Saturday, 19 April 2008

Any more question?

Reporter 1: Mr. DPM, Mr. DPM sir, can you comment on The PMs apology to Tun Salleh Abbas and the other judges who were dismissed in 1988?

DPM: Excuse me, which publication are you from? STAR? Harakah? AWSJ? Makkal Osai? Penthouse?

Reporter 1
: I'm with the NST Mr. DPM.

DPM: Whatever gave you that idea? It was not an apology. Who said the PM apologised?

Reporter 1 : Why then offer them ex-gratia, if the PM does not feel that they have been wronged?

DPM: So, you come to that conclusion just because of the ex-gratia? I see, I see. Okay, here is what actually happened. Our space programme, you know the one where we sent that, what's his name, to space?

Reporter 1: Yes, that fellow. I also can't remember his name.

DPM: Well the Russian government said that we have been a good client for the prompt payment that we made, so they gave us some discounts. Since we have some extra money, we thought why not we donate the money to some old-folks.

Reporter 1: You mean to say that they were justly dismissed?

DPM: No, I didn't say that. Actually, I did not even know that they were dismissed and who dismissed them.

Reporter 1: It was big news then and you mean to say you were not aware?

DPM: I have always been the type who gives 110 percent in my work so I had no time to dwell into anything that had nothing to do with my ministry. I swear I tell you, I didn't know.

Reporter 1: I find this hard to believe Mr. DPM sir. Is this any indication that you do not want to get into the bad books of the Tun?

DPM: Any other questions?

Reporter 2: The opposition has for a long time been calling for the setting up of a commission to deal with the elevation of judges. At last night's dinner, the PM said that, such a commission would be srt up, does this mean that the government is bowing to the opposition's request?

DPM: Are you sure you are not from Makkal Osai? No, not at all. Actually it is the government who called representative from the oppositions and ask them to make this request, meaning it has been our idea all the while.

Reporter 2: Why do that when you could do it on your own?

DPM: Any other question?

Reporter 3: Has the PM discussed with you the timetable for the transition of power?

DPM: Yes, he called me to discuss the matter but I told him, I have more important things to do, like strengthening UMNO and regaining public confidence in the government. Actually, this transition thing is not important to me.

Reporter 3: You mean you don't mind if the PM continues until the next election?

DPM: Any more questions?

Reporter 4: Do you think the Rakyat would accept you as the next PM since your name was implicated in the Altantuya case?

DPM: Any more questions?

Reporter 5: Mr. DPM sir, where are the police taking reporter 1, 2, 3 and 4?

DPM: Minum kopi kot.


Zawi said...

How not to laugh when you present such serious matter in this hilarious way. I tell you, you are gifted man to be able to do so.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You have always been kind in your comments. Thanx. Kadang2 kita serious tak apa la tapi kalau selalu serious, mau gila jadi nya.

Keang said...

good take che'gu.

would be nicer if najib was asked if he's the original keris-man!

that pic of him was on wiki but not now. wonder who removed it?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oh, yes, he was the original keris man alright and if I am not mistaken it was at TPCA Stadium in the late 80s. I'll to find the pic. Thanx


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