Friday 16 May 2008

Something I dug at YouTube.

I was at Shah's when I saw a video about Dr Hook and The Medicine Show. Wow, I haven't heard that band for many many years so I went over to YouTube and woweee, Sylvia's Mother. Now thats one song I can't forget. I don't know if Doc, Zawi and Shah could remember this song. As for Kerpie, I know this is not his cup of tea and as for Mat Salo, I don't know. As for the rest, maybe they haven't even heard the song before. Just give it a listen.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hey! I didn't expect you to be into Dr Hook! I mean, all this while the music you've mentioned and displayed are heavy rock. But thanks, been a long time since I hear this. In fact, I totally forgot about this song.

Anonymous said...

dear kata tak nak

yeah ive heard the band and the song sylvias mother. think around the same time with led zeps stairway to heaven and uriah heeps july morning. i was a kid back then but there was this cousin of mine who yelled at the lyrics with a boxy "national" (now panasonic) transistor radio in one hand. as for me that time, nothing beat la ao be...setulu bule kape rakan...but i bet u were whistling l ramlees duhai dara kau cantik jelita. :) jk. am listening to sambati as i write this comment.

monsterball said...

Never heard this before. Nice one!
I am crazy for country and all forms.
Is this group still in existence?
They do deserve some securities....bring so much happiness to people of the world...but sadly...the chances of failing is so great..that they may just turn to be pubs earn for a so many hundreds of other great groups..that did not make it.
Yet...some became instant millionaires..and blew it all.....becoming .. drug addicts.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

you got it absolutely right cikgu. i've never heard of this band, let alone the their songs. the first time i got to know of this dr Hook was actually from Shah's blog!

so tell me, how do we categorise their stuff? was it country? definitely not rock. were they in the same league as Supertramp ke cikgu? or mat salo and doc's fav, Toto?

Unknown said...

Yes, I am a rock fan but I just don't let good melody go pass me.

Unknown said...

Talking about July morning, it reminds me of my college talentime. I got second. Lost to a young chick who sang that song. My late brother use to sing that song a lot with his band. As for me as far as Uriah Heep, I love Easy livin.

Unknown said...

This is a very beautiful song especially to those in love.

Unknown said...

I think this qualifies as country. I stand corrected though, anybody to the rescue here?

Keang said...

Sure brings back old memories...

Prefer their other song, "Only 16", much more though.

Unknown said...

So you also know about Dr. Hook? Yeah good memories man.

Snowflake said...

English Teacher : Can anyone of you give one bombastic word.
Clever girl : BOMBASTIC!!
English Teacher : Class Dismissed
Hepi Ticher Dey.

Snowflake said...

Sori, tercomment dekat salah post. If meant for the Hepi Ticher Day.

Unknown said...

Its okay, no problem there. Thanx for the wish.
Have a nice day.


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