Saturday 31 January 2009

They all cannot, we all can

Sarkas1: Hoi, you heard or not about that Kugan fellow ka? His case now very hot la.

Sarkas2: Kugan? Which Kugan? Samy Vellu got son name Kugan ka?

Sarkas1: No la, that suspected car-thief who died in police custody?

Sarkas2: Hmmm, yes, yes, oh his name Kugan ka? So what, what's so important?

Sarkas1: They all making a lot of noise about his death la. They say he was tortured to death la.

Sarkas2: This is the problem with us Malaysians la, when some one die in police lockup they are quick to blame the police. What did the police say he die of?

Sarkas1: They say it was due to fluid in the lungs.

Sarkas2: Sure la, this kind of common thief where got sleep at night, they all merayau and ronda everywhere at night so surely to get the embun la. That one also they all cannot see ka? So quick to blame the police one.

Sarkas1: Yes la, but when his family burst into the morgue they took pictures of his body, got wound marks all over la.

Sarkas2: Yes la, when they all do the autopsy sometimes the body fall or the family did it themselves just to make stories.

Sarkas1: I don't think so la. I think something is wrong la.

Sarkas2: You also just like them la. Our law enforcement people are very professional la, they don't do such things la. I know la. This is Malaysia, we are very fair la.

Sarkas1: The second autopsy report stated that he could have drowned to death la.

Sarkas2: Yes la, when there is fluid in the lungs you drown la, simple what?

Sarkas1: But many people outside there say that there is foul play what?

Sarkas2: They all surely opposition people la. You know la our opposition people always want to find fault with the government one.

Sarkas3: Hoi what are you all talking about?

Sarkas2: This fellow here la, he think that Sundram fellow's death is because of police brutality.

Sarkas3: Sundram? Where got Sundram, Kugan la.

Sarkas2: Ha, Kugan, alaah, not important la, Sundram or Kugan or Samy, he is a car thief la. Our people ha, their head screw up one la, a thief like that also they want to defend ka?

Sarkas3:Talking about this ha, you know or not about one of our people, that youth wing division head you met last week? Ha, that one, he made a report that the anti corruption people tortured him during interrogation la.

Sarkas2: What? They torture him? Alamak, he is my good friend la. You sure ka?

sarkas3: Here I got a copy of the report.

Sarkas2: Where, where? Celaka punya anti corruption people, who they think they are? I tell you ah, our law enforcement people are too much la. I know they like to torture people one. Bloody basketball they all. Why keep quiet? We all must demonstrate la like this. We must condemn this act. they all same la, BPR, Police, Immigration and that RELA also same la.

Sarkas1: Just now in Kugan's case, you said, our law enforcers are professional?

SarKas2: This one different, this one our people, a leader somemore. Kugan is a thief.

Sarkas1: Not proven yet what. Even if he is a thief I don't think he desreved to be tortured to death la. Even if he is a thief, he steals only from a few people la but that friend of yours is also a thief what, and he steals from all the people.

Sarkas2: What do you mean he is a thief?

Sarkas1: You tell me one division leader who doesn't steal the people's money.

Sunday 25 January 2009


Send this eCard

To all Chinese, Gong Xi Fa Chai and may this year of the OX mark a new beginning. Drive carefully.

Friday 23 January 2009

Mr. MB, how could you be so cruel?

Quick take out your dictionaries and look up the meaning of the word corruption. Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia has this to say about corruption:

Corruption is essentially termed as an "impairment of
integrity, virtue or moral principle; depravity, decay, and/or an
inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means, a departure from the
original or from what is pure or correct, and/or an agency or influence
that corrupts."[1]

Corruption, when applied as a technical term, is a general
concept describing any organized, interdependent system in which part
of the system is either not performing duties it was originally
intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of
the system's original purpose.

Its terminological usage possesses connotations of evil, malignance, sickness, and loss of innocence or purity.

Hmm, very interesting indeed because for some reason some people has given it a new twist.

A Gerak somebody has made a report about the corrupt act of the MB of Selangor. Bravo, I applaud anyone brave enough to make reports about high up officials being corrupt. Now what did the corrupt fellow do?

Let me see, did he take state money and pocket it? No, the report is not about that. Did he allow his friend who has since died to acquire state land and without approved plans build a very expensive mansion and after that he got the relevant people to approve the plan? No the report is not about that too.

Did he give projects to build kampung roads at the cost of modern highways to a company that is friendly to him? No that is not so too.

Did he turn a blind eye to  hillslope developements that very clearly went against the law? No, the report is not about that.

Well if the report is not about any of the above what is it about? You really want to know? The report is about a most despicable act, the worst act any human being could do to another human being.

How could the Selangor MB ever do this. How could he use state money to buy 40 cattles and slaughter them and gave the meat to the poor? How could he ever be so cruel? Oh those poor bulls.

Didn't the MB know that state money is for the Excos to take their spouses overseas for study tours?

Didn't the MB know that state funds are actually the government bigshot officials' entertainment allowance?

Didn't he know that state funds are for organising partys for the wives of the YBs so that they could occupy their times talking about the latest botox and boobjob treatments? They could opt for tempe, it is a revolutionary new facelift skin whitening treatment.

Thank you so much Mr. Gerak somebody. You have taught us something new. Now I know that slaughtering animals to feed the poor is a despicable corrupt act.

Yes, you are right, the MB could use the money for something more beneficial like renovating the MB's residence or building more clubhouses for the state elected representatives or buying new brooms to hand out as awards.

Er, by the way Mr gerak somebody, that name GERAK does ring a bell you know. Wasn't it initiated by somebody by the name of Zam, Zam something? Ah, what's wrong with me, I can't remember his name, but he has been in the news lately, what's the name of that insignificant fellow?

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Hit The Road Jack (George)

It has been 8 long years. Americans are lucky, we got one who went 22. Anyway, George old boy, this video is for you. Oh one more thing, one last favour please. On your way out, please
close the door and don't you come back no more.

Sunday 18 January 2009

It started in 99

First of all I would like to congratulate the Pakatan Rakyat for the magnificent job that they have done in the epic battle in KT. Despite facing an opponent with all the resources in the world they were still able to to not only snatch victory, but to do it in style.

Their 2600+ majority is indeed a surprise though not unexpected. As PAS and PR celebrate the other side will pack up or have already packed up and go home like a stunned wounded limping dog.

Then the blame game starts. Someone has to be blamed for this. A scapegoat has to be found and slaughtered.

A blogger has fired the first salvo by insinuating that its all Pak Lah's fault which I beg to differ. Najib would say that it is not a rejection of his imminent helming of the country and all of UMNO would sing in unison that the result is not a rejection of UMNO and BN while MCA and MIC and the rest in the ruling coalition would be saying "Where do we go from here"?

Okay lets start with Pak Lah. I said I don't think it is so much a rejection of Pak Lah as it is a rejection of UMNO and BN. The folks in KT already know that the old man is going away in about 2 month's time and why punish the party if the loved UMNO so much? If they loved UMNO so much, they would want a stronger UMNO now that their 'so-called' hated leader is going away and you don't take a seat away to make the party stronger.

As for Najib, I would say he is inconsequential. He lost in Permatang Pauh and loses again here despite campaigning throughout the constituency and splashing millions. There is just no charisma in that man.

Actually the rot started with the then PM, Mugabe's best friend, Tun Mahathir. He lost Terengganu to PAS in 99. The hatred and distrust towards UMNO started then not only now.

It was actually Pak Lah who managed to temporarily stop the slide with his promise of a very unMahathir government but when the people saw that it was merely rhetorical, sweet to hear but zilch in substance and that Mahathirism is still alive and kicking, they switched back into reverse gear.

Yes, I would say that it is a rejection of UMNO and BN as a whole that got PAS this resounding victory.

I know some would disagree to my short unsubstantiated analysis but then who cares.

Thursday 15 January 2009

New Old Boy In Town

Min 1: Is KT always this dull at night? I mean what is there to do if one wants to unwind?

MB: Its quite dull at night, I have to admit, you know la, the people here are mainly Malays and we are in the East Coast, its different from the West Coast la, but we do have entertainment you know.

Min 1: You have entertainment? What is it?

MB: We go to the beach for fresh air, we karaoke. Do you karaoke Datuk?

Min 1: What karaoke? Do you call that entertainment? I mean really good entertainment for the men folks la, you know what I mean?

MB: That one you have to go to Golok la Datuk. It's not that I don't like all that but if we allow it, this will be the last term we rule Terengganu la Datuk.

Min 2: Aiya! Boring la like this, want to go ceramah, so few people turn up, want to go back to KL, the old man will scream, want to bring my wife here, she tak boleh pakai one, what to do ah?

MB: I am sorry la Datuks, you all didn't tell me what you all want otherwise I could make arrangements for you all to go to Kuantan or Golok but I heard you brought along an entertainer with you what?

Min 1: Got ah Min 2? Who did we bring? Inul ka?

Min 2: Where got, want to die ka bring Inul here.

MB: Got la, you all brought a clown what. he will do your every wish what.

Min 1: What? "He" jantan ka? What for jantan?

MB: At least got entertainment la Datuk then sitting around here looking at each other's old faces.

Min 1
: Who? Who is the clown that you said we brought?

MB: Ala, the new old boy in town la. Your new Khadam.

Min 2 : Don't play around la, who is it?

MB: That Zam la, who else? He will do everything you ask what, even his old boss also he will taroh what. They say, if the price is right his father also he will sell la.

Min 1: Yes, la, why didn't I think of it. Call him here, ask him to dance for us. What else is he good for?

MB: Datuk ah, if we win you want to take that Zam fellow as your Private Secretary ka? He can entertain you what.

Min 1
: What? You gila ka? If he can do that to his old boss you think he won't do that to me later on ka? That kind of idiot, we make full use and throw away la, where can trust one. I'll make him National Clown la, nothing else.

Tuesday 13 January 2009

It should not be so and must not be so.

I read in the TheStarOnline about a factory facing the possibility of being taken to court for retrenching its workers. It did not give enough time for those retrenched to seek employment elsewhere. Then the reports goes that, the labour Office, the party that intends to pursue the legal action mentioned earlier, also said that they heard that the company intends to further retrench more than 200 operators, all locals, at the end of january, which again is another breach of the rules because they have to terminate their foreigners first, then only the locals.

Do you know what the penalty for the first and second offence is? A fucking paltry 10K for each offence. No wonder the company dared do what it did and would most probably do what it intends to do end of this month.

A fucking 10K fine is not even a slap on the wrist, its a wink of the eye, saying, 'thank you gomen people for helping us out here'.

Why can't the fine be within a certain region, something like minimum of 100K and maximum of 10 million?

A small factory would think twice if it faces the possibility of being fined 100K and 10 million would surely hurt a big company.

The authorities should realise that the punishments that we have waiting for errant companies should act as a deterent not encouragement. When they know that the amount they face is pittance, they would be encouraged to go ahead with their devious plans.

In the case of the locals who are facing the possibility of retrenchment, after the company pays the 10K pocket change fine, what is there to guarantee that they would be re-employed or would be employed elsewhere?

If it is taken to court, how long would it take for those retrenched to get re-employed? 1 month? I don't think so, we have never been that efficient, ever. 6 months? Still too early. 1 year? Maybe, but in the mean time what are these locals going to eat? Are they to serve roti canais at the restaurants that their foreign counterparts frequent? That would be nice.

When these laws were written by the relevent party or parties, were the workers welfare paramount in their minds? I know, we have to be fair to the employers also but does the amount of fines mentioned earlier really show this? What I could see is that the welfare of employers is the most important concern when these laws were formulated.

Why is this so? This should not be so and must not be so.

Monday 12 January 2009

Happy Birthday Sayang

Last night I waited for the clock to strike 12.00 (actually it never did because we don't have such a clock) to watch the Man Utd Chelsea match and also for a very important event..

I was clock watching when the one on the wall showed 12.00 o'clock. I knew it wasn't 12 yet because that one is always 2 minutes fast. Suddenly my eldest rushed into my bedroom followed by the other two.

I knew why they did it but I waited. Then at 12, I entered into the room and wished my lovely wife a happy birthday. Yes, today is her birthday. She is 50. Before I left I welcome her to the Persatuan Orang-Orang Tua.

Yes, it seems that it was only yesterday that I married her and she was only 20 years 10 months old. She is now 50, still lovely, ever the loving wife that she had always been and I love her even more. The title says it all.

I don't have a better picture of her coz, she had always refused to be photographed alone so this one of her when we were in KL for the recent Bloggers Do is the best I could get.

Saturday 10 January 2009


Lets take a break from politics and the war for just a day and relax a bit for sanity sake.

Lie down and listen to this incredible man. If you want more of him just type Naudo in your youtube.

I suggest you jack in your headphone or earphone.


Friday 9 January 2009


This may not be a good piece and it is not meant to be one. Put yourself in the shoes of the poor girl.

Mummy, mummy why are you still asleep?
Mummy why in the day time, your sleep is deep?
Mummy wake up, my breakfast, please don't forget
Mummy dad left last night and he's not back yet

Mummy. wake up please open your eyes
Mummy wake up, this game I despise
Mummy your eyes, where's the other one?
Mummy why there's so much blood around?

Mummy please listen to my plea
Mummy your silence scares me
Mummy please don't play anymore
Mummy the thunder is back at the door

Mummy, mummy, mummy please don't play dead

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Why now?

When we talk about hypocrisy we can't help but accept the fact that there is a bit if not plenty of hypocrisy in all of us but when someone takes his/her hypocrisy a little bit too far or to be precise to strip his/her hypocrisy bare before the nation then it becomes something out of the ordinary.

I know some of his diehard fans would not feel comfortable but this thing is just a little bit too much to not deserve a little mention in this humble blog of mine.

I saw in my blog list, Al banjari's latest post entitled Taubat 'lahum' che det! when something strange got hold of me and made me click the link. You see anytime I see that man's face or hear his voice, my blood boils so please be ready for a very prejudiced and biased piece on this matter.

I am not going to be hypocritical by saying that this is a totally objective view of this man and his last comic act. Yes, I don't like him and you can see more than just a sprinkle of hatred for him in this post.

Yes, when the old man said that we should boycott the American Dollar, I wanted to laugh out really loud for the blatant show of hypocrisy.

Look, the USA and her presidents had been a strong defender of israel's aggression towards the Palestinian people and Islamic world since from before the old man started his stinking 22 year reign.

During his reign, this full support for the murderous ways of the illegal state of israel did not stop. Everyone of her Presidents continued their moral and financial support of the illegal government of israel, so what is new to suddenly warrant this strange outburst from this equally strange man?

Was communication then so poor that he did not know of this devilsh act of the big bully or was he given wrong communications as to the happenings of the day that a call to boycott the USD escaped him?

Could it also be that at that time he was not very clever, still a thick-glassed nerd and completely ignorant of the workings of world economy?

Why is it that in those days when he was in power he did not call for this drastic act? Why only now when he is an ad-selling,nobody roti-man, is he making so much noise?

I would like to ask, what did he do to the continued use of our air space by the Satan government of Bush Sr to pound Iraq? Did he even let off a whimp? Hey, he was The man at that time unlike now.

Did he realise that the Dollar that he now wants this government to boycott is the same Dollar of the country whose president, he paid lots of TNB's money to have tea with and incidenttaly that same President is now on his last leg of power.

Why the hypocrisy Mr. former PM? Why now? Why not when you were in power? America did not become a devil and bully only yesterday.

Oh no, please don't tell me that you are implying that Dollah's Malaysia is actually a superpower whose call for boycott would send shivers down the spine of shoeface Bush and turn Obama purple?

I know after so many years of power its difficult to accept the fact that you are now a nobody and to fight this nature's law, you are willing to turn yourself into a circus clown.

Don't worry you will be remembered for the good things that you have done but remember while in doing good you chose to spice things up with bad things and because of that you would also be remembered for them.

Take this advise from a chalk pushing nobody, take retirement gracefully, apologise for your sins and repent. It beats joining the Royal Jitra Circus.

Sunday 4 January 2009

Another school year

Today's post is nothing fancy just what is going through my mind since today is the last day of the school holidays.

Yes, 7 weeks has gone past just like that and now it's like any ordinary school week Sunday, meaning tomorrow is a school day. In fact in some states school has already started today.

So what to expect when school reopens? Oh, sure the state Pengarahs would expect lessons to start from the moment the bell rings. Such stupidity is to be expected from people who are so out of touch with reality.

They have not sent most schools the full compliment of teachers and they expect lessons to start right from the 1st period. The asked schools to finish last year's exams on the last school day of last year, so how the fuck would student know which class are they assigned to this year?

Since schools finished their exams late, they can't collect books given out on loan. They would first have to collect them and then only could they issue them. Yes, there are some clever people saying why not collect those books during the holidays as if teachers are that stupid as to not have that in mind. The problem is that, pupils are not that enthusiastic about coming back to school during the break to return their books and then come again to collect them for the next year.

Try sanctioning them from getting loans if they did not return their books on time and you have politicians from both sides of the divide screaming and hollering at you as if you have just masturbated on tv.

On the 15th of December we had registration for form 1 students and the response was at best mediocre. Sometimes these parents deserve public canings more than their children. So what happens? There will be a rush at the office to register their children on the first day and the Pengarah expected us to start lessons on the first period itself.

Teachers especially those who are teaching Maths, Science and English would be issued their laptops which happens to be those non-performing machines they got last year and so their old headaches are back.

New teachers would need time to get acclimatise to their new surroundings and new pupils especially those who transferred from rural to urban or the other way round.

Then there would be the matter of new administration. Yes, like in my school we have a new principal. With every new head, we need time to read these people, their likes and dislikes. Oh, yes, teachers are also human, don't forget that, they too size people up. There would be those opportunist types who like to suck up and they are just bidding their time before they get to work of apple polishing or durian smoothing.

Classes would be issued their normal stuffs like brooms, dusters, feather dusters and waste paper baskets which incidentally would last about a month before they either fall apart or go missing.

Form teachers are the unluckiest of the lot. Besides having to start teaching as their pengarahs demanded, they would have to sort so many things out like getting their students particulars which to some could take a year, fill in so many forms, collect report cards or report files from their students, collect photographs, prepare discipline cards, fill in the obsolete 001M cards which no one uses anyway, plead, beg, and threaten for pupils to pay their fees, collect them should their pupils bring the money or else risk not ever getting the money, issue resits and the list go on and on and they say teachers have it easy. Want to trade places?

Form 1 form teachers would then have to open up one very big and heavy book to write their students names and particulars which is a duplication of what they have to write in the registers, and assign their students a registration number from which they would then assign their rumah sukan.

The form ones would go through a few days of 'suaikenal' or orientation while the bigger boys and girls would be at their oldselves.

Afternoon teachers would have to go through the hassle of finding a parking spot since their morning counterparts would already occupy the best lots.

Eager and anxious parents would still crowd the school compound as if they are seeing their children for the last time before being sent to Palestine to fight the Israelies. Mind you this is in the secondary school so imagine the number of worried parents in the primary schools.

I have some more to write but I do not want to get myself down before going to work tomorrow so I would stop here.

Don't get me wrong, it is not that we teachers do not like to go to work, i's just that people have this twisted idea that teachers have it easy. Times have changed. We are as loaded with work as with any of you out there, not to mention climbing up staircase to the top floors from one block to another.

Friday 2 January 2009

All I wanted for New Year is ....

I am basically a peace loving man who hates violence, meaning I am just like the rest of you readers who love a peaceful existence in this beautiful land of ours.

I tried to stay away from writing on matters that reveals the violent streak in me which I believe everyone of us has. Yes, there is violence in all of us which we had successfully kept in check.

I would only venture out of this safe cocoon of mine when something really gets to me, gets deep inside of me and troubles me so mush so that I could not just go without venting my anger. If I chose to remain quite and swallow it all I fear the violent in me would get physical. Either it eats me up and gives me an ulcer or it chooses to manifest itself in a physical way.

When I get into this vile mood, I let it off in the most vicious manner I could think off. Trying to compose myself and prevent myself into turning into a physically vicious, savage and spiteful monster, I persuaded myself to write about it. At least those who don't like it could just skip and venture off somewhere.

I am going to call this my New Year's wish. All I wanted for new year is to see the leaders of the illegal state of Israel and their supporters, together with their generals suffer the pains that are not even found in hell.

I have no fucking idea as to who is the fucking bastard who helms that illegal state now but I sure do wish I could get my hands on him. No I won't pound him to a pulp because that would mean instant death and I surely would not want that to happen to him.

His recent round of killings and maimings in Palestine does not deserve just a death sentence. I would be a sin to just kill him. He has to suffer the combine sufferings of all the victims and their kins and friends. He must be made to suffer the combine hardship of the people of Palestine. He must be made to experience the combine fear inflicted on the lives of all the people of Palestine.

Shaming him by making him walk naked in public is just too mild. He should feel the greatest of pain with every step he takes and feel more pain every second he stops.

I have lost my appetite on that bastard. I just wish I have it in me to inflict hellish pains every second that he breathes and that he would live to the end of this century.

My next focus of this extreme hatred I have in me is none other than George Shoeface Bush Jr. This is the biggest devil that has ever set foot on this Earth. No Hitler or Stalin is nothing compared to this evil man.

I just wish that I could send him strapped naked to one of those  nuclear missiles that he sent to maim people and that the missile would take like forever to reach its destination. It would, on its way, bump into thorny bushes and scrapyards with pointed metal edges jutting out indiscriminately.

While on the flight, a 100 pound tin ingot would be tied to each of his balls and sharp barb wire would be spun tightly around his flaccid dick with the spikes pointing inwards. He would then be given enough viagra to last the whole trip and that my readers is just the beginning.

Okay, okay, I would not want to get anymore graphic because I have now lost my appetite with this devil from hell.

Yes, I know there would be wise guys who would question those Islamic suicide bombers and so-called terrorists. All I have to say, is that this injustice is not started by them. When they have been treated like pariah dogs, cornered and beaten and shamed then to some, reprisal is no longer an option, it becomes a duty and I find it very difficult to disagree with them though I don't condone it. So if you come in and question this, I would just delete your comment.

Aah, that is a load off my chest so now I will just put the C4s back in the chest and wait for another day. Oh, anyway Happy new Year.


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