Sunday, 20 April 2008

Malays Are Actually Very Rich

What does the recent GE prove? One thing that many people are not able to see is that it proves that the Malays are actually the richest people in this land called Malaysia. It is very clear and yet no one cared to write about it. Actually even I did not realise this phenomenon until Bakaq of Penaririk Beca sent me an sms about it. As those who frequent his Malaysiakita would know, Bakaq, a Malay, but different from many other Malays, he is not very rich, is presently trying to change his internet provider so he can't blog for a few days. I am sure he had been itching to write about this himself but the technical fault he is presently encountering has prevented him, so he asked if I could write something about it.

Come to think of it, Bakaq has a very valid point. Yes, indeed, the Malays are actually so bloody damn rich. Shit, why didn't I realise it? As for me of course, I belong to Bakaq's camp, so I am not rich, heck, I am damn bloody poor. Now some of you may be thinking that I am playing a prank on you but I will be giving you evidence from the recent GE.

We all know that, price increases of food and utilities has been the bone of contention with many Malaysians in the run up to the GE and opposition parties were quick to pounce on this as an issue in their campaign and the response that they got when these issues were raised was tremendous. The applause was thunderous. Why do they clap? Because they were hurt with these increases that ate into their purchasing power leaving them without much of a saving.

Now let us see the results of the GE and the many analysis made regarding it. The PR owned to the fact that their victory was a result of the massive swing of the Chinese and Indians. Even the Government admitted that the drubbing that they got was mainly due to the desertion of the non Malays. Many non Malay leaders suffered when their own people deserted them.

One interesting finding of the recent GE is that, although the sentiment shown by the non Malays is shared by the Malays, the swing, however, is not that massive. Now, if the Chinese and Indians voted for the opposition because they can't take price increases anymore, how come many Malays still voted BN? Ha, ha, the answer is that, the Malays has been secretly accumulating wealth, but being the kampung people that they are, they do not trust the banks. They stash their money in pillows and bolsters. Compare the number of pillows in a town house and the number in a kampung house. Yes, kampung people have more pillows. Contrary to popular belief, these excess pillows are not meant for visiting relatives, but rather to keep their money in.

Every time there is an increase in the price of essentials, the Malays only need to rip one of the countless pillows that they have to see them through. So price increase was not an issue for the Malays and that is reflected in the percentage of Malays voting for the BN.

Therefore, since more Chinese and Indians voted for the opposition than for the BN, it means that more Chinese and Indians are poor and since more Malays voted for the BN rather than the opposition despite the ridiculous increase in the price of food and fuel, it means that more Malays are rich.

Baffling? What is not baffling about Malaysian politics especially UMNO politics? Oh yes, before I forget, I wonder why is it that I am a Malay and I don't have that many pillows in my house? Must sms Bakaq to ask how many pillows he has.


sebol said...

persoalan sekarang, kenapa bakaq tidak dial 1325, sebagai langkah sementara?

acciaccatura said...

salam chegu, should ask my kids where i keep my laptop. haahahahaa...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Don't tell me you kept it inside a pillow case or underneath the pillows.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Nak kena tanya kat dia la tu.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hmm...pagi tadi cek pi pasaq tani beli daging sekilo, peparu sekilo, dan entah 2,3 sayuq lagi, habih lebih RM60! Cek ingat malam ni nak pekenalah teh tarik ngan memba sorang, terpaksa tunda ke tarikh lain kerana dah terlebih bajet. Ni, streamyx lum lagi bayaq!

Chop! Pak Bakaq ada anak nama kaklong! Dia pun berblog kah? Maap Pak Bakaq, cek tanya ja no.

ali allah ditta said...


Correction...basically the Malays are a poor lot except the UMNO Malays, they are a class of their own. Just changing internet provider doesnt prove ones wealth. Poor Bakaq...hopefully he will swing back soon.

Me, a poor Malay trying to survive in this dunguland.....


Kata Tak Nak said...

Saya takut nak pi pasar. Kalau beli tu duit lima puluh keluaq tak henti-henti. Satu hari nanti kena makan roti gardenia saja la. 2 keping pagi, 2 keping tgh dan 2 keping malam.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am sure Bakaq is aware of that. I think he is dissapointed with the Malays for letting those putras to blind them over and over again.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh...ok got your point. unlike you people, i'm a very rich malay, and recently my wealth has accumulated that i am now rm180 richer...hihi...

fyi cikgu, nowadays rich kids keep their money in one of the CD sleeves.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak..That is a great piece.
Yes....thousands of Malays....especially farmers..all millionaires overnight...when their few acres of land worth around..few thousand ringgit.....were all bought the government...for millions.
I wonder how many Chinese and Indians farmers ...enjoyed this benefit. I!!
But all the millions were spent up.. by their children......most are back to square one.
Easy come...easy go.
I guess you are so right... malays millionaires...made by UMNO will vote for UMNO..and since majority Malays voted for UMNO...then...Malays is the richest race in Malaysia.
We all knew that..long long ago..but UMNO keep denying for one million given out....they take back many many times more for themselves.
But more and more Malays are not happy with UMNO...for their downright hypocratic attitudes.....enriching their children...putting them in politics..thus .it is .these few politicians...will control the country....from father to son.. to no chance for other Malays to lead...except those few...going round and round...starting from Mahathir's dictatorial rule concept.....all are following.....from his lying and cheating character...all are following. That's why so UMNO members love him so much.

rastom said...

Tuan, roti gardenia kira luxury juga. Saya dok nampak nak kena adjust makan roti benggali lepas tu kalau dok koi teruk kena downgrade ke roti patsagi cicah kopi sajala...

Zawi said...

For a long time Kelantan was isolated from the rest of the country and we enjoyed a much more affordable life. Things were comparatively cheaper then. Now they publish daily the prices of essential things like fish, vegetables and chicken.
What happen was the sellers in Kelantan just follow the higher price of things in the rest of the country and all are even now. Recently we were shocked when even the price of nasi berlauk, nasi dagang and nasi kerabu has been adjusted upward due to increase in price of the main ingredient, rice.
I think the Kelantanese Malays will never known what it means to be rich since they have shunned the Amno attempts to wrest the state for several decades already.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They keep their money in their cd sleeves eh? I know of many who after school were so thirsty had none left to even by a glass of syrup.

Just 2 weeks ago a boy asked me if I could spare 40 sens, because he was thirsty. I dug my pocket and gave him a buck. I am sure they don't have many pillows in his house.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Many Malays in Langkawi went bust after their money from the sale of their land went bust. Why didn't UMNO advise them? They were more serious about getting the Malays to sell.

Kata Tak Nak said...

roti patsagi cicah kopi memang kaw kalau kena sekali-sekala. Kalau ada pokok pisang sendiri buleh jugak buat cicoq kodok or lempiang, tapi minyak masak mahai jadi kena makan pisang saja la.

Aku ada dok bincang dengan sesetengah orang dan the picture they painted is real bad. It seems depa kata, banyak negara lani simply tak mau export beras dengan gandum because their own need comes first. Bila yang tu jadi kita nak makan apa? Just imagine the price of beras. Takut jugak.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Masa Pak Lah naik dulu dia ada kata nak concentrate on agriculture which was a wise move tapi he was either too slow or he did not move at all.
Sekurang2nya bagi la kita self-sufficient in rice production, vegetable and fish and meat.
In a few years, the whole world would be facing a shortage in food production. Just imagine the price then. They must be very serious about agriculture I tell you.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

1- The filthy rich Malays are those in the upper echleon of the UMNO heirachy. They are so filthy rich andmost probably from filthy sources too.Most probably.

2-Malays in those days have lots of pillows but not anymore. You can ask the furniture apek and he will testify to that.But one thing the furniture apeks will tell you that many UMNOputras are buying matresses.I don't think it will be another usung tilam episode,but I think they are stashing their money into these new tilams.Pilliows are too small for them.
If anyone decide to rob or break-in their houses then these gangs need to bring a 1 tonne lorry to get away with matresses.If pillowe a simple kapchai wil do.

3-My Tok used to say: Orang Melayu kita ni kaya ngan budi bahsa.....
Fortunately Tok died more than 10 years ago.If she is still alive just imagine how difficult it will be for her to say the same thing?For the Malays are still rich....but my Tok will say: Awat la la ni orang Melayu kita ni kaya dgn korang ajaq?

4-Shah, its no use going to pasar tani.The purpose is for us to get fresh and cheaper agro products. But not it pasar tani or pasar malam.You'll be suprise the Hypermarts are cheaper!Maybe you should consider hydroponics Shah.

5-Che'gu, who made the decision to ignore the agriculture sector?Who?Who?

6- The root of all nation if agriculture(thats food)and one thing that everyone ignored for a long time was that we must NOT be dependent to other countries for food.We must at least produce 50% of our own staple food ie rice.
But bcoz we wanted to be a developed country in the express way we neglected our agro sector. Abandoned padi fields became industrial estates.padi planters became factory workers.After 25 years the new generation doesn't now how to plant padi anymore.And now when padi producing countries are having their own domestic problems and need rice for their own ppl, we are stuck. Of course those 'clever head' in Putrajaya tells us everything is fine and under control.But as we have already known, they are telling us lies.

7- If a Malay gets rich quick he will be so lupa dunia(not lupa daratan anymore) that he thinks he need to spend all his money in one day!And after a short while the Malay millionaire will be just another kapchai rider in the kampung or Felda settlement.

8-I agree the Malays are rich che'gu.Rich with foolishness.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is exactly what Bakaq meant when he said Malays are very rich. They do not want to open their eyes. They let others blind them with sweet phrases like Ketuanan Melayu when actually they are hamba UMNO.

wanshana said...

Tak heghan la banyak bantai kat ghumah mak pak I...Siap kunci dalam peti besi lagii!!!

Ni nak kena pi check next time balik ghumah niiihh! Untung-untung, boleh bawak balik satu bantai peluk kot? Banyak boleh sumbat tu!


Kata Tak Nak said...

Kalau banyak sangat bantai tu, saya tak keberatan amik satu.

monsterball said...

Check it out..kata tak nak.
Diam and Mahathir..both..own...most of Langkawi.
Is his true...or rumours??

Kata Tak Nak said...

This is very true.

monsterball said...

There you see..are they not a pair of crooked UMNO leaders?
Why can't ACA check the details?
But that pair are no fools....they got all figured out with legal advisers'
What make me to see Mahathir can fool so many Malays....even now....yet talk so much...insulting Najib one dare to touch him.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mahathir would do anything, even making a fool of himself, to protect his dirty legacies.

monsterball said...

Allah ...please bless and take care of our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman..who is now with you.
Without him...there is no Malaysia.
He sold off all his properties...not few good chinese rich support him give us .what we
Curse be upon those...who are him.
Curse be upon those Malays....trying to destroy him...yet he gave in...for the love of the people of all races.
Not shame him...curse be upon Mahathir....killing Tunku's party....and started his own. How cruel can a man be??? May he join the late Harun Idris ...who brought him back to hell....when his time is up..on earth.
May Allah find a shut his mouth Malaysian have enough of this corrupted cunning man.

Kata Tak Nak said...

May Allah bless the late Tunku's soul.

Cik Lee said...

Cikgu : I do agree with you. Otak Malay pun very-very rich. Penuh dengan zat dan vitamin yang tidak pernah digunakan. If they think should all the vitamin and zat-zat berkenaan telah hilang. Habis digunakan.

Anyway, tahniah kepada semua pendokong-pendokong Umno di luar sana. Korang memang best la. Teruskan tradisi membela rakyat korang tu. (Aku baru tahu hari ini, macam ni rupanya cara korang bela rakyat.. :))

Kata Tak Nak said...

Cik Lee,
Masalah dengan orang Melayu ni is they like to take the easy way out. Asalkan dapat sikit cukup lah, tak kisah la kalau orang tipu dia pun.

joe said...

salam bro

Jika keadilan ditegakkan, keberanian tidak diperlukan lagi.



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