Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Second Space Expedition

Samy: I say, pak Lah, thank you very much la for inviting me to participate in this space exploration.

Lah: I don't forget old friends la Samy. The Indians may have forgotten you but not me la.

Samy: Actually DS, still got some Indians remember me la, not all have forgotten.

Lah: Yes, of course. Those who still remember you are those who hate you so much that they can't sleep as long as you are still alive.

Samy: Ayo, why say like that DS? DS, who else going ah?

Lah: Many la, almost the whole cabinet and even that idiot, your old boss. He wants first class.

Samy: He is going also ka? Why you give?

Lah: I am trying to unite UMNO members la. If I don't give, they will say I am cruel. Never mind la, I let him go. I hope that would pacify his stupid supporters. Actually that one is my seat you know?

Samy: So you not going ka? Ayo, not nice la like this DS. I think I also don't want to go la.

Lah: Are you sure? Kayveas going you know?

Samy: Apa? That idiot also going ka? Then he will say he is the first Malaysian Indian to go to space. Okay, okay I go. Please make sure my seat is in front of his so I can say I got to space first.

Lah: Sure la, your seat is in front, got view some more.

Samy: You think I can see Sungai Siput from there ka? No need la, what for want to see Sungai Siput? Those idiots kick me out already.

Lah: Actually I am quite sad you know I can't go with you all.

Samy: Yes, la DS, this is once in a lifetime experience you know? How much ah all this cost?

Lah: We have to buy another 120 Sukhoi, 200 tanks and 500 missles from Russia then only they will let us send you all there at US80 million each.

Samy: So much must spend ka? Why so expensive?

Lah: Yes, la, actually this trip is meant for Singapore, so to potong them, we have to pay a lot la. That is why your old boss wants to go because he can potong Kuan Yew's turn. He said he wants to call Kuan Yew and perli him.

Samy: Macam budak-budak only la that fellow. This one also want to race ka? Khairy going or not?

Lah: He wants to go but I said no. This is a punishment for him for getting all of us in big shit during the last election.

Samy: Good la Pak Lah. When the people know ah, they will say you are a fair man la. very good la.

Lah: They are calling for you all now. You better go or you will miss your rocket.

Samy: Okay, goodbye Pak Lah and thank you.

Lah: You are welcome. Go and have fun.

Samy: ( In the rocket) Hello, Nazri, my seat is next to you la. Look behind there, Kayveas jealous that I got a front seat next to the windows, hahahahahaha padan dia punya muka.

Nazri: Look in front there at Mahathir, jumping in his seat macam budak-budak only.

Samy: Ya la, like idiot only.

Captain: Ladies and gentlemen members of the Malaysian Space mission. We would blast off in a minute's time. Please fasten your seat belts.

Assistant Captain: Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations, we are now in space. Dinner would be served shortly. We would fly by the International Space Station in 2 hours where we will not dock with it. There is a secret Russian Space Station where you would be stationed. You are the first non-Russian to be taken to this station.

Captain: Ladies and gentleman we have successfully docked with Mir Space Station II. Please queue up to get into the station.

Samy: Wah Nazri very nice ah this space station.

Madet: If you think this is nice wait till you see where I bunk, first class is really nice la.

Najib: Tun isn't that our rocket that is fying out into space?

Samy: Yes, la. Why, why that fellow going away? Dia pigi taroh minyak ka Tun?

Tun: Hey Captain! Isn't that the craft we came in? Why is it flying away?

Captain: Don't you know? Yours is a one way ticket.

Samy: Then how are we going home?

Captain: Don't worry, you would be going home.

Najib: I know, I know they all surely won't do anything to us one.

Tun: When would we be going home?

Captain: As soon as your country build your own craft. That's the agreement sir.

Samy: kayveas, Kayveas, die la we all here.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Then as the story was being told, malaysia made its first space craft and brought them back to earth safely. drM then decided to organise another similar project and this time around, another state-of-the-art pilotless spacecraft was built. dol and kery and samy, and muhamad2, all tagged along in this snd mission. When the rocket was about to take off, they were so excited to learn drM was not in the flight with them. And so off they went……..to the sun…..

While on earth was seen everybody jumping with joy. The drM supporters, the Hindraf guys and all the selangor folks.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Samy was worried and you could hear him wish, I hope we reach the sun at night, it is not too hot there.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahahahhahaha...yea, my first comment was based on that particular joke actually...

tokasid said...

Keri: Wah! Daddy memang bijak lah. Buat rendah diri dan tak mahu pergi naik space.And daddy kata saya tak boleh pergi sebab nak hukum saya.

Memang aku dah plan lama dah benda ni hang tau dak? Tu pun jenuh pujuk puak Rusia hang tau ka?

Ye ke daddy? Sporting jugak geng Rusia ni ye...

Sporting apa nya! Aku kena order lagi 1000 Sukhoi dan 500 kapai selam hangtau dak? Tapi memang berbaloi pasai orang tua penyibuk tu dah tak dak.

Tapi kan daddy...anak dia Riz kan ada.dia kan tak ikut samo.

Eleh budak kanyaq tu hang toksah risau lah...Dia berani masa pak dia ada saja.La ni pak dia tak dak kita berkuasa penuh.Yabedabedu!

Tapi daddy....Saya rasa kita ada problem la sikit.

Problem apa nya? Hang jangan lah kalut.

Kan Anwaq Brahim ada. Awat daddy tak ajak dia pi sama?


Aku dah offer kat dia tapi dia tak mau.


Apasal dia tak mau daddy?

Pasai rengtua Madet,Samy,MatTaib dan Makcik Pidah ada...tu yang dia tak mau.Lagi pun dia kata dia tak mau baziaq duit rakyat.

Jadi macamana kita daddy?

Hang jangan risau. Esok kita isi borang join PKR dan kita lompat masuk Pakatan Rakyat.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Alah papa in law, kita buat party sendiri la. Kalau masuk PKR Kerri tak buleh jadi Ketua Pemuda.

Lah: Okay, okay kita buat party sendiri ya sayang, menantu abah. Kita bagi nama apa ya?

Kerri:Ha, Kerri ada idea, Dreamland.


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