Sunday 27 March 2011

Even ET is impressed

Army Chief: Datuk Seri, you are not going to believe this but please have a look out of your window sir.
Datuk Seri: On my money god! What is that?
Army Chief: I believe it is a spaceship sir.
Datuk Seri: A spaceship? Why land here? What do we have that is of interest to them?
Army Chief: Look, they are coming out of the spaceship? Do I give orders to shoot DS?
Datuk Seri: No, don't, that would anger them. We don't know how strong they are, if they could get here from god knows where, they must be from an advanced civilisation. For what you know, they could obliterate us with just one squeeze of the trigger.
Army Chief: They are coming our way DS. Do you want me to lock the door?
Datuk Seri: No, I think they come in peace, anyway, I think we couldn't stop them even if we wanted to.
Alien1: Earthling, do not not fear, we come in peace. We do not mean to create panic but we need your help.
Datuk Seri: You need our help? I think you got the wrong country. Try the US of A. They are very advanced. We are just a small country.
Alien2: We have checked, the US of A cannot help us. Only you can do it. We would be very greatful if you could help us.
Army Chief: DS, I think this is a trick. While we are engaged in conversation with them they could be invading is in the North and South.
Datuk Seri: Let's hear what they've got to say first. Err, first of all, may I know from which planet do you come from?
Alien1: We are from the planet Yatalantu in the Nogmaloia Nebular, 3 million light years from your Earth. We have a problem with a neighbouring planet. We need to check on the authenticity of a piece of evidence. We have checked from our database of the universe, only you have the people or should we say the person to help us. Not even the US of A have this expertise.
Datuk Seri: Oh, in that case, we are all to willing to help but what is there in it for us? I mean, don't I get anything in return?
Alien2: Are you asking for a bribe? We don't do that in our planet. If you help us, we will leave here in peace otherwise, we will obliterate this country.
Datuk Seri: Ok, ok, what is it that you want.
Alien2: We would like to prove the authenticity of this CD.
Datuk Seri: Oh, that. Gerneral, get me Yusri.

DatoT & Anwar Conspiracy


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