Thursday, 17 April 2008

Corruption Watch 1

In line with the renewed determination of the government to deal corruption with a death blow, the ACA acted courageously, without fear or favour and within a week, 5 high profile cases are opened. The ACA director said that this would be followed by many other arrests in the coming weeks.

In one of the cases, the director said that the amount of money involved was a staggering RM12.35. It was reported that a police officer manning a road block had stopped a poor beggar who was walking past. Upon questioning it was found that the beggar was walking without wearing an underwear. The beggar who pretended that he did not know that walking without wearing an underwear is a capital offence punishable by death if proven guilty, offered everything he had in his pocket, a whopping RM12.35 all in shillings. As the officer pocketed the money, the ACA's 20 men spying team with the aid of Bukit Aman's elite UTK unit comprising of 25 highly trained masked men pounced on both suspects. It is reported that, that the special joint force had to call in for backup from a nearby FRU unit when the beggar threatened to fight back.

After 3 days of questioning, the beggar finally admitted that he knew he had committed an offence and would be charged under section 32B of the criminal act which carries a mandatory death sentence if found guilty. The police officer , however, was not charged, because the ACA could not determine if he had taken the money with his left hand or his right hand.

In view of this it is reported that the ACA chief had asked the government for funds to buy video cameras to aid them in future raids. An officer said that the video cameras would cost RM135,000 each. The Treasury had approved a sum of RM350 million for this purpose. A company belonging to an accuse in the Altantunya case has been given the tender to supply these equipments which would be imported from Russia and Mongolia.

Meanwhile in Penang, the state ACA announced the biggest success thus far. A council enforcement worker was caught in the act of accepting a plate of Char Koay Teow from a hawker as an inducement for not issuing him a compound for operating without a licence. If proven guilty, the suspect could face life in prison.

The Chief Secretary to the government also announced that 12 high ranking government officers would be transferred, for accepting bribes ranging from RM1.2 million to RM12.87 million, pending investigation. If found guilty they would be fined a week's pay.

A Minister, however, was cleared by the ACA, after it was satisfied that the RM3 Billion he has in a Swiss account were actually money he had saved for his children's education fund. It is believed that the Minister would receive a letter of commendation for being very forward thinking.


tokasid said...


If its anything less than RM1000/= and accepted by low ranking policemen its corruption.
If its into millions or billions and pocketed by politicians or high ranking govt officers its just commission.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Ini strategy untuk menggalakkan penyangak2 migrate ke Malaysia dan joint venture dengan penyangak tempatan. Oh Malaysia Ku Syurga Ku.

Zawi said...

In whatever form you write, the message is always clear. Thank you Allah for giving us a blogger like Che'gu Nazir.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Zawi,
Glad to see you surfing again and thanks, you are too kind.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

But did you hear? The FA of Selangor Officials and some players have been sentenced to life imprisonment because the players had to quit early an unofficial coaching clinic by the FAM!

Also, parents will be given the rotan if their children do not buckle the backseat belt. Parents with more, will get 2 rotan for each child numbering more than 3!

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is why Malaysia is squeaky clean that got Singapore very jealous.


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