Wednesday, 2 April 2008


The old man is at it again since after the disastrous showing by the BN exposes the present government to a real serious danger of it either being booted out the next time around or even more serious still, shoved off it's posh cushy chairs by defections. He is not having any quality sleep. unliike his successor. Is he afraid for the nation? Is he afraid for UMNO? Is he afraid for BN or is he afraid for himself? Whatever it is he is very afraid; his actions shows that he is pressing the panic button hard. Is he afraid that if a new non BN government takes over it would be proven, over time, that he is a human after all with full of human frailties and in his case, loads of ego? Is he afraid that the new government is going to unlock the closet and cart out wagons of skeletons? Is he afraid that the man he tried to murder politically would be his undoer?

So all this desperate moves by him, could it be an attempt to plant someone to protect him and his very rich children? Or could it be that he wants to change the theory to RAHMAM and drag the country to the Police State it was once before?

Why don't he just admit his faults and apologise to the people of this country and please don't show your utter stupidity by asking us to ask the Tribunal to apologise. You are acting like a little, I can do no wrong, spoilt child who asked the maid to apologise for the broken vase because she did not dare stop him, for fear of being bitten, when he broke it.

I am taking the liberty to reproduce an email written by a certain Shanker to Susan Loone. It is good for us to be constantly reminded of things since the old man himself did say that Melayu mudah lupa and may I add he is lucky in a way because it's because of that that he still gets people attending his speeches. I hope both Susan and Shanker don't mind. If you do, I offer to take it down.

Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,

My first impression when I read your letter – Dr M speaks up on
Rulers and politicians – The Sun 28/3/08 – was - wow, what an irony.

Perhaps the irony of all ironies.

The jury’s out, and you still want to justify yourself before the masses.

What does it take, for you to admit, the role you played in bringing
Malaysia to the depressing state that it is today - politically,
socially, morally and economically? (Though the recent GE has at least
offered hope- nevertheless the road ahead is still long).

What does it take for you to admit, YOUR faults?

The lame excuses offered in your letter – Even other accusations
against me, including the dismissal of judges, were not my doing and I
do not feel obliged to apologise. Ask the Tribunal to apologise.

Really Tun, and you would have us to believe that you were just a
passive by-stander when this nation’s bastion of justice was being
flushed down into a black hole? In any event, why moot the notion of an
apology, unless something wrong was committed? If yes, why did you, as
the paramount leader, do nothing? To clear its good name, the
Government should get credible foreign agencies to do… investigation.

This, coming from an individual who bedevilled foreigners in his
days. In any event, can they also pull out files from your time in
office? Of course, if such an imaginary course of action was ever
possible, I can just picture your response – “ I can’t remember”, or
“it’s my prerogative”…. “I am aware that people are looking into
possible misdeeds by me during my 22 years …..So far they have not
found anything”.

Well Tun, perhaps it’s because these “people” haven’t gone very far
yet….but then, what do you think the VK Lingam tape episode is all

Tun – are you really upset because of Badawi’s ineptness, or are you
acting that way because Badawi cancelled your pet projects, and as a
result, your cronies couldn’t get a hold of the hand-me-downs which you
would have promised them during your reign? What kind of road show are
you putting up here? To get sympathy from the masses? Wouldn’t it be
easier if you just apologised?

I sincerely doubt, as do many Malaysians, that this re-birth of
Malaysia would have been possible if you were still in power today.
Here you are, a trigger happy man when it concerns Badawi and his ilk.
However, convenient ignorance is the order of the day when it comes to
your own misdeeds of the past. Alas, for these things that you whack
Badawi for, bear very much, the finger prints that you had left in your
22 years of being the nation’s Chief Executive.

Many are critical of Badawi at this point, and rightly so. But was
it Badawi who created the rot? Or did he inherit it before he himself
went on to tinker with it? How could he have created it, in the four
short years that he ruled? And yet Tun, you would aver to have us
believe, that you are as innocent as a blue-eyed, sweet-dimpled baby in
the evolution of all things wrong in Malaysia. Let me list it out:-

  • The rot of the Judiciary

  • The muzzled and impotent mass media
  • The demonising of a valid Opposition and the tactical use of the May 13 fear to augment it.
  • The suppression of basic civil rights - it wasn’t Badawi who
    started the practice of gassing the nation’s people who exercised their
    right to peaceful public demonstrations.
  • The ISA and Operasi Lallang.
  • The use of racial politics to rule and divide.
  • The corruption that is the civil service today.
  • The loss of billions of ringgits - this practice too, wasn’t
    started by Badawi, even though he certainly raised the bar! Let’s recap

MAS, UEM, MRCB, Renong, Proton, Perwaja, Bank Bumi, the E-Village,
Paya Indah Wetlands, MSC, Cyber-jaya, the Putrajaya development which
today, is a certified loss, the 1998 Commonwealth Games, the purchase
of MAS shares by EPF at higher than market price, the so-called “paper”
loss of billions through FOREX & Tin Futures Trading, the rise of
money politics in UMNO and BN, toll concessions that burden the rakyat,
lop-sided agreements with Independent Power Producers, the issuance of
APs, the mis-allocation of Bumi shares/contracts/scholarships etc. to
relatives of Ministers and leacherous hop-on political riders,
extravagant projects that provide nothing more than gloss when
measuring national achievements, and so on and so forth.

And just where do we conclude this list?

You were definitely better than Badawi at controlling various
situations in the country; but fear and an iron fisted approach was the
lead course of action, in order to make it work. You are the consummate
political chess grandmaster - a political Bobby Fischer, if you like -
gifted with an impeccable sense of timing. As it is, you are still
trying to manoeuvre what little pawns you could find on the board today
- albeit limited in your moves - very much like a Bobby Fischer coming
out of retirement.

Where does the buck stop? When Watergate was uncovered, it went all
the way to Nixon, and the President took responsibility, as Chief
Executive, and resigned. But you, dear Tun, despite clear, irrefutable
evidences that lead all the way to your door step, still plead
innocence, or amnesia, or powerlessness, or “its-my-prerogative” type
of response.

Where did Badawi and the UMNO - ites of today obtain their “ilham” to carry on business as usual?

Wasn’t it you, who confronted the Rulers on their powers and later
went on to curtail it - seen through the Constitutional Crisis of the
80s? So why is there so much of fuss when it comes to the drama that
unfolded in Terengganu the past couple of days? Didn’t you create this
constitutional ambiguity?

If you were still in office, we wouldn’t have had this much freedom
in voicing our opinions today. And I would be hauled by the Special
Branch for daring to suggest these issues. Let’s give Badawi that much
credit, please!

Do you think that Malaysians are so naive so as to think that the
various branches of the Executive, the Judiciary, and the Police were
acting on their own volition without following the operating guidelines
“established” by Putrajaya during your time?

Let me give a you piece of advice - Malaysians are a forgiving lot,
really. And all you have to do to earn that justifiable measure of
respect on your epitaph is to apologise.

I think no one is going to get vindictive if you do that - sincerely. Remember, Nixon did get his pardon.

In any event, all this was your dilemma to begin with.


tokasid said...


The old man still wants to poke a finger in the hot boiling sup kambing. Yes I believe there is something in the soup that he prefers nobody knew about.

The letter had listed the many things that the old man did. i am sure he remembers those things but he knew the Melayu mudah lupa. But he lupa that melayu maybe mudah lupa m the Melayu in UMNO. But the Melayu in PAS,PKR and many other malaysians still remember.

And now he is having second thoughts about najib. Who wouldn't?

So he came up with Muhyiddin's name apart from KuLi.

So maybe the old man wants it to be RAHMAM or RAHMAT. But who knows if the rakyat decide it should be RAHMAA?

Kata Tak Nak said...

The thing is he is grooming his son to take over. Mukhriz has already offered himself for the youth post, kalau keris tolak la. I have nothing against Mukhriz except the fact that he is his father's son.

Personally, Ku Li is too old to start and he is cursed with not getting that post. Dia lawan Musa 2 kali tapi kalah, dia lawan madet pun kalah tipis, dia cari pencalonan dapat 1 saja lani dia letak harapan kat satu lagi kuda tua but can that old horse deliver. Berapa kerat sangat yang akan buat apa dia suruh?

As for Muhyidin, ape ke kelas? Dia tu sama level dengan Pak Lah saja diam diam kosong.

susan loone said...

don't worry, i dont mind :)
i want it to spread far and wide.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks and keep on writing.

Zawi said...

The best piece against the old man thus far. Personally I think he thought he wouldn't live to see the day when the the truth will prevail. Thanks to modern medicine, all the bypass and heart ops at IJN has helped to make him live to see the day of judgement. All the people want him to do is apologize and all will be forgotten. He should know that Melayu really mudah lupa.

Sadia said...

He drops Ku Li as per the agreement
He drops Musa Hitam
He drops Ghaffar Baba
He drops Anwar Ibrahim
He drops Abdullah Badawi
He drops Najib Altun
He drops Ku li
He says he wants Muhyiddin
He drops Muhyiddin
He says he wants Mukhriz his son.

O my God! Dear goon Mahatir, who told you that we are at your mercy? Can't we decide for ourselves? Your hurt and harm every Deputy and intelligent Malay son you have come across, then you are still making noise thinking that we will buy your bunkum and hogwash! I'm sorry to tell you that the late Zakaria Mat Derus is more influential than you. No one loves you and no believes in you. Go and scream if you want.

Anonymous said...


Now, honestly; this is the kind of article that needs to be pushed around to the masses. I'm no fan of either of the 2 morons - but let's give credit where its due. AAB freed up valuable real estate in the public free speech dept. TDM? You & I know better! Senility is no longer an option for some of these shelf-life expired products like TDM.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

A case of the pot calling the kettle black, and then saying he ain't the pot!

And Sadia is correct there! I remember reading the matter in either a Times or FEAER sometime way back: Mahathir agreed to the succession of the PMs and reneged on it later on. But when we reflect on this, we should wonder whether Malaysia is a democratic country where the people choose their leader, or is Malaysia a country of fake emperors waiting their turn?

monsterball said...

I am back from the dead!!
The good die young....I am bad!!
Mahathir you say???.....why the signs are so clear..his days are numbered.
Jealous of Anwar...he said...Jews..Indians...Chinese...Malays all love Anwar. That is his style....say things ...he knows are in people's minds...and for once...he is 100% right. He is jealous.
He challenged LKS to prove he sacked Tun Salleh.
Shanker's letter about Mahathir is the best I read so far.
82 going 83 years he trying to prove..he love the country so much??? What a big bullshiter he is. ....and day by day he should feel lucky ..he is alive... and should spend his precious...enjoying Eearth' wonders...before his time is up...NO..he prefers to keep .....talking cock on politics.
What a sick corrupted old fut he is. Shame on guts to tell the truths.
UMNO want to call snap election? Go ahead....and lets bury UMNO once and for all.
I had tear gas....treating me like and animal. Who does UMNO think they are??

Kata Tak Nak said...

Must we ask him who should our leader be? Just Fcuk off la Madet.

Kata Tak Nak said...

The day Madet apologises is the day Malaysia wins the World Cup.

Kata Tak Nak said...

All I can say now is that that old man is a Pest.

Kata Tak Nak said...

It could also be Samy calling Kayveas, Indian.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Back from the dead already? How was Hell? Met Mahathir there?

monsterball said...

Hell was nice.
Met so many friends...enjoyed like never before.
But I was sent back by King of Hell....mistaken I explained in my follow up message.
I guess you never check up with your old post.
Sheih was shocked and Amin did cry...NO JOKE!!
Kings of Hell and heaven with their supreme councils....are debating where to put Samy and Mahathir.
I wish both of them could go to nothing...say nothing and get bored to death forever.
That life is worst than what they are going through cannot eat proper cannot see his prick and balls at all.
Don't talk sex life........both are living dead.

monsterball said...

And if you don;t believe Sheih was shocked hearing I was dead...telling my daughter to stay calm and phoned up Amin...who was totally shocked too.
You can ask Sheih. ease their pains and daughter had to tell the the truths.
Otherwise....headline post from both of joke!!
On the better side...both are real friend....feeling sad...not like toasaid and kata tak nak...making fun of my mission of death.
But this is a fun and joke blog...then it is correcrt....correct...correct.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Come on la Monty, I know it was an April Fool's joke immediately la. Don't worry you will only die after Mahathir dies la. Pity Sheih la you do like that. Don't be like the story of the boy who cried wolf.

monsterball said...

hhmmmmm..The boy who cried wolf.
I am sure Mahathir and Samy heard their parents and teachers gave them the lessons not to lie.
I also was taught same lesson.
As you can see.I master the art to hurt no one. ..and US President and Bush Jr. also learn that too.
Washington been b noted as a President.who never told a lie in his life. Bush Jr. lied and lied to the whole world.
Mahathir and Samy????...Why they have create world records as biggest political liars in the world....biggest corrupted politicians....and have biggest onions faces...never feel shameful at all.
No need Twin Towers and best get attentions for Malaysia. These two went to one wants to meet him.....and another had to pay US1 million to meet georgie fool popular he was.
I cry wolf......still few... like Sheih and Amin believe la
......because it concerns them loosing a good friend.
Samy and Mahathir can talk till Kingdom one will believe them.
Do you think these two filthy rich blokes knows the truths of it all??


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