Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Manchester United Qualify for Moscow

It was nail-biting right from the very start but United came out winners and I had a good sleep. Yea, yea, those who hate MU would say Man Utd were on their back heels for most of the match which I do not disagree. Then again, these same people would find all kinds of excuses if Man Utd had won playing an attacking game.

Yes, I have heard from someone who tried to kid the world by saying that they dislike Man Utd because of their fans. Oh, come on go fly kites man. You dislike Man Utd because your team, like Liverpool or Arsenal or Chelsea can't seem to win anything. Yeah once in a while Man Utd slipped and they managed to get their soiled hands on the cup but Man Utd had been winning the Premier league almost at will. That's the reason they hate Man Utd. As for the fans, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal's fans are equally stinking. Just don't give stupid excuses la.

Like last night's match. The objective of a football game is to put the ball into the net and United did just that. We must also remember that putting the ball into the opponent's net is not all there is to it, teams must also defend resolutely so as to prevent their opponents from scoring and again United did that. Considering the line up that they fielded, defending well was no longer an option.

Now the next move would be to win the next 2 Premier league games and grab the Premier League yet again. Anything could happen. United are known to give away points easily to lesser teams. They have to give these last 2 matches their all even at the expense of the Champions league trophy. Personally, coming out champs in the Premier league is more desirable.


Raden Galoh said...

Salam bro...
Both my boys love different teams. Adam suka MU, Idris suka Liverpool...Imagine the bickering, macamlah depa tu hounding me nak simpan berbagai paraphenalia both teams...but one thing I like, they start flipping the back page of the NST just to read about both progress sbb we all tak subscribe least ada habit to read English papers and hopefully improve their proficiency...

Because of them, I have to keep up with both progress too...and jadi macam suka MU jugak jadinya...hahaha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

we gunners would like to believe the league aint over, not just yet. we have always had the hopes. its a long-shot but you just never know man. all we need is to win our remaining 2 matches and more importantly to pray for 4 extraordinary results else where. ManU to slip up @OT and CSKA London to likewise @the bridge seems far-fetch but hey, i'm keeping the faith.

Anonymous said...

Salam che gu,

Wah che gu pun MU fan, my hse
semua orang MU fan, my son sampai
comforter, carpet pun MU, here easy
to get the aspal(asli tapi palsu)
barang2, towel, t-shirt, bedsheet,
comforter with the MU logo.


kelvinbbyeo said...

It's time for MU to grasp Double Champions this year. I strong believe under leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson,his boys can make it happen...

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

Saw last night 1st half only but that was a very exciting half.And the goal from Scholes was simply superb.
Tevez,Park n Nani worked very hard.
Messi was excellent but he had poor backup from E'to and Yaya.

Van De Sars did gave a few missed heartbeats with his fumbling.

The moment they drew in Neu camps I knew MU will be in the Finals.

Lets watch tonight btwn Lipul and Cesi

Keang said...

An all-British final, eh? How come they can't replicate this at the World Cup and Euro?

Maybe the numerous foreign players in the EPL are preventing the British lads from the chance to excel?

farzain said...

a football post. i have no say for now cos i'm totally clueless when it comes to this. :P

btw sir, i'm a reader not a writer. I like how people write, and i dont think i'm rajin enough to start my own blog... but that doesnt stop me from giving my 2 cents to other people's blogs :) it's still nice to see how other people view things and we can also healthily discuss on things.

yes, consider me a converted regular of ur blog for now.

Monster Mom said...

Hubby said that Man U and Chelshit will lose their remaining games and eventually his ARSEnal will win the league. He can dream on and I bet United can't wait to double celebrate....

Kata Tak Nak said...

Wow dah mula minat United? Welcome t5o the club tapi kena keep it a secret from the liverpool boy of yours la nanti dia terkilan pulak. Bola, bola jugak tapi hati anak kena jaga kan?

Kata Tak Nak said...

After reading what you said I went to the Premier League website and realise that Arsenal is only 4 points behind. Anything could happen, that I agree.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oh yes, satu keluarga saya peminat MU kecuali my son in law yang minat Liverpool. My wife pulak, tak minat bola langsung.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hey you got a nice post there regarding the victory and very nice pictures. Always nice to greet a fellow Devil. Got a hunch, its gonna be our year.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Second half was more nail-biting. MU came out attacking more but mid-way the chose to be extra defensive and they defended very well against Barca's onslaught.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That's the reason why England don't do well i9n the world cup and did not even qualify for Europe. They have to make it mandatory for teams to field at least 5 locals at any time. Go ahead buy how many foreign players you want but you must field at least 5 locals, then it would be fair for the English players. Of course Arsenal would be the hardest hit coz there were many games where they did not field even 1 local.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Itu saya tak buleh paksa la. Mungkin you minat game lain. As for blogging, maybe one day you would decide to start your own. I hope that would happen soon.

Kata Tak Nak said...

monster mom,
Memang frust bila team yang kita support gila-gila falter at the last minute seperti Arsenal tapi mathematically they still do have a chance but I think susah sikit la.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Me, I like whoever wins! :)

Soccer just does not seem appealing anymore nowadays as it used to be. Unless, off course, when it's World Cup Finals.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I heard you're a swimmer and in your free time you swim across the atlantic just to see a friend.

frankie said...

Most important MU must win the 2 league games and sock it to either Chelsea or Liverpool b4 meeting them in Moscow. As for the other team fans jealous of the support for MU, eh, biasalah.

Nanti satu hari, I story kat kalian why MU is my favourite, then only u orang understand.

monsterball said...

I am a die hard MU fan...but most of the time hate Sir Alex...trying to show off..putting out a weak team...loosing....then last 25 minutes...putout his best players.
How many times.we have sen this done by him. There is a write up in paper..fucking Sir Alex.
It is so clear...had he put out all the best players for 90 minutes against Chelsea..on the English league game ..they would have won..and the cup is theirs...but no....they need to win the remaining two win the title. Is that not suspecting MU ..Sir Alex..was on the take from give bookies more business?
Anyway...lets watch LIVERPOOL/CHELSEA NOW.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Then that satu hari must never be too far away okay? I am waiting.

Kata Tak Nak said...

A few years back I was wondering when is Alex leaving but he has shown that he is a great manager.

cakapaje said...


Lol! Where did you get that from? Hmm...and I must have an inbuilt shark repellent too, to be able to swim across the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic - all known to have large sharks! lol!

Kata Tak Nak said...

When the heart wants something even great whites can't do anything about it


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