Thursday 13 December 2007

Something Funny Happened

This story is fresh from the oven. It happened barely half an hour ago. Let me start from the beginning.

This morning, my daughters took their mother to a dental clinic. At the clinic, a nurse who happens to be a relative of my eldest daughter's friend was extremely friendly. She was talking and enquiring about the girls and my wife.

True to form, the dentist refused to extract my wife's tooth saying that it is still good. She asked my wife to come back in 2 months for the extraction, although my wife complained that the tooth was giving her sleepless night. No this story is not about the tooth nor the late date for the extraction. That part is just to highlight the kind of service you get in government clinics.

Back to the story. About half an hour ago, my wife got a call from a number that she doesn't recognise. The person introduced herself as the nurse who tended to my wife this morning. After some short formalities, she went straight to the point. She enquired about my eldest daughter. She wanted to know if my daughter is married. When my wife told her that my eldest is already taken she enquired about the other daughter who is only 20.

She told my wife that she has a suitable suitor for my daughter. He is an officer in a government agency. She also said that she has done this many times before and that all those couples are happily married off. My wife was obviously shocked. Apparently, when my wife registered at the clinic, she took down the phone number for her own consumption because my wife told me that another nurse also asked my wife for her phone number since it was not written in the card.

My youngest daughter was fuming mad because my wife had entertained that nurse. She gave a definite no. What strikes me most is that, this thing still goes on on this time and age. Its not something new, but I thought this practise is already dead. I have not stopped teasing my youngest daughter and she was none to please with it.

This however reminds me of how my sister got married. One day 26 years ago my late mother went to the Jelutong market with my sister. She did not know that on her way back she was followed by an elderly lady. Later that evening, the lady came to our house with her eldest daughter. My late mom was of course puzzled because she was not familiar with the lady.

They introduced themselves and said that they would like to ask for my sister's hand for the lady's son. Initially she did not say that it was for her son. I was in Kelantan at that time. That night I called home as I usually do. My mom told me what happened and asked for my opinion. I just said I would object if my sister objects. My sister being the filial daughter that she had always been left everything to my daughter.

My mother accepted the proposal and they have been happily married for the past 26 years. They have 2 sons and 2 daughters. He has taken her almost around the world so I guess it was a wise decision.

As for me right now, I am going to have fun teasing my youngest. I know she already has a boyfriend so I am not about to go mess with her life.


Mr. Right said...

Muhahahha... Yup, this thing still happen la sekarang. Ramai makcik2 yang takde kerja dan rajin menolong. And pahala pun besar kalau 'kahwinkan' orang.

Typo ke here:

"My sister being the filial daughter that she had always been left everything to my daughter."

and... cant wait for Sunday showdown. Player M.U cukup rest ke? Hope ref will neutral this time.

Unknown said...

Mr Right.
The ref has always been neutral. Dah ready ka? Are you really ready? Dah pikiaq habih ka ni? No regrets?

Memang typo tu.

Accia said...

salam chegu,
my cousin from penang pon kena match make jugak. she got married just last year. so i guess this thingy is still going on.

ali allah ditta said...


Kalu tanya orang UMNO depa akan kata itu budaya kita. Tapi kalu tanya aku,di zaman meleset ini makcik2 dan sapa saja buat kerja ni untuk dapat side income saja. Al-maklum sajalah percentage yang depa akan dapat tinggi.

Ala cikgu zaman sekarang orang tak buat gitu dah...bagilah anak kita pilih sendiri,sekurang2nya kalu jadi apa2 nanti depa tak salahkan kita. Sekurang2nya you will be happy thenceforth.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahha...hey come on, give her a break. first and foremost, she can do way better than to marry someone she has no knowledge of. and secondly, its quite an insult coming from them to presume she's a willing candidate. personally, i think your daughters are pretty-bunch, the younger one have plenty of options ahead. only that hopefully she makes the right choice, but again, its solely up to her.

i remember the post where you introduced your family members, i kinda knew your first was already taken. no surprise there. your son-in-law is one lucky dude. only unlucky to be the only kop amongst the devils.

Unknown said...

Yang menariknya, bila dia mintak no phone dia tak tulis dalam kad, dia ambik kat dia. Macam-macam cara depa guna.

Unknown said...

Budaya UMNO dengan budaya Melayu jauh beza. Budaya Melayu budaya manusia bertamadun. Budaya UMNO sedih sekali ialah budaya binatang.

Unknown said...

Maybe kita kena suruh shah come to Penang and meet this nurse. Mana lah tau ada jodoh.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

waiting for shah to read what he has to say...hihi...

zorro said...

By the way chegu....Haris told me that he called you. Everything OK now?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu, nak tumpang lalu ye :)

Oooh kerp! Ni kerja hang no! Takpa, nanti cek jumpa doktor cek...specialist mah! :)

monsterball said...

Having a 20 year old daughter..still not married do get bees to try get close to that beautiful flower with bad intentions.
Bumble bee are...will sting at whoever tries funny with her.....hahahahahaha
You should tell her she is fully aware and not get surprises.

Unknown said...

Oh don't worry, my daughter knows all about it and she strongly objected. I myself don't think it was a good idea.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

1- Nak cabut gigi cepat?Mai Melaka.Mrs TA akan cabutkanNo pain I guarantee you!LOL.

2- Nurse tu dah macam buat part-time agensi mencari jodoh saja nih...Memang kamseng(komisen) cantik kot.Hang bagi nombot hp aku kat nurse tu.Kot2 dia boleh cari anak mami kat aku.Heh3.

3-Boipren anak dah tau ka ada org nak cari jodoh? Jgn sampai bekelaie sudah la no budak2 tu.

4- Anak menakan nurse tu tak reti nak cari seniri ka?

Lily Abdullah said...

Salam cikgu,
ha..ha..ha..ha(ketawa dulu).
Nak cerita pengalaman saya & rakan2 yang terlebih umur(masuk 30an) tak kawin2 juga. Pastu ada la yang cuba2 nak tolong kita dirikan masjid. Maka dicarilah untuk kita lelaki2 40-50an(mungkin yg anak sulungnya sebaya kita juga). Lelaki2 ni solo la kata depa(samada kematian bini@menceraikan bini)...ish geram saya....macam la kita kebulur sangat nak berlaki. Family tak bising pun - tapi orang keliling yang ambil pusing.

Unknown said...

Dak la, dia buleh kata, setakat ini semua yang dia kira tak ada masalah. Aku terkejut betoi bila call tu masuk. Tercengang sebab tak sangka ada lagi orang macam ni.

terpulang kat anak aku la kalau dia nak bagi tau kat boipren dia, Ikut aku biaq bagi tau. Jangan dok berahsia, Bukan salah dia, bukan dia yang pi cari, rang yang call tanya.

Unknown said...

Thanks atas cerita tu sebab dapat bantu saya. You see, kami di sek ada la sorang ckg pompuan awal 3oan tak kawin lagi dan ada pulak sorang lelaki about the same age pun tak kawin lagi. Kami pun ada jugak dok try padankan depa. Now with the input from you saya sedar yang kami kena very careful sbb tak tau orang suka ka tak suka kami buat macam tu.
Tapi kami tak charge apa-apa. Keluaq duit sendiri pun takapa asalkan kawan seronok. Thanks again.

Lily Abdullah said...

Haa..kalau macam tu kira "match" cikgu. Sebaya,sama2 bujang dan sama-sama tak penah nikah. Sebenarnya hubby ngan saya pun adik angkat dia yang tolong "match"kan. CP sama CP dan umur pun agak sebaya( sebenarnya saya tua 2 tahun dari hubby heh3).Sebenarnya terpulang pada niat masing2. Pahala besaq tolong orang dirikan masjid ni. Sapa tak nak nikah ye tak? Hanya golongan "sonsang" je yang tak nak dirikan masjid ni.

Unknown said...

You percaya ka tak kalau I cerita ada satu keluarga yang I kenal, dimana its the parents yang discourage the daughters from getting married. Daughter2 tu semua educated belaka tapi parents depa tak galakkan anak-anak depa kawin. Ada satu yang rebellious yang kawin jugak tapi yang lain tu tak kawin. Ada yang dah fifty something, good looks tapi tak kawin.

Rational parents depa ialah, man are out for their daughters money only. Depa takut daughters ni akan spend money on their respective husbands rather than on the family. I fail to understand this kind of people. Parents should be making preparations for their children to be married off, depa pulak dok try their best to discourage. Kesian kat anak-anak depa tu.


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