Monday 24 December 2007


To all my Christian friends and to all Christian bloggers do have a Merry Christmas. To all others enjoy the holidays and if you are hitting the road, PANDU CERMAT JIWA SELAMAT.

Ho, Ho, Ho

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monsterball said...

Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends.
Although I am not a Christian....I always take the opportunity to put out a Christmas see my children enjoy and get presents from me.
Now all grown up...leaving a 15 year old daughter...she never fails to assemble the tree...knowing her hard work will get her plenty of presents.
Small girl....easy to cheap stuffs and say real expensive.
Now nearly 16 years old...knows what is cheap....not real branded stuffs..making my presents getting more and more expensive.
So I concentrated buying books as presents...and she knew it all along.
This Christmas...she hinted she have so many books unread....enough of budgeting RM2OO....bought 8 presents for from each of my maids and 6 from me.
That's no good pampering stuffs from me..I know..but love is blind...what to do...just eat roti channai kosong for another week..smoke less cigars ... to balance budget again.


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