Monday 19 May 2008


My aunt, my late mom's younger sister, passed away this morning at about 1.05 am from coronary heart disease and chronic renal failure.

She went into the hospital to get a dialysis done but couldn't. Upon further examination the doctors found that she had 4 blocked arteries. The family was told about her heart condition and upon consultation with the specialists they were told that a bypass could be done and chances are, though 74, there would be no adverse effect.

My cousins discussed amongst themselves and after asking their mother, decided to go ahead with the surgery. She had a quadruple bypass and was undergoing dialysis.

When I visited her, the nurse who was attending to her said that the dialysis would be ongoing for as long as necessary. She looked calm with some spasmodic involuntary jerks of the hand so much so that they had to restrain her hand to the side of the bed.

Last night at about 8.00pm I received a call from my cousin saying that things have gone for the worse. I rushed to the hospital and was told that her pressure was extremely low and that the reduced blood flow was hampering her wound healing process. The worst part was that, because the pressure was low, they had to stop dialysis.

The specialist said that the bypass went well but her kidneys were failing. I knew that without dialysis her condition would be bad. I was right, her lips were blackish and she was slipping in and out of consciousness.

At about 1.15am I received another call saying that she has passed away. I got to the hospital at about 2.00am and after a while they wheeled her body out. When I looked at her, she reminded me so much of my late mother.

There were 9 of them, 5 daughters and 4 sons. All 5 daughters and 1 son are gone. I have 3 more uncles remaining.



Kerp (Ph.D) said...

my deepest condolence to you cikgu. answering calls way into the wee hour can be a dread. unless you're a nocturnal-kind, phone calls at that time would definitely be either an emergency that needs your immediate attention or bad news.

Snowflake said...

Innalillahi wainalillahi rajiun.
My deepest condolence to your aunt's family and for the lost of your loved ones.
Al fatiha

Anonymous said...

Chegu, Innalillahi wainailaihi rajiun.
My deepest condolences to you and your aunt's family. This is Allah's Will and Allah knows best. Banyak bersabar Chegu.
Al fatihah

Hanief said...


tokasid said...

Salam Che'gu:

Innalillahi wa inna ilahi roji'un.
Takziah buat che'gu dan keluarga Allahyarham.

Di harap anak-anak dan cucu-cucu arwah tenang dan sabar menghadapi pemergian beliau.

Allahumagh firlaha, warha ha, wa'a fiha,wa' fu 'anha.

phillix-starscreamer said...

My condolences, cikgu. I believe your aunt is in a better place. Take heart. My prayers go to you and your aunt's family.

Anonymous said...

Al fatiha. Alla Yarham!

Pak Zawi said...

Salam Che'gu,
Innalillahi wa inna ilahi roji'un.
Takziah buat che'gu dan keluarga Allahyarham.
Semoga Allah akan mencucuri rahmat keatas rohnya.

bayi said...

Al-Fatihah. My deepest condolences.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Innalillahi wainalillahi rojiun.

Semoga roh Allahyarham ditempatkan bersama mereka yang beriman.

Mohon maaf kerana lewat menjenguk dan mengetahui berita sedih ini. Biasanya samada pagi atau lewat malam baru saya menziarah sahabat sahabat.

Ydiana said...

Innalillahi wainalillahi rajiun.

Mat Salo said...


Looks like Death has visited us this Mayhem Month of May chegu...

God Know's Best and God Knows All...


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