Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Doa and Prayers Please.

Dear readers and visitors, I received an sms just now in school from Doc Tokasid about Pak Zawi's daughter. His daughter who had just delivered a beautiful baby has been diagnosed with cancer of the cervix. I really do not know the seriousness of the disease and at what stage but I was really taken aback by this devastating news.

Having lost my own brother to cancer last May, I know how he feels and my heart goes out for him. I would like to plead to you to offer your doa's and prayers so that his daughter would recover from this dreaded disease. I know modern medicine is so advanced and the disease could be cured at a certain stage but still the mere mention of the dreaded word would bring any father down.

Let us all pray for her speedy recovery. You could go over to his blog here

Pak Zawi, my doa is with you.


Asil said...

My experience with my late father-in-law, a cancer patient, it's a humble experience.

It's God will. Didoakan semoga diberikan kekuatan dan ketenangan buat Pak Zawi, sekeluarga.

Zawi said...

Cuma Allah sahaja akan dapat membalas budi baik dan simpati yang tuan tunjjukan kepada saya sekeluarga.
Terima kasih.


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