Sunday 17 June 2012

Butoi ka boss?

Wife: Kay, why aren't you ready yet? You don'y want to vote ka?

Kay: I don't feel too good la honey, you ask Maniam to drive you there la, I am too tired of campaigning for so many days.

Wife: Why you think you can win ka? So confident one. Everybody said you are going to lose and yet you yourself don't want to vote.

Muthu: Yes la boss, come la we all go and vote.

Kay: Muthu you shut up. You are not going anywhere, you stay here with me, let Maniam take my wife there.

Wife: It's your own funeral la Kay. Okay I am going now. Maniam take the Mercedes out, we are going to vote.

Kay: At last the old lady is out, she won't be back for a few hours, Muthu get dressed, lets go out.

Muthu: Why boss? Want to vote ka?

Kay: No lah, we go find pomple la.

Muthu: Find pomple ka boss? Where?

Kay: Anywhere accept the polling centers la.

Muthu: Why boss? Polling centre la got a lot of people.

Kay: You stupid la. All ugly women only go to vote because the indelible ink would dirty their fingers. I heard, the ink won't go off for 2 years la.

Muthu: Butoi ka boss?

Thursday 7 June 2012

Application For Waiver

Minister of Transport

Director General,
Ministry of Transport
(should the minister be not free)

Dear Sir

I would like to point to the minister's reply that he was awarded the plate no WWW 15, meaning he was given a waiver from paying sum of RM24K. I am sure as a learned man, he had written to the Director requesting for a waiver, but being a very forgetful man, he forgot about it when first confronted by the press but he has now cleared the confusion by his revelation that, he got it for free.

I am sure this is not restricted to VIPs only since the government has time and time again boasted that that it is a fair government having the people's welfare at heart.

Being from Penang, I have long been fascinated by a certain plate no but I am sure it is going to cost me an arm, a leg, a nostril, an ear and maybe even a pair of testes if I were to bid for it.

Since there has been precedent of special numbers being awarded for free, and since this is a caring and sensitive government, I hereby formally request to be awarded the special plate number PUK 2. You can have the one with the number 1 because I am not that special.

Thank you in advance.


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