Wednesday 19 September 2007

Got tagged.

Raden tagged me and like the good sport that I am, I am obliging. Am I good or am I good? Well here goes nothing.

I don't have a handbag and neither a pouch. What if it is standard for men to carry handbags, then I think I would have in it the following
1. A lighter, so that I don't have to put in my trouser pockets anymore.
2. 2 packets of Winston. I get very jittery when my supply declines to about 10 sticks.
3. Handphone. Beats having a separate pouch coz my N80 is quite bulky.
4. A pendrive, I always carry one.
5. My car-key. My pockets keep springing holes.

5 Things in my purse
1. My don't-leave-home-without-it cards.
2. An old beat-up mini notebook. In it are info such as, my EPF no. Income Tax no. Service no and dates and almost everything related to my job. We have to fill too many forms so this notebook has been a great help.
3. My Bankcards
4. MyCard
5. Driving licence.


1. My 10 year old 30 inch Samsung TV
2. My ashtray
3. My PC
4. My home theatre system.
5. My 17 year old manau rotan settee.


1. Perform the Haj
2. Convince people especially old folks that they are being had by the gov.
3. Shit on dirty politicians faces.
4. Go to Old Trafford and watch a game
5. See my grandchildren, if I am fated to have any, married.
6. Be with my wife forever and ever.
7. Take my grandchildren to school.
8. Apply for the job of Agong. The perks are simply fantastic.
9. Meet Hugh Laurie, I love HOUSE.
10. Have enough to take optional retirement.


1. Counting the damages when I take my children plus the small ones raya shopping.
2. Cursing Pak Lah for not giving us a bonus. May he grow balls on his nose.
3. Waiting for the long break starting mid november. I do that every year, right from January.
4. Waiting for the Man Utd game against Sporting Lisbon while typing this entry.
5. Contemplating of applying for the post of Sultan of Penang, just in case my application for the post of Agong got lost in the mail.

Well, thats not too hard is it? About 15 minutes, and they say tagging is hell. Since many say they don't like to be tagged and also because almost all of the bloggers that I know who would oblige me have already been tagged, I hereby decreed that as far as I am concern this tagging line ends here.


Anonymous said...

Salam Cik Gu

I like your anwsers to the tag 5 things you would like to do and 5 things you are currently doing No.8 & No.5 respectively. He he LOL

Anonymous said...

Cikgu, go easy on the poison sticks.

Anonymous said...

You crack a laughter in my day today bro...And you are definitely good and sporting too...

And you end the tagging too..Hahahaha...

take care ya.

Accia said...

salam chegu,
wah, you end the tag. i agree, you should apply for the agong post! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kata Tak Nak, considering your present experience and loads of knowledge, I would definitely want you to become our Minister Of Education first, then later to become the Chief Minister Of Pulau Pinang!
Please re consider.
Take care.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Hanya orang yang berkuasa saja boleh mematikan tagging.
Betoi lah...hanya hang layak isi borang jadi Agong. (Tapi jangan lupa aku jadi adikong hang)

Unknown said...

Yeah, it would be nice if we could be one.

Unknown said...

If only I could

Unknown said...

Only my line was ended, others could still go on. I don't want to be known as the man who killed taggings.

Unknown said...

Accia, Bamboo,
I am considering Minister of Education. I will definitely give 100% free education, no lip service.

Unknown said...

Takpa hang jadi chief hulubalang, aku bagi elaun banyak.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Good one, sir. I hv tons to give my feedback on this entry but first thing first.

Winston- yes we share the common brand, only mine is the lighter one, packet putih/biru.

Then the handphone. I almost got the same as yours. actually me and my girlfriend bought 2 phones together, n70 and n80, used the latter for a couple of days but decided to switch as my fingers r all too cacat I cant hold on to it nicely. N70 seems easier to use.

You only had to wait for the game to start at 2.30. I wanted to watch the ars-sev delay telecast but knowing the game was on, cant help but to follow the match live via gamecast @ soccernet. I hated it as the tense was overwhelming.

and the thing u wld like to do, no 6 was so touching la. I just spoke to my best pal who has been contemplating for a while now abt ditching his wife after only 3 years into their marriage life. And here we have such wonderful man in u. aku kena suruh dia baca blog ni laa..kasi masuk dlm pala hotak dia sikit.

Nicely done.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh one more thing. i wonder whats your view on moan-rinho. good news ka?

Hi&Lo said...


You also carry a big heart in your wallet. am not kidding.

Unknown said...

Well we got some things in common.
I don't know about the Mourhinho thing, I hope its bad news for Chelsea, at least for a while. They have got too many quality players.

zorro said...

Chegu, should you get any one of the two jobs you applied for, can or not I apply as your special assistant to your specialised assistant. No datukship for me please....most of our crooks carry this honorific.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu,Shit on dirty politicians faces? I've already a dog to do the shitting for me onto our PM. You do to the rest!The very next should be Najib!

Unknown said...

No problem. Your 1st duty would be to revoke all datukships ever given out.

Unknown said...

Saya tengok dah, memang canggih gambaq tu.

Unknown said...

Aku selalu mai, jarang kumen. Tapi hat yang ni, kalu tak komen, jadi gatai tangan..

Kalau dapat jadi Agong ka, Sultan Penang ka, lebih-lebih lagi kalau dapat lumoq taik kat muka puak-puak tu, jangan la lupa kawan...

monsterball said...

wa so many nak you be this or that...kata tak nak!
bamboo river is so thrilled..he hero worshiped you with two ministrial posts....hahahaaha
One forget to tell with party you should stand for election to be so....hahahahaha
Chelsea ..MOUR?...suda kina sacked lah. That's shows one cannot afford to quarrel with the matter how god a worker you are. In that case....Mour is simply too straight forward like very difficult to work for others in commercial firms. Hope he get a better job...which I am sure he can. Now he can enjoy the millions compensations given to him..which I suspect....he is actually very happy about the whole situation he is in. Don't be taken by crocodile tears from Mour....he is simply the best.
Do you dry a little ...kata tak nak for him?
If you do...then you are not fit to be a minster...hahahahahaha

Mat Salo said...

Ha ha ha...

Mantap abih! Really got a kick out of this one. Si Dato' Acid (please revoke his Datukship when you make Penang Soltan of Swing, ya?)pun baru mengggatal mengetag hamba. Are you good or are you good, Chegu? I think you the older you get the badder you become, Sir!

I too find Hugh Laurie brilliant. Then I found out he's actually British... Lagi lah depa brilliant.

Now I'd better work on my tag. Then like your decree, I shall also end it there...

monsterball said...

Hi everybody!
Just spent 5 hours with our dear blogger Sheih...whose mother is gravely ill and warded in University Hospital K.Lumpur.
Sheih went back to K.Baru this evening....and mom is watched by Sheih's sister.
Thought you all like to offer a prayer for her comfort.

simplyjessi said...

Hi cikgu,

Thanks very much for your encouraging words though without permission yet, i have added your link in my blog. onward with our cyber struggle for justice and democracy!


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