Tuesday 13 May 2008

Who should be charged?

Below is something I got from Malaysiakini. I would like to point to some questions that arise. Read first.


The report was also said to have chided several key witnesses for not being forthcoming and truthful in their answers during the hearing.


THE Royal Commission probing allegations of corruption in the judiciary has recommended prosecuting key figures involved in the scandal, including prominent lawyer V.K. Lingam.

It also called on the government to reopen investigations into complaints of misconduct against judges, said senior government officials familiar with a report that the five-member panel had submitted to the government last week.

The probe had followed the release of a 2002 video allegedly showing Datuk Lingam discussing the promotion of judges over the phone.

Yesterday, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim also demanded that high-profile judicial and government figures be prosecuted for allegedly manipulating the appointments of judges.

According to the government officials, the Royal Commission had singled out Datuk Lingam for possible criminal prosecution, and recommended reopening investigations into allegations of corruption involving judges, based on testimonies by Datuk Lingam's brother and secretary during the hearing.

The report was also said to have chided several key witnesses for not being forthcoming and truthful in their answers during the hearing.

It is unclear if any particular witness was identified.

Prominent personalities who appeared at the hearing included former premier Mahathir Mohamad and former tourism minister Tengku Adnan Mansur.

The government will decide this week whether to make the report public, though Datuk Seri Anwar insists that this should be done.

'It really doesn't have a choice. The report must be made public and all the recommendations must be carried out in full if confidence in the judiciary is to be restored,' he told The Straits Times yesterday.

He had ignited the public controversy surrounding the judiciary when he released the video recording in September.

The Royal Commission reportedly found that Datuk Lingam was speaking to former chief justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim in the video, but it is unclear if it recommended taking any action against the former judge.

Okay, now that you've read the piece, should Lingam be the only one charged? What should he be charged of? It looks like the Commission is willing to take the words of Lingam's brother meaning they don't believe he is emotionally or mentally unstable so what about the shrink who said he is? Shouldn't he be taken in too? Looks like he was working with Lingam. What about the judges mentioned?

Who was it who was chided? Were they chided for not having good memory? If the Commission believed that their memory actually failed on that day why were they chided? They were after all giving evidence under oath so were they lying when they claimed early onset of Alzheimer?


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Eveyone implicated should be charged, locked away in a dungeon of cesspool filled with 3 piranhas each(so that they eat those clowns slowly, and the keys to the dungeon thrown into a cauldron of molten lead!

Apart from those mentioned, the sarkas judge should also be sacked and together with all the sarkas people, be chained together then thrown into an active volcano.

Unknown said...

Why such leniency? I would be like it if we feed them viagra then get naked women wriggle in front of them and they don't get to touch anything.

tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

What we read is from 'sources' close to the Royal Commission.We still do not know the final report submitted to PM and the King.
We do not know if that final report will be made public or a "FINAL" final report will be made public instead.

But going by the source: che'gu got very valid questions that needs answers or at least some lights shed.
Most likely 95% of the Judiciary was manipulated by several few power brokers( well Lingham is the main man visible)and how do we we go about it?I am sure there are many who were indirectly involved too.What what about those who knew but kept quite to safeguard their positions?Isn't that bersubahat too?

What will probably happen is only Lingham will be the black(pun unintended)sheep here.Remember one of those involve is now the Sec Gen of Amanoo and I do not think PM will want actions against him( despite the allegations he was appointed as Sec Gen!)

The psychiatrist must be reported about his false report on Lingham's brother to the MMC for actions to be taken against him.He might only be given a warning or maybe suspension from practice for several months to several years.But he is filthy rich now.

As for the forgetfull xPM he still lots of tricks up his sleeves and most likely he will not be the one to be in court.

I think giving them viagra and tying them up while naked ladies is a waste.Viagra is expensive che'gu,even the generic ones.

I'll still be old fashioned.Tie them to some pokok nangka and put lots of sarang kerengga on them.
maybe someone can film it and put it up in You Tube.

Anonymous said...

One happy big family


Mat Salo said...

Early onset of Alzheimer's?

Feed them viagra and get naked women to tonggeng --look but cannot touch? Ha--only from the fertile mind of an educator called KTN...

Eh Chegu, your birthday when? Dua dua ka, dua tiga? Happy B'day laa Chegu. Hopefully many more. Damn, May sure is a busy month..

Ooo I see you're still gloating heh.. (For Kerp -ni hari, hari depa)

Anonymous said...

dear kata tak nak

alzheimer? very possible indeed. isnt this a syndrome now in our country? I guess thats why even lawyers could be made to write jugdments for judges. As to whom should be charged, well, thats pretty tricky isnt it. Maybe they should tell us, it is similar to Carlill vs Carbolic Smoke Ball Company. Is this sort of thing worse than stare decisis?

Unknown said...

They will come out with the finalest of the finalest report which is 2 paragraph long. Takkan nak tauk KuNan dalam jail pulak kan?

Unknown said...

Mat Salo,
Double two. Yes, hari ini hari kami, besok pun hari kami, lusa, tulat dan seterusnya. Jangan mare.

Unknown said...

I wonder what the stupid judge was thinking when he allowed someone else to write his judgement, its akin to asking someone else to screw his wife for him.

Snowflake said...

Puisque je dis ceci en français, je viens à un verdict, "gouvernement judiciaire et désespéré stupide". Sûr ils ont besoin de viagra et les femmes nues de Timbaktu, pour rendre leur vie plus intéressante, leur envoient quelques hommes nus aussi. Pardonnez-moi. (Please, please humbly request cakapaje to translate).

Unknown said...

I think I could manage. No, I don not speak any French at all but there are many translator programmes available on the net.
Yes, you are right, we should send them some men too.

Snowflake said...

Huh facile !

Pak Zawi said...

Salam Che'gu,
They will only charge somebody if it suits their agenda. We have seen how fast they do it if it is something perceived to be beneficial to them and how slow they wil act if it is otherwise.
An international tribunal should be set up to try the judges who were set up to try Tun Salleh Abbas. You see not only judges of Malaysia are suspect, even the one from an island down south is a doubt. What a shame to the country that they represent.

Unknown said...

I agree, somehow they will manipulate the report and we get to read what they want us to read.

cakapaje said...

Lol! Cikgu, that's quite similar to a Nazi torture - they had a woman officer dance naked in front of a group of prisoners tied to a chair, where each prisoner had a women each rubbing their private parts. Then when any of this women felt 'their' man was about to ejaculate, she would signal an SS officer standing beside the prisoner and the officer would blow the prisoner's brain before he could ejaculate. The remaining prisoners would then spill the beans on what the SS wants to know. True life account of torture during WWII.

Unknown said...

Stupid, he did not live to be frustrated. They should not let him even have a touch. Let the hard on be there forever. He will hold the damn thing run around a coconut tree to try to screw his own arse.

monsterball said...

In a small country like Malaysia...we have so many...best of the best crimes celebrities......con men....thieves...rapes....dust bin dead babies..drug trafficking....International football bookies...lousy taxi drivers... corrupted cops.....big and small...all on the take....shit judicial dept...and many more...but best of all...and c4 bombers of victims.
Malaysia memang boleh!! We can shame the Mafias of USA!!
No wonder....nowadays...USA Immigration Dept. is so afraid to see Malaysians ..go to their country....especially... anyone from UMNO.


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