Wednesday 31 October 2007

Bullet Proof Vests and Corrupt-Proof Government

The PM has agreed to grant quite a lot of money for the Police force to buy much needed equipments especially the much needed bullet proof vests. I agree one hundred percent. May I give some suggestions.

Please, if the PM has some groundings in very simple mathematics then he should know that if you buy and item for 1K, you could buy 2 of the same items if it costs RM500 each. So Mr. PM please see to it that whoever who does the purchasing, buys the vests for the price they really cost. If you can't do it, then give me the contract. I promise you, I will buy them from the best manufacturer and supply them to the force at a price to cover my expenses. What say you? This way, you could have surplus just in case.

I also heard that part of the money is to either repair or replace the scanning machines at the border which have kaputed causing the personnels manning the border considerable difficulties. How come those machines kaputed? From whom did we buy them? Don't we have technicians to repair them? And one more question, who got the contract to supply those faulty machines?

Since we are on the subject of bullet-proof vests, I would like to touch a little on another 'proof' topic. I borrow this new term from Mahaguru58. Since the Police personnels would now feel safe when going out on duty, could we move on to creating a 'corrupt-proof' (Thank You Mahaguru) force? And should you come out with a curriculum to produce this kind of personnels could you use the same curriculum on the Cabinet, Government MPs and YBs, their kins and friends and of course government officers from the Chief Secretary right down to the Tukang Kebuns.

What I know is that, if you are truly serious and sincere about effecting change, you would eventually be successful.

Monday 29 October 2007

The Pukimak Has Apologised

I was watching the news showing the usual propaganda when suddenly I got the shock of my life. The MP who likes to swear at people and who accused wheel chaired people as being the beneficiary of God's wrath for their sins and who has a perverted obsession with 'apoms' of other people's mother apologised for his outburst in Parliament. He did say that he apologised to those who were offended with his remarks, of course without mentioning Karpal. If he did which I did not hear then I stand corrected.

The MP who fantasises the Pukis of Maks said that he was caught in the heat of the moment and in his anger, he unthinkingly exploded into his verbal assault. Unthinking, he was right, but then again I really don't blame him for he has proven time and time again that he is incapable of thought.

Wow! the election must be very damn near. First that Malek fella got a cool 2.5 mil, next Irene Fernandez landed 200k and now a certified arsehole apologised and is shown on tv.

Get ready folks, the circus is coming to town.

Friday 26 October 2007

Old ICs and Transparent Ballot Boxes

A friend of mine yesterday said that he read somewhere that a certain minister, he couldn't remember who, but he thought it was Nazri, said that those who do not have MyCards could still vote using their old ICs. If I am not mistaken, at one time Malaysians were threatened with all kinds of actions if they not shift to the MyCard. In fact, going by all the threats, one could hardly move if he/she does not own a MyCard. They even dangled a FALSE lottery to entice people to migrate to the new intelligent identification card.

This friend asked me if I could blog about this. I asked him what his concerns were. His answer was simple and precise and made sense: double voting. He was concerned that this would allow someone local or imported to vote using someones old IC somewhere while the actual owner who now carries a MyCard would vote using his/her MyCard somewhere else.

This idea of his makes sense. I have seen on tv about how about 1/3 of those who are eligible to vote have not even registered. Wow! 1/3 is a very high figure, very very high indeed. After the last registration exercise they will add more voters to the electoral roll. How are we to know how many of these new voters registered with MyCards and how many registered with their old IC?

Why not completely bar everyone without a MyCard from voting. After all, Malaysians have been warned that they should switch over. Everything possible was done to facilitate this migration so why still allow those with old ICs to vote?

While still on the matter about voting and the elections, I was told by a friend that the EC has already prepared transparent ballot boxes for the elections. Ooooo! I am so impressed. I am sure the whole world is in awe with our EC. Oh my god, transparent ballot boxes, where did they get these boxes from. Must be from the space traveller we sent to space at the cost of a few thousand low-cost houses.

Will the SPR please listen up. Transparent ballot boxes is the least of many people's worries. How about cleaning up the electoral roll first. How about ensuring that no babies are in the electoral roll. How about seeing to the world record numbers of centenarians in the roll. I am sure even Japan do not have as many centenarians in theirs. How about looking into the matter of a single house with up to 300 plus voters. How about cleaning up the list of voters with non-existent addresses. How about addressing to Rocky's complaint about his name appearing in the list when he did not register in the first place. What about those with similar complaints but are not as high profile as Rocky?

Actually there are many more areas that the SPR should channel their energy into rather then waiting for the Soyuz to drop some transparent ballot boxes. May I ask something? Is this supposed to be symbolic? Transparent ballot boxes to symbolise transparent election? If the SPR thinks so then they surely have a weird sense of humour and no one is laughing.

Saturday 20 October 2007

Is This A Valid Regulation?

I need enlightenment here and I need it fast. I am a teacher but teachers could also sometimes be dumb you and ignorant you know. Hey, being dumb and ignorant is not the sole privilege of ministers and politicians okay?

I am confused as to something that was related to me by my wife yesterday. I don't feel like blasting anybody for it because in this country anything is possible.

Alright, alright, I'll get to it now. My wife has a nephew who is about 39 with a wife and 3 kids, 2 of whom are schooling. He is not rich. In fact, we could count him as one of those who are poor. His is definitely one of hand to mouth existence. He works as a tele clerk.

He has applied for a government funded house or whatever you call it. In Penang, and I think the same goes for every state, one first register with the state department, and then wait for some units to be completed. They are usually 2 room flats. The rental is quite affordable by today's standard.

He has been waiting for quite some years now and still did not get any. Recently, out of frustration he paid the responsible unit a visit to enquire about his application. After keying his reference number, the clerk said that he is unsuccessful. When he asked why, the answer was "You are not registered as a voter".

What has registering as a voter got to do with one's eligibility to get a state built house? This is after all a democracy. I am all for voter registration but this should not be a pre-requisite to own a state built house.

Tuesday 16 October 2007

My Hari Raya

As usual, Raya is for little children and since my children are all grown up, Raya is just another day. For me Raya had always been just another day with a little deviation from the normal routine accept this time I spent my 1st Raya as a bl0gger and had a blogger friend, over for my open house.This year is also the first year I celebrate Raya without my beloved eldest brother who passed away in May. It is simply not the same without him, May ALLAH bless his soul. Before I go on with my simple raya do, I would like to talk about something that got me all worked up first.

On the first day of Raya at about 11 I took my family out to my in laws for our usual courtesy Raya visit. My wife is the youngest so being the youngest she is expected to do the visit first. On the way I saw a few kids from the Batu Uban area, wondering along the roadside in their bests. So what about it? What about it? Doesn't the Nurin case ever taught us anything?

My daughter pointed the children out to me and asked if their parents are not afraid so soon after the Nurin case. They were little children between the ages of 6 to 10. Traffic was very sparse. A van could just pull over and cart those kids easily into the van and escape unnoticed.
Why are their parents so brainless as to allow this to carry on?

I am sorry but I have to say this about Malay parents. They allow their children out to collect duit raya. If you are in the kampung and almost everyone is either your relative or neighbour, it is not too bad but this should not apply to urban areas. These children go to houses of people they don't know, total strangers, and asked for money. Yes, they are children so who is to blame? They also take buses, go to distant housing estates just for this purpose.

Parents, don't tell me you do not know. They know everything and yet allow this to continue. Why? Why encourage this? If you don't, then put a stop to it. Some of them are even bold enough to pass remarks at people who don't give them money. Is this the way to bring up our children? I don't see the Chinese or the Indians doing this during their festivities. Why? I am so ashamed since I am a Malay myself. I know some Malays may not be pleased with what I have said but let me tell you there are also Malays who view this as an act of begging. I don't want to use that word myself since we are still in the spirit of Raya but I am very strongly against this.

Lets go back to the issue mentioned earlier. On my way back I saw another pair of children, definitely under 10 walking along a very lonely road. This is very very irresponsible of the parents. Must we wait for hundreds of Nurin cases to happen to finally realise that our irresponsible act contributes to Nurin cases. Look this could only happen if we create the perfect scenario for it to happen.

Lets be fair here. I have to admit that the number of children being allowed by their parents to go out asking people for Raya money has definitely gone down but I was hoping for zero since Nurin's case is still fresh in our minds or at least in my mind and heart.

Enough depressing things. As I mentioned earlier, this is the first year that I celebrate Raya as a blogger. I was informed by Doc Tokasid that Daphne Ling would not be baliking kampung so I extended her an invitation for my open house on the 3rd day of raya which was yesterday and being the good sport that she is, she accepted. She brought along a friend who also happens to be a blogger.

I don't really know much about her and never expected to meet someone so young. I was pleasantly surprised to meet someone so young and yet so sensitive to her surrounding and wise. It was indeed an honour. Her friend Ru V was equally pleasant. I include a caption of Daph and Ru V over some curry mee.

Luckily she came at about 1 coz by evening there was a full house with relatives and friends. All in all it was an eventful and tiring Raya.

I was too busy entertaining that I forgot to snap some good photos so I have only these to show.

Daphne and Ru V over curry mee, posing actually.

The parking lot, a source of so much frustration and headache is quite empty courtesy of Balik Kampung.

The children at the computer and the ladies telling updating themselves with the latest gossips in town.

Thursday 11 October 2007


My Family and I would like to wish all readers, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

Tuesday 9 October 2007

Sick Bastards

I just don't know what to say. Out there, there are many bloody bastards, sick bastards who do not know how to differentiate right from wrong. These bastards (please forgive me coz I will use this derogatory term many times) do not deserve to live. They do not deserve to be called human.

We were shocked with what happened to Nurin The perpetrators of the sick act are still at large. Justice is still not done to the memory of the sweet innocent girl. As days go by I wonder will Nurin ever get justice.

Today I was shocked when my daughter told me that she heard on the radio that photos of the autopsy done on Nurin are made public. It seems the photos are very graphic. They show scenes of her private parts being stuffed with whatevers.

I waited for the news and sure enough it was headlined. It got my blood rushing and made me dizzy. Who are the bloody bastards responsible for this dastardly act? Who are the motherfuckers, the devils who could do such a think? Do they get a kick out of doing this despicable act or are they paid by some other bastards to do this?

Since they are supposed to be autopsy pictures then the hospital where the autopsy is done is responsible. I could understand they have to take pictures since the body would eventually be buried but why are the pictures released?

Were the pictures released to the police as evidence? I am not someone who is an expert in these matters but I figured that, the photos must have been released to the police, for their keeping ,to be used if they go to court. So two parties were privy to these photos.

I think Malaysia, with her MSC and all would have graduated to digital cameras and I am sure the autopsy teams have in their possession these cameras to be used. I do not know how much these cameras cost them though but I would not be surprised if they cost more then 10K for a 3.2 megapixel set. Well, anyway, since they are digital cameras then it is not difficult to make almost instant copies.

So, could the leakage have happened in the hospital or the photos were copied while in the possession of the police. I am not surprised if this act was committed by any of these two parties but I would like to question the motive.

Whoever, the bastard/s is/are, what is the motive? Could there be money involved? Could the photos have been bought by a 3rd party? Could the 3rd party be someone who gets his/her kicks out of seeing this photos or profit from reissuing them?

Whatever it is, these bastards should be caught and be sent to the most hardcore of all prisons and be sodomised day in and day out. I have already warned my children that should they receive these photos in the email, do not open the attachments. They are to delete it completely and not to talk about it to their friends. Let this whole episode die off while we wait for the police to do their work. I hope others would do the same. Don't give in to your temptations, just delete the photos should you come into contact with them. This is the least we could do to Nurin.

My Old Buddy

To those who are thinkers, philosophers, artists, Volkswagon and Bob Dylan fans, I would like to introduce you to a pal pf mind who was instrumental in my perception of things. We were buddies in Pasir Puteh. We live in the same house and taught in the same school. He is a serious thinker and doesn't quite mince his words. What I remember him most is the fact that he is a diehard Bob Dylan fan and a damn bloody good artist. We have been communicating through the net for sometime and he has decided to jump into the blog bandwagon. Why don't you go over and see what he has. Click here

Friday 5 October 2007

Go To Hell

This is going to be a short post because I am just too disgusted but I have to write about it just to let off steam.

Two whistle blowers are being charged for fabricating evidence and conspiring to get the IGP. Well who else are better at fabricating evidence and conspiracies if not certain parties at "Peace Hill'?

Sivarasa and a certain somebody are instructed to name the person who gave them the tapes or else face the possibility of being charged.

Wow! Welcome to Bolehland. If Mahathir's reign was bad and oppressive enough, congratulations Pak Lah, you have just beaten the old man. I am sure he would congratulate you if he could.

As for me, this is all I have to say. To all of you dirty, corrupt and evil bastards, Go To Hell.


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