Wednesday 28 March 2007


My brother, 56, was discharged yesterday from a hospital here in Penang. He is going home to die. I may sound crude but that is reality. The doctors have all given up hope and advised us to take him home.

He initially had colon cancer which has since spread to his liver. Both cancers are at stage 4. His colon is completely not functioning. His blood sugar reading shoots up despite him not eating anything for weeks.

My heart breaks everytime I look at him which is often. He is so frail but seemed to have not lost his sense of humour. Just yesterday, he told me to get ready. I was lost for words and did not know what to say in return.

I may not be posting anything new until evrything is settled or God decided to perform a miracle, which I don't think He would. I may drop occasional comments at some sites that I frequent but really do not have the time to put up a full-blooded post.

I am just plain tired and helpless but not hopeful

Friday 23 March 2007


Recently, Zewt tagged me to which I posted an A-Z thingy that contained language that I consider not suitable to be associated with Zewt who is currently in mourning over the lost of his beloved mother. As a mark of respect, I hereby withdraw the said post.

Tuesday 20 March 2007

United through to their 25th semi-finals

Just a short post coz have been under the weather for the 2nd day. Got asthma. Anyway United as expected qualified for their 25th semi-finals in the English FA cup. Ronaldo in one of his trademark runs was brought down in the box by Woodgates and the referee did not hesitate to point to the spot. Ronaldo made no mistake from the spot to score United's winning goal in a match they controlled throughout.
Well thats all folks. Have a nice day.

Saturday 17 March 2007

Ruthless Manchester United

Man Utd fans, pat yourself in the back again, we destroyed Bolton 4 - 1 this time. A ruthless display by Manchester United saw them extending their lead over Chelsea to 9 points, at least for a few hours.Park scored twice, both created by Ronaldo. Rooney's brace helped secured the victory. Ronaldo had a hand in 3 of the goals while Smith assists in the last goal.In the meantime it was reported that Liverpool fans were watching Akademi Fantasia rather than watch their arch enemy Man Utd further stretch their lead over the luckless club.At the time of posting, Chelsea is leading Sheffield Utd 1 - 0.

Tuesday 13 March 2007

If I were a Prime Minister

If I were a Prime Minister whose party did exceptionally well the last time around, I would definitely want to at least maintain the same level of excellence, never mind if I had to resort to some questionable tactics the last time around. Hey it works, just that its got to be more refined so that it is not so glaring this time around. I showed the old fool didn't I? I showed that what he can do I can do better.

Now how do I try to match the last results? I know, I know I should start by keeping my election promises, you know the one about a better, cleaner and more caring government. I better get the economy in order. Must make the people happy like keeping oil prices down and keeping utility bills down too.

Now what else should I do? Oh yes, the women, the women, lest I forget. Must make them happy, very happy. Now what should I promise them this time? How about 90 days maternity leave? Yes, yes, they must be treated with respect. I must not allow any companies or GLCs to give them a raw deal. They must not be punished for getting pregnant. I know, I will pass a bill that all working women are entitled to 90 days maternity leave up to 6 times and no company on land, water or in the air should discriminate against them because of this.

There have been too many cases of violent against women, I have to stop this, I must stop this. I know, I know, I will pass a bill that all those who ill-treat women will be castrated. All government servants especially in the JUSA scale should treat women with respect. Luckily none of my Pengarahs have been known to have beaten up or rape women or blowing them up with explosives. Must remind the other ministers to keep the ladies close at heart. They are not to offend women in any of their dealings. If I catch any of them be it a Raja bukan Raja or any commoners, I will pinch him next to the belly-button. I am sure they know better, after all they are minsters, I am sure they wouldn't go out and do something stupid like calling women liars. Surely that wouldn't happen.

I think this time we would not get four fifth but .............. PM, PM, bangun mesyuarat dah habis.

Thursday 8 March 2007

Champions League- Breaking News

Just a short post. Manchester United beat Lille 1-0 for an aggregate of 2-0. Well, wins at home and away should surely put as as one of the favourites. Bad news though, Silvestre had a horrific injury and had to be stretchered out.

Saturday 3 March 2007

Manchester United 1 Liverpool 0

We won, so lets congratulate ourselves. Yea, yea they will say that they were attacking and that we got lucky.

They have to remind themselves that the objective of a football game is to score goals, not just to attack. They also have to remind themselves that they too on many occasions were on the receiving side of a match and ended up winning, so please give some other excuses, like they were vodooed or MU poisoned them or even there was a hypnotist hypnotising them from afar, those would be more credible excuses.

Those anti MU people like a certain Mourinho would say that we were lucky but has conveniently forgotten that you make your own luck.

To win at Anfield is sweet, but to win, defending, and with 10 man at that, is orgasmic.

Thursday 1 March 2007

The virtues of Nothingness

At last, a little time for myself to write something. I have yet to think of a title for it coz I don't know where this will lead me.

You see people, in the morning, I am glued to to osk188 looking at all the reds from top to bottom. The market really crashed and I got burnt pretty bad. Well you win some and you lose some but somehow it just doesn't feel nice when you lose, don't you think so?

At about 12.00 I get ready for school since I teach in the afternoon. I was once the number 2 man in another school but got kicked out for shouting at my number 1 at the PIBG AGM. Just lost my cool and gave the piece of shit a piece of my mind except it was in a crowd of about a hundred plus people.

Now I teach in the afternoon in another school and I am loving it. I know some would say, especially Jasgill, 'oh that's why he sounds angry'. Sad to say the answer is no. I have always, since I can remember, despised injustice and arrogance and to me that guy suffers from both.

Anyway back to the routine, school ends at 6.15 and I got home at about 7.00 coz of the jam and a flat tyre I had today. After some rest it's out with the family for dinner and back for telly and now a little peace and quite.

As always I will drift into some blogs and post comments if I see fit and now I am ready to do some writing. One thing I dare say is that prior to blogging, I don't write much and when I first started, it took me really long to string a decent sentence. I am guilty of publishing before reviewing and many a time when I read my postings or comments I see mistakes galore. Now after a few postings and some comments here and there I find that the words flow better and smoother.

Am I boring you? I know I got just the thing stir things up a bit. This saturday its the Reds vs the Devils and I simply can't wait. I don't have to go to no fancy place to watch it coz its a carnival here at home. I have my 2 daughters and my son is back. My wife will be in the room coz football is not her cup of tea but to us, my children and I, it is our elixir of life. My son in law, may Allah have mercy on him would sit in a corner and watch quitely coz my team will be playing against his. He dares not celebrate (if the Reds win) for fear of offending his father in law. For his sake I hope he decides to watch it elsewhere.

So I guess that's about all so what should I name this posting.


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