Wednesday 28 February 2007

MU, Drifters and the Stuggle

I was helping out a friend with his masters assignment when I thought that I shoud have a look at my blog. You see when you are new to this blog thing you forgot you had one. Anyway I almost fell off the chair when I saw 10 comments. WOW, I thought and the second thought that raced through my mind was it must be zorro. I was right, zorro played a very important part in this and I can't thank him enough.

What struck me most was the lack of animosity some Liverpool fans had towards me. Yes I know they hate MU as much as I hate Liverpool but don't you think they were quite nice in saying out their preference. I would usually have heated and very loud arguements with Liverpool fans. What I am trying to say is that either these people are really nice people or the common denomination in us, that is our common struggle, prevents them from hurting each other's feelings. Anyway I would like to invite all MU fans out there to pat themselves in the back for the 3-2 victory early this morning. I stayed up with my two daughters, both of whom are MU fanatics and celebrated with them. What a pity my son is not around, he too is MU all the way. My son-in-law unfortunately a Liverpool fan was snoring away.

This saturday is of course a big day where we will meet them in their ground and with a little bit of luck we could come out winners. I have to give them this, they are no pushovers but I got this feeling that we will somehow prevail.

Enough about MU, I was delighted that through one strong like-minded blog (zorro's) we could meet and may this lead to more. I am not IT savy and I really do not know what tagging and some of the other terms used but I am sure that in time I will catch up but would appreciate all the help.

When I first heard of the word tag it sent shivers down my spine, you know the kind you would have had if face to face with the monster in Alien coz it really was alien to me.

Well lastly to all those drifters who I now consider my friends thanx for drifting buy and do drop in again and to Zorro, I owe you a great debt of gratitute and when you drop by in Penang please give me a call. I can't make it to KL to join you yet caz I have an ailing brother (MU fan too) to tend to. Maybe one day.

Monday 26 February 2007

Mari Mari Mari

Once upon a time I had a blog but has since forgotten all about it. Then some how through screenshot I came across a link to Zorro Unmasked and something happened. I began to start reading blogs again especially Zorro's which I would visit at least twice a day.

What made me do it, you might ask. Its because I feel that I can identify with the comment posters. Somehow I feel like we are brothers and sisters. I sense the same spirit in them, the spirit to fight a Goliath. We may have different fighting techniques but it seems that our foe is the same ugly, bullying entity.

Then I itched to start my own blog again, who knows I may catch a drifter once in a while. I am a nobody in this blog world so I don't expect droves of visitors but I dare say this, if you are a diehard BN arse licker, an AAB fan or even a Mahathir worshipper, you would not like this blog so do yourself a favour and give me a skip. I am being polite which is something I am usually not to your kind.

Just a hint of what to expect from this blog: plenty of critcism of the government. Total hatred for Mahathir, which AAB arse lickers would love, a little music, mostly early 70s rock music and a decent dose of football especially Manchester United, a team I fell in love with when I was in primary school and to give you a hint I am 51 this year.


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