Saturday 17 November 2007

Vroom, Vroom, Vrooooooooommmmm ......?

For those who are bikers, you may have seen this already. I just got to see it a few hours ago. Well, Proton is indeed very serious about producing big bikes and from the pics I saw, it look quite nice. Now I don't want to be negative all the time though I have a bad feeling about it, so I hope this idea about producing big bikes would not be another case of building bombs that would explode in their faces. They have built too many such bombs.

One thing I know is that, Proton is not a maker of quality cars, I just hope that this foray into manufacturing big capacity motorbikes is successful. Please, for once make us proud of our own products.

I for one love to look at big bikes and would love to ride in one. If I can afford it, I would like to own one after I retire. Fancy seeing me in a German Army helmet, with almost knee high leather boots, leather jackets and a huge belly riding a chopper. If ever I get one, it must be a chopper. The more classic the design, the better. Anyway have a look at this beauty and maybe some aficionados could comment. I can't. I wouldn't know if it is copied or trully original in design.
Must get a Dukun to jampi a bit so that this bike can sell, otherwise gone la my backside

Hopefully the order books are not as empty as the second tower.

Aiyo, full tank means how much must pay ah? Pak Lah wants to increase the price some more, die la like this.

Hey, I've seen this rim somewhere before, hmm! Aiya! the exhaust pipe potong stim la.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

perhaps md khir would get one and go brooom, broooommmmmmmm...hihi...

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Somehow, seeing you wearing a Wermacht's helmet, does fit into the picture! lol! :)

On a serious note, while attending the interview with Tengku Mahaleel, we learned that the 1 euro sell off of the italian motorcycle company proton bought, was definitely a terrible waste as the company had assets which could have contributed to the making of better vehicles. One particular asset mentioned was the 'wind tunnel'. That alone would have cost us a fortune to build, and now its sold for a measly 1 euro!

Ni semua kerja pengkhianat!

On the other hand, I enjoyed those photos, thank you :)

Mat Salo said...

I'm my bachelor days I too was once a mat motor (lucky not rempit) so agak stim if this thing can become a reality.

So chegu, duit E-PEE-EP bila pencen nanti bole perabih beli motor nih. Dari perabih melabor skim cepat miskin baik kita enjoy puas-puas...

Looking forward to zooming along Gurney Drive with you. Pastu kita Bayan Lepeh cuci mata naa?

Apsereh... :)

Unknown said...

That's good, why didn't I think of that earlier.

Unknown said...

Pengkhianat is the exact word to use on these people. What do they care how much money the lost as long as it is not their money that is going down the drain.

Unknown said...

I kind of figured you have the biker in you. I betoi2 minat chopper. Bila pencen nanti, tak buleh la guna duit tu beli motor. Nak pi Haji dulu, then baru pikiaq pasai benda lain.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

I know you would be stim-ed with that bike.

As for me, a small kapchai is all I need.

And kerp's broooom broooom is a classic da.

KellytheCulinarian said...

My dad bought one for his own birthday. He loves it.

Unknown said...

I think I can only dream of owning one. Since it is 1.5 it must cost a bundle. I can't possibly indulge myself in something so expensive when my priority list is a mile long.

Unknown said...

Good to hv you here. What about you then? Don't you love big bikes?

Anonymous said...

Salam Cik Gu

During my younger days, I did owned a 250cc Honda twin , loved the sound of the engine like "kerp's" broooooommm brooooom........And if Proton is about to go into the biking business maybe I can realise my dream of having a motor cruiser..... a nice dream betul tak cik gu.

Unknown said...

In Kelantan, a fellow teacher CW Lim, also from Penang, bought a Blue Suzuki 250 and I was salivating. If the Proton's model in priced right, and I have cash to spare and of course the machine is unlike that of Proton cars, I would surely try to push it up my mile long priority list.

monsterball said...

Very well said..kata tak nak.
I am so sorry for anyone buying a fast performance car or a bike from a manufacturer that do not have the reputations of safetiness of high technology to produce such cars.
In our old days...I love the British MBBGT...which I owned one. So small...speed like hell and so safe.
My dream was MG cars and then saw the Volvo Carmengear. I told myself...if I can afford it..I will always own a sport one meal a day also pay installments.
Then I bought a brand new Alfa Romeo 2000cc two door sports....first real sports car and my to top it off....another 2000cc saloon. At that 5those to get many admirers and friends as rich man son....buys only Alfa...and is known to be Alfa's best customers....Ipoh playboys.My parents worried day and night and as age catches what have secondhand focus on Merz hoot...not the SLC..but the SL.
On bikes...I always love to own and ride one. My friends used to come with their Norton...Ducatti...even BMW and I have no follow them ..must buy a two wheelers...bought VESPA...hahahahaha. but I enjoy follow the pack of racers....far back...but do catch up...maybe half hour where we all will meet.
But we all know about safetiness and reliabilities of cars and bikes.
Ofcourse..even if you give the safest car or bike to a lousy driver....he will not do justice to that car..and accidents will occur.My first lesson of how to drive fast and take steep corner at high speed is strangely with the VolkWagen saloon. This man told me not to be afraid to change gears and always take corners with my WV at their gear....never fourth gear I did that..loud noise..but really safe...and from there onwards... I learn to change gears with all my manuel models...which infact...I love more than auto....unless for long distance journeys.Proton producing high performance cars and bikes?? It takes participating in races and many many years of reputations to get the trusts and results..not buy advertising and talks.
Hope potential buyers becareful and be smart buyers. It's not their lives only. It's others they may need to feed or those that love them...that feel not happy about it. don't think old folks are ignorant...the have seen enough to give wise advises...listen to them.


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