge: How dare you come to my court without being prepared. What kind of a defence lawyer are you? I have no alternative but to find the accused guilty of treason. Sentencing will be set on the 22nd. I'll have to ask the prosecution what they want. No bail, no appeal and I don't want to here a word from you.

Lawyer: Your honour, would you be so kind as to grant me a minute for consultation?

Judge: Ah, that's the way. Politeness will get you very far you know. Yes, you may. How can I help you?

Lawyer: I find that your knowledge of the law is out of this world, mind boggling, where did you study law? UM, Oxford, Cambridge?

Judge: I tell you a secret, after my SPM, I did not go to any university. Through the Ketua Bahagian of my district, I was recommended to the YAMNO school of judges. The public prosecutor was my lecturer you know. He is a real good guy. He always skipped class and we had a nice time earning extra as cyber-troopers.

Lawyer: What do you think about my clients fate?

Judge: Gone case lar this fellow. I think its the gallows lar.

Thursday 13 December 2007

Something Funny Happened

This story is fresh from the oven. It happened barely half an hour ago. Let me start from the beginning.

This morning, my daughters took their mother to a dental clinic. At the clinic, a nurse who happens to be a relative of my eldest daughter's friend was extremely friendly. She was talking and enquiring about the girls and my wife.

True to form, the dentist refused to extract my wife's tooth saying that it is still good. She asked my wife to come back in 2 months for the extraction, although my wife complained that the tooth was giving her sleepless night. No this story is not about the tooth nor the late date for the extraction. That part is just to highlight the kind of service you get in government clinics.

Back to the story. About half an hour ago, my wife got a call from a number that she doesn't recognise. The person introduced herself as the nurse who tended to my wife this morning. After some short formalities, she went straight to the point. She enquired about my eldest daughter. She wanted to know if my daughter is married. When my wife told her that my eldest is already taken she enquired about the other daughter who is only 20.

She told my wife that she has a suitable suitor for my daughter. He is an officer in a government agency. She also said that she has done this many times before and that all those couples are happily married off. My wife was obviously shocked. Apparently, when my wife registered at the clinic, she took down the phone number for her own consumption because my wife told me that another nurse also asked my wife for her phone number since it was not written in the card.

My youngest daughter was fuming mad because my wife had entertained that nurse. She gave a definite no. What strikes me most is that, this thing still goes on on this time and age. Its not something new, but I thought this practise is already dead. I have not stopped teasing my youngest daughter and she was none to please with it.

This however reminds me of how my sister got married. One day 26 years ago my late mother went to the Jelutong market with my sister. She did not know that on her way back she was followed by an elderly lady. Later that evening, the lady came to our house with her eldest daughter. My late mom was of course puzzled because she was not familiar with the lady.

They introduced themselves and said that they would like to ask for my sister's hand for the lady's son. Initially she did not say that it was for her son. I was in Kelantan at that time. That night I called home as I usually do. My mom told me what happened and asked for my opinion. I just said I would object if my sister objects. My sister being the filial daughter that she had always been left everything to my daughter.

My mother accepted the proposal and they have been happily married for the past 26 years. They have 2 sons and 2 daughters. He has taken her almost around the world so I guess it was a wise decision.

As for me right now, I am going to have fun teasing my youngest. I know she already has a boyfriend so I am not about to go mess with her life.

Monday 10 December 2007

Aamir Hafiz - Teri Deewani - saregamapa lil champ

Listen to this boy. Remember, he is only a boy. Put your bias against hindi songs aside and listen to this as a song, nothing more.

Thursday 6 December 2007


The through pass from the defence split created an opening right in centre-field. As the forward tried to get the ball he accidentally tripped fell flat on his face. There was not a soul near him. The referee blew the whistle to stop the match. He ran to the goalkeeper of the opposing team and dug his back pocket for the yellow card. The crowd was silent and stunt except for a pocket of supporters of the visiting side who were cheering the referee’s decision.

The goalkeeper tried pleading with the referee but he arrogantly smiled and waved him off. As the referee was about to restart the game the captain of the visitors approached him and discussed something. The referee then ran towards the linesman and after a short discussion with the linesman and the captain, they were joined by the Manager of the visiting team who curiously carried an envelope. Smiling, the referee handed the envelope to the linesman and blew his whistle while running to the home-team’s penalty box. He pointed to the box signalling that a penalty was awarded.

The home boys, crowded round the referee to enquire what was going on but he just smiled. “I am the referee; I know what I am doing. I have been refereeing for a long time and I had always been fair.”

“Do you call this fair?” the captain shouted at the referee. The referee just turned to the stands and signalled the riot squad who ran in and beat the captain up. The home team supporters were getting restless and started stomping their feet to protest the referee’s decision and all of a sudden they were rained with chemically laced water from somewhere. A reporter from a middle east tv news station was also apprehended for filming the incident. All the crowd could hear was the words 'erection, erection, erection' from a burly dark-skinned man.

Back at the field, the referee instructed that the goalkeeper be blindfolded. He was asked to turn the other side facing the back of his own goal. Both his left leg and hand were cuffed to the upright post. The captain of the visiting team smiled and placed the ball on the spot to take the kick. As the whistle blew, he ballooned the ball over the post. The referee was silent for a while. The supporters of the home team were ecstatic by what the called divine intervention but their joy was short-lived. The referee awarded a goal saying that the goalkeeper had breathed causing a turbulence that made the ball missed the target.

The visiting team was thrashed that day. They did not take it without a fight and immediately filed a complaint to the body governing the competition.

After what seemed like eternity, the governing body released a press statement.

After viewing the replay of the match in question and following the many consultations we had with various experts, namely, The Department of Civil Aviation, The DOE, Rela, PUSPANITA, The producers of Akademi Fantasia at ASTRO, The Road and Transport Department, FINAS and The association of VIP Sons-in-Law we have come to the following conclusion.

1.. The centre forward of the visiting team fell because the manager of the home team had silently wished for it to happen. We have tape recordings of the silent wish.

2. In addition to the referee’s report that the goalkeeper had breathed when the kicker of the home team was about to take the kick we also have an affidavit from a Shaman in Chad who said that he was approached by the home team to sabotage the kick.

3.As for the sending off of the captain of the home team, the referee reported that the captain actually caressed his backside and asks him ‘How much’. For this misdemeanor we have also agreed to hand the captain a life ban from playing soccer.

4. We hereby award victory to the visiting team and will only be available to hear any appeals after we get home from our paid vacation in Switzerland where we will be taking lots of pictures.


Saturday 1 December 2007

Eric Clapton: Groaning The Blues

You've got to have lots of soul to play and sing like that. His weeping and groaning guitars with the occasional pleading slowhand screams is just orgasmic.

Friday 30 November 2007

Stop Press

I was watching Jimmy hendricks on youtube when I suddenly heard my youngest daughter laughing her heart out and when I turned and saw what triggered the outburst I nearly dropped off my chair.

Channel 108 or better known as Zee is a dedicated hindi channel and I have observed that they got atrocious BM subtitles but non beats this. This mind you is not a joke. it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Get ready for this.

The singer sang:

Rock me baby.

The translation:

Batu saya bayi.

Thursday 29 November 2007

Muhammad Ali The Greatest Boxer To Ever Grace The Ring

I have always been a fan of boxing. My favourite boxer? I think the title of this post is a give-away.

My first recollection of Muhammad Ali was when my Indian neighbour was trying pathetically to impress upon my father that Sonny Liston went down from a karate chop. "No la uncle, he gave a karate chop on the neck la uncle". My father just laughed it off. Anyway, would a karate chop be a lethal weapon when you are wearing thick gloves. You see they, those in the west, and the non-Muslims in Malaysia, at that time couldn't accept the fact that a Muslim is the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

What impressed me most about Ali is that he blended lightning speed with grace. He was an entertainer extraodinare in the ring. Yes, he got the gift of the gab and that got to many of those who hated him especilally when he proved in rhymes what round he would floor his opponents and his predictions were cunningly true.

As to whether he is a true Muslim, that is not for me to say. If he was taught to be the Muslim that he is, who am I to say that he is wrong. He may be wrong in someone else's eyes but not to his.

Well lets leave that aside. If I am not mistaken his first fight with Frazier was in 1971. The school rented a tv set and all were ushered into the hall. I think they did it more because the teachers wanted to watch the match then anything else. It was very evident. The Malay/Muslims were all for Ali and the rest, including the teachers mind you were all for Frazier and the Malays left the hall dissapointed after the unanimous decision to give Frazier victory which was justified.

His biggest victory must be the Ali-Foreman extravaganza in Kinshasa Zaire and The Thriller in Manila against Frazier.

When Ali took on Foreman, most fans including me thought that Ali was going to be humiliated. I have seen Foreman's previous fights and he was actually Bullman. In one of his earlier fights he even broke the hand of an opponent who blocked his blows. Such was the awesome power of this boxer turned preacher.

When Ali resorted to leaning against the ropes and allowed Foreman to bomb him with massive blows to the body only to come alive in the last minute of each round, I thought, it won't be long. I was right but in a pleasant way. The rope-a-dope tactic paid off. By the last minute of the 8th round Foreman was a spent force and the rally that Ali produced that hot and humid night was a classic. Foreman hit the canvass and was only up to his knees by the count of 9, a second too late.

The Thriller in Manila which many saw as the contributing factor to him contracting Parkinsons, do you get Parkinsons that way, was a fight between 2 colourful heavyweights. Frazier who incidentally lost his 2nd fight with Ali on a decision, and who was obliterated by Foreman, landed heavy and telling blows on Ali but Ali the master entertainer did not dissapiont. He rained punches and Frazier's corner threw in the towel.

Like many others, Ali could have believed that he was invincible. He went on to fight a few fights too many at the age of 40 and above. He paid the price.

Whatever it is, Ali is, to me, the best boxer to ever grace the ring. The only boxer to ever come close in entertainment value is Sugar Ray Robinson and not surprisingly he adopts an identical fighting style to Ali. A bad eye forced him to retire early.

Wednesday 28 November 2007

Bruce Lee?

And they say that PAS is full of stupid uneducated lebais and ignorant people.

Tuesday 27 November 2007

Mai Agar Kahu Song from movie om shanti om

Call me a hopeless romantic but this song really gets to me. I just can't have enough of it. It tugs at my heart though I don't understand the lyrics.

Monday 26 November 2007

Roti Benggali Anyone?

I got up at about 3.00 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so what better way to while the hours than to surf? I go blog hopping and as usual would visit Shah of cakapaje. He has a nice piece today but the second part of his entry is of special interest. It is about 'Roti Benggali'. To those from Penang, 'Roti Benggali' is nothing new and since Shah said that he ate his in Melaka, I guess it is a normal fare there too.

Damn it, I don't have any pictures of Roti Benggali but I would like to share with you some of the ways I like to eat my RB. My most common way of eating RB is to finish off a loaf (its not that big really but very filling) with 2 fried eggs. The eggs must not be fully fried. Sprinkle some ground black peppers and salt and dig in or 'cicah' as we say it here.

RB goes well with any kind of curry, be it fish, beef or mutton or better still, dalca. As far as curry is concern, day old leftover curries are the best. I am not much of a fish man but a day old leftover fish curry with RB is heavenly. In fact, in Penang there is one small mamak shop that sells RB with fish curry.

Shah likes his with kaya which is quite common but I never like anything sweet with my RB. It must be curried or with fried eggs.

I have here a simple recipe on how best to eat RB with both eggs and curry. Some of you may know it already but to the uninitiated, why not give it a try. It is very simple really.

1. Heat a kuali. (wok)
2. A little cooking oil to prevent sticking.
3. Pour in about 3 quarter cup of curry into the kuali. You can either add or reduce the amount.
4. When it boils, break 2 eggs into the wok.
5. Wait for about a minute before stirring the eggs. Do not stir too much.
6. When it is nearly dry, kill the fire.
7. Good for only 1 person. If you don't have RB, you can eat it with Gardenia Bread.

I don't know how you fieel about it but as far as I am concern, the above could anytime be dinner for me. In fact, sometimes, when I run out of ideas on what to eat for dinner, I prepare the above and it is enough and surely cheap.

The price of RB certainly has gone up though. About 3 to 4 years ago it used to cost 30 sen a loaf but is now 80 sen. Just imagine 80 sen a loaf, 60 sen for 2 eggs and your dinner costs you only RM1.40.

I can't thank muteaudio enough for sending me this caption of Roti Benggali.

Friday 23 November 2007

Ringtone Anyone?

(Update) After putting up this post I went into screenshot and saw the same service there, so you could also go there for the ringtone.

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Wednesday 21 November 2007

It Hurts, It really Does Hurt.

This is a true story. No, nothing Earth shattering or anything to that effect but still very interesting to me. Its about everyday things. I was at a mini-market buying stuffs when , at the counter, I heard a Mak Cik lamenting the price she had to pay for her goodies. Now, this mak cik is an ordinary mak cik. By the conditions of her attire you could safely say that she's from an average income family, maybe in the lower rung of the average group. What got to me was when she suddenly said, "Pak Lah terok! Mahathir dulu pandai ekonomi, Pak Lah terok, tak tau apa".

Now this place, Taman Tun Sardon is one of the last Malay bastion in Penang. The Malays there are fiercely UMNO with a sprinkle of Pas supporters and a few Keadilan. What is interesting though is that the leaders' there are known to be staunch Mahathir supporters. The fact that the mak cik exploded that way could be the brain-washing that she got from her children. Of course her children conveniently hid the fact that everything is going up so prices of essentials would naturally follow. But then isn't that what UMNO is good at? Telling half truth is an UMNO trait. Yes, the children must have told her how Pak Lah had gone against his promises but they also failed to explain about the price of crude and wheat and everything else. Oh, how true they are to the UMNO spirit.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Pak Lah has been wronged? No, far from it, he wronged himself so he deserves all the condemnation.

Well, anyway, being there and witnessing her outburst, I decided to see how she would response to some provocation. I saw that her bill was RM37+ so I interjected and said, " Tahun depan, barang banyak tu nanti kena bayaq RM50". Immediately she answered, "Memang la, depa bukan tau apa orang rasa". Then the shopkeeper quipped "Dengaq kata depa nak naik harga gas RM5". Her answer says it all, "Kalau naik RM1 takpa la, naik RM5 mampoih la".

That answer of hers tells me how hurt the common people are by the increasing cost of living. Maybe the authorities didn't see that for non-government servants, their take home pay has actually declined. Previously they were earning quite a lot in overtime at the factories but those days are gone. Overtimes are rare. Komaq, a well-known factory in Penang which employed only Technicians used to pay their workers well. Now I heard that it is bought over and the new management offered their employees continued employment but with reduced pay. Is this true? Can anyone from Komag confirm this?

I am not saying that the people has lost faith in the government but I am saying that, I don't expect this from an UMNO stronghold.

Monday 19 November 2007

Please Sir, Can I Pay Your Phone Bill?

What do you make of the 'Revelation of the Year'. Yes, the Wee press conference concerning the police report made by VK's brother. Fancy, Fairuz's name was not mentioned at all. Anyway, it had all the ingredients of a good movie.

Could it be a true 'Revelation' or could it be a trap? Hey, in this country, I will not be surprised if you find false police reports conveniently surfacing. When I say false police report I don't mean the gist of the report is false, I mean the physical evidence, the paper itself is false. Amongst the contents there were mention of pretending to act 'gila'.

Couldn't that particular 'gila' thing be the markings of a potentially dangerous trap for the opposition? Hey, what if they were to bring in experts who confirmed, that the piece of paper is not the type used by police to print reports on. What if they were to bring in medical personnels who swore that the brother indeed was a couple of cans short of a six-pack?

Being one who is not as successful as the others, the fellow suffers from depression and jealousy and that ate him up to the point of being suicidal, which somehow they could prove, and vindictive, which again some government shrink could prove. Hey, they could any time pull a medical report out of a hat, the same as they could erase immigration reports.

Imagine what would happen then? Do you think I am being paranoid? I chose to believe that I am being careful. It doesn't hurt to be careful, to do some checking before taking the plunge. I hope, they (Wee and gang) have done their homework before committing themselves to something this big.

I was both happy and apprehensive when I read about it at Rocky's. What I was unhappy about was the 'gila' thing. Somehow, I see them exploiting this to the end. Even, if the report is true, I believe they will go all out to prove that he is a lunatic and with all the resources the government has, that is not going to be difficult.

The whole episode may take a twist if Pak Lah see's this as the final hammer on TDM's coffin. No one could doubt that it was TDM who was responsible in the corruption of the judiciary and no one could doubt that TDM is a constant torn in Pak Lah's backside. Seriously, I don't think he would use this ace. It is just too damaging to BN but anything can happen. TDM is not as dumb as he is unscrupulous.

One think I can say for sure. VK is one hell of a mobile phone dealer. He is the nicest dealer in town. He not only gives out free handphones, he even pays the bills. There is a catch though, you've got to be the IGP or a high ranking Judge to qualify for these handouts.

Saturday 17 November 2007

Vroom, Vroom, Vrooooooooommmmm ......?

For those who are bikers, you may have seen this already. I just got to see it a few hours ago. Well, Proton is indeed very serious about producing big bikes and from the pics I saw, it look quite nice. Now I don't want to be negative all the time though I have a bad feeling about it, so I hope this idea about producing big bikes would not be another case of building bombs that would explode in their faces. They have built too many such bombs.

One thing I know is that, Proton is not a maker of quality cars, I just hope that this foray into manufacturing big capacity motorbikes is successful. Please, for once make us proud of our own products.

I for one love to look at big bikes and would love to ride in one. If I can afford it, I would like to own one after I retire. Fancy seeing me in a German Army helmet, with almost knee high leather boots, leather jackets and a huge belly riding a chopper. If ever I get one, it must be a chopper. The more classic the design, the better. Anyway have a look at this beauty and maybe some aficionados could comment. I can't. I wouldn't know if it is copied or trully original in design.
Must get a Dukun to jampi a bit so that this bike can sell, otherwise gone la my backside

Hopefully the order books are not as empty as the second tower.

Aiyo, full tank means how much must pay ah? Pak Lah wants to increase the price some more, die la like this.

Hey, I've seen this rim somewhere before, hmm! Aiya! the exhaust pipe potong stim la.

Friday 16 November 2007

The People's KPI Award

I have read with keen interest a certain MB's formula of giving his officers the wake up call. He must have thought that he was being clever by offering non-performing officers with such gifts.

I wonder what if his approach were to be adopted by the federal government? I wonder what if such gifts becomes the norm every year-end?

I would like to suggest that we let the people decide the KPI instead of some stupid officers. Yes, what if the people decide on which Ministry/s perform and which bombed? Their votes are tallied by a reputable and honest group of people and gifts are handed out.

To the ministries that perform, a letter of commendation is given. No, no overseas trip or even local tours because that would be a waste of public resources. I am sure they would be happy with just a letter of commendation or would they?

Well I have decided on the government's performance for the year 2007 and have decided to send the whole of Putrajaya these gifts. Hey, I am just copying what an MB did.

Monday 12 November 2007

Magic Formula

"... the present fuel subsidy scheme could not go on as it was costing the Government RM80bil a year".

To be fair to the person who made the above statement, yes, the price of crude has gone over USD90 and may hit the century mark soon. To be fair to Malaysians, Malaysia is a net exporter of crude and any price increase in the price of crude means more money for the country, not Petronas. One thing has got to be made clear. Petronas belongs to the people. It is not somebody's grandfather's company where they only need to pay tax like any corporate citizen and the rest of the money is theirs.

Now, people are talking everywhere about this strange suggestion that the rich pay more for fuel and the poor pay less. Hey, don't get me wrong, I am not against everything that the government does. If it really works that way, its okay with me but then the rich could always pay more, that's why we call them rich. I am just wondering, like many of my friends, how are they going to implement this?

A friend said to me something that made sense, at least it made sense to me. They are worried about the amount they have to come out in subsidies because that could curb their spending. If their spending is not curbed then they could carry out more ridiculously priced projects where they, their friends and kins could reap vulgar profits. This being so, they must find a way.

Since there are more poor then rich in this country, the present subsidy helps the poor more while the rich are smiling. If they were to cut the subsidies then its their friends and kins who stand to gain from the extra projects they could implement while the poor would be burdened by having to pay extra either through more expensive fuel or more expensive road-tax. As for the rich, you can triple the cost of fuel and it doesn't amount to much for them, after all, they are rich aren't they?

Now lets see how they are going to implement this? I am not an economist or a brilliant businessman so I could only see 2 strategies that they may take to implement this.

The first one is a very-very silly and confusing strategy where you pay for fuel at different prices according to the cc of your engine. How are they going to do this, I don't know and I agree that this is silly. If implemented, you could always fill your kancil up and transfer the fuel via a hose to your Mercedes or Honda Accord or Lexus. Now who is going to stop the service station operator from mistaking a Rover or Jaguar for a Savvy or Kelisa?

The above strategy doesn't make sense so lets kill it. The next one is to increase the road tax. Road tax were cut about 2 years ago and now they may have to increase it. If this strategy is employed, I can guarantee you that it is not only going to go to pre-cut days but may double that.

I don't believe that the subsidies amount to 80 billion ringgit. as they claimed. Lets half it and make it 40 billion. Lets say they want to half the subsidy to 20 billion meaning they have to earn 20 billion somewhere. 20 billion divide by all the vehicles in the country comes to quite a hefty sum. If they chose to exempt motorcycles than its gone case for all car-owners.

If you really want to make the rich pay and ensure the poor are not hurt then why not impose a levy on the rich or on the price of luxury cars. Levy on luxury cars will not net them 20 billion thats for sure.

So how are they going to do it? Please somebody enlighten me, the suspense is killing me. I am anxious because I need to know, how else are they going to make my life miserable. The prices of essentials are already driving me crazy.

Sunday 11 November 2007


Lets put politics and the country in the back seat for a while. To tell you the truth I am itching to write about the event of the year we all know but the date 11/11 is a sacred date to me.

On 11/11/79 I got married to the woman you see in the pic above. Today is the 11/11/07. We are married for 28 years today. 28 blissfull years. Sorry the pic is about a few months old. Yes, we went out for dinner with the whole family but forgot to take along the camera.

Boy, 28 years flew just like that. Our marriage had its fair share of ups and downs and hiccups but I dare say that I have been lucky in that all those are just silly incidences, nothing serious. In fact, I could say it was plain sailing all the way and the only bad weather we had to face were maybe 3 to 4 foot waves.

Well on a lighter note I could boast that I got married in the 20th century and am still married to the same woman this century; heck we were married in the last millennium and are still going strong this millennium.

I am indeed very-very happy and I guess I owe it all to my wife for always being there beside me. She is a true and true house-maker, superwoman, super-mother and super-wife. What would I do without her?

Any regrets? None. Wish? Please God, if any of us were to go first, let it be me. I know I am being selfish but I just can't bear the thought of a life without her.

To my darling wife, I Love You Very Much.

Friday 9 November 2007

My Prayers Are With You

I will not be able to make it to KL for the 100,000 strong Solidarity Show to demand for a fair election and thereafter a Just Malaysia. I'll wear yellow here in Penang though it means nothing to many.

However to my brothers and sisters who are willing to brave all the threats thrown at them I stand humble before you and take my hats off. You are truly gallant citizens. I am truly ashamed that I could not make it to offer my presence.

To you my brothers and sisters I offer my prayers that the gathering will be a peaceful one for we are a peaceful lot whose only demand is to be heard. May ALLAH bless the gathering. May you gather in peace and leave for home safely.

Wednesday 7 November 2007

Don't Fuck With Me

Some bloody bastards have begun to try to be funny with me by dirtying my blog with their presence. I suspect these bastards are one of two. Either they are truly uneducated non-malays venting out their frustrations by making very uncalled for racist remarks aimed at fucking up the Malays. If these bastards are this kind then all I can say is FUCK YOU. This is not the place and I will delete your comments.

I also suspect that these bastards or even 1 bastard masquerading as a few is actually one or some of the fucking UMNO cyber-troopers masquerading as non-Malays fucking up the Malays. If these bastards belong to this group then all I can say is that while you are prostituting yourself to UMNO your mother is sucking cocks in hell. I will delete your comments. Kejap ade, kejap tak ade.

Why don't you go fuck spiders you mother-fuckers.


To all Hindus I would like to wish you a Happy Diwali. May this day bring LIGHT into your life. If going home drive safely.

Saturday 3 November 2007

Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar

As in the past years, while plans for UMNO's General Assembly are in full swing, we will get statements of noble intentions by their leaders. True to form, all those assertions of nobility were mere rhetoric.

One common promise that has been made over and over again, is the war against money politics. Yes, you read it right, War Against Money Politics. What? You have heard it before? You would like to hear something new? Keep it, this charade is here to stay.

Yes, you have heard it so many times before that you must have forgotten when it all started. You will wonder will it ever stop. You doubt that there will be a cure to this ill. Well, do not be surprised if I were to say that there is indeed a cure. No, Doc Tokasid does not have a vaccine for this disease.

Let me tell Najib, who made a statement to this effect, how to 'stamp out money politics'. If he could answer YES to these questions then we are well on our way to kill money politics.

1. Can he guarantee that holding posts in UMNO means working for the people and the country and that is all there is to it.?

2. Can he guarantee that being a YB does not mean that the incumbent would be in a favourable position to amass great wealth?

3. Can he guarantee that working hard for someone to be a YB does not translate into putting oneself in a favourable climate to gain favours from the government?

4. Can he guarantee that being a YB is not equals to being given a licence to be an unofficial king.

5. Can he guarantee that being highly placed in UMNO does not mean that the whole government machinery belongs to you?

6. Can he guarantee that being very-very highly placed in government does not mean that your kins, in-laws included, would automatically be given riches and powers acceding that of an Agong?

7. Can he guarantee that being an UMNO bigwig does not mean that you are given a golden share in Judiciary Inc.

8. Can he guarantee that to be an UMNO bigwig you must enslave yourself completely at the expense of everything else?

9. Can he guarantee that by being an UMNO Taiko, the word 'commission' will cause you to vomit blood?

10. Can he guarantee that by being an UMNO 'Orang Besar' means one swears to uphold the teachings of the Quran and that one would rather be inflicted by all known cancers then to go against the teachings of the Quran?

I have given only 10. Can he guarantee that he will work and will achieve these goals? If he can answer YES to all these, then he does not have to worry about 'stamping out money politics'. It will happen naturally.

To make it simple, just in case all these are too confusing, can he swear that all UMNO big guns must swear and will practice AMAR MAKRUF NAHI MUNGKAR. If he answers yes ...... lets wait for him to say yes first.

Wednesday 31 October 2007

Bullet Proof Vests and Corrupt-Proof Government

The PM has agreed to grant quite a lot of money for the Police force to buy much needed equipments especially the much needed bullet proof vests. I agree one hundred percent. May I give some suggestions.

Please, if the PM has some groundings in very simple mathematics then he should know that if you buy and item for 1K, you could buy 2 of the same items if it costs RM500 each. So Mr. PM please see to it that whoever who does the purchasing, buys the vests for the price they really cost. If you can't do it, then give me the contract. I promise you, I will buy them from the best manufacturer and supply them to the force at a price to cover my expenses. What say you? This way, you could have surplus just in case.

I also heard that part of the money is to either repair or replace the scanning machines at the border which have kaputed causing the personnels manning the border considerable difficulties. How come those machines kaputed? From whom did we buy them? Don't we have technicians to repair them? And one more question, who got the contract to supply those faulty machines?

Since we are on the subject of bullet-proof vests, I would like to touch a little on another 'proof' topic. I borrow this new term from Mahaguru58. Since the Police personnels would now feel safe when going out on duty, could we move on to creating a 'corrupt-proof' (Thank You Mahaguru) force? And should you come out with a curriculum to produce this kind of personnels could you use the same curriculum on the Cabinet, Government MPs and YBs, their kins and friends and of course government officers from the Chief Secretary right down to the Tukang Kebuns.

What I know is that, if you are truly serious and sincere about effecting change, you would eventually be successful.

Monday 29 October 2007

The Pukimak Has Apologised

I was watching the news showing the usual propaganda when suddenly I got the shock of my life. The MP who likes to swear at people and who accused wheel chaired people as being the beneficiary of God's wrath for their sins and who has a perverted obsession with 'apoms' of other people's mother apologised for his outburst in Parliament. He did say that he apologised to those who were offended with his remarks, of course without mentioning Karpal. If he did which I did not hear then I stand corrected.

The MP who fantasises the Pukis of Maks said that he was caught in the heat of the moment and in his anger, he unthinkingly exploded into his verbal assault. Unthinking, he was right, but then again I really don't blame him for he has proven time and time again that he is incapable of thought.

Wow! the election must be very damn near. First that Malek fella got a cool 2.5 mil, next Irene Fernandez landed 200k and now a certified arsehole apologised and is shown on tv.

Get ready folks, the circus is coming to town.

Friday 26 October 2007

Old ICs and Transparent Ballot Boxes

A friend of mine yesterday said that he read somewhere that a certain minister, he couldn't remember who, but he thought it was Nazri, said that those who do not have MyCards could still vote using their old ICs. If I am not mistaken, at one time Malaysians were threatened with all kinds of actions if they not shift to the MyCard. In fact, going by all the threats, one could hardly move if he/she does not own a MyCard. They even dangled a FALSE lottery to entice people to migrate to the new intelligent identification card.

This friend asked me if I could blog about this. I asked him what his concerns were. His answer was simple and precise and made sense: double voting. He was concerned that this would allow someone local or imported to vote using someones old IC somewhere while the actual owner who now carries a MyCard would vote using his/her MyCard somewhere else.

This idea of his makes sense. I have seen on tv about how about 1/3 of those who are eligible to vote have not even registered. Wow! 1/3 is a very high figure, very very high indeed. After the last registration exercise they will add more voters to the electoral roll. How are we to know how many of these new voters registered with MyCards and how many registered with their old IC?

Why not completely bar everyone without a MyCard from voting. After all, Malaysians have been warned that they should switch over. Everything possible was done to facilitate this migration so why still allow those with old ICs to vote?

While still on the matter about voting and the elections, I was told by a friend that the EC has already prepared transparent ballot boxes for the elections. Ooooo! I am so impressed. I am sure the whole world is in awe with our EC. Oh my god, transparent ballot boxes, where did they get these boxes from. Must be from the space traveller we sent to space at the cost of a few thousand low-cost houses.

Will the SPR please listen up. Transparent ballot boxes is the least of many people's worries. How about cleaning up the electoral roll first. How about ensuring that no babies are in the electoral roll. How about seeing to the world record numbers of centenarians in the roll. I am sure even Japan do not have as many centenarians in theirs. How about looking into the matter of a single house with up to 300 plus voters. How about cleaning up the list of voters with non-existent addresses. How about addressing to Rocky's complaint about his name appearing in the list when he did not register in the first place. What about those with similar complaints but are not as high profile as Rocky?

Actually there are many more areas that the SPR should channel their energy into rather then waiting for the Soyuz to drop some transparent ballot boxes. May I ask something? Is this supposed to be symbolic? Transparent ballot boxes to symbolise transparent election? If the SPR thinks so then they surely have a weird sense of humour and no one is laughing.

Saturday 20 October 2007

Is This A Valid Regulation?

I need enlightenment here and I need it fast. I am a teacher but teachers could also sometimes be dumb you and ignorant you know. Hey, being dumb and ignorant is not the sole privilege of ministers and politicians okay?

I am confused as to something that was related to me by my wife yesterday. I don't feel like blasting anybody for it because in this country anything is possible.

Alright, alright, I'll get to it now. My wife has a nephew who is about 39 with a wife and 3 kids, 2 of whom are schooling. He is not rich. In fact, we could count him as one of those who are poor. His is definitely one of hand to mouth existence. He works as a tele clerk.

He has applied for a government funded house or whatever you call it. In Penang, and I think the same goes for every state, one first register with the state department, and then wait for some units to be completed. They are usually 2 room flats. The rental is quite affordable by today's standard.

He has been waiting for quite some years now and still did not get any. Recently, out of frustration he paid the responsible unit a visit to enquire about his application. After keying his reference number, the clerk said that he is unsuccessful. When he asked why, the answer was "You are not registered as a voter".

What has registering as a voter got to do with one's eligibility to get a state built house? This is after all a democracy. I am all for voter registration but this should not be a pre-requisite to own a state built house.

Tuesday 16 October 2007

My Hari Raya

As usual, Raya is for little children and since my children are all grown up, Raya is just another day. For me Raya had always been just another day with a little deviation from the normal routine accept this time I spent my 1st Raya as a bl0gger and had a blogger friend, over for my open house.This year is also the first year I celebrate Raya without my beloved eldest brother who passed away in May. It is simply not the same without him, May ALLAH bless his soul. Before I go on with my simple raya do, I would like to talk about something that got me all worked up first.

On the first day of Raya at about 11 I took my family out to my in laws for our usual courtesy Raya visit. My wife is the youngest so being the youngest she is expected to do the visit first. On the way I saw a few kids from the Batu Uban area, wondering along the roadside in their bests. So what about it? What about it? Doesn't the Nurin case ever taught us anything?

My daughter pointed the children out to me and asked if their parents are not afraid so soon after the Nurin case. They were little children between the ages of 6 to 10. Traffic was very sparse. A van could just pull over and cart those kids easily into the van and escape unnoticed.
Why are their parents so brainless as to allow this to carry on?

I am sorry but I have to say this about Malay parents. They allow their children out to collect duit raya. If you are in the kampung and almost everyone is either your relative or neighbour, it is not too bad but this should not apply to urban areas. These children go to houses of people they don't know, total strangers, and asked for money. Yes, they are children so who is to blame? They also take buses, go to distant housing estates just for this purpose.

Parents, don't tell me you do not know. They know everything and yet allow this to continue. Why? Why encourage this? If you don't, then put a stop to it. Some of them are even bold enough to pass remarks at people who don't give them money. Is this the way to bring up our children? I don't see the Chinese or the Indians doing this during their festivities. Why? I am so ashamed since I am a Malay myself. I know some Malays may not be pleased with what I have said but let me tell you there are also Malays who view this as an act of begging. I don't want to use that word myself since we are still in the spirit of Raya but I am very strongly against this.

Lets go back to the issue mentioned earlier. On my way back I saw another pair of children, definitely under 10 walking along a very lonely road. This is very very irresponsible of the parents. Must we wait for hundreds of Nurin cases to happen to finally realise that our irresponsible act contributes to Nurin cases. Look this could only happen if we create the perfect scenario for it to happen.

Lets be fair here. I have to admit that the number of children being allowed by their parents to go out asking people for Raya money has definitely gone down but I was hoping for zero since Nurin's case is still fresh in our minds or at least in my mind and heart.

Enough depressing things. As I mentioned earlier, this is the first year that I celebrate Raya as a blogger. I was informed by Doc Tokasid that Daphne Ling would not be baliking kampung so I extended her an invitation for my open house on the 3rd day of raya which was yesterday and being the good sport that she is, she accepted. She brought along a friend who also happens to be a blogger.

I don't really know much about her and never expected to meet someone so young. I was pleasantly surprised to meet someone so young and yet so sensitive to her surrounding and wise. It was indeed an honour. Her friend Ru V was equally pleasant. I include a caption of Daph and Ru V over some curry mee.

Luckily she came at about 1 coz by evening there was a full house with relatives and friends. All in all it was an eventful and tiring Raya.

I was too busy entertaining that I forgot to snap some good photos so I have only these to show.

Daphne and Ru V over curry mee, posing actually.

The parking lot, a source of so much frustration and headache is quite empty courtesy of Balik Kampung.

The children at the computer and the ladies telling updating themselves with the latest gossips in town.

Thursday 11 October 2007


My Family and I would like to wish all readers, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

Tuesday 9 October 2007

Sick Bastards

I just don't know what to say. Out there, there are many bloody bastards, sick bastards who do not know how to differentiate right from wrong. These bastards (please forgive me coz I will use this derogatory term many times) do not deserve to live. They do not deserve to be called human.

We were shocked with what happened to Nurin The perpetrators of the sick act are still at large. Justice is still not done to the memory of the sweet innocent girl. As days go by I wonder will Nurin ever get justice.

Today I was shocked when my daughter told me that she heard on the radio that photos of the autopsy done on Nurin are made public. It seems the photos are very graphic. They show scenes of her private parts being stuffed with whatevers.

I waited for the news and sure enough it was headlined. It got my blood rushing and made me dizzy. Who are the bloody bastards responsible for this dastardly act? Who are the motherfuckers, the devils who could do such a think? Do they get a kick out of doing this despicable act or are they paid by some other bastards to do this?

Since they are supposed to be autopsy pictures then the hospital where the autopsy is done is responsible. I could understand they have to take pictures since the body would eventually be buried but why are the pictures released?

Were the pictures released to the police as evidence? I am not someone who is an expert in these matters but I figured that, the photos must have been released to the police, for their keeping ,to be used if they go to court. So two parties were privy to these photos.

I think Malaysia, with her MSC and all would have graduated to digital cameras and I am sure the autopsy teams have in their possession these cameras to be used. I do not know how much these cameras cost them though but I would not be surprised if they cost more then 10K for a 3.2 megapixel set. Well, anyway, since they are digital cameras then it is not difficult to make almost instant copies.

So, could the leakage have happened in the hospital or the photos were copied while in the possession of the police. I am not surprised if this act was committed by any of these two parties but I would like to question the motive.

Whoever, the bastard/s is/are, what is the motive? Could there be money involved? Could the photos have been bought by a 3rd party? Could the 3rd party be someone who gets his/her kicks out of seeing this photos or profit from reissuing them?

Whatever it is, these bastards should be caught and be sent to the most hardcore of all prisons and be sodomised day in and day out. I have already warned my children that should they receive these photos in the email, do not open the attachments. They are to delete it completely and not to talk about it to their friends. Let this whole episode die off while we wait for the police to do their work. I hope others would do the same. Don't give in to your temptations, just delete the photos should you come into contact with them. This is the least we could do to Nurin.

My Old Buddy

To those who are thinkers, philosophers, artists, Volkswagon and Bob Dylan fans, I would like to introduce you to a pal pf mind who was instrumental in my perception of things. We were buddies in Pasir Puteh. We live in the same house and taught in the same school. He is a serious thinker and doesn't quite mince his words. What I remember him most is the fact that he is a diehard Bob Dylan fan and a damn bloody good artist. We have been communicating through the net for sometime and he has decided to jump into the blog bandwagon. Why don't you go over and see what he has. Click here

Friday 5 October 2007

Go To Hell

This is going to be a short post because I am just too disgusted but I have to write about it just to let off steam.

Two whistle blowers are being charged for fabricating evidence and conspiring to get the IGP. Well who else are better at fabricating evidence and conspiracies if not certain parties at "Peace Hill'?

Sivarasa and a certain somebody are instructed to name the person who gave them the tapes or else face the possibility of being charged.

Wow! Welcome to Bolehland. If Mahathir's reign was bad and oppressive enough, congratulations Pak Lah, you have just beaten the old man. I am sure he would congratulate you if he could.

As for me, this is all I have to say. To all of you dirty, corrupt and evil bastards, Go To Hell.

Sunday 30 September 2007

You can't be at home without it.

Oh man, I'm lovin this internet thing more and more everyday. I just don't know what I'm gonna do without it. Like last week when I had modem trouble and was cut off for a few days, I was like crazy man. I just couldn't do things right waiting for the people to fix the modem up.

Blogging is just one of the things that occupy my time. Heck, I just finished watching, DVD quality, Diehard 4. Last night while waiting for the United game I watched the Bourne Ultimatum, again DVD quality.

I am a fan of 70s and 80s music and I have hundreds of them now, all downloaded, through Limewire and ARES. Yes, I also get to watch that Lingam fella made an arse of himself while our TV tries to blur his face on the tv screen. What a joke.

How many people could say they have already finished House season 3 when it is only about episode 3 on AXN. Well, I finished it a few months ago and a few days ago I had already enjoyed House season 4, episode 1. Don't tell me you've seen season 4 episode 2 already coz it has not been screened yet, even in the US.

Well, I got the results of the EPL about 3 minutes early by going to live score meaning I would already know if a goal has been scored while the others are still sitting on the edges of their seats.

I do also spend a hell of a lot of time playing games. No, strategy games for me though. Maybe I'm kind a slow but strategy games bore me. I play kiddy games, like puzzle games and old arcade games. Why? Life is hard enough as it is, I don't need to add to it.

Without this thingy then I wouldn't know of people like, Tokasid, Bakaq, Mat Salo Kerp, Zorro, Sheih, Monty, Nuraina, Raden Galoh, Zabs, AlHusseyn, Zewt, Rocky, Big Dog, PiBani, frankie, Cakapaje, Bergen and list is endless man.

Without it I wouldn't be in touch with my old friends, Chung and Jamal. What would I be doing if it had not been invented? I don't know, sleep maybe?

Friday 28 September 2007

Thursday 27 September 2007

Parents Beware!

Now I got it. Am I slow or am I slow? You see I have been wondering why the IGP made that statement about parents being answerable to what ever that befall their children, not that I disagree. Yes, to a certain extend parents are indeed responsible. What baffles me was that in the midst of the tears flowing from millions of Malaysians out for blood, the IGP dropped the bombshell.

So I took a break, hid myself in the Himalayas and in a very dark and chilly cave, I got the answer. It came to me as clear as the Saharan sky. Why didn't I think of it earlier. Boy, am I dumb. It was right there in front of my eyes and I couldn't see it. It could have lodged itself on my blind side.

Anyway the answer I got make sense, especially in light of the latest development, not related to the gruesome killing. You see, 1st they will blame parents for whatever mishaps that befall their children. Ok, I can buy that. Then they blame parents for whatever wrong that their children commit. I can buy that too, coz parents are surely responsible in bringing up their children. Then they will quote that famous saying by someone whose name I can't remember. He said, a long long time ago, 'A child is father of the man'.

Okay, yes, I can swallow that. Indeed what goes on in childhood helped developed the child into the man he is now. So far so good, but, yes, there is a but here, in fact in Malaysia, there are always buts, anyway, as I was saying, but there is a catch here. Since childhood raised a man, and since parents are responsible for raising their children, then parents are responsible for what their children have become. Do you follow me up till here? Since parents are responsible, then they should be held responsible for the deeds of their children no matter what age their children are when committing the deeds. Follow?

Now the connection with the latest development that I mentioned earlier. Remember the police officer charged with corruption? Yes, the one mentioned in the papers and tv so near the next general election. Well, who is to blame? It is just plain unfair that the bloke had to answer for his parents fault. He was badly brought up so it should be his parents who should be tried for bad parenting. Pity the poor bugger. Oh, look at the look on his wrongly blamed face. Couldn't you see the confusion written all over his face. It was like he was asking "what did I do wrong? I was never told soliciting for money in exchange for favours is wrong"?

Well, what next? Ha, ha, now come the juicy part. Many ministers, police officers and government officers' parents beware. The government is, it seems, coming down hard on corruption, and you are responsible for what your children have done. Just a question here, are Samy Velu's parents still alive?

Just imagine these headlines becoming a reality in the not too distant future.

Parents being questioned.

Police looking for mother.

Uncle sought for questioning.

All former teachers questioned.

Constituents remanded.

Wednesday 19 September 2007

Got tagged.

Raden tagged me and like the good sport that I am, I am obliging. Am I good or am I good? Well here goes nothing.

I don't have a handbag and neither a pouch. What if it is standard for men to carry handbags, then I think I would have in it the following
1. A lighter, so that I don't have to put in my trouser pockets anymore.
2. 2 packets of Winston. I get very jittery when my supply declines to about 10 sticks.
3. Handphone. Beats having a separate pouch coz my N80 is quite bulky.
4. A pendrive, I always carry one.
5. My car-key. My pockets keep springing holes.

5 Things in my purse
1. My don't-leave-home-without-it cards.
2. An old beat-up mini notebook. In it are info such as, my EPF no. Income Tax no. Service no and dates and almost everything related to my job. We have to fill too many forms so this notebook has been a great help.
3. My Bankcards
4. MyCard
5. Driving licence.


1. My 10 year old 30 inch Samsung TV
2. My ashtray
3. My PC
4. My home theatre system.
5. My 17 year old manau rotan settee.


1. Perform the Haj
2. Convince people especially old folks that they are being had by the gov.
3. Shit on dirty politicians faces.
4. Go to Old Trafford and watch a game
5. See my grandchildren, if I am fated to have any, married.
6. Be with my wife forever and ever.
7. Take my grandchildren to school.
8. Apply for the job of Agong. The perks are simply fantastic.
9. Meet Hugh Laurie, I love HOUSE.
10. Have enough to take optional retirement.


1. Counting the damages when I take my children plus the small ones raya shopping.
2. Cursing Pak Lah for not giving us a bonus. May he grow balls on his nose.
3. Waiting for the long break starting mid november. I do that every year, right from January.
4. Waiting for the Man Utd game against Sporting Lisbon while typing this entry.
5. Contemplating of applying for the post of Sultan of Penang, just in case my application for the post of Agong got lost in the mail.

Well, thats not too hard is it? About 15 minutes, and they say tagging is hell. Since many say they don't like to be tagged and also because almost all of the bloggers that I know who would oblige me have already been tagged, I hereby decreed that as far as I am concern this tagging line ends here.

Tuesday 18 September 2007

The Right Hand Gives, The Left Hand Takes.

The government has just given civil servants a substantial increase in salary which in a way helps government servants to deal with the rising cost of living. Before even getting the first payment, prices of essentials have risen. Now that 2 months have already passed more and more essential items are being indiscriminately sold at higher prices rendering impotent, the government's ability to control prices. This is not to say that they were able to do so in the past.

One thing that is interesting here but has not been highlighted by the local press for obvious reasons, is the struggle of the banking sector workers, to be more precise, the struggle of the clerical workers. Their last CA has lapsed quite a while already and they are negotiating a new CA. Their CAs in the past has all the while included a 2 months bonus payment a year. This time around, NUBE, their union is asking for a 30 percent increase in salary. After a long battle the Bank Employers haver agreed to the request of the clerical workers but with a catch. The clause on the 2 months bonus payment will be dropped meaning no guaranteed 2 months bonus for them.

Two extra months in a year makes 1/6 of their annual income or 16 to 17 percent of their annual income. So they will scream and shout to the world that they are giving a 30% increase but keep quiet about the fact that they are taking back 16 to 17 percent. The real gain would actually be 13 to 14 percent not 30. NUBE of course refused and that is why if you go to a bank counter you will see the tellers and all clerical workers spotting protest badges.

From information gathered, it is the refusal of a certain brother of a certain very highly minister who is the culprit responsible for this trickery. These people are already bloody filthy rich. Banks are not actually making loses, in fact, their profits are sinfully high. Why is it that they still want to make life for their workers difficult? How much is an extra 2 months bonus compared to the hundreds of millions or billions of ringgit of profit that they are making?

Why is it that no local daily is giving prominence to this state of affair in the banking industry? Is it because they are afraid to piss off the brother of a certain highly placed minister? Is the brother of that minister more important than the thousands of bank clerks in this country?

Since we are on the subject of pay increase and bonus, lets have a look at the public sector again. Some idiotic ministers were saying that government servants had already got a hefty increase which if added up could amount to 2 to 4 months salary. While not denying that fact, I would also like them to make some corrections. A government servant who got a 15 percent increase actually only got about 8 percent. Why? Last year, and years before, that same government servant got 1 month bonus but this year he/she gets no bonus. 1 month's salary adds up to about 7 to 8 percent of annual salary.


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