Sunday 30 December 2007


As I had blogged a while ago that my PIXMA iP1000 died a natural death so last week I went scouting for a cheap printer but with copy and scan features. Finally I got one that matched my budget, its a Canon PIXMA MP145. I paid RM280.00. Do you think I was had? If it is cheaper elsewhere please tell me.

Anyway, I was trying the scan feature and scanned this photo taken on the 11th November 1979. You see during my time, a bride is not allowed to even smile. Actually, the groom is also not supposed to do so but I am one who don't care much for convention. In fact, I did not even perform the berinai ceremony. It was supposed to be almost compulsory but I put my foot down. No berinai for me. In the end they gave in. Call me stubborn but I don't see any reason why I should do it.

This post is just to show a wedding photo of mine taken 28 years ago. I had a hard time persuading my missus to blog this photo. In the end she gave in.

Shah and Kerp, bila lagi?


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

MasyAllah! What a handsome couple! And look like some politician officiating a ceremony lah! are the ceremony :)

And kerp...sila jawab soalan Cikgu tu! lol!

Myself tak tahu le Cikgu...usaha tetap usaha, dan masih berusaha. Tapi penentuannya belum juga jumpa. Adalah tu, insyAllah :)

Unknown said...

I get very positive vibes from your response. Kerp, macam mana pulak. You have my email, just mail me and tell me what ACTUALLY is the problem and maybe the others and I could put our heads together and try to find an amicable solution?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mintak laluan sikit cikgu...

shah, i wanted to tell you the same thing. you beat me by...5 minutes...dang!

cikgu, sir!

i'm puppeting on what shah said. tengah usaha lagi. only time will tell. i'm giving my utmost best ni. just to let you know cikgu, i've got my uncles and aunts involved. no lights yet but its still a big step insyaAllah. thanks for the offer. i know at one point i may seek some advice from you.

that picture is very clear la. the couple memang sedondon but what i noticed and caught my eyes the most was the sideburn. priceless!!


Unknown said...

Glad to know that you are doing something about it. I pray, I doa that all would work out fine one day.

Boy you are sharp, I thought no one would spot it. Yes, I was once young and fashionable. Once I even spot a Jason King sideburn.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

I think thats the right price for M145. Just came back from Tesco, they have this offer for HP All in One printer 2180 at RM 219.00. Its cheap but I don't know if its ink can be fimd easily. As for Canon that won't be a problem kot.

Whoa!The side burn.Kalau simpan misai melintang sure sebijik Jason King. I remember my arwah Paksu also kept that side burn in the 70s.

Che'gu, without the sideburn ,ppl will think you are Dahlan Zainuddin becoming tembam. kakak look like Rina Khan the singer and now writer.

That photo proved that M145 is worth a buy coz the photo doesn't appear like a scanned one.

Unknown said...

Dahlan Zainudin? Ala. dia tu lembut sikit. Anyway thanx. Memang mula ingat nak amik HP tapi availability of compatible cartridges jadi soal pulak.

I need copier cum scanner ni sebab nak buat soalan senang scan gambaq masuk. U tau la, paper English ni banyak diagram dan gambaq.

Accia said...

salam chegu,
alahai, sejuk tengok gambaq chegu tu. teringat pulak masa jadi pengantin dulu.

i bought a multifunction brother printer for rm199 a few months back. compatible ink pun mudah jugak. tapi canon tu memang popular brand kan kat sini.

aN_archi said...

How nostalgic dude. The last time I took a peep at my wedding photo was ages ago. But I see that you retain your sense of humour till this day. Maybe thats what that keep you young. And like they say in Malay..jodoh sampai ke anak cucu.

Unknown said...

Ada benda yang kita tak buleh lupa sebab ia jadi hanya sekali seumuq hidup.

Okay la printer ni setakat ni.

Unknown said...

Up til now it is only hingga ke anak, belum ada bayang cucu lagi.
How you been man. Ingat ka pi holiday mana2 ka?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aiseh cikgu, thats the most noticable la, your sideburn. hahha...

zorro said...

Wow, you look dandy....and those awesome sideburns. Were you wearing flares...and your bride, undoubtedly the demure, asian fragile beauty.Have a good 2008 sir.

monsterball said...

Yes kata tak nak....your lovely wife is a sport to allow you to put out such personal photo....but very nice of you to do so.
Yes...taking put old photos and remembering the events ..give such good vibrations to our present self.
Unfortunately....we both have photos to bring a tear or two to our eyes..seeing those of our love ones gone forever....only the photos remain for us to touch or "feel" them.
Everyone have said it..and I will repeat....yes you are a real handsome fun loving guy...and looks like you are so lucky to have such a beautiful fine wife too.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot. Yes, I agree. As I was looking at my older posts I came across the ones I posted about my late brother and saw his pictures, they brought tears back to my eyes. I miss him so much.


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