Monday 10 December 2007

Aamir Hafiz - Teri Deewani - saregamapa lil champ

Listen to this boy. Remember, he is only a boy. Put your bias against hindi songs aside and listen to this as a song, nothing more.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The boy can really sing. I enjoyed listening to him sing very much :o)

Thank you :o)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes cikgu, being a non-hindi song fan, i did as told and goodness, i didnt regret clicking on the play button. this boy aamir hafiz can really sing. if simon cowell could appreciate hindi numbers, he'd be impressed of aamir himself.

xonar said...

thank you..che gu for the song.what a talented boy.
dengar sekali tak puas lah *back replay again*

Accia said...

salam chegu,
fooh! memang budak-budak lani memang can singlah chegu. baru semalam saya tengok becky taylor, connie talbot dan bianca ryan di u tube.

Unknown said...

Syana, Kerp, PK Accia,
I am glad you liked the singing. Once upon a time. For a fact, this boy has gone through classes, the kind of vocal classes that is plenty in India. They learn their traditional songs there. The process may be very tedious but if you have got talent and are willing to work hard, this is what you get. My aim is not so much to showcase the singing but to put forth a question. Why can't we in Malaysia have classes like this?

monsterball said...

kata tak nak..Don't forget..India's poorest of the poor are happy and well based on seeing movies and listening to songs/ their great past men smoke cigarettes.
Here is disco...smoking pot...and no money to rob someone.
To be serious....any country that have the citizens in heart will advance faster and better than others who have ministers that cheats the country wholesale and talk alot with no real unity at heart. In Malaysia...we have race and religion dirty filthy no way can we be like India.


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