Friday 30 November 2007

Stop Press

I was watching Jimmy hendricks on youtube when I suddenly heard my youngest daughter laughing her heart out and when I turned and saw what triggered the outburst I nearly dropped off my chair.

Channel 108 or better known as Zee is a dedicated hindi channel and I have observed that they got atrocious BM subtitles but non beats this. This mind you is not a joke. it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Get ready for this.

The singer sang:

Rock me baby.

The translation:

Batu saya bayi.

Thursday 29 November 2007

Muhammad Ali The Greatest Boxer To Ever Grace The Ring

I have always been a fan of boxing. My favourite boxer? I think the title of this post is a give-away.

My first recollection of Muhammad Ali was when my Indian neighbour was trying pathetically to impress upon my father that Sonny Liston went down from a karate chop. "No la uncle, he gave a karate chop on the neck la uncle". My father just laughed it off. Anyway, would a karate chop be a lethal weapon when you are wearing thick gloves. You see they, those in the west, and the non-Muslims in Malaysia, at that time couldn't accept the fact that a Muslim is the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

What impressed me most about Ali is that he blended lightning speed with grace. He was an entertainer extraodinare in the ring. Yes, he got the gift of the gab and that got to many of those who hated him especilally when he proved in rhymes what round he would floor his opponents and his predictions were cunningly true.

As to whether he is a true Muslim, that is not for me to say. If he was taught to be the Muslim that he is, who am I to say that he is wrong. He may be wrong in someone else's eyes but not to his.

Well lets leave that aside. If I am not mistaken his first fight with Frazier was in 1971. The school rented a tv set and all were ushered into the hall. I think they did it more because the teachers wanted to watch the match then anything else. It was very evident. The Malay/Muslims were all for Ali and the rest, including the teachers mind you were all for Frazier and the Malays left the hall dissapointed after the unanimous decision to give Frazier victory which was justified.

His biggest victory must be the Ali-Foreman extravaganza in Kinshasa Zaire and The Thriller in Manila against Frazier.

When Ali took on Foreman, most fans including me thought that Ali was going to be humiliated. I have seen Foreman's previous fights and he was actually Bullman. In one of his earlier fights he even broke the hand of an opponent who blocked his blows. Such was the awesome power of this boxer turned preacher.

When Ali resorted to leaning against the ropes and allowed Foreman to bomb him with massive blows to the body only to come alive in the last minute of each round, I thought, it won't be long. I was right but in a pleasant way. The rope-a-dope tactic paid off. By the last minute of the 8th round Foreman was a spent force and the rally that Ali produced that hot and humid night was a classic. Foreman hit the canvass and was only up to his knees by the count of 9, a second too late.

The Thriller in Manila which many saw as the contributing factor to him contracting Parkinsons, do you get Parkinsons that way, was a fight between 2 colourful heavyweights. Frazier who incidentally lost his 2nd fight with Ali on a decision, and who was obliterated by Foreman, landed heavy and telling blows on Ali but Ali the master entertainer did not dissapiont. He rained punches and Frazier's corner threw in the towel.

Like many others, Ali could have believed that he was invincible. He went on to fight a few fights too many at the age of 40 and above. He paid the price.

Whatever it is, Ali is, to me, the best boxer to ever grace the ring. The only boxer to ever come close in entertainment value is Sugar Ray Robinson and not surprisingly he adopts an identical fighting style to Ali. A bad eye forced him to retire early.

Wednesday 28 November 2007

Bruce Lee?

And they say that PAS is full of stupid uneducated lebais and ignorant people.

Tuesday 27 November 2007

Mai Agar Kahu Song from movie om shanti om

Call me a hopeless romantic but this song really gets to me. I just can't have enough of it. It tugs at my heart though I don't understand the lyrics.

Monday 26 November 2007

Roti Benggali Anyone?

I got up at about 3.00 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so what better way to while the hours than to surf? I go blog hopping and as usual would visit Shah of cakapaje. He has a nice piece today but the second part of his entry is of special interest. It is about 'Roti Benggali'. To those from Penang, 'Roti Benggali' is nothing new and since Shah said that he ate his in Melaka, I guess it is a normal fare there too.

Damn it, I don't have any pictures of Roti Benggali but I would like to share with you some of the ways I like to eat my RB. My most common way of eating RB is to finish off a loaf (its not that big really but very filling) with 2 fried eggs. The eggs must not be fully fried. Sprinkle some ground black peppers and salt and dig in or 'cicah' as we say it here.

RB goes well with any kind of curry, be it fish, beef or mutton or better still, dalca. As far as curry is concern, day old leftover curries are the best. I am not much of a fish man but a day old leftover fish curry with RB is heavenly. In fact, in Penang there is one small mamak shop that sells RB with fish curry.

Shah likes his with kaya which is quite common but I never like anything sweet with my RB. It must be curried or with fried eggs.

I have here a simple recipe on how best to eat RB with both eggs and curry. Some of you may know it already but to the uninitiated, why not give it a try. It is very simple really.

1. Heat a kuali. (wok)
2. A little cooking oil to prevent sticking.
3. Pour in about 3 quarter cup of curry into the kuali. You can either add or reduce the amount.
4. When it boils, break 2 eggs into the wok.
5. Wait for about a minute before stirring the eggs. Do not stir too much.
6. When it is nearly dry, kill the fire.
7. Good for only 1 person. If you don't have RB, you can eat it with Gardenia Bread.

I don't know how you fieel about it but as far as I am concern, the above could anytime be dinner for me. In fact, sometimes, when I run out of ideas on what to eat for dinner, I prepare the above and it is enough and surely cheap.

The price of RB certainly has gone up though. About 3 to 4 years ago it used to cost 30 sen a loaf but is now 80 sen. Just imagine 80 sen a loaf, 60 sen for 2 eggs and your dinner costs you only RM1.40.

I can't thank muteaudio enough for sending me this caption of Roti Benggali.

Friday 23 November 2007

Ringtone Anyone?

(Update) After putting up this post I went into screenshot and saw the same service there, so you could also go there for the ringtone.

Are you having a bad day? Are you tired? Are you feeling depressed and suicidal? I have just the therapy for you. Scroll down my sidebar on the right until you find a widget-box under My Song. Play the first song. It is surely to lull you into a slumber. The melodious sound is therapeutic. If for some reason, you would want to download it for your mobile phone go to Tumpang Sekole or click here
Somewhere in the middle of the post you would get the link to download this heavenly ringtone. Enjoy.

Wednesday 21 November 2007

It Hurts, It really Does Hurt.

This is a true story. No, nothing Earth shattering or anything to that effect but still very interesting to me. Its about everyday things. I was at a mini-market buying stuffs when , at the counter, I heard a Mak Cik lamenting the price she had to pay for her goodies. Now, this mak cik is an ordinary mak cik. By the conditions of her attire you could safely say that she's from an average income family, maybe in the lower rung of the average group. What got to me was when she suddenly said, "Pak Lah terok! Mahathir dulu pandai ekonomi, Pak Lah terok, tak tau apa".

Now this place, Taman Tun Sardon is one of the last Malay bastion in Penang. The Malays there are fiercely UMNO with a sprinkle of Pas supporters and a few Keadilan. What is interesting though is that the leaders' there are known to be staunch Mahathir supporters. The fact that the mak cik exploded that way could be the brain-washing that she got from her children. Of course her children conveniently hid the fact that everything is going up so prices of essentials would naturally follow. But then isn't that what UMNO is good at? Telling half truth is an UMNO trait. Yes, the children must have told her how Pak Lah had gone against his promises but they also failed to explain about the price of crude and wheat and everything else. Oh, how true they are to the UMNO spirit.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Pak Lah has been wronged? No, far from it, he wronged himself so he deserves all the condemnation.

Well, anyway, being there and witnessing her outburst, I decided to see how she would response to some provocation. I saw that her bill was RM37+ so I interjected and said, " Tahun depan, barang banyak tu nanti kena bayaq RM50". Immediately she answered, "Memang la, depa bukan tau apa orang rasa". Then the shopkeeper quipped "Dengaq kata depa nak naik harga gas RM5". Her answer says it all, "Kalau naik RM1 takpa la, naik RM5 mampoih la".

That answer of hers tells me how hurt the common people are by the increasing cost of living. Maybe the authorities didn't see that for non-government servants, their take home pay has actually declined. Previously they were earning quite a lot in overtime at the factories but those days are gone. Overtimes are rare. Komaq, a well-known factory in Penang which employed only Technicians used to pay their workers well. Now I heard that it is bought over and the new management offered their employees continued employment but with reduced pay. Is this true? Can anyone from Komag confirm this?

I am not saying that the people has lost faith in the government but I am saying that, I don't expect this from an UMNO stronghold.

Monday 19 November 2007

Please Sir, Can I Pay Your Phone Bill?

What do you make of the 'Revelation of the Year'. Yes, the Wee press conference concerning the police report made by VK's brother. Fancy, Fairuz's name was not mentioned at all. Anyway, it had all the ingredients of a good movie.

Could it be a true 'Revelation' or could it be a trap? Hey, in this country, I will not be surprised if you find false police reports conveniently surfacing. When I say false police report I don't mean the gist of the report is false, I mean the physical evidence, the paper itself is false. Amongst the contents there were mention of pretending to act 'gila'.

Couldn't that particular 'gila' thing be the markings of a potentially dangerous trap for the opposition? Hey, what if they were to bring in experts who confirmed, that the piece of paper is not the type used by police to print reports on. What if they were to bring in medical personnels who swore that the brother indeed was a couple of cans short of a six-pack?

Being one who is not as successful as the others, the fellow suffers from depression and jealousy and that ate him up to the point of being suicidal, which somehow they could prove, and vindictive, which again some government shrink could prove. Hey, they could any time pull a medical report out of a hat, the same as they could erase immigration reports.

Imagine what would happen then? Do you think I am being paranoid? I chose to believe that I am being careful. It doesn't hurt to be careful, to do some checking before taking the plunge. I hope, they (Wee and gang) have done their homework before committing themselves to something this big.

I was both happy and apprehensive when I read about it at Rocky's. What I was unhappy about was the 'gila' thing. Somehow, I see them exploiting this to the end. Even, if the report is true, I believe they will go all out to prove that he is a lunatic and with all the resources the government has, that is not going to be difficult.

The whole episode may take a twist if Pak Lah see's this as the final hammer on TDM's coffin. No one could doubt that it was TDM who was responsible in the corruption of the judiciary and no one could doubt that TDM is a constant torn in Pak Lah's backside. Seriously, I don't think he would use this ace. It is just too damaging to BN but anything can happen. TDM is not as dumb as he is unscrupulous.

One think I can say for sure. VK is one hell of a mobile phone dealer. He is the nicest dealer in town. He not only gives out free handphones, he even pays the bills. There is a catch though, you've got to be the IGP or a high ranking Judge to qualify for these handouts.

Saturday 17 November 2007

Vroom, Vroom, Vrooooooooommmmm ......?

For those who are bikers, you may have seen this already. I just got to see it a few hours ago. Well, Proton is indeed very serious about producing big bikes and from the pics I saw, it look quite nice. Now I don't want to be negative all the time though I have a bad feeling about it, so I hope this idea about producing big bikes would not be another case of building bombs that would explode in their faces. They have built too many such bombs.

One thing I know is that, Proton is not a maker of quality cars, I just hope that this foray into manufacturing big capacity motorbikes is successful. Please, for once make us proud of our own products.

I for one love to look at big bikes and would love to ride in one. If I can afford it, I would like to own one after I retire. Fancy seeing me in a German Army helmet, with almost knee high leather boots, leather jackets and a huge belly riding a chopper. If ever I get one, it must be a chopper. The more classic the design, the better. Anyway have a look at this beauty and maybe some aficionados could comment. I can't. I wouldn't know if it is copied or trully original in design.
Must get a Dukun to jampi a bit so that this bike can sell, otherwise gone la my backside

Hopefully the order books are not as empty as the second tower.

Aiyo, full tank means how much must pay ah? Pak Lah wants to increase the price some more, die la like this.

Hey, I've seen this rim somewhere before, hmm! Aiya! the exhaust pipe potong stim la.

Friday 16 November 2007

The People's KPI Award

I have read with keen interest a certain MB's formula of giving his officers the wake up call. He must have thought that he was being clever by offering non-performing officers with such gifts.

I wonder what if his approach were to be adopted by the federal government? I wonder what if such gifts becomes the norm every year-end?

I would like to suggest that we let the people decide the KPI instead of some stupid officers. Yes, what if the people decide on which Ministry/s perform and which bombed? Their votes are tallied by a reputable and honest group of people and gifts are handed out.

To the ministries that perform, a letter of commendation is given. No, no overseas trip or even local tours because that would be a waste of public resources. I am sure they would be happy with just a letter of commendation or would they?

Well I have decided on the government's performance for the year 2007 and have decided to send the whole of Putrajaya these gifts. Hey, I am just copying what an MB did.

Monday 12 November 2007

Magic Formula

"... the present fuel subsidy scheme could not go on as it was costing the Government RM80bil a year".

To be fair to the person who made the above statement, yes, the price of crude has gone over USD90 and may hit the century mark soon. To be fair to Malaysians, Malaysia is a net exporter of crude and any price increase in the price of crude means more money for the country, not Petronas. One thing has got to be made clear. Petronas belongs to the people. It is not somebody's grandfather's company where they only need to pay tax like any corporate citizen and the rest of the money is theirs.

Now, people are talking everywhere about this strange suggestion that the rich pay more for fuel and the poor pay less. Hey, don't get me wrong, I am not against everything that the government does. If it really works that way, its okay with me but then the rich could always pay more, that's why we call them rich. I am just wondering, like many of my friends, how are they going to implement this?

A friend said to me something that made sense, at least it made sense to me. They are worried about the amount they have to come out in subsidies because that could curb their spending. If their spending is not curbed then they could carry out more ridiculously priced projects where they, their friends and kins could reap vulgar profits. This being so, they must find a way.

Since there are more poor then rich in this country, the present subsidy helps the poor more while the rich are smiling. If they were to cut the subsidies then its their friends and kins who stand to gain from the extra projects they could implement while the poor would be burdened by having to pay extra either through more expensive fuel or more expensive road-tax. As for the rich, you can triple the cost of fuel and it doesn't amount to much for them, after all, they are rich aren't they?

Now lets see how they are going to implement this? I am not an economist or a brilliant businessman so I could only see 2 strategies that they may take to implement this.

The first one is a very-very silly and confusing strategy where you pay for fuel at different prices according to the cc of your engine. How are they going to do this, I don't know and I agree that this is silly. If implemented, you could always fill your kancil up and transfer the fuel via a hose to your Mercedes or Honda Accord or Lexus. Now who is going to stop the service station operator from mistaking a Rover or Jaguar for a Savvy or Kelisa?

The above strategy doesn't make sense so lets kill it. The next one is to increase the road tax. Road tax were cut about 2 years ago and now they may have to increase it. If this strategy is employed, I can guarantee you that it is not only going to go to pre-cut days but may double that.

I don't believe that the subsidies amount to 80 billion ringgit. as they claimed. Lets half it and make it 40 billion. Lets say they want to half the subsidy to 20 billion meaning they have to earn 20 billion somewhere. 20 billion divide by all the vehicles in the country comes to quite a hefty sum. If they chose to exempt motorcycles than its gone case for all car-owners.

If you really want to make the rich pay and ensure the poor are not hurt then why not impose a levy on the rich or on the price of luxury cars. Levy on luxury cars will not net them 20 billion thats for sure.

So how are they going to do it? Please somebody enlighten me, the suspense is killing me. I am anxious because I need to know, how else are they going to make my life miserable. The prices of essentials are already driving me crazy.

Sunday 11 November 2007


Lets put politics and the country in the back seat for a while. To tell you the truth I am itching to write about the event of the year we all know but the date 11/11 is a sacred date to me.

On 11/11/79 I got married to the woman you see in the pic above. Today is the 11/11/07. We are married for 28 years today. 28 blissfull years. Sorry the pic is about a few months old. Yes, we went out for dinner with the whole family but forgot to take along the camera.

Boy, 28 years flew just like that. Our marriage had its fair share of ups and downs and hiccups but I dare say that I have been lucky in that all those are just silly incidences, nothing serious. In fact, I could say it was plain sailing all the way and the only bad weather we had to face were maybe 3 to 4 foot waves.

Well on a lighter note I could boast that I got married in the 20th century and am still married to the same woman this century; heck we were married in the last millennium and are still going strong this millennium.

I am indeed very-very happy and I guess I owe it all to my wife for always being there beside me. She is a true and true house-maker, superwoman, super-mother and super-wife. What would I do without her?

Any regrets? None. Wish? Please God, if any of us were to go first, let it be me. I know I am being selfish but I just can't bear the thought of a life without her.

To my darling wife, I Love You Very Much.

Friday 9 November 2007

My Prayers Are With You

I will not be able to make it to KL for the 100,000 strong Solidarity Show to demand for a fair election and thereafter a Just Malaysia. I'll wear yellow here in Penang though it means nothing to many.

However to my brothers and sisters who are willing to brave all the threats thrown at them I stand humble before you and take my hats off. You are truly gallant citizens. I am truly ashamed that I could not make it to offer my presence.

To you my brothers and sisters I offer my prayers that the gathering will be a peaceful one for we are a peaceful lot whose only demand is to be heard. May ALLAH bless the gathering. May you gather in peace and leave for home safely.

Wednesday 7 November 2007

Don't Fuck With Me

Some bloody bastards have begun to try to be funny with me by dirtying my blog with their presence. I suspect these bastards are one of two. Either they are truly uneducated non-malays venting out their frustrations by making very uncalled for racist remarks aimed at fucking up the Malays. If these bastards are this kind then all I can say is FUCK YOU. This is not the place and I will delete your comments.

I also suspect that these bastards or even 1 bastard masquerading as a few is actually one or some of the fucking UMNO cyber-troopers masquerading as non-Malays fucking up the Malays. If these bastards belong to this group then all I can say is that while you are prostituting yourself to UMNO your mother is sucking cocks in hell. I will delete your comments. Kejap ade, kejap tak ade.

Why don't you go fuck spiders you mother-fuckers.


To all Hindus I would like to wish you a Happy Diwali. May this day bring LIGHT into your life. If going home drive safely.

Saturday 3 November 2007

Amar Makruf Nahi Mungkar

As in the past years, while plans for UMNO's General Assembly are in full swing, we will get statements of noble intentions by their leaders. True to form, all those assertions of nobility were mere rhetoric.

One common promise that has been made over and over again, is the war against money politics. Yes, you read it right, War Against Money Politics. What? You have heard it before? You would like to hear something new? Keep it, this charade is here to stay.

Yes, you have heard it so many times before that you must have forgotten when it all started. You will wonder will it ever stop. You doubt that there will be a cure to this ill. Well, do not be surprised if I were to say that there is indeed a cure. No, Doc Tokasid does not have a vaccine for this disease.

Let me tell Najib, who made a statement to this effect, how to 'stamp out money politics'. If he could answer YES to these questions then we are well on our way to kill money politics.

1. Can he guarantee that holding posts in UMNO means working for the people and the country and that is all there is to it.?

2. Can he guarantee that being a YB does not mean that the incumbent would be in a favourable position to amass great wealth?

3. Can he guarantee that working hard for someone to be a YB does not translate into putting oneself in a favourable climate to gain favours from the government?

4. Can he guarantee that being a YB is not equals to being given a licence to be an unofficial king.

5. Can he guarantee that being highly placed in UMNO does not mean that the whole government machinery belongs to you?

6. Can he guarantee that being very-very highly placed in government does not mean that your kins, in-laws included, would automatically be given riches and powers acceding that of an Agong?

7. Can he guarantee that being an UMNO bigwig does not mean that you are given a golden share in Judiciary Inc.

8. Can he guarantee that to be an UMNO bigwig you must enslave yourself completely at the expense of everything else?

9. Can he guarantee that by being an UMNO Taiko, the word 'commission' will cause you to vomit blood?

10. Can he guarantee that by being an UMNO 'Orang Besar' means one swears to uphold the teachings of the Quran and that one would rather be inflicted by all known cancers then to go against the teachings of the Quran?

I have given only 10. Can he guarantee that he will work and will achieve these goals? If he can answer YES to all these, then he does not have to worry about 'stamping out money politics'. It will happen naturally.

To make it simple, just in case all these are too confusing, can he swear that all UMNO big guns must swear and will practice AMAR MAKRUF NAHI MUNGKAR. If he answers yes ...... lets wait for him to say yes first.


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