Thursday 27 September 2007

Parents Beware!

Now I got it. Am I slow or am I slow? You see I have been wondering why the IGP made that statement about parents being answerable to what ever that befall their children, not that I disagree. Yes, to a certain extend parents are indeed responsible. What baffles me was that in the midst of the tears flowing from millions of Malaysians out for blood, the IGP dropped the bombshell.

So I took a break, hid myself in the Himalayas and in a very dark and chilly cave, I got the answer. It came to me as clear as the Saharan sky. Why didn't I think of it earlier. Boy, am I dumb. It was right there in front of my eyes and I couldn't see it. It could have lodged itself on my blind side.

Anyway the answer I got make sense, especially in light of the latest development, not related to the gruesome killing. You see, 1st they will blame parents for whatever mishaps that befall their children. Ok, I can buy that. Then they blame parents for whatever wrong that their children commit. I can buy that too, coz parents are surely responsible in bringing up their children. Then they will quote that famous saying by someone whose name I can't remember. He said, a long long time ago, 'A child is father of the man'.

Okay, yes, I can swallow that. Indeed what goes on in childhood helped developed the child into the man he is now. So far so good, but, yes, there is a but here, in fact in Malaysia, there are always buts, anyway, as I was saying, but there is a catch here. Since childhood raised a man, and since parents are responsible for raising their children, then parents are responsible for what their children have become. Do you follow me up till here? Since parents are responsible, then they should be held responsible for the deeds of their children no matter what age their children are when committing the deeds. Follow?

Now the connection with the latest development that I mentioned earlier. Remember the police officer charged with corruption? Yes, the one mentioned in the papers and tv so near the next general election. Well, who is to blame? It is just plain unfair that the bloke had to answer for his parents fault. He was badly brought up so it should be his parents who should be tried for bad parenting. Pity the poor bugger. Oh, look at the look on his wrongly blamed face. Couldn't you see the confusion written all over his face. It was like he was asking "what did I do wrong? I was never told soliciting for money in exchange for favours is wrong"?

Well, what next? Ha, ha, now come the juicy part. Many ministers, police officers and government officers' parents beware. The government is, it seems, coming down hard on corruption, and you are responsible for what your children have done. Just a question here, are Samy Velu's parents still alive?

Just imagine these headlines becoming a reality in the not too distant future.

Parents being questioned.

Police looking for mother.

Uncle sought for questioning.

All former teachers questioned.

Constituents remanded.


Anonymous said...

Let's not talk about such proposal because I think this is just plain stupid, as if the parents has yet to suffer or learnt anything.

Then again if we look at parent's responsibility in looking after young children, I believe many parents has yet to learn such responsibilities. Looking at the taman near I live, there is where the police quarter located, I can see young children as young as 4 years old being left alone to cross the street, kids below 12 years old riding motorcycle, vandalism on the fencing, firecrackers being lit and this is where the families of the police force live.

Should anything bad happens, which I pray hard it wouldn't, I think comments like 'takdir' will surface, never on the responsibilities of the parent concerned.

We should learn to be responsible in everything we do. Should Nurin be allowed out alone? I will never want to comment about it, it is too easy and too painful for me to comment. I am sorry.

Rest in peace Nurin.

Unknown said...

I share your sentiment. Look at the drowning case. @ 5 year olds and 2 6 year olds drowned in a pool. Come on where is the responsibility of their parents.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

I think most parents are working parents at the moment.Esp those living in big cities. heck, even in a remote kampung like Durian Tunggal ,Melaka both parents had to work. They have no choice,they said.

So I ask them, if both are working, who will take care of the kids:
1- We'll try to make sure our shifts are not the same. Is I work the night shift, my wife will take the day shift.
2- Hantar kat mak...rumah mak tak jauh( and mak is btwn 60-70 yrs old)
3-Anak yang besar jaga adik yang kecil
4- hantar rumah orang jaga

So its not easy for parents to keep a close eyes on their children, unless the mother doesn't need to workl.

As for answer no 1: when on night shift, the next day will be taken up by sleeping especially after kid's school hours. We will normally find these kids playing somewhere with friends.

As for answer no2: hantar rumah mak...I knew of 4 grandma in their late 60's and mid 70's still taking care of grandchildren. One 75years old had to take care of 6 grandchildren from 2 families. She was complaining to me the other day: Kids nowadays are so active, climbing here and there. How can I control 6 brats! I am old.

Answer no 3: this is common in kampungs. A standard 3 kakak will take care of 2 adiks of 7 years and 4 years old!

No4: Maybe they'll send to a baby sitter or neihgbour. If there are no perverts in the babysitter or neighbours home all is fine. If there are...these kids are at risk.

In this type of situation(both parents working), what will be our solution? Unless the govt wants to give these mothers some allowance for being at home. We can name it: Elaun ibu sepenuh masa.

Who else do we blame?

Unknown said...

Mengapa buleh jadi dua dua parents working? Cost of living la yang menyebabkannya. Kalau cost of living hanya memerlukan 1 parent kerja saya pasti tak ramai ibu yang mau bekerja. Mereka lebih rela duduk rumah jaga anak-anak. Masalahnya sekarang ni, kalau hanya 1 parent yang kerja, tak sampai setengah bulan duit dah habis.

zewt said...

Tsunami hit Malaysia again.
Bloggers detained.

Unknown said...

Why didn't I think of that?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Here's another: Bloggers bare corrupt politician!

Malaysian Police remand Bill Gates.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

cikgu, here's one more.

MAN CAUGHT POSSESSING METAEMPHITAMINES. deputy minister brother sought.


Unknown said...

Cakapaje, Kerp,
That is what Malaysia is good at, blaming it all on others.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak....You are confused. IGP is talking about small little children ..that anything happens to them in public places shopping complexes or walking alone in the streets....parents are to be responsible...which you have agreed.
What becomes of that what Mahathir is welknown to all of us...are not the fault of the parents. In adult hood...people goes to phase two of life....during that time...and usually depends on his/her character being developed through mixing with right friends or being easily influence to do bad things by mixing with bad people. That's where..religions do play a big part to control the monkey minds.


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