Monday 19 November 2007

Please Sir, Can I Pay Your Phone Bill?

What do you make of the 'Revelation of the Year'. Yes, the Wee press conference concerning the police report made by VK's brother. Fancy, Fairuz's name was not mentioned at all. Anyway, it had all the ingredients of a good movie.

Could it be a true 'Revelation' or could it be a trap? Hey, in this country, I will not be surprised if you find false police reports conveniently surfacing. When I say false police report I don't mean the gist of the report is false, I mean the physical evidence, the paper itself is false. Amongst the contents there were mention of pretending to act 'gila'.

Couldn't that particular 'gila' thing be the markings of a potentially dangerous trap for the opposition? Hey, what if they were to bring in experts who confirmed, that the piece of paper is not the type used by police to print reports on. What if they were to bring in medical personnels who swore that the brother indeed was a couple of cans short of a six-pack?

Being one who is not as successful as the others, the fellow suffers from depression and jealousy and that ate him up to the point of being suicidal, which somehow they could prove, and vindictive, which again some government shrink could prove. Hey, they could any time pull a medical report out of a hat, the same as they could erase immigration reports.

Imagine what would happen then? Do you think I am being paranoid? I chose to believe that I am being careful. It doesn't hurt to be careful, to do some checking before taking the plunge. I hope, they (Wee and gang) have done their homework before committing themselves to something this big.

I was both happy and apprehensive when I read about it at Rocky's. What I was unhappy about was the 'gila' thing. Somehow, I see them exploiting this to the end. Even, if the report is true, I believe they will go all out to prove that he is a lunatic and with all the resources the government has, that is not going to be difficult.

The whole episode may take a twist if Pak Lah see's this as the final hammer on TDM's coffin. No one could doubt that it was TDM who was responsible in the corruption of the judiciary and no one could doubt that TDM is a constant torn in Pak Lah's backside. Seriously, I don't think he would use this ace. It is just too damaging to BN but anything can happen. TDM is not as dumb as he is unscrupulous.

One think I can say for sure. VK is one hell of a mobile phone dealer. He is the nicest dealer in town. He not only gives out free handphones, he even pays the bills. There is a catch though, you've got to be the IGP or a high ranking Judge to qualify for these handouts.


monsterball said...

hahahahahaha...kata tak nak.
On this post of are mixing up personal and political,
Personally...I think Telecom have alot of crooks billing others for t calls...not made by the phone owner.
It's a never ending problem for check and find so many calls charged to my company.....not made by us.
Letters written...stopped awhile...then back again...charges made..not by us.
Worst of all....Telekom does not reply to your letters.
I guess black and white...committing oneself for professional work by managers nowadays are to keep quiet and no to put anything black and white.
On the political side...just read sudden turn of events for lawyer...Lingam.
Brother said he used him and confirm all are true.
Royal Commissioners approved...and out come the caller today...denying everything.
Denying seems to be the popular phrase used today...Crime Chief also deny all corruptions in court.
Usually everything spend so hopeful for real justices coming up...then after elections.....all set case...on mongolia murderers..except one to be he scape goat... and police chief...but Lingam will have a tough time with the Royal commissioners

Unknown said...

The Royal Commission promised would most probably be set up after the erection, oops! I mean election, and the panel would be people who themselves need another Royal commission to investigate.

This Lingam Saga will turn into a comical circus and then forgotten.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Why am I not terkejut berok?(suprise). Firstly ,I am not a berok at that. Secondly, this Lingahm sitcom is becoming more complex and interesting. Names had been named, allegations made, VCD released and re-released with an additional 10 sec that blurped out Fairuz'z name,finally. And soon we will get to see the full 14 minutes or so,of the hot-selling VCD.

And as expected, Lingham came to the press to deny his brother's(Balan) allegations and telling us his brother have had some health problem.Now I can only assume that health problem will need a 2 years admission into Tg Rambutan or Tampoi, I suppose.
Lingham was saying that he kept quite all this while bcoz the case is under investigation and being a good citizen who abides the law, he didn't make any statement earlier, so he said.

Well, I dunno whether he is in the telco/hp biznes or not, but he sure is generous with handphones. But I don't think its the Nokia N series that he gave out. Maybe just the cheapo ones.LOL!

But the cream of this episode for me is the paying of someone else's phone bills! Now, that could run into thousands per month. I mean if I knew someone is paying my bills, heck, I'll make daily overseas call or call my kampong every half an hour to see how my Mak is doing!
That is really something. Paying someone's phone bill. Thats what friends are for che'gu. Thats what friends are for.

Unknown said...

Are all Lingam's like that? I mean paying other people's phone bills? Do you know the meaning of Lingam? If I remember right, it means penis. Correct, correct, correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm just voicing out my fear and concern. I don't want good politicians like Wee to get into trouble. All the silence and out come Balan and the report/s. I still view this with apprehension.

Anyway, which phone shop does Lingam own? I need a free handphone and RM1000 prepaid card.

Anonymous said...

salam Che' Gu,

Sorry, you dont fall under the privilege few to enjoy those benifits.
In order for you to claim those prizes you must be from either one of the following groups:-
1. CJ
2. Police Top Brass or
3. Judges.

By the way Che Gu, I dont blame Lingam for all these rots cause Lingam is still a Lingam.
However what sadden me most is that those above are all Malay. And by Mahathir's standard Malay = Muslim. And you are talking about Muslim CJ and Muslim Judges taking kickbacks and what nots.
These people dont deserve to be called a Muslim.


Unknown said...

Yes very pitiful indeed. Orang Melayu Muslim buat naya kat bangsa sendiri, so orang Melayu semdiri kena tegoq. Wrong is wrong, it doesn't matter who commits it.

Anonymous said...

There's one detail that had me LoLing. The bit about one fler, given the free fone, asked for extra battery. It's so rich....

monsterball said...

hi kata tak nak...Did you watch the video..Sothi took on Lim Kit Siang in parliament?
Go get that...and get more than 7 minutes laugh..showing typical MIC idiotic temper....even wanting a fight with DAP.
DAP Lim has not lost any of his old art and craft to expose these puppies with no brains.
This Sothi is very garan with his moustach Charlie Chaplin....hahahahahaha

Mat Salo said...

Chegu.. at the end of the day, handphone-no-handphone, Lingam-no-Lingam, this story will die its naturally death. To what purpose kita pun tak tahu. We all know it's rotten at the top, but the law and judiciary is impotent; 'Lingam' justice tak leh naik. Everything skewed at the whims of the political masters. Sedih.. sedih sekali. If it weren't real, it would be a good laugh indeed.


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