Sunday, 27 April 2008

Anwar Met Tengku Razaleigh

Anwar: Assalammualaikum Yang Mulia Tengku.

Kuli: Salam, OH, Datuk Seri Anwar, fancy meeting you here on the same flight.

Anwar: Yes, I was surprised too. It seems that everywhere I go I am bound to meet someone heading for the same destination.

Kuli: After all, Malaysia is a small country, these things are bound to happen.

Anwar: Yes, I agree with you, and they are expected to happen when you are on an important mission.

Kuli: Important mission? How important is that?

Anwar: Why, you look very interested?

Kuli: No, no, just that, you know I am quite a well-known man so I know people, maybe I can get someone to assist you. We may not be in the same camp but we do know each other.

Anwar: Oh, thanks a lot for the thought, I think I know enough people in Sabah to get through this very-very important mission of mine.

Kuli: No Anwar, I insist, I want to help you. I can get someone ready at the airport to assist you in any way you want.

Anwar: It's ok Tengku, you are so kind. Jeffrey is at the airport to meet me and he is a Sabahan, I am sure he knows his way around.

Kuli: Yes, but he is opposition, he can't help you as much as someone who is government can.

Anwar: Yes, you are right there but I am only going to meet some people at a specific place for some important talks, that's all, so I really don't need any assistance.

Kuli: I am just trying to help you know.

Anwar: I am sure you are. Are you going to Sabah on business?

Kuli: No, no, just attending a friend's birthday party. You said you are meeting some people, who are they? How Many?

Anwar: Why Tengku?

Kuli: Maybe I can get you a better place, more comfortable for you and your friends?

Anwar: Oh, I think the place we got is comfortable enough for the 50 or so of us.

Kuli: What 50? I thought only 30, er, er, I mean, I thought in Sabah they only have places with facilities for about 30 people. Who are they? Are all of them from Sabah?

Anwar: Oh, old friends, some from Sabah, some Sarawak and some from Semenanjung.

Kuli: From semenanjung also? Ooops, I spilled my coffee.

Anwar: I never knew you to be this careless Tengku. I think I better not disturb you ...

Kuli: No, no you are not disturbing me at all, in fact I love the company. Please, please stay.

Anwar: Oh, ok. Nice of you. So this friend of yours, the one whose birthday you are attending, is he someone I know?

Kuli: What friend? What birthday? .... Oh, oh, yes, that friend, no you don't know him. A Kelantan man, working here in Sabah. Er, These people you are going to meet, are all of them politicians?

Anwar: I am a full time politician so I do meet a lot of politicians. Yes, they are, in fact they are all MPs.

Kuli: Oops, I spilled my coffee again, er, er PR MPs? Why meet your PR MPs here in Sabah?

Anwar: No, they are not PR MPs. They are BN MPs.

Kuli: BN MPs? Er, why are you meeting BN MPs?

Anwar: The crossover.

Kuli: Are you serious Anwar?

Anwar: Yes, dead serious.

Kuli: You already got about 50? Some of them are from Semenanjung?

Anwar: No, I was just pulling your legs, I knew you were fishing so I just tugged at your bait a bit.

Kuli: Do you have enough?

Anwar: Oh, I should say so. Yes, I have enough.

Kuli: When then?

Anwar: When what? The meeting?

Kuli: No, when would you all act?

Anwar: Aaah, that is privilege information, I am sure you know I can't reveal that. Ah! Tengku, I have to get back to my seat, Khairy must be anxiously waiting for me.

Kuli: What? Khairy is with you, oops, there goes my coffee again.

Anwar: Ha, gotcha. No, Azizah. Okay see you then, Assalammualaikum.

Kuli: Ah, Anwar, do you by any chance need someone experienced in Finance and Trade?


tokasid said...

Anwar: tengku...what do you think of the Infrmation minister?He was once you boy,right?

Kuli: Which Shaberi?

Anwar: Oh his name is is he?

Kuli: That fellow useless lah DS..just look lah,the other day he warned that actually many PKR MP is jumping into BN camp. Stupid chap!

Anwar:Stupid eh?I think its brilliant la Tengku. By saying that PM will feel safe and not worry about the BN soon-to-be crossover to us...

Kuli: brilliant you said? Hmmmm...on second thought I too think it was a brilliant statement from him. When in S46 he was among my most trusted men.Clever chap.

Anwar; But he is also a fool la tengku.He is acting like ZAM. And he is making the feel good statements.I just hpe he doesn't stutter like the old guy.

Kuli: Fool? Ah!if he is acting like ZAM then he must be a fool lah...when in S46 the sometimes did make some foolish things too....

Ahmad said...


Thanks bro. I really laughed off. It was a good input from you. I liked the last part...brilliant...foolish... and the windy manner...

Zawi said...

If things really goes by the way you prophesise, especially the part where Anwar is working with Khairy, it will only mean the end of Anwar too. It will be a case of so near and yet so far.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Can any info minister be better than Zam? Kan Zam dapat Al-Jazeera punya 'Idiot of the Year Award'.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, you are right about doc kita tu. Lepas ni, habis saja kerja di klinik, doc akan buat kelas sastera pulak.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That part about Khairy is just to give Kuli a fright. In reality, I don't think so.

Ydiana said...

I almost spill my coffee when I read 'khairy'. Noooo...not that ?"@#$%^&s. Hehehe you got me there..!

Kata Tak Nak said...

I would have spilled my coffee too if it were true.


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