Sunday 30 September 2007

You can't be at home without it.

Oh man, I'm lovin this internet thing more and more everyday. I just don't know what I'm gonna do without it. Like last week when I had modem trouble and was cut off for a few days, I was like crazy man. I just couldn't do things right waiting for the people to fix the modem up.

Blogging is just one of the things that occupy my time. Heck, I just finished watching, DVD quality, Diehard 4. Last night while waiting for the United game I watched the Bourne Ultimatum, again DVD quality.

I am a fan of 70s and 80s music and I have hundreds of them now, all downloaded, through Limewire and ARES. Yes, I also get to watch that Lingam fella made an arse of himself while our TV tries to blur his face on the tv screen. What a joke.

How many people could say they have already finished House season 3 when it is only about episode 3 on AXN. Well, I finished it a few months ago and a few days ago I had already enjoyed House season 4, episode 1. Don't tell me you've seen season 4 episode 2 already coz it has not been screened yet, even in the US.

Well, I got the results of the EPL about 3 minutes early by going to live score meaning I would already know if a goal has been scored while the others are still sitting on the edges of their seats.

I do also spend a hell of a lot of time playing games. No, strategy games for me though. Maybe I'm kind a slow but strategy games bore me. I play kiddy games, like puzzle games and old arcade games. Why? Life is hard enough as it is, I don't need to add to it.

Without this thingy then I wouldn't know of people like, Tokasid, Bakaq, Mat Salo Kerp, Zorro, Sheih, Monty, Nuraina, Raden Galoh, Zabs, AlHusseyn, Zewt, Rocky, Big Dog, PiBani, frankie, Cakapaje, Bergen and list is endless man.

Without it I wouldn't be in touch with my old friends, Chung and Jamal. What would I be doing if it had not been invented? I don't know, sleep maybe?


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Believe, the feeling is mutual, especially being able to have friends like you, Doc, kerp, matsalo and the many others I have yet to put the link on my blog.

With regards to song downloads, would appreciate if you could provide the links; I too am a great fan of 70's and 80's songs, but can't seem to find the right links.

aN_archi said...

Here is one for old times sake dude :
Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Whatever colors you have in your mind
I'll show them to you and you'll see them shine

Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man awhile
Until the break of day, let me see you make him smile
His clothes are dirty but his hands are clean
And you're the best thing that he's ever seen

Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man awhile
Why wait any longer for the world to begin
You can have your cake and eat it too
Why wait any longer for the one you love
When he's standing in front of you

Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Stay, lady, stay, stay while the night is still ahead
I long to see you in the morning light
I long to reach for you in the night
Stay, lady, stay, stay while the night is still ahead

check it out at:

Unknown said...

I have sent instructions on how to get limewire to your blog. Hope it helps.

Unknown said...

Do you know that before meeting you I do not know of Dylan or his songs even if I have heard them before.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Whoow… Internet-less life is such a horror thought. When my modem was acting up on me just 2 days before the start of ramadhan, without any hesitation I pushed the panic button. Them tmnet fellas told me action will only be taken after 48 working hours after the first report was made. I swore those tmnet jokers and called up my telekom buddy and got it done in minutes.

Eh, why follow the streaming when the game was shown live? Unless u were in the same situation as I was, where it was my girlfriend’s turn to take control of the remote. Her argument was simple, arsenal game was over! Hahha.

Nak tak nak terpaksa follow Man U game live on soccernet gamecast..

And I’m with you and bro cakapsaje. I’ve looked at certain things in different perspective now after having made friends with u, cakapsaje, tokasid and all other bloggers. I’m just glad to have jumped in on the bandwagon by starting a blogsite to call my own. and I’ve gained a lot reading yours, cikgu.

Btw, I’ve got dylan’s lay lady lay in my phone. Kids now days going back to the roots, digging stuff from led zeps, GFR, CCR, grateful dead and the likes. I’m sticking with the Ramones.

Unknown said...

No, I mean while waiting to watch united on tv, I surfed. I always do that. Hey your Arsenal looks unstoppable. At this rate, I may have to throw in the towel by year's end.

cakapaje said...


Yup, I got it, and am now happily enjoying some nice selections.

Wak Segan, hey, Bob Dylan! Do you know that he's considered a traitor to his music! Came out in Times magazine some years back. But I'll surely download him too! Thanks bro!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


still very much in the early stage to write off any team, except for derby county.

what have u got to say abt chelsea? theyre in deep shit, arent they? hihi...

apparently that jew fella is not a fan favourite. roman shld take his millions and channel it to retarded kids or something.

Anonymous said...

Times are changing fast, I told my kids bout my life as a kid when the tv is black and white, and only broadcast after 5.00pm on weekdays and 3.00 pm on weekend and with only 2 channels, they couldn't believe it. Told them bout pen pals and they laughed at how primitive we communicated. And if I tell them about football programmes on tv like 'football made in germany' I think they will laugh their heads off.

Cikgu, is it me alone or with everybody else that the KFC then was better tasting than KFC now?

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Mine will be can't be at home and clinic without it.

Life nowadays is incomplete without the internet or a PC/notebook.
Yeah, if things go wrong with the connection or modem you get jittery like you haven't had a fag for 2 hours. You keep on cursing tmnet(previously jaring) after you got fed-up playing spider solitaire(my fav friend Don said: hang main pakau jalang ka?).

As for downloading movies, I let my friend Don do it.I just supply him with dvd disc(sebeban) and ask him to burn it for me. As for TV series like House or Supernatural or Lost, I'll have to wait for Hafiz to come back for hols. Thats his department.

EWF- I already have a boc-collection CD.
Police, Dire Straits,Queen: also had few CDs.
Dylan: have few CDs and MP3 collection.
Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam. JJcale, Clapton pun still ada.

But Limewire is still the reliable source for those good 70s and 80s lot.

Last weekend I went back to Tepen. My internet gian came. So after terawih at the masjid, send mak home and went out looking for a cybercafe!!Manage to find one( near a nasi kandar restoran pulak tu) and manage to surf for an hour( bulan posa katop 12mn) before pekena mee mamak with kari perut kambing and a big Nes-o-tar.

So,am I not an addict too...
(by the way ada ka Pusat Serenti internet??)

Unknown said...

An_archi yang hantaq liriks Lay Lady Lay tu housemate saya diKelantan. Dia China tapi kami panggil Abu, cakap Melayu macam ayaq and very fasih dalam jawi. Masa tu, dan saya suspect lani pun, dia memang gila Bob Dylan. Saya pulak tak brapa buleh connect dengan dia punya style sebab bagi saya melody sangat penting dan saya pada masa tu hanya minat rock, blues, soul dan motown. I think sampai lani saya masih tak buleh connect dengan Dylan. Hope you enjoy your Limewire. You jugak buleh try ARES,

Unknown said...

Arsenal is at the present time very strong and consistent. They have plenty of young, skillful, energetic and eager players. The only thing that could be their undoing is ironically their youth. There are simply too many young players and it could be telling during games where you need experience most. Just my point of view and I could be wrong.

Unknown said...

Yes, black and white tv and only 1 channel. Football screened 2 to 3 weeks later. I simply loved, Combat. The Man From Uncle, The little Rascals, Banana Split, The Twilight Zone, Samurai, Dennis the Menace etc.

Unknown said...

Pusat Serenti untuk penagih cyber. Shhh! pelan-pelan sikit, nanti Najib dengaq dia bukak dua tiga puluh dan swastakan kat kroni-kroni dia pulak. Depa ni semua bukan buleh, anything for money.

Unknown said...

Whohooo...That's scary man...At least now you make me think that I can't live without it...OMG! It's true...

And you have watched House season 4? can you laugh your heart out first bro? Wait for me season 3 pun tak abih lagi nih...

aN_archi said...

Always glad to know people who dig Dylan. One album I missed getting is 'No Direction Home' actually it is a film shot by Martin Scorsese ( how the hell do you pronounce this guy's name anyway ), interviews with Allen Ginsburg among his old friends, lots of Dylan talking and reminiscing (? close enuff) about himself, old times etc. I cant find the DVD here ( genuine or pirated ) and I am too poor to hop over to Singapore to get one. Anyways its supposed to be damn good work with never-shown-before footage. Which means its expensive.. ( OK just the two sens worth I found in my trousers' pocket, the back one that is ) Btw thanks Ajit for the kindly intro.. like introducing the introduction.

Unknown said...

If I don't get my dose of house, I will go into withdrawal. If interested go to

Unknown said...

There you are, there are Dylan fans out there.

zorro said...

Chegu sah, I could do without sex for quite a spell, considering my age,but not blogging....the orgasmic value is blissfully erotic.

We hope MU churn out the good stuff in the morning.

Unknown said...

Blogging is a blissful disease, that's what it is and I thank god for it.

I got this feelin that we are gonna make it this season. It may not be pretty but we will make it, just watch out for Arsenal, they are good, young but good.

monsterball said...

Without internet..I would not have realize there is a blogger name..kata tak nak exited and I have so much fun talking to him.
Give me a choice between sex...books ..movies or blogging...still choose sex.
If else I end up with three ex wives and always room for one more........hahahahahahaha

monsterball said...

Did you watch few football matches with bookies and left for home with few hundred RM short from your pocket to home?......hahahahahahaha

Unknown said...

If there was such a thing as the internet maybe you would only have 1 wife, who knows? How's Sheih's mom?

monsterball said...

If there was no internet...kata tak nak...I may have one more ex-wife...instead of three......hahahahahaha
But if you say ...if I had met you earlier in younger maybe able to influence me to be with one wife...that is possible....BUT I may end up as a romantic monk....also got de-robbed sooner or late. I like you.....and may listen to your sound advises....but fate is all let it be. My three ex-wives seems happier with me as friends that as wives.
Sheih's mom? No news is good news and judging from his posts....Sheih is ready for anything that God has plan for her.

monsterball said...

So English League has got you all worked up again!
This years... 60% for MU to take cup again.
Arsenal you say?..okay lah.....but as the approach to the final stage...can they take he professional pressures and heat?
It's all friend. Bookies have all the important matches fixed!! Mourino is damn smart cookie to leave the scene with the once owner or boss don't like is hell to work why tolorate the nonsense?
Have not been following up the matches ...since I stopped betting and without bets....matches to me are not so interesting.I used to have a booklet for Italian...Spanish and English football matches scores...and know quite alot of the players names. They play or not play do make a great differences. Worst is Sir Alex Furguson....putting out the best players to get suckers like us to bet in favour of MU...then score one goal...change 4 good players to new ones with the game end up on a draw...and bookies makes a killings on us suckers... One day....may bet all the 20 matches and use the internet to watch out for live scores...which is infact 5 minutes late.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


waiting for the roma game huh? another 7-1 thrashing u think?ahhaha..

mr goh,

bookies are always around doing their betting but trust me, results have never been fixed. mind u sir, but this is english premier league, not some low-quality football like the M-league.

monsterball said... is the English Leaques that attracting time bookies....US100 million per game.
Not all games are fixed.....but European and British games are fixed everyday. you trust me.....I know what I am talking ...but they may lie low for awhile and back they come. You said English football are never fixed! Do you recall....half way games ...stadium lights went off 15 years ago in some English league games and the goalkeeper...what is his name...Goldberg??? ....linked up with Malaysian bookies?
China betters is now burned up with German fixed games.
To fix a need to buy a striker or the goalkeeper...not the full team.

Mat Salo said...

Chegu... Betoi laa, what would we do without the internet? Life as we know it would be boring. My hats-off to you, Sir --I think you are the most internet savvi-est Chegu bar none!

Can take over the school's computer lab lah. So those young punk Computer Science graduates better watch out!

Eh, Limewire, ARES tu apa binatang nyer, Chegu? Music free ke?

Unknown said...

Limewire and ARES are P2P (oeer to peer) programes.
They work like this. Once you install the programes, you are given the liberty to go into around 10 million computers worldwide and retrieve audio, video, images, and even softwares from these computers provided they are online at the moment. Once you download the programe, a 'shared' folder will be opened. Only files in the shared folder can be accessed by other people so don't worry about people hacking in to steal valuable files.
Lets say you have successfully downloaded a certain song, it will be automatically stored into your 'shared' folder. You can copy it from there and paste in other folders you want or just leave it there and play it anytime you want.
You can get practically hundreds of thousands of songs, videos etc.
Why don't you try Limewire. Go to and download the basic programe coz that is free. Once opened a console will appear. Chose what you want, audio or video etc. You can chose by 'name of songs' or by artist. Try it out and see.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

cikgu, tumpang lalu sikit.

mt goh,

yes, match-fixing did take place before, during, as u mentioned, the 'goldberg' time. a little correction- bruce grobelaar. but that was way before the english league switched to the current premier league format.

i sincerely believe nowdays none of the top division players are in any ways involved.

Accia said...

salam che gu,
people like me, housewifelah must have internet at home.
if not how can, sit at home onny 24-7.never get to see friends one. now easy, can make friends with teacherlah, doctorlah, lawyerlah. where can i go out there and see one lawyer and tell her, hey you want to be my freind onot? cannot one, sure she will charge me. aiyo, better text elviza and ask hows luqman.
selamat berposa chegu.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu KTN....

Hey, nice knowing a fellow blogger like you too.

Rest asured, the next time Man Utd get thrashed again, I'll be in here, to annoy you! :)

Gurau gurau Ramadhan yang tidak melibatkan bersedap sedap antara pusat dna lutut, boleh kan? :P


Selamat meneruskan 9 malam terakhir bulan paling mulia disisi Allah s.w.t.

monsterball said...

Kerp....You said it. It happened is happening now and it will always be so in the future...bigger and better ways to attract customers ...with matches being fixed...without anyone knowing accurate results are already known by the bookies BEFORE the match is being played..for them to put out the odds.
Football betting is the biggest gambling vice... all over the world. The world is the casino!
But it is nice to know one like you feel the English Football matches are not you show good faith and charity to them ...with your loving kindness mind.
Me???...Never trust the English football games. we are talking about Premier Leagues!!....hahahahahahaha

monsterball said...

hi kata tak nak....what say you on English Premier League?
Is it bookies paradise or holy holy like kerp said?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok mr goh maybe u hv your own reliable source to believe that games are fixed but i'm sticking with my holy view on this. i mean, i'm a passionate fan (arsenal!) and seeing the kids playing their hearts out week in week out, accusing them of taking bribes is the last thing i wanna do. trust me, i'm not alone on this.


Unknown said...

Hey Biggum,
The pleasure and privilage is mine. So what are you Arsenal or Chelsea?
What is it you said, Man Utd receive a thrashing? Chelsea gets a thrashing or Arsenal or Liverpool maybe but MU?
Okay, Maybe not Arsenal this season but the other 2 are can be thrashed.

You have to be fair to me by letting me know what team is yours so that I too could 'annoy you' baru adil.

Anyway you have every right to chose losers, I only chose winners, only the best for me. Ha, ha, ha. Looks like I fired the 1st salvo. Good to have a new foe coz Mr. Right, my traditional foe has chosen to be quite since his Liverpool is not performing too good.

I know you will come to me like a hungry hound when MU loses a game or too which they will so do tell me which team is yours so that I could get at you with equal vehemence.

Unknown said...

Kerp, & Monty,
When I was younger I would have been hurt by Monty's remark but not anymore. I remember quite a number of years ago a certain Fashanu, I don't know if it was Justin or John, was in hot soup for game fixing and guess where the bookie came from? Yes, Bolehland. I have to agree with Monty that games all over the world are fixed. If Juve, Inter and AC could be bought then so could EPL teams.
If they are bought, they sure as hell know how not to show it.

tokasid said...


Sabtu ni nak pi cari Sohaimi Mior Hassan. Then aku review foyou samada worth buying or not.Tapi aku tetap beli la...

monsterball said...

WOW!! kata tak nak....You must have lost a bundle like me to know games are fixed......hahahahahaha
And I used to be around with these machais and small time bookies for past 20 years....and they still exists.
If kerp wants to see some bookies..go to massage parlours...marjong associations....they will be there...and then...on certain dates..they gather again to settle all bets.

monsterball said...

And they can tell you exactly what scores on certain matches IN ADVANCE.......especially on important matches.

Unknown said...

Believe it or not, I have never betted on football games before. I have in my younger days, gambled on cards but never bet on games. I do know about bookies simply because I grew up in Bukit Mertajam. Vice is synonymous with Bukit Mertajam.

monsterball said...

A good example involving my dear good friend...Chow Kwai Lan....showed how bookies buy a game. Chow was not buying...he was trying to irritate and indirectly...saying that S'pore goalkeeper is good for initiative....but that got him hell with twisted facts. Chow is one of the most honest football coach I know in Malaysia.
But that give us the hint...goalkeepers..strikers are the one bookies will buy..not the whole team.
English football...that goalkeeper....James?? is a fantastic goalkeeper....but great clubs want he can be great and stupid you go and guess...and I still suspect Lampard was bought during the World CUP he had 36 chances to score a goal on few matches...he scored none...yet he averaged at one out of three in EPL.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes mr goh, u've got your points but let me stress it here they're all based on hearsays.

and take david james for example, this is the calamity james who has been screwing up for more than a decade. in between he gets the england call-up. i dont remember that he was ever probed. and in juventus's case, none of their players were involved. and that was after thorough investigation that saw 3 clubs punished.

all the bookies u mentioned were all malaysian. they bet, its their way of earning a living but still too small for huge organisation as the english premier league.

so i'm sorry sir, so as long none of the top flight footballers ever come out in the open to admit they r indeed involved, results r based on the form of the teams, and in some cases, individual perormance.

thank you for the space, cikgu. and good argument too, mr goh.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu KTN,

I don't actually have a team which I really supported, since I left my temporary home in Newcastle, Summer of 1991 for London.

I must confess, during that period when I was in England, I watched a lot of games Newcastle played on homeground (St. James Park), Arsenal (Highbury) and Spurs (White Hart Lane).

However, I have been an 'Anti Manchester United' ever since as far as I can remember. Any team that fight Man Utd on the pitch, be it Liverpool (the second team I despise), I will support that team, even if its a fourth division Berwick-on-Tweed or some kampung team from North Gosforth!

Hehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehe :P

P/S: I have nothing against you. Its just I really don't like Man Utd.

Coincidentally, ALL the people around me support Man Utd; my only brother, my best friends, my business associates, my closest cousins, former work colleagues, former girlfriends, former housemates, name it, ALL of them!


monsterball said...

kerp.I am going to put corruption on final time. It's been on for decades. It's the biggest betting world in gambling...bigger than horse racing. Don't be fooled by Russian or Americans or Thai or Arab...buying teams for the love of football...paying huge huge unbelievable sums. All are business people. They know as owners...they are holding all the aces.
Not easy to catch fixed games. You need to know the betting understand why 0-0 was the result of MU against Wigan on first half...then 3-0 is the final result.Good the game..enjoy them...but don't bet....and since you do not bet..I wonder how you know so are not fixed..although you have very good knowledge of players. Perhaps you are a small time bookie....afraid no business...if all exposed by monsterball?....hahahahahaha

monsterball said...

kerp...Please do not mix up England coach selections on players..and corrupted games.

monsterball said...

By the was 4-0 MU/Wigan.
Gambling every 15 minutes...I think the bookies made a killing over those betters.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok mr goh...i'm giving my final piece too...

0-0 at halftime. a very defensive tactical move from the visitors that eventually went horribly wrong after Man U broke the duck. simple as that. its sheer football.

monsterball said...

Enjoy your football kerp.
Glad you think it that way...but don't bet on football...that's my final advise.

monsterball said...

However...when comes to gambling...Malaysian Chinese knows it all. The others are merely kindergarden students. So how to talk to a child on not to be fooled by adults in gambling matters?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i am enjoying my football mr goh. beautiful, tactical football. not in any ways i shld be tainting the beuatiful game with poop, unless they're spurs.

thank you.

monsterball said...

Kerp....I am a die hard MU supporter. Sheih of 'kickdefella' should know.
Go ahead..enjoy the art...the scientific moves..the split seconds tactics...the great build up to a goal...the fantastic way to score...and above all..the vigorous full 90 minutes play.
What I hate seeing a goal scored by our Malaysians and start offering a prayer to Allah. They should stop that narrow minded habit...and believe in their own abilities.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahaha...Mr goh, no offense but we did great by talking abt the best football league in the world and you had to spoil everything by talking abt the FAM-led malaysian football. really, this is going to be my final piece here as we've taken too many of cikgu nazir's space. we shldnt pollute it further with discussions on it, the FAM.they sucks ass!

monsterball said...

I stop talking football corruptions....since gambling s actually part of Chinese how do we talk? is a chicken and other a duck?.Did you not notice? I went on to talk intelligence and attitudes by footballers and compared them to ours. At least we both agree...they suck....but we have a problem...kata tak nak loves top watch local footballs do I on certain games...especially finals!!!


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