Friday 5 October 2007

Go To Hell

This is going to be a short post because I am just too disgusted but I have to write about it just to let off steam.

Two whistle blowers are being charged for fabricating evidence and conspiring to get the IGP. Well who else are better at fabricating evidence and conspiracies if not certain parties at "Peace Hill'?

Sivarasa and a certain somebody are instructed to name the person who gave them the tapes or else face the possibility of being charged.

Wow! Welcome to Bolehland. If Mahathir's reign was bad and oppressive enough, congratulations Pak Lah, you have just beaten the old man. I am sure he would congratulate you if he could.

As for me, this is all I have to say. To all of you dirty, corrupt and evil bastards, Go To Hell.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Yes! I'm with you! Let's knock their beans off this PRU12! Let's work hard towards it! Whether we win or not in the PRU is irrespective; what matter is that we do it in the name of Him!

Unknown said...

I've been doing my part for quite sometime now. The first thing I do is that I do not make my political orientation a secret even with the pejabat people. That is my right.

aN_archi said...

Hey,hey,hey.... dude,
take it easy man. You gotta watch your BP. Besides its Friday and its gonna be the weekend. Not to mention its the fast-ing month, so you gotta do some slow-ing down.
You gotta wait till buka-time to be able to get a smoke anyway, unless of course...

Asil said...

Now, think about our General Elections. Are they fabricated and corrupted? What will happen to our next elections? Corrupted too?

Sometimes, I believe our votes are useless, unless total independent agency (United Nations?) replacing SPR...

p/s: Cikgu, I always luv this type of topic

zorro said...

Buddy, keep blogging about this. Even if the goons at Peace Hill don't read this, other Malaysians will awaken if we start uring them to get up. Many malaysians are awake, but getting them out of bed can be trying....continue blogging on this and that my finally get them out of bed. Cegu....get your blog readers to sign the petition at Haris needs all the support. Go to Peoples Parliament for details. Please. Cheers buddy.

Anonymous said...

If this country is being managed properly, we could have been a great nation, but since we always compared ourselves with Ghana, then we are really a bunch of hypocrites. Then again Ghana played in the last World Cup and we are struggling with teams like Laos & Myamar.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

When I first knew it at bakaq's blog, my emotions ran high( so is my BP). I was angry,sad,upset and hangin satu badan.

But knowing how our Police/BPR and judiciary worked, why am I not suprised? Becoz this sort of thing had been done before. They had to do this to save the few powerful skins implicated.

after DSAi's incident, I believe our Police is capable of doing anything. And they are not alone. Their cohorts are at powerful places.

I too had been fighting this war for a long time. And become a victim of their repercussion. But I don't give a damn about what they thought of me.
Amal Makruf nahi mungkar.

Hi&Lo said...


No matter how bleak the hope, we must not give up on hope.

You take care of your health cos you need to fight another day.

Selamat Berpuasa

Unknown said...

I just get fucking angry when they do that. These bastards know that we, at least those who are constantly surfing the net, will know about it but they just don't fucking care. Well, fuck them.

Unknown said...

There is no way the bastards will allow truly independent organisations to monitor our elections.

Unknown said...

I will not keep quiet, I can't keep quiet.

Unknown said...

You are right the Ghanaian has got a hell of a football team, what do we have?

Unknown said...

Sapa tak hangin doc, awat depa ni tak takut kat tuhan langsung ni. Bila depa dah inherit satu corrupt system takkan depa nak tukaq. Sama lah depa semua, Musibat.

Unknown said...

I will never give up. I am confident that these crooks will get their just reward, maybe not in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Kata Tak Nak .....HELL are for the souls REJECTED by HEAVEN.
What if the souls are rejected by HELL ?
So, those goons may as well be wondering souls on earth.
Cheer up Cik gu....they had already sold their souls to the ghost.

Mat Salo said...

Relak, Chegu, Relak. I too am getting sick and tired of the shenanigans at Peace Hill. Porrraah. Nama aja Peace Hill. But all sorts of dirty deeds are being concocted there. What do they take us for? Stupid? Sheeeat! Keep on writing about it Sir, although I know it's not good for the BP dept but it's also a constuctive way of letting off steam!

But you're spot-on. Who screwed things up? Ask our previous and current PM lah!

Asil said...

These bastards fixed and screwed the system. They need to be "fixed". They need to be flushed out. Actually the system I'm talking about is the system that we created for these bastards. The system that we created with our attitudes. These bastards live and breathe happily with our attitudes.

Attitudes? "Takpe", "Bior la", "Selagi tak perang...", Pejam sebelah mata, Akademi Fantasia, etc.

Secara amnya, "Sikap yang tak mahu memberatkan kepala hotak! Sikap ingin bersenang-senang"

So, we need to change. Or it'll comeback to haunt us...

monsterball said...

kata tak nak....Since Mahathir's time...UMNO is totally different from the old UMNO. Yes..Pak Lah is now the PM and bears all the wrongs did by UMNO under Mahathir. I think you are wrong to say Pak Lah is worst than Mahathir. If you say..Pak Lah have not the guts to straighten out things left over by Mahathir...then you are right. So UMNO cannot be trusted..and that end was clearly seen under Mahathir's last election. We gave Pak Lah the chance to clean up things...see what happen? Same idiotic pain in the arse styles of UMNO ministers..same sickening mentalities..worst still...true Malaysians blowing the whistle are being hurled if like convicts....proving they will go all out at all cost to protect Mahathir and UMNO. No change and getting worst...because those crooks know Pak Lah cannot do anything to them. Pak Lah..and most of UMNO ministers are a bunch of shit people.
Now sit back and think....who are the real culprits? Presuming all voters gave Pak Lah a chance and if UMNO wins again...then it is the voters that are shit we deserve to be manage by shit minsters. Let us not keep passing the buck and blame the government. It is US...the voters.
Lets see how much we really love our children and country. Next election will show the truth of all...and bambooo river have clearly put out what is hell or heaven for all to think seriously.

Unknown said...

Pak Lah has the chance to show that he is more human than Mahathir but he chooses to lie low and let others destroy the country. I know, and I agree, its difficult to beat Mahathir as far as cruelty is concerned but if we were to measure their performance in their 1st 5 years then Pak Lah is far behind.

Unknown said...

Mat Salo,
Aren't we all exasperated by the ineffectiveness of the present admin. He is given the chance to undo what Mahathir had done and come out a hero and what did he do? He goes to sleep.

Unknown said...

Yes, true indeed Malaysians are getting what they voted. You vote stupidly you get a stupid government. The fucking prob;em with us is that we are too blind.

monsterball said...

Yes KTN....For the first 10 years..there were not much to complaint about Mahathir....but he was building up his strengthening himself as a dictator. He had very selfish ulterior motives all along.
We begin to see the real Mahathir from his last 12 years when he was constantly concerned...then he did show he was a dictator and all his projects needed billions...and when one failed...he put another billion to bail it out....because his family interest were at stake.
I like the CNN interview he had..where he was concerned and felt uncomfortable....that was the first time...I saw his cunning smile... to the whole world live!!
That was the time....I knew this man will divide the people..especially the Malays for his own advantages..not for the country. he was cornered....yet he felt no shame.
It s UNFAIR for you to take his first few years to compare to Pak Lah....that's what pro Mahathir people are doing. Don't fall into that trap of logic....kata tak nak.Judge both by their characters.
Both are stinkers....but who is worst?

Anonymous said...

Sheikh,I'm with you.And there are lot of others too.But when are we going out to the streets like those Pakis and Burmese?

monsterball said...

alhusseyn....kata tak nak calls himself as 'Cikgu Nazri"
Thought you like to know.

monsterball said...

'concerned" should be "cornered" on my message.
Sorry for typing error

monsterball said...

And kata tak nak.....One should not compare year by year and judge a man. One should take all that were done....and Mahathir was a corrupted dictator...that brought our country to the brink of bankcrupcy at one time...destroyed UMNO...split the malays....controlled the police and judges...put an i9nnocent man...his greatest enemy into jail....put thousands of companies out of business...a possible run off by foreign banks..want nothing to do with Malaysia..use billions to bail out companies with his son holding major interest.
Our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman warned us...we ignored.
Take all tat....and tell me Pak Lah worst than Mahathir...and don't forget....Mahathir have a track record to be very he knows exactly what he was doing don't he? Now we also said Pak Lah is sleeping PM and an how to compare and apple with an orange?

Unknown said...

Personally, I still hate Mahathir more than anyone else but Pak Lah should becareful. This disease is very2 dangerous.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak....I have given up, hope on Pak Lah to be "People's PM".
He is weak and dare not make great fact no decisions ..big or small by himself.
However...he cannot make more harm..that are not already there.
He is another selfish enjoying life like a Mahathir..and want to stay that way.That's all he cares....dirty politics and self benefits.
Reading from "kickdefella" the poorest of the poor in Kelantan...make me sick to the on earth these people can pray 5 times a day..have the power to do all good...yet don't do it.
The only logical answer is...if all are is so easy to manage the whole any party can do it.
That's why UMNO make a rojak of our country with PAS together..playing race and religion politics on the Malays...all these 50 years.
Astronaut is but a political campaign to win votes.
Youths will be forever seperated into races and religion under UMNO and those dirty 14 parties under the so call BN. All are playing dirty politics to stay alive.
Malaysia is such a small country...yet the problems are ten times more than others with ten times more people in their countries.
That's the smartness of these dirty politicians.

Anonymous said...

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