Friday 16 November 2007

The People's KPI Award

I have read with keen interest a certain MB's formula of giving his officers the wake up call. He must have thought that he was being clever by offering non-performing officers with such gifts.

I wonder what if his approach were to be adopted by the federal government? I wonder what if such gifts becomes the norm every year-end?

I would like to suggest that we let the people decide the KPI instead of some stupid officers. Yes, what if the people decide on which Ministry/s perform and which bombed? Their votes are tallied by a reputable and honest group of people and gifts are handed out.

To the ministries that perform, a letter of commendation is given. No, no overseas trip or even local tours because that would be a waste of public resources. I am sure they would be happy with just a letter of commendation or would they?

Well I have decided on the government's performance for the year 2007 and have decided to send the whole of Putrajaya these gifts. Hey, I am just copying what an MB did.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...


public opinion on this subject splits into two. and for once i'm with md khir as this broomstick idea is original and serve them who rested on their laurel right. time to really buck up.

and if the federal gomen applies the same formula, i tell ya i'm venturing into direct-marketing business selling, yes you guessed it, brooms. their inefficiencies means business will prosper at the same time.

just my 2 sens worth.

Unknown said...

I agree with you as to waking up the personnels with the broomstick. The problem is how do you expect for those at the bottom to be awake when the CEO of Selangor Inc himself is asleep. How do you expect for those down the line to be clean when the numero uno stinks to high heaven. Let me relate to you one story told me by my late brother when he was with a Japanese concern in Prai.

During one night shift, because of the negligent of a few operators, a few hundred thousand yards of materials had defects in the dying process.

The next day, the head of the department, a Japanese, was called up. Of course he said he was at home asleep at that hour. You can't expect him to be at the plant 24/7. No that was not good enough. He was the department's boss and thereby responsible for what happens to the department. He was shipped back to Japan the very next day.

Yes, Khir did a good thing. but could have reprimanded the officers. He could call a press conference and issue a very stern statement. Leave the rest to the press. He should also remember, he is the boss of Selangor. If Selangor sucks, he is responsible for it. He should have sent himself a used broom as a reminder that he has not been a good CEO.

I have some money stashed up for old age, I would love going into business with you supplying brooms as gifts to inefficient government departments coz I assure you at the last count they account to about 90% of all government departments. As for the ministers, we supply them used brooms. I have seen a nice bungalow I would like to purchase with the profits. Hey, you buy a broom for 3 ringgit and sell them to the government for RM50, thats good money man.

monsterball said...

Aiya...kata tak nak...Have we both not seen enough such side shows to get votes for UMNO?
These cunning blokes do come out with new ideas to get Malaysians excited by their so call so alert smart management.
One forgets so easily..illegal billboards were hanging all over Selangor and Federal Territory...yet no ACA checking corruptions so clearly seen...indirectly all pointing to MB of Selangor..
brooms or no brooms...kata tak nak...don't waste your time.
Just sleep well everyday..and get ready for general election. You know where to put your "X" don't you? Don't tell me...votes are secret and let me guess.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

If I'm not mistaken some ministries do have KPIs! I vaguely remember some not so many years ago at least one minister introduced it. But like many many things introduced, it fell apart not long after, only for some other things to be introduced.

Ok, now I remember. Supposedly, Biro Pengaduan Awam is the regulator for all government agencies including ministries. I've had the pleasure of meeting several of their officers sometime back and I believe them to be honest and hardworking. However, like many other government agencies, they too operate with one hand tied to their back, ie, well, you know what I mean.

xonar said...

the broom is essential for them coz' its more efficient,for pushing dirt under the carpet.

tokasid said...


I know this one thing for sure. My neighbouring apek hardware will definitely smile ear-to-ear tomorrow when I tell him of your suggestion of extending the Broom award to the federal depts too.
Maybe every years boleh buat macam Grammy awards kot?

ali allah ditta said...


Khir Toyo might had gone a bit too far with his penyapu caper.He should have given it to Pat Lah instead,so as to remind him that either he sweeps clean or be swept out.

Lets sweep them out for good.


Unknown said...

The illegal billboards gives me an idea. What about pictures of brooms on the billboards.

Unknown said...

I pity the good, clean and efficient government officers. They are caught in the middle. Just last night I was told by a friend how he received instructions from a higher authority in his department to fake reports to cover his boss's arse.

Unknown said...

To Malays, the broom is 'sial'. The hand that gives in this particular case, should be given a bigger and dirtier broom.

Unknown said...

Penerima anugerah Sri Penyapu Al Buruki ialah ... masyaallah, ramainya.

Unknown said...

Yes, exactly, that is why I propose the award goes national. We can always save some for Najib, Zam and Nazri, heck, the whole cabinet la.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

got your point sir. but still i'm with the broom idea simply bcos the rakyat are dealing directly with the local councils and those of a lower gomen rank. what he did may be accursed to those who are superstitious but it was a case of nothing to lose, as far as the rakyat is concerned.

Anonymous said...

The boss is accountable, if the council president and it's council is not performing, heads must roll, not being given broom. You think these guys can be embarassed meh by given the broom? Heck, these guys who run the council are not embarassed at all for giving low down services to the rakyat, pushing the rakyat from one dept to another, letting them wait for ages for counter services and introducing various petty licenses for the rakyat to cari makan, taxing them even more. Then, leave the street lights broken, man hole uncovered, clogged drain, inconsistent garbage collection and various other inefficiency.

Broom is just publicity seeking sideshow for showing the nation he has some great ideals, but frankly, no need such publicity, sack or demote those who can't perform. So easy yet so hard to implement.

Unknown said...

Yes, fire them if they don't perform. Why must the civil-service be any different?

Anonymous said...

salam shah

it must have been a while since i last posted a comment on your blog or even communicated with you in any manner. but i trust you are doing just great.
I like you idea on the pka (The Peoples KPI Award). Should there be such award for a blogger, then i supposed i would not even make it into the preliminary list.
Anyway, I've read somewhere in the alternative media that the originator of KPI wanted his idea for business. So i wonder when did our government and its machineries turned into business entities?
Is it true that ministers are now business people whose very performance would be measured by the KPI?
Do tell me someday... :)


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