Friday 9 November 2007

My Prayers Are With You

I will not be able to make it to KL for the 100,000 strong Solidarity Show to demand for a fair election and thereafter a Just Malaysia. I'll wear yellow here in Penang though it means nothing to many.

However to my brothers and sisters who are willing to brave all the threats thrown at them I stand humble before you and take my hats off. You are truly gallant citizens. I am truly ashamed that I could not make it to offer my presence.

To you my brothers and sisters I offer my prayers that the gathering will be a peaceful one for we are a peaceful lot whose only demand is to be heard. May ALLAH bless the gathering. May you gather in peace and leave for home safely.


zewt said...

i am astonished to read that the PM said he will crack down on the rally and 'something bad is going to happen'.

Unknown said...

They will do anything to drown out our voice.

Mat Salo said...

I too am appalled at "threats" made by the leaders. I think they're afraid..

Chegu, I dunno how to paint my blog yellow. I only managed to paint the sides only.. alahai..

Hi&Lo said...

Sir, either we stand for something or fall for anything.

Today is a defining moment of Malaysian history. I salute every one who made it to the yellow tsunami hitting KL, despite all the warnings and threats.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...I understand your position. Don't feel bad for not able to joining us walking.
You is one that I can identify that walk the talk...if ever you can. Your blog messages are self explainatory.
Take friend.


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