Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Black 14 - Tribute To Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Unceremoniusly, they dumped you
into a filthy drain
they sullied your name
they parade invented shame
Overtime their media work to kill you
They shackle your body but not your spirit
They blackened your eyes but not your deeds

One devil's ego they must satisfy
So another man's life they must destroy
It doesn't matter if his family suffers
as long as that ugly ogre's ego is fed

Lucifer cares not
For Lucifer reigns in his kingdom
His hellish hands conducts
the judicial orchestra
that misses relevance for not
that chose to parade self-stained mattress

In solitary you seek solace and strength
and cried in silence
you missed them so
you long for them
the extension of yourselfless self

Cross the self made calender on the wall
while you wait for the day to see the sun rise

Allah feel the time is right
So he sends a clown to release you
to check Lucifer from burning him

You are what you are
but you can't be who you truly are
for 5 years you must wait
to be what you are truly
A truly free man
Free of whatever manacles that binds you

So many Black 14s have passed
with lighted candles as if in a mass
So many Black 14s passed
Each with impatient hope

This Black 14 is unlike all other
This Black 14 is greeted with light so bright
The brightness of hope
Hope for a new beginning


bru99 said...

Salam Cik Gu

Di bawah ni , ada lah pemikiran saya yang telah saya masukkan kedalam dairy saya sebelum PRU 12 yang lalu dan sekiranya dia mampu berubah and mengubah, siapa lah saya untuk tidak menerima nya:

This time an interesting character was invited to give the tazkirah , its Datuk Seri Anuar Ibrahim, I have never meet and see this guy in person, so that night I was surprised to see him in this humble surrounding. What can I say about him, in pinnacle of his career I doubt that he knew where Madrasah Madah was and I had always heard that he was jet setting to America, Europe and UK in an Armani suit and people would put out a red carpet to welcome him but now his driver was asking me how to get to a Dewan in Kg. Koh.

Let us go back to the topic that he talked that night, its about “Kuasa, Ilmu and Kekayaan” which I presume that he have all the three within his grasped at one time. He went to say that these three, in the right hand will bring good to the people and also in the wrong hand will cause a disaster to the country. Politician, they can talk about anything they want but what’s in my mind at that moment was, what have he done? when he’s up there with all the three, power, knowledge and richness in his hand okay he’s not the number one but what have he done for the ummah.

He also explained about the video clip of him having a” veil veil” session during one of the by-elections but he did not delved in the “joket” session that he had some time ago. He talked about people who told thousand of lies , but what about the arsenic poisoning that he supposed to have in prison , what about the video that showed him well and running about but when he was out of the door he had to be helped walking.

Hippocrates that is what they are !!!!

hantutelur said...

I'm sorry Che Gu, I share the same opinion with bru99.

After all, it's politics, and at the end of the day, nam tolak nam.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Bru, and hantutelur,
A democracy is one in which, one is allowed to have his views based on his understanding and believe in things and I practice democracy in my blog. You are welcome to state your views and I respect them though I do do not share the same views. Thanx for caring to comment.

bergen said...

Cikgu, can translate this poem to bahasa Pulau Pinang tanjung?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Will try but it might miss the feel.

monsterball said...

That's a powerful soul searching poem.
I hope Mahathir read this.

monsterball said...

Few are caught with UMNO's arrogant corrupted personality.....behaving like fools...can think Anwar Ibrahim will be that stupid....to make sure...next election...all Malaysians..will vote him out....by proving he is a corrupted politician.
To start saying that usual common phrase...."all politicians are dirty and corrupted"....means...the 50 years dirty...corrupted UMNO have caught up with few...thinking..all politicians must be corrupted.
One may as well say....Anwar purposely went to jail..for 6 years...to prove he is a dirty politician.
So did Lim Kit Siang..few times n jail..to expose corruptions by UMNO..is actually a corrupted politician.... himself!!
So did Karpal Singh...and Lim Eng Guan.....all went to jail..to prove they are corrupted politicians.
hi 5 Hindraf guys under ISA..what are they??
But the 12th election have shown majority Malaysians want to give those deserving politicians... a chance to manage the country.
Malaysians are sick and tired of corrupted politicians.
So..lets not think those who went to jail are idiots and have fooled us ...voting for them.......and after 50 years....why suddenly accuse oppositions....when UMNO is most
corrupted.. still 52% favors them?
So..13th election..is to move forward.....or be salves to UMNO.
As for me...I don't really care who manage the country...as I never depended on government's help at
all...but for the sake of the young generation..for the sake of my passion to see Malaysia is for Malaysians.....and not one race.....dominates all others...I will do my part..to see a Malaysian Malaysia is truly born.
It is call...being useful human being.....until the day I die.
Are you useful.....meaningful person?

tokasid said...

Translation loosely.

14 yang hitam-Tribiut kat Anwaq brahim.

Tanpa upacara depa tauk hang
masuk dalam longkang ayaq acaq
Depa hina jaja nama hang
depa tunjuk pekara tak senonoh hat depa reka
Lama-lama soathabaq depa lebih2 kutuk hang
depa tambat jasad hang tapi tidak semangat hang
Depa pelebam mata hang tapi bukan perbuatan hang

Pasai nak puaihkan ego sekoq setan
kehidupan orang depa punahkan
Depa tak peduli kalu keluarga dia merana
Asaikan ego setan huduh tu puaih

Iblih peduli apa dia
Pasai dia maharaja dalam kerajaan dia
Tangan setan dia dok kawai
kugiran kehakiman
supaya semua tak releven
dan untuk tunjuk tilam berpeta-peti

Dalam kurungan hang cari damai dan kekuatan
hang nangeh tak berlagu
hang rindu kat depa
sebahagian dari diri hang yang tak loba

Tiap hari hang pangkah kelender di dindin
Sambey dok tunggu matahari muncul kembali

Bila ALLAh tetapkan masa yang sesuai
Dia hantaq sorang badut utk lepaihkan hang
Supaya Iblih tua tak buat dia macam dagin babekiu

Hang adalah hang
Walau hang tak boleh jadi diri yang sebenaq
Pasai hang kena perosok 5 taon
Untuk kembali jadi diri sebenaq
menjadi merdeka dan bebaih
Tanpa halangan yang merantai dulu

Sudah banyak 14 yang hitam berlalu
Dengan nyalaan pelita macam dalam gereja
Sudah banyak 14 yang hitam berlalu
Dengan harapan melulu

14 yang hitam kali ni lain sungguh
14 yang hitam ni di sambut lampu lip lap terang menerang
Dengan harapan yang jelas
Harapan kepada permulaan yang baru

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hang betoi2 paham hati aku doc, memang yang tu lah maksud aku. Bergen, thats the translation into utara Malay.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I agree with you when people say 'all politicians are the same' it is becaise they see theirs is like shit they cannot accept it and blame others as well. Yes, power corrupts but corrupts only those who wants to be corrupted.

lebai kampung said...

ahli-ahli PAS dah jadi KAFIR kata AMANAT HJ HADI. sila ke http://paskafir.blogspot.com dan bacalah

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ha sampai 2 kali mai, terdesak sungguh pak lebai ni no.


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