Thursday 8 May 2008

Please Let Sanity Prevail

Dear Mr. Prime Minister Sir.

In the late 90s the country was plunged into the dark ages when the courts of the country were used to systematically destroy an innocent man. The powers then did not care that in the process they had made the family members of that man suffer.

The whole world was presented with a shameless show of total disregard for JUSTICE. The accused was presumed guilty and he had to prove his innocence in a series of kangaroo courts presided over by the most despicable monkeys ever to grace the judiciary. The accused was never given a fair trial and the rest is history.

That whole episode put the government of this blessed country into contempt. The arrogance demonstrated by the Executive signals the birth of a growing sense of resentment by the people, which you and your promises, early in your ascendancy to the premiership, managed to slow down.

The results of the last general elections show that you had reneged on your earlier promises of delivering a cleaner government and Judiciary. After absorbing the full effects of the results you once again came out with promises, much like the earlier ones you made. It seemed that the people were willing to give you another chance.

Recently, an event of epic proportion reared its ugly head. It took the people back to that fateful day where the whole government machinery was used just to incarcerate one man.

This time Raja Petra Kamaruddin, a brave man who fights injustices; a man who is looked upon as a hero by the people, was dragged to court to be charged for sedition. The people are angry again at this total disregard for the people's sensitivities. Nothing can be considered seditious if the people say it is not. Remember this. This is a government of the people, for the people and by the people and if the people say that what somebody has done is not wrong then it is not wrong. The laws of this country is supposed to have been made by the people through their elected representatives. These representatives represent the people. They do the people's biddings, not theirs. Please remember the people.

Sir, this letter is to plea for some sanity on the part of the government. Do not make the people your enemy just to save a few rotten people you have up there with you. Do not go against your promises twice.

Please do not say that the law must be allowed to take its course, because the people are very-very suspicious of the law in this present time. Hated personalities who played major roles in the earlier case I had mentioned are still around and the people simply do not trust them.

Raja Petra, if he has done anybody any wrong, should have been sued in a civil court by those who had felt that they were wronged by his writings. This would make it a fight between two parties without dragging the state into it. Order the state to stay out of this thus avoiding alienating the people.

I do not want to say more except to ask for sanity to prevail.


Pak Zawi said...

The PM will claim ignorance again as he was overseas while this was going on.It was his deputy who was in the drivers seat while he was away. He will also claim that he didn't sanction the action as it may have been signed by his deputy.
The PM is on purported sleeping mode again and the second in command is doing something to mitigate damage to himself not knowing that his very action perpetuate further damage. It may even be his death knell in politics.

Unknown said...

If he continues to sleep then he might as well not wake up and as to the 2nd man, remember ALLAH sees all, knows all.

Toilet paper said...

Salam Cikgu,

i found this at Berita Harian

Sementara itu, Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia (Suhakam) kesal dengan penahanan dan tuduhan yang dikemukakan terhadap Raja Petra yang dianggap menyekat kebebasan bersuara dan hak asasi manusia.

Pesuruhjaya Suhakam, Datuk N Siva Subramaniam, dalam kenyataannya berkata tindakan sivil lebih wajar dalam keadaan ini kerana penggunaan Akta Hasutan hanya akan mengakibatkan kehilangan hak yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Unknown said...

Dia patut buat statement itu sebab itu yang terbaik dan sebab memang orang dok suruh Siva step down.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i read rocky's take on this and couldnt agree more. those concerned has the rights to reply but no, they chose to use their power and charge him under the sedition act.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Way I see it, those Sarkas people will always remain as such - clowns! They think the offices of the government are at their personal beckoning and uses it at any whim or fancy. Its high time they go - lock, stock and barrel!

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu;

In this country of ours, INTIMIDATION works.

RPK is just a tool to Intimidate the rakyat. I am very sure there many blogger and netters suddenly have the ability of shrinking their balls when they knew what happen to RPK.

We are only a few that feel that RPK is being treated unfairly.There are a huge percentage out there who are smilling happily and jeering at RPK and maybe cheering Yam Seng over a glass of beer and saying serves him right or pada muka to RPK.
And there are even a bigger percentage which will somehow become stunned and starts to sweat(without exercising) and maybe one or two pissing in their pants or kain pelikat.And they will say to themselves: I better stop blogging for a while.Or I'll write about some TV shows or about who's gonna get kick out of Akademi fantasia .I am not gonna write about politics or about the rice crisis or about the frequent electrical black-outs.

RPK might or might not be found guilty. But the effects of Intimidation have been felt by many.

Eh!....there's a patrol car infront of my clinic.I better stop blog hopping...shhh.....

Anonymous said...

Oh my, billions of theories about this RPK n najib issue. But I don't know, isn't it a pity to blame pak lah because before he did say that he is not interfering in the legal/judiciary system? And that means police investifgations too right?

So right now, we want him to interfere in this matter?

Unknown said...

Why do this unless they have something to hide?

Unknown said...

Yes, the sarkas must dismantle their tents, take their animals and clowns and move to Siberia.

Unknown said...

What patrol car. Itu bisa diatur pak. Ajak aja minum kopi dan tumbuk rusuk tu sikit.

Unknown said...

If asking the man to do the right thing means meddling so be it. He is the PM, he MUST know what is the right thing to do. He MUST be able to determine if his people are destroying the country. If he can't tell right from wrong then he shouldn't have fought so hard to be a PM.

Anonymous said...

PM out of the country one day after Parliament started. Ex PM commenting about PM not trusting his deputy, members of own party clamouring for his resignation and candidates name being thrown in as challenger to the post of UMNO. Prices of rice, chicken and fuel is under tremendous pressure to shoot up sky high and rakyat's ringgit shrinking by the week (my favourite nasi lemak rose from 60 sen a packet on January now cost me RM1.00 today ).

Chegu, I think Pak Lah just don't give a fuck on what is going on.

peensandad said...

Sebenarnya, MEREKA semakin takut dengan kedudukan mereka sekarang. Sapa nak tinggalkan kerusi bertatahkan wang ringgit? Saya pun tak nak. Seriously. Hahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah PM pengecut, lari dari masalah, takut buat keputusan, roti kosong. Ada masalah keluar negara. Biaq pi hangpa mampuih, aku peduli apa, buat malu penang saja!

Unknown said...

Well if he doesn't give a fuck to what is happening, he is oly hastening his impending exit from power.

Unknown said...

Masaalahnya depa dah ada banyak dah, makan pun tak habis.

Unknown said...

Itu betul, buat malu orang Penang saja.

Hi&Lo said...


Raja Petra lives and dies by his conviction. Tabik spring!

He wields a mighty pen whose yarns are stranger than fiction.

Raja Petra dares to tread on the unbeaten path cos he cares.

Unknown said...

I am fully with what you've said.
Justice for RPK

Anonymous said...

I agree

peensandad said...

Kata Tak Nak said...
Masaalahnya depa dah ada banyak dah, makan pun tak habis.

Ya tak ya jugak...
Visit and leave a comments to my political blog. i want to "perbaiki penulisan saya". if you have time.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I have gone to your site and commented. A very good post you have there.


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