Friday 5 August 2011


Masuri is very ambitious. He wants to be Prime Minister so he decides to use the service of Koyakutty who himself was an ex Prime Minister. He knew how Koyakutty ruthlessly smeared and cut down to size Matakuyu. Matakuyu was the one who succeeded Koyakutty as PM.

So successful was Koyakutty that Matakuyu is now a non entity. Koyakutty installed Nasmon as Matakuyu's replacement hoping that Nasmon would toe the line and abide by his orders but Nasmon had a very strong missing rib who got him in all kinds of trouble, not to say that Nasmon himself is not without failings.

The story goes that Koyakutty is very-very displeased with Nasmon for trying to be independent and decided to get rid of him and eventually install Mucousryz, his son, as the next Emperor. As his name suggests, Mucousryz is still green, his mucous has not dried yet, so no one would take kindly to the idea of being led by a baby.

Koyakutty knows that he has to install someone else first and serve for enough time till Mucousryz's mucous dry up so he pounced on Masuri, knowing of his ambition, and made a pact. Masuri welcomes the offer and a plan had been put in place.

The plan is so successful that Nasmon is suffering the fate of Matakuyu before his 'banishment'. Koyakutty wants everything to be done fast because he knows that his twice by-passed tinker could decide to call it a day anytime. He is no spring chicken you know.

I do not know the outcome of this tale but I do have a few questions. Masuri, though not known for his brilliance, is not dumb to be able to be where he is right now. He should know that a person like Koyakutty is not to be trusted at all. If Koyakutty could destroy Matakuyu and Nasmon, he could do the same to him (Masuri).

If he succeeds in dethroning Nasmon then it would mean that he will have to toe the line and do whatever Koyakutty orders or suffers the same fate as PM5 and PM6. Now would he want to be a mere puppet? I don't think so.

Does this mean that Masuri is confident that he could be his own man? How? Does this also mean that Masuri is banking on Koyakutty's tinker deciding that it is taking a long long long break and with that he could send Mucousryz to Kerala to meet his distant cousins?

I do not know what is going through Masuri's mind right now but, no matter what the outcome is, it looks like it is a 'heads you win and tails I lose' kind of thing.

Tuesday 2 August 2011

My 5 months old granddaughter is getting married.

Don't be surprised if I were to tell you that my granddaughter who was born on Valentine's Day 2011 is getting married soon.

Hey, if a PR could get citizenship in 4 hours, why not this?


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