Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wringing a confession

I think it was in my second year as a teacher, a little bit wiser, but not that ready to assume very heavy responsibilities, being a young outsider and all. We had always been orang luar, like it or not. I got to understand the local dialect fast enough to understand what was being spoken but not enough to speak it without crawling.

I do not know how the situation is now in Bukit Jawa, Selinsing Pasir Puteh, but in the 70s, a school functioned also as a sort of Bureau of Complaints. What students did at home were also reported to the school and we the teachers were expected to act.

There was this one case that I could still remember though it happened 30 years ago. It gave me a headache because I was up against someone whom I could say was equal to me or it was because she knew that being a male teacher, I am helpless against her.

The kampung folks of a certain kampung reported to the school that a form two girl would always invite her young uncle and his friend into her room late every evening. The MO was that, she would wait for her grandmother to go to the mosque or surau, I can't remember. She would lock the door and then unlock the windows to her room where the two Casanovas would climb in.

It became a big issue and as one of the discipline teachers in the afternoon session I was asked to help the Ustaz to get a confession from the girl. How do 2 men ask sensitive questions to a girl? We were searching high and low to find the exact words to use without sounding vulgar. Initially she did not even admit to having visitors via the window. She was cool and denied every accusation. What got to me was her couldn't care less attitude.

The Uztaz and I reported to the SA that we could not wring a confession out of her. The SA decided to send in the big guns. The whole school disciplinary committee, about 8 of us, all men, were seated at a long table with the girl sitting on a chair a few feet away. I have been in many disciplinary committees and all the time the Pengetua would be present but this particular Pengetua did not see it important for him to be present. What a jerk. Maybe my next post would be on the 2 occasions I had a tiff with him.

The sheer number could have got to the girls nerve and after much shouting and screaming, she admitted to the act of getting the two bastards into her room. The next question after that was what did they do? She insisted vehemently that they were only talking. We pressed her continuously. Sorry, when I say we, it did not include me, I was surrounded by senior teachers, all Kelantanese, speaking the Kelantanese dialect, so I chose to keep quiet and observe. Actually I did not know what to do. I had tried earlier but she made a fool of me. I had to stop because I was afraid I would resort to slapping her and I had never done that to a female before, in fact, ever.

I can still remember how the SA a Mr. Zawawi, searched himself to find the words to ask if they screwed her tail off. After so many attempts at being careful he went like this.
"Dio, dio, dio masok dale mu dok" (literally, did her get into you?). I can still remember those words as if they were uttered yesterday. "Dok, dok" (no, no) she screamed her reply.

I think it was only after that that the committee decided it was good to get a female teacher to question her. What a bunch of MCPs we were. A female teacher was called in to try to talk to her and all us chauvinist pigs left the room. It took the lady teacher the better part of an hour before leaving the room with her confession. Yes, they screwed the shit out of her. Hey that is statutory rape you know, but in a kampung, it was not wise to publicize the matter by making a report.

The matter was reported to the girl's grandmother and a few months after that she quit schooling. I do not know what happened to her after that.

Please do not think that I am trying to belittle the Kelantanese Malays, it's just that I got this experience there. I have other experiences here in Penang, though not that colourful which I may relate in later postings.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

eh cikgu, bukan ke apa yang terjadi diluar perkarangan sekolah kira diluar bidangkuasa pihak sekolah?

the saddest thing is, she was only 14 and already a nympho. should have asked he; dio masuk dale mu dale-dale dok?

hehehe...i wonder what happens to her now...

Kata Tak Nak said...

In my 1st year of teaching, 2 of my form one girls quit to get married. When I left 5 years later, one was a janda anak 2

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

That was 30 years ago.
I remember in the mid 70s with the flower power and hippies and those folk songs in the air this sort of thing is common.
I remember few secondary school girls will every weekend go to the picnic areas in Taiping( bukit Larut had several streams)with their Mat Therap( soljars)boyfriends. And we primary school kids will go there too. Not to mandi sungai. We have other things more important.Skodeng!
One by one the girls(secondary school and Minah Karan)and their Mat Therap bf will go into the bushes to 'salin baju' and while at it there will be heavy pettings.And we small boys from maybe 30 feet away hiding in the bushes with our hard-ons and elbowing each other or trying to stop our accomplish from giggling too loud.

If in the &0s the Casanova comes through the windows while grandma is at the surau, now we have casanovas going to girls' room through the front door while both parents are at home! how advance we are now.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I agree, we Malays are very advance nowadays. Their children are making out in the bedrooms while father and mother watch Akademi Fantasia. Yal la ada atau tidak senario dimana bila anak keluar bilik dengan girlfriend bapak tanya, 'Dah habih dah? Awat sat sangat?"

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

now that doc has mentioned it, i wonder if the 13 yr olds believed in free spirits that was very much part of the hippie ideology.

*there was this joke going around here that if one wishes to go to a malay-dominated area, try go on saturday nights to avoid the crowd. that is when the malays will stay home and glued to Akademi Fantasia! ...hehehhe...

Kata Tak Nak said...

There is nothing wrong with Malays seeking for enjoyment but when they down tools just because they want to go out and enjoy then something is sickeningly wrong.

aN_archi said...

Aha Ajit, I remember that one. One of the male teachers shouted at her saying how come she is so gelenyah at her age when ' Cacing pun tak telus lagi.' Imagine even the humble earthworm unable to secure entry. Its one of the peribahasa I came across that has a local flavour.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You remembered ya? Do you also remember that every year mesti ada student berhenti sekolah untuk kahwin. You also remember our sir Mat Iso Biso and Smoh?

aN_archi said...

Oh yes Ajit. The good old times. There was a couple who was caught making out in the sains pertanian kandang ayam. There were rearing chickens for eggs remember ? Boy was in Form 4, girl form 3. Next thing we saw them on the boy's scrambler bike going past the school carrying a baby. Also do you remember one lady teacher who cried because one of the students scrawled 'Cikgu ______ kopek besar on the wall ?' She boo-hoo-hooo real bad till the discipline teacher had to do sumthing.. Ahh, man drop by my place when you come down to JB and we can shoot the breeze.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If kopek besar must be that lady teacher who spoke to the girl, besides being a good looker she is top heavy, huge agio tomanggo.

I would most probably be going to my bro's place this year and holidays for his daughter and son's engagement and you can bet I 'll give you a call.

Any thoughts of climbing up North?

Zawi said...

Please qualify that the SA Mr.Zawawi, wasn't me because I was never a teacher hehehehhe.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oh, I forgot, but the SA should be about 70 plus now, definitely not you.


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